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And it could well fail before ratification

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Harvest of Hope

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Butterfly Trees by Gail Gaymer Martin. Everlasting Promise by Ramona K. Castles in the Air by Anita Higman. Wild at Heart by Vickie McDonough. Captive Dreams by Cara C. Carousel Dreams by Paige Winship Dooly. Walk with Me by Becky Melby. Deceptive Promises by Amber Miller. Alias, Mary Smith by Rachel Druten. Until Tomorrow by Jeri Odell. Milk Money by Cecelia Dowdy. Abiding Peace Heartsong Presents, No. A Season for Grace by Tracey Bateman. Leap of Faith by Kim O'Brien. Outlaw Heart by Vickie McDonough. Charity's Heart by Ramona K.

A Treasure Revealed by Pamela Griffin. Dream Chasers by Becky Melby. For the Love of Books by Donna Robinson. Val's Prayer by Terry Fowler. Copper and Candles by Amber Stockton. Aloha Love by Yvonne Lehman. My two favourite moments and memories were when Mr Martiniello capsized and fell in the water. He was lost in song and dance, so he stood up and fell in. Other favourite memory was after every day we would all come together as a group talk about the day, share stories, play games and have a laugh we became a family by the end of camp. Camp is something I will never forget, it taught me more about myself to keep on going and help me get out of my comfort zone".

Our students have been working hard, rehearsing what is considered one of the funniest plays in the English language. The delightful repartee and hilarious piercing of hypocrisy and pomposity has had theatregoers rolling in the aisles for over a century. The show will begin with nibbles and drinks in the Mansion Dining Room, whilst our college band provides entertainment.

This promises to be a wonderful night for all involved. We hope to see you there. As a new concept for , all eight houses held their House Charity Day on the one day. Together this brought awareness of the work specific charities and organisations undertake in their vision and mission of the Christian call to outreach to others.

Students were encouraged to pray for and reflect upon our need to extend compassion, empathy, generosity and love without judgement. The following is a list of our house aligned charities and organisations that have now been formed and continue to develop and grow within the life of the college:. In pastoral period, houses undertook a variety of activities to highlight and promote the work of their charities. Guest speakers, assemblies, prayers, games and activities, raffles and competitions were all held to bring a spirited pastoral period.

Whilst fun was being had, the intention of the day was not forgotten. We extend our sincerest thanks to our students and families for their wonderful generosity in supporting our House Charity Day. Dear Lord We pray for the dignity of all people. That through our need to recognise that all human life is a priceless gift from you, that we may be moved to reach out and serve those who we are called to be united with in love, seeing the face of Christ in everyone in all circumstances of life. Thank you to all our families who have taken the time to discuss subject changes with your children.

We appreciate your support and understanding, especially when subjects are full or unavailable. At the start of next term, we begin working with students to look at subject offerings in We develop our whole school timetable and staffing loads around student choice. It is therefore really important that students are making informed, well-thought out decisions based on their passions, strengths and future pathways. Whilst changing subjects mid-year can be helpful to some of our students, our preference would be that they choose the right subjects for them before we develop our timetable.

This is the second week of Term 3. We will also hold an information evening on Tuesday 30 July, explaing some changes to our Year 9 program for , this evening will be targeted at current Year 8 families. We will provide further reminders of these events next term. Our exams commence this week and we wish our Year 8 — 11 students all the very best. The process of practicing sitting an exam is important, especially for students to be able to balance their nerves, concentration and completing questions within the relevant time frame.

However, the real learning actually comes from the exam preparation and study techniques employed by your child. It is this practice that is going to greatly assist them in their future studies. In our last newsletter we provided some advice on how to assist your child with study at home. The link below comes from Red Tick Education and they provide a great parent guide to support you further with guiding your child to better study practices.

If your child needs some extra support, please encourage them to discuss this with their teachers, attend Phoenix or come and see me during recess or lunch for some help with study skills. We will also provide some study technique classes for our junior students at lunch time this week, this will be advertised in the student bulletin.

All senior students onsite during the exam period, outside of their timetabled exams, must study in the Canteen. We will have this are set up for study purposes only, if students are not studying they will be asked to leave. Students completing an accelerated VCE subject should still attend their classes where possible. If they are unsure please have them see me or contact the Bosco Campus office. We will try our best to reschedule exams where possible, however your child should have a medical certificate if they miss an exam.

Year 8 and 9 students who do not attend on the day of their exams will be expected to sit their exams on their return to school. We have also recently conducted a Year 7 parent session in relation to this topic. Click here for an article on Parenting ideas which looks at encouraging healthy attitudes towards women. We hope you find this article informative and brings about discussion in your home. The earthly mission and ministry of Jesus are now over and he is now returning to sit at the right hand of God. Jesus trusts his friends and followers to carry on his work of proclaiming and spreading the Kingdom of God.

