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Mary Celeste

Over the centuries many ships have vanished without a trace. Others were eventually found largely intact with nobody left on board. In some cases there are obvious explanations, such as reefs, treacherous waters, weather or even pirates, but sometimes all we are left with are theories and enduring mysteries.

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Genoan-born explorer Giovanni Caboto became a skilled navigator aboard Italian trading vessels before moving to England in and Anglicising his name to John Cabot. In Cabot was given letters patent by Henry VII to explore new lands and to have a monopoly on trade with the lands discovered. Taking one ship, the Matthew, in he discovered land in what is today Canada.

He was then given a fleet of five ships to undertake another voyage in One of the ships was damaged in a storm and stopped in Ireland. The rest continued on toward America and no trace was ever seen of them again.

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  2. An enduring maritime mystery – An Irishman’s Diary on the ‘Mary Celeste’.
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The brigantine Mary Celeste set sail on November 7, , from New York on a voyage to Genoa, carrying a cargo of denatured alcohol. It was found on December 4, drifting in the middle of the Atlantic with nobody on board.

How 'The Shipwreck Hunter' who found Sala's plane has solved maritime mysteries

The lifeboat was missing suggesting passengers and crew had abandoned ship. Prior problems with the bilge pumps led to a conjecture that the vessel took on water and turned toward the Fallarones. Another possibility was a microburst, one of the most feared and least understood weather systems that plague ships at sea. Ernest L.

How the Failed Search for MH370 Solved 19th Century Maritime Mysteries

An authority on shipwrecks, Ellsworth has received thousands of letters and e-mails from divers throughout the world who responded to his Wreck Facts column in Sport Diver Magazine. Lauderdale, New York and Philadelphia. A pioneer in the sport, Ellsworth was inducted into the International Legends of Diving in I love maritime mysteries. This one was particularly interesting when you consider the USS Conestoga went down not far from its home port and nobody knew about it until 95 years later.

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    Maritime Mysteries Maritime Mysteries
    Maritime Mysteries Maritime Mysteries
    Maritime Mysteries Maritime Mysteries
    Maritime Mysteries Maritime Mysteries
    Maritime Mysteries Maritime Mysteries
    Maritime Mysteries Maritime Mysteries

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