He knows that they will need help encouragement and strength for the task that lies ahead of them. This promise points and leads us directly to Pentecost which we celebrate next Sunday. Jesus knows that these men and woman will need all the help they can get as they spread the good news of his resurrection.

Today as the church, we too are called by Christ and sent out just as these first Christians were. We are asked to proclaim the Kingdom of God, and like them, we too are strengthened by the Holy Spirit, as St. Paul tells us in Romans 5. We are called and challenged by Christ not only to hear the good news of the gospel, but to do whatever we can to share it with others we meet.

We do this through the quality of our daily lives in how we speak to each other and treat each other. As St. Last week the Year 11 and 12 Drama classes performed their ensemble pieces to an audience of their parents, friends and teachers. Each year students in VCE develop an ensemble and solo performance to a given prescribed structure. These performances take months to create, starting from early stages of researching and brainstorming, writing scripts and developing characters using their structure and their research of world events, cultures, and beliefs, and finally beginning the rehearsal, editing and refinement stages.

Students are required to use a range of theatre styles within their performances to prompt intentional responses from their audience, being forms of either critical thinking or feeling, leaving them inspired to take action for a better world. All students performed exceptionally, demonstrating professionalism and skill in their craft. There will be a junior art showcase from our Year 7 to 9 visual arts classes from the 17 to 28 June.

Student artwork will be displayed in the Learning Commons, with all students welcome to view and enjoy the pieces during lunch times. The new playwriting competition is going well with students meeting with Ms West, Ms Valencich and Miss Loubey regularly to develop their ideas and skills in playwriting towards our annual Christmas Production this year. Scripts are due Monday 24 June. Every lunchtime on a Day nine, our students can get involved. Contact Ms Inglis-Gillespie to book your spot.

She will head to New York on June 9 where she will spend 2 weeks attending extensive classes, workshops, listening to guest speakers as well as exploring the city. We can't wait to hear about it upon her return. I have a passion for writing, I love how words sewed together on a page can trigger an emotional response from humans; it fascinates me. This class will challenge me to be creative, and I hope to come back with connections, knowledge and the desire to return to New York.

D oes your child use the Salesian College Sunbury private bus? We anticipate implementation to take place later this month. RollCall is a school bus management system that aims to give you peace of mind. The benefits of RollCall is that parents will be able to track and plan their daily commute. It will also help in case of any emergencies if they arise. The College believes RollCall will improve the quality and reliability of the transport offered which in turn will provide additional assurance should students utilise this service.

Please note RollCall won't be used for College excursions or sporting events. Are you are interested in utilising the Salesian College Sunbury private school bus? The last two weeks have been extremely busy in Sport. Both teams stood up when it counted most last week against MacKillop College, winning must-win games to keep their finals hopes alive. Our Year 7 Premier League has also continued throughout Term 2. These will be played across various venues this Wednesday.

Best of luck! The farm is starting to look very green with recent rain providing the ground with much needed moisture for pasture growth and healthy soils. In other news, a number of births have also occurred on the property with several calves being born as well as a litter of 10 piglets-all of which are doing well and growing very quickly. The cattle and sheep scholarship teams are well and truly in full swing of preparing their animals for the upcoming show season.

Involving regular routines of halter breaking, feeding out and grooming to ensure the exhibits are going to look their best for the big shows ahead. Finally, Xavier Burton is a friendly new face that has joined the Salesian College Sunbury farm team. Xavier originally comes from a sheep property in Glenrowan and is a recent graduate from the University of Melbourne after completing a degree in Agricultural Science.

He is looking forward to caring for the livestock and seeing the scholarship teams do well this year. All the best to the sheep team of whom are competing in the upcoming Holbrook Sheep and Wool fair of which will be the first livestock event for the year. Good luck and fingers crossed for some blue ribbons! Join us for some light refreshments, while getting to know other parents and planning future events. Last Wednesday we joyfully welcomed over visitors to the College to view our amazing resources and see our school day in action.

At the conclusion of their tour of the grounds with our wonderful student guides, I briefly spoke about our vision for the College and what makes us unique. I thought I would share it with you:. Salesian College began humbly way back in as an orphanage with just 15 students. It was founded on the teaching principles of St John Bosco, whose theory of education, the preventive system, was about educating the whole person - body and soul united. Our school is one where Faith and Community live in complete harmony with one another, and our actions to support and encourage one another are motivated by our firm belief that we see God in each and every person who enters our lives.

Hopefully you gained a sense of that today in your interactions with our students. Our school is indeed a busy one, where Learning and Excellence form a strong foundation for students to Strive in Life. Our classrooms are places of engagement where we connect students with the changing world around them. Our deep commitment is to develop vibrant young people who desire to make a difference in the world.

Reward Yourself

Hopefully this too was evident on your walk through our many and varied learning spaces. Our school is a place of great joy and happiness, just as Bosco dreamt it would be. It is there in our interactions with one another throughout the year and something we hope that every young person in our care learns to share with others when they leave. Our promise to you, should you choose a Salesian education, is that your children will not only graduate with 21st Century learning skills, but will be nurtured with a 19th Century philosophy of respect, love and understanding.

This is a positive step forward for the Salesians and is very much welcomed by the College. It means that individuals who were abused in the care of the Salesians can apply to the Scheme for redress. It can provide three things:. People are now encouraged to apply through the National Redress Website or to call the National Redress Scheme line on As a College community, we continually offer our prayerful support for all survivors of abuse and their families.

Tender God of heaven and earth, You are the Holy One on our midst. Your justice is our peace; Your peace is our hope; Your presence, our delight! Make our hands your hands; Our hearts, your heart; Our lives, your life! Give us this day, and always, a bread of freedom to share, A cup of hope to pour upon the earth. Forgive us our hatreds and walls. Teach us to forgive the walls of others as well. Do not permit us tests beyond our strength. For everything above us and under us, Everything within us and without us, Must bend the knee to the glory of your freedom, The everlasting victory of your justice and peace.

The number of people who came out to see our College blew us away. We had hundreds of families tour the College grounds with our helpful students as their guides. Our guests also had the opportunity to hear from Mr Brockhus, as well as speak with faculty leaders as part of our "Education Expo". The closing date for Year 7 enrolments is Friday 23 August so be sure to submit your application. If you attended the day we would love to hear your thoughts. Thank you to all the families who came out to see us, we hope you felt we truly are a 'Home that Welcomes'.

When Algernon discovers that his friend, Ernest, has created a fictional brother for whenever he needs a reason to escape dull country life, Algernon poses as the brother, resulting in ever-increasing confusion. Enjoy an evening in the College Ballroom watching this clever and hilarious comedy in the perfect setting - A Victorian Mansion. The College is upgrading the Lakeside Stadium car park and clubroom area with a bitumen surface as part of its Capital Improvement Plan. This project aims to enhance the safety of Students, Staff and Visitors who utilize the area.

As a result of the works, the stadium car park will be closed from Thursday 16 May to Friday 20 June to facilitate the completion of the resurfacing works. To ensure the safety of students and staff, and to assist with the flow of traffic in the driveway and drop-off area, we ask that you use an alternate drop off point for students, rather than adding more pressure on the already overused drop-off point near the bus bays. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, if you have any questions on this matter, please contact the College on We were extremely happy with the way that most students conducted themselves during this period, especially our Year 7s as it can be daunting doing exams in such a large space.

Thank you also to the staff involved, especially Ben Moss-Holland for his exceptional organisation. This is an important test and we encourage all of our students to take it seriously and try their best. These things should be carried in a clear zip-lock bag. No pencil cases or calculators are permitted. Our end of semester exams are fast approaching and timetables will be available shortly. In terms of helping your child to prepare for the exams here are some tips. We have decided to open the Bosco subject changes this week, to give Year 10 and 11 students extra time to make changes before their exams.

Your child will receive an email about this process and changes will be made on a first in, first served basis. Subjects can become full quickly, so we encourage you to get on to this asap. This process will open for all other year levels on Monday 27 May. This week the Archdiocese of Melbourne recognises and celebrates Family Week. Only a few years ago when Rome hosted two Synods on the family, Pope Francis, a man known for his deep compassion for people, especially those who are disadvantaged or suffering, spoke at length about the need to be profoundly aware of the challenges and complexities of family life in a contemporary, pluralistic society.

He knows well that families and family life have a rich complexity inasmuch as that they experience many sufferings as well as many joys. He speaks of the many and varied situations of families. He is aware that families are shaped by diverse cultural situations. There is not just one model for the way families operate. Pope Francis astutely knows the human situations of the world we live in today. Yet he is positive and encouraging. He wants the Church to be amongst people in the realities of their lives. He wants the Church to listen to people and encourage those whose situation is complex and diverse.

He has stated quite strongly in terms that re-affirm that love is the sustaining force to family life. Love within the family context takes on many shapes and expressions. In this week of Family Week, we pray to the Holy Family for all families within our college community. We pray that the Holy Family watches over them especially in times of need. The Year 7 and 8 Music classes performed as a concert band. Many of these students had never played an instrument before electing Music class, and yet in just over a term they have worked hard to be able to perform a range of Concert band songs, including We Will Rock You and March of the Romans.

Parents were delighted to see their students perform. Thanks to the students who worked so hard to prepare, and congratulations to their teachers Heidi Woodruff, Dennis Berto, and instrumental tutors Sarah Holden, Donna Cicero and Shane Ryall. Thanks to Mackenzie Rose Anderson for her assistance. After being welcomed by the Museum mascot, students had a tour of the galleries, answering questions about the exhibition design, audience experience and the role a range of specialist designers would play in putting together the displays.

All of our dance classes are working to put on a display on Thursday 30 May at pm in the Ballroom. We encourage all Parents and friends to attend and see just how talented our students are. Thanks to Mary-Lou Bond for her hard work preparing the students for the performance. There will be creative writing workshops taking place at lunch over Term 2 to help students in their projects and for the teachers to offer feedback and assistance. The winners of the competition will have their plays brought to life on stage as part of our annual Christmas production, where they can stay involved with casting and directing their pieces.

Students can write individually, in pairs or in small groups. Plays will be due for submission in the last week of this term. In addition to their plays being staged, the selected playwrights will also win a prize to see a professional theatre production! All students having Instrumental Lessons will perform at a recital on Thursday 20 June. Students will perform solos, duets or small ensemble pieces. Guitar Ensemble will also perform.

We look forward to a wonderful evening of music. Stay tuned for further details to come. Our students put their hard work to the test on Tuesday 7 May, and as always they displayed great determination. All Year 10s will have begun their appointments with a Career Adviser this term to develop a personal Career Action Plan.

Parents are welcome to attend. Work Experience requests for Term 3 must be submitted by Friday 24 May. There is still time to get your tickets for the Twilight School's budgeting course, as well as the upcoming Kokadama making course. If you have trouble saving, or want to learn tips and techniques on how to design a budget then set aside a couple of hours and attend the Budgeting course held later this month. Click here to book your place now.

Have you heard about Kokadamas? Kokedama is a style of Japanese bonsai, where a plant's root system is simply wrapped in sphagnum moss and bound with string, transforming it into a sculptural art form. Loosely translated, 'koke' means moss and 'dama' means ball. In this course learn how to make one of these for your household. It will run on Tuesday 4 June at 6pm. To book you place click here.

Our students learnt how to shear, draft and judge sheep. Matthew is the previous Farm Manager at the College, who is now managing a large commercial farm. The horticulture team did a tour of the property to search for native plants and make a plan to propagate them down on the farm. They also worked on the patch, by planting basil and lettuce. Ricky Ferris taught the students the basics of showing beef cattle. This included learning how to correctly put on a halter, as well as how to wash, brush and dry the cattle. Ricky finished up with allowing the students to take part in leading practice.

As you can see from the images below, all our students involved had a great time and will no doubt put all their new skills to good use. Term 2 is now well underway. We hope that the holidays were both relaxing and an opportunity to enjoy family and friends. May we remember each day to be loving, joyous and hopeful people. Check out the graphic on the screen? A million dollars spent every minute online, a million facebook logins, 2. You would think that with all that social interaction online that we would be the most connected, the most knowledgeable, the most friendly, the most happy people at any point in the worlds history.

Oh, but only if this were true. Yes, I have no doubt the vast majority of us use the internet for positive and fun stuff. Stuff that makes us laugh and stay friends with people throughout Australia and across the world. When we stay true to our Christian virtues of:. But what would he have thought about the live-streaming of the massacre of over 50 Muslims in Christchurch using YouTube, or the online radicalisation of terrorists who co-ordinated bomb attacks on Christian Churches in Sri Lanka on Easter Sunday.

Or the online bullying that many people are subjected to on a daily basis. Preserving Christian traditions like these may sound old-fashioned, but I sincerely believe that if we pass these on to those that follow us, we will indeed have a world worth preserving into the future. Not just a connected world, but a truly socially connected world. Think about that next time your online for your internet minute. School Funding and the Federal Election One of the many factors to take into account when voting next weekend will be the level of funding being promised for Catholic Education here in Victoria.

To assist, the NCEC National Catholic Education Commission and Catholic School Parents Australia have provided some easy to read information sheets for parents about funding of Catholic schools along with an outline of what the Coalition, Labor and Greens parties have pledged related to three key issues for Catholic education:. Please find below links to important information on each of these areas.

We are praying for Salesian College Sunbury is a large community of students, staff and parents, both past and present. Mr Mark Brockhus, Principal. I thank you that she gave me life and nurtured me all those years. She gave me my faith, helping me to know you and to know Jesus and his ways.

She taught me how to love and how to sacrifice for others. She taught me that it was okay to cry and that I should always tell the truth. Bless her with the graces she needs and which you want to give her today. Help her to feel precious in your eyes today and to know that I love her. Give her strength and courage, compassion and peace. Bless her this day with your love. Click here to find out what is taking place on our Open Day, including tour times and how you can be involved.

Our Discovery Open day on 15 May is set to be a memorable one. It is designed to be informative, interactive and entertaining. The day will peak the interest of both young children and parents. There will also be a range of activities taking place in the classrooms and around the College. We are really excited a few hundred people have already registered to attend our College to see what makes us different. Make sure you save your place to see and learn about our facilities and curriculum. You will see for yourself how our teachers deliver engaging programs meeting the needs of your children and your family.

To book, please click on one of the links below. Bookings essential. They were joined by over young people from other Salesian schools, parishes, youth groups and young leaders. Our students engaged in workshops, heard from a key note speaker, spent time getting to know others is small group discussions, and reflected on their faith through prayer moments and the celebration of the Eucharist.

An inspiring weekend was had by all, new friendships made and quality time spent reflecting on our call to live as saints in our own context. Our College Athletics Carnival was such a wonderful event. We were blessed with nice weather last Tuesday and our own College grounds were just perfect. It was great to see so many students representing their Houses. There was a variety of events on offer. Whether it was running in a track event, throwing, jumping in a field event or pulling their House over the line on the tug-of-war rope.

Students were happy to get involved. Below are the final standings from the Athletics Carnival:. Congratulations to the following students who were awarded Age Champion medals on the day. Joshua and Michaela also presented the key note address on the day. We congratulate them on their speech and thank them for representing the College with such reverence. We congratulate all those involved and hope all parents, guardians, friends and families in attendance enjoyed themselves. Mobile phones A reminder that students are not allowed to have their mobile phone on them at school, they must be in the locker between 8.

If families have concerns with this policy, they can contact Ms Elaine Dugdale-Walker. A big thankyou to the families that have been supportive of this initiative. More detailed information is on the Parent Portal of Schoolbox. Want to set yourself a budget? Come to a Twilight School event and within a couple of hours learn some tips to set you on your way.

We have been impressed with how our students have commenced Term 2. Read an update from Mrs Jodie FitzGerald. We have been impressed with how our students have commenced Term 2 and encourage them to continue to make their studies a high priority. The partnership between school and home, and ongoing communication, can help our young people with focus, organisation and persistence when things get tough. Please also feel free to communicate with us, especially if there is something preventing your child from learning or achieving their best.

Student Academic Tracking In the next few weeks we launch our student academic tracking process. This means that your child may have a conversation with their Homeroom Leader or House Co-ordinator to discuss their learning progress. You might also receive a phone call from a member of the Learning and Teaching team or one of our Directors to discuss a learning plan. The focus of these conversations will be to plan interventions if your child is not showing the expected level of growth. This is a really positive step in tracking progress and the purpose behind this process is to:.

It focuses on growth, rather than academic achievement. We look forward to this being a really positive step forward for learning and teaching at the College and thank everyone who has been involved in the planning, development and feedback process. Project Based Learning Project Based Learning continues to be a focus and this week many of our teachers have engaged in professional learning and planning time for our Year 9 program. The New Tech Network have worked with staff from our English, Humanities, Science, Technology and Arts departments to assist them to develop new projects that will be launched in the new year.

There will be some changes to our Year 9 program in , with students having more choice in what they study and a term-based retreat program. We are in the final planning stages of planning and more information about Year 9 will be available soon. Skills and habits Last year, as part of our commitment to continual school improvement we worked as a staff to identify the skills and habits that were important to us.

Learning Areas have taken responsibility for each of these areas and you will probably see them written into assessment tasks and developmental rubrics. These are the learning habits that we want to see our Salesian College graduates take with them into their future. We will also work to unpack what these things look like in action and share what they look like in our context. Our students are on the lookout for toothpaste bottles and boxes. Why you ask? They are undertaking an oral Hygiene Waste Recycling Drive.

Over 30 million toothbrushes alone are thrown out by Australians each year, amounting to approximately tonnes of landfill each year! We can help reduce that number with your help, all you need to do is bring any brand of used toothpaste tubes or bottles and caps, toothbrushes, floss containers, and toothbrush and toothpaste tube packaging to school. Our College however is collecting them and sending them to a company called TerraCycle to be up-cycled into new things like pencil cases or wrapper board which can be used to make products like picture frames and pin boards.

They also turning plastic waste into pellets which is used to create new sustainable plastic products. Help us make a difference. Collections are taking place from 13 May. We proclaim with joy the Risen Christ! This simple, yet most profound statement is a message I have been imparting to students over these last two weeks. It is a bold, strong and a most affirming testament to our faith. Our Lord Jesus Christ, who is the incarnate word of God, who came and dwelt amongst us, who suffered, died on the Cross and rose again, to be seated at the right of the Father, and who is the source of our salvation and redemption and the glorious manifestation of eternal life, is the Christ of our faith.

But what does Easter mean? I have been challenging my students to think about this question. More than any other seasonal celebrations in our liturgical calendar, Easter calls us to be reflective and to make the Easter narrative a deeply personal one. The resurrection must resonate in our lives. Jesus helps us to see the daily resurrections that can transform our world and ourselves.

It is believing we are all one, united in our Lord. It is about hope and being set free. And, yes, it is about celebrating joyously our faith. Click here to find out more information about our Careers Department and the activities undertaken recently by our students. Did you know we had eighteen Year 10 students undertake work experience recently?.

They worked in trades, hospitals, airsport aviation fitness, education, fashion design and teaching. Requests for placements in Term 3 are open until 24 May. This had over exhibitors and opportunities for students to sit in career or VCE subject seminars on Thursday 2th May to further research their pathway plans for This is a year 12 early entry program that takes into account community service, leadership, and school participation etc. If you are successful, you will be guaranteed entry with a minimum ATAR, providing you meet prerequisites.

Applications close Tuesday 31 July. Click here for more details. For more information pertaining to Careers, visit Schoolbox. The Art and English faculties are excited to announce a new competition for all our budding creative writers at Salesian. Playwriting competition The Art and English faculties are excited to announce a new competition for all our budding creative writers at Salesian. This production was staged by Opera Australia and featured world class singers and dancers.

The students were enthralled by the timeless love story and dazzled by the spectacular dancing and singing. Band Performance Our fantastic concert band have been rehearsing every week and have grown rapidly in skill and size. The students are eagerly rehearsing Bohemian Rhapsody and Havana among other pieces to perform at the end of term Play. Thank you for your support with the uniform expectations.

Welcome back for the commencement of Term 2! I hope you all had a blessed Easter amongst family and friends. In particular, a special welcome to our new students and staff who commence this week. We have the unique opportunity here at Salesian College Sunbury to practice these values every day and to be true disciples of Jesus. The students will give a full report of their experience at the Whole School Assembly on 3 May. The first of our Open Days is approaching and we are excited to be welcoming existing and prospective parents to the College.

A wide range of activities and student-led College tours have been arranged to showcase the unique educational opportunities on offer here. A recent survey undertaken by Independent Schools Queensland ISQ quizzed parents at schools about how they made their choice of school. Interestingly enough, academic performance was not one of their top reasons. In order of priority, school selection was based on:. Choosing a school that best suits your child requires careful discernment. I encourage parents to take some time out on 15 May to see our College in action.

Ask lots of questions of staff, students and other parents. The closing date for Year 7 enrolments is 23 August. As we approach the wetter months of winter, more and more parents are inclined to drive their students to school. The increase in traffic on our internal roadway leads to massive congestion, with many parents unable to leave the property until after 9am!

In order to ease congestion in the mornings along our driveway, I encourage all parents to consider one of the following alternatives:. As you can appreciate, a large number of cars driving into the school zone cause a great deal of traffic chaos when congested already with buses and staff carparks. Your assistance in this matter is greatly appreciated. On Thursday, 25 April, our Nation will once again stop to recognise ANZAC Day and to commemorate the actions of all those women and men who have made, and continue to make, sacrifices for the wider cause of peace and stability throughout the world.

ANZAC Day does not glorify war but rather acknowledges and give thanks to those who are committed to peace and harmony to their fellow humans. The struggle continues today. Let us also remember family members and loved ones, past and present, who have suffered so much in support of our military forces. As always our students displayed great respect during this time, and we hope they take something away from their experience.

With 63 couples, two routines to prepare and only effectively six weeks to practice, the quality of the performance on the evening of Saturday 30 March was a wonderful triumph. From the outset all students were aware that this was an endeavor that would challenge them in unexpected ways. They were truly commendable in their commitment to stepping out of their comfort zone, learning things that were new and not easy, sharing this experience collaboratively and acting in a way that befits young adults. I have no doubt the guests who attended the evening were as impressed and proud as I was in the manner in which they presented themselves.

Truly an excellent example of reward for effort. Finally, I wish to express my sincere thanks for the energy and enthusiasm of our presentation team. The event could never have been as wonderful a spectacle without the tireless efforts of our choreographer and instructor Ms Sarah Mott, her assistant Ms Daisy Shoebridge, the coordination efforts of Ms Dunn, Ms Portelli, the masterful administration of Ms Carabott and all the staff who contributed throughout rehearsals and on the day.

Our first Open Day is almost here! On Wednesday 15 May we will open our doors to show what life at Salesian College Sunbury is really like. Our student led tours will give you a first hand insight into what happens in our classes, and what it means to be part of our Salesian family. Our Open day is a great way to see the students in action and showcase what makes us different. There will be presentations by key staff around Curriculum and Programs.

To book in your tour please click on one of the links below. On the first day of the week, at early dawn, the women who had come with Jesus from Galilee came to the tomb, taking the spices that they had prepared.

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  7. They found the stone rolled away from the tomb, but when they went in, they did not find the body. While they were perplexed about this, suddenly two men in, dazzling clothes stood beside them. He is not here, but has risen. Remember how he told you, while he was still in Galilee, that the Son of Man must be handed over to sinners, and be crucified, and on the third day rise again. Luke We are called to personalise the events of Easter to our own lives. What does the death and resurrection of Christ mean for me?

    After Good Friday there is a pause and a stillness. The not knowing what to hope for was very much the experience of the disciples on that morning. They had been so confident until the events of the previous days. Then they find themselves in a very personal situation. They encounter their feelings towards the death of their beloved friend, master, teacher and Lord and all the emotions that entail. There was no rushing towards Easter Sunday, but on that dawn there was a reminder of a different reality for the disciples.

    They began to remember what Jesus had told them. Good Friday will not be the end -for the Son of God will rise again. Remembering his life, his words and the experience of being in his presence enabled the disciples to cope with their fear and to bring the message of his Resurrection to the others. This is Easter. When we remember, we find reminders that Easter surrounds us in everyday circumstances of life.

    Easter does not change our reality, but it is an invitation to awareness of another kind of reality and way of living. Life experiences can rock us back and forth between faith and doubt, despair and hope, and between joy and sadness. The invitation of Easter is to remember that Jesus is Risen in each of those experiences.

    Easter and the joyous resurrection of Christ our Saviour, gives us hope and allows us to encounter the risen Lord in our day to day lives through our faith and through all that we do to live out the Gospel values. As a supporter to the Victorian Respectful Relationships Initiative, our College is working hard to promote and model respect and equality- and to teach our students how to build healthy relationships, resilience and confidence. The Royal Commission into Family Violence identified the critical role that schools can have in creating a culture of of respect to change the story of family violence for future generations.

    Late last term all students participated in the first of the sessions, these are year level specific and are targeted specifically at age appropriate content. Year 7 Topics. Year 8 Topics. Year 9 Topics. Emotional Literacy. Positive Coping Skills. Importance of Friendship. Problem Solving. Stress Management. Help Seeking. Positive Gender Relations. Personal Strengths.

    Positive coping Skills. Year 10 Topics. Year 11 Topics. Year 12 Topics. Conflict Resolution. Safer Socialising. Student Management Guidelines. Please find attached to this Newsletter a graphical display of the College Student Management Guidelines. A poster has been placed in each homeroom. Winter Uniform. A reminder all students need to be winter uniform. This includes Navy trousers for all boys in Years , as well as boys in Years with the new uniform. A new long sleeve HPE polo top is available to students for the winter months.

    Please note that is does get cold in Sunbury over winter so we suggest layering with a long sleeve tee shirt or thermal under the winter shirts. For HPE we suggest purchasing the new long sleeve top. Long sleeve tee shirts under the PE top is not allowed. There are only a few places left in the 'Tuning in to Teens course' for Term 2. Please contact Laura Spencer if you are interested in attending: lspencer scr. Before the end of Term, it was a busy two weeks of sport at Salesian College Sunbury. Our Senior girls also played Mackillop in the netball grand final but again, Mackillop were too strong on the day resulting in a loss.

    It was great to see around 50 students representing the College. Would your child like to learn to play an instrument starting this Term? Learning to play an instrument is a lifelong gift that has many academic and social benefits. Specialist music lessons allow students to explore their instrument or voice on a weekly basis either as an enhancement to their classroom music program or purely for enjoyment and personal development.

    There is the opportunity to take instrumental exams through a number of exam boards as a way of motivating student progress. Any student studying curriculum Music at Years 10 to 12 are expected to take weekly lessons. Finn was awarded a Distinction. Finn has weekly guitar lessons with Shane Ryall, our very experienced and dedicated guitar tutor. They recently performed at Sunbury Sunfest and have played at our Rupertswood Harvest in Students were asked to find an artwork that resonates with them, and document ideas it might provide for their own folio explorations.

    They then attended a lecture and discussion delivered by the Curator of the exhibition, where students heard about the process of selecting work for Top Arts, and were given valuable tips about their folio structure. Lunch break included a visit to famous Hosier Lane to observe artwork in a different context through the legal exhibition of street art.

    This was especially valuable, as it provides tangible evidence of ways to approach a folio, what to include, and how a top folio is a combination of skill, talent, time management and sheer hard work. The final aspect of the day was to explore the gallery spaces and photograph inspiration artwork for their individual folio. All requests for Term 3 placements are due 24 May. Year 12 University applicants with Community and Volunteer service can receive early conditional offers! There are many opportunites for volunteering at Salesian, so get involved in as early as possible!

    Our Mother's Day event is back for Join us at 7am on Friday 3 May in the College Mansion for a hot pancake breakfast whilst listening to music. Hear from some inspiring women talk about their grandmothers. But that isn't all from the Twilight School, see below for more of our upcoming events. Join us at 5pm on Wednesday 29 May, and let SAGE Business Group show you how to take away the stress and pain that goes with constructing, updating and following awkward budgeting systems. If you have limited space for plants or herbs, then this course is for you.

    What a trip! Our travelling students participated in a two hour performing arts workshop at Disneyland with a professional actor to fine tune their performance skills, create characters and project professionalism on stage. A whole day of learning and participating in the interactive activities that the theme park had to offer. They also spent a morning at the Griffith Observatory, a Los Angeles landmark operated by the city's Department of Recreation and Parks.

    They saw numerous rotating space and science exhibits including a massive walk-through display which allows people to see the relationship between the sun, moon and the stars. They had behind the scenes access to locations off-limits to the general public. An unforgettable experience.

    They learnt about film production and sound recording. They also accessed a special sound studio where Judy Garland herself recorded "Somewhere over the rainbow" for the masterpiece that is the Wizard of OZ. They also got to see the painted sets for the remake of the Wizard of OZ waiting to go into production later this year.

    It is safe to say this trip really inspired our students, and gave them an insight to the many options of working in the Performing Arts. Last term as part of the Year 8 English curriculum, students wrote persuasive speeches and delivered them to their classes. A couple of our students were so passionate about their topics that they volunteered to deliver their speeches again at KIDx.

    This is a program designed to give young people a say on important issues. Ryan Drage and Isabelle Smith spoke about drowning deaths and Cyber bullying respectively. After their speech Ryan and Isabelle answered questions then received feedback from the local political representatives. The remainder of the day was made up of group activities with the other speakers. It was an amazing day listening to the issues the youth are concerned about and hearing discussions about how to solve them. Our future is in good hands! Please allow one to two business days for your BPAY payment to be reflected in your school fee account.

    If you want to change the College-administered direct debit payment plan to self-administered direct debit payment plan e. As we turn to the season of Autumn here in Australia, we also turn to the liturgical season of Lent, beginning with Ash Wednesday.

    Lent is an invitation to reflect on our daily lives and come to know God through a heart of love. The readings of Ash Wednesday call us to be the head, heart and hands of Christ in our world today. Through the prophet Joel, we are invited to turn back to God:. We can reflect on these practices through the lens of head, heart and hands.

    Throughout the journey of Lent to Easter, we turn our head, heart and hands towards God as we renew our relationship with God and with others. And we experience a new life through our Easter joy in the risen Christ. The 2-week event will finish with students developing ideas from their various research projects that they can act upon in their own countries and schools. This program has both a cultural and educational component to it.

    Harvest of Hope (Truly Yours Digital Editions Book 1008) Harvest of Hope (Truly Yours Digital Editions Book 1008)
    Harvest of Hope (Truly Yours Digital Editions Book 1008) Harvest of Hope (Truly Yours Digital Editions Book 1008)
    Harvest of Hope (Truly Yours Digital Editions Book 1008) Harvest of Hope (Truly Yours Digital Editions Book 1008)
    Harvest of Hope (Truly Yours Digital Editions Book 1008) Harvest of Hope (Truly Yours Digital Editions Book 1008)
    Harvest of Hope (Truly Yours Digital Editions Book 1008) Harvest of Hope (Truly Yours Digital Editions Book 1008)
    Harvest of Hope (Truly Yours Digital Editions Book 1008) Harvest of Hope (Truly Yours Digital Editions Book 1008)

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