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Three of his novels were written in collaboration with his friend Andrew Lang who shared his interest in the spiritual realm and paranormal phenomena. Henry Rider Haggard, Biographical note Haggard is most famous as the author of the novels King Solomon's Mines and its sequel Allan Quatermain, and She and its sequel Ayesha, swashbuckling adventure novels set in the context of the Scramble for Africa the action of Ayesha however happens in Tibet.

Some readers having been offended by certain passages that seemed to offer a philosophic justification for adultery, Haggard made extensive revisions and prefixed an Advertisement that spelled out the moral: "the man or woman who falls into undesirable relations with a married member of the other sex is both a sinner and a fool, and, in this coin or that, certainly will be called upon to pay the price of sin and folly" — which evidently applies even when the lovers, as here, are determined not to consummate their love.

Cf comment on 14 and The World's Desire. With Andrew Lang. Fantasy: the spiritualist universe, reincarnation with the recurring triangle, and the time-travel paradox: two have become three Odysseus, aged but still vigorous; the virginal, pre-Menalaus Helen, as the embodiment of every man's first love; and Meriamun, sex incarnate and threaten to become four. This book-long lamentation of "post coitum, triste" evidently evoked no protest, presumably because it was set in a remote and fantastic world — for many Victorians the only kind of world in which they could accept sexuality as an object of contemplation.

Eric Brighteyes. Romance of 10th-century Iceland based on the Sagas ; some supernatural fantasy. Nada the Lily.

H. Rider Haggard

Ranks with 4, 5, 7 as one of Haggard's most widely admired books. Noble-savage romance with some basis in history. Its hero is the young Umslopogaas see 7 ; its historical story is Chaka's rise to power and creation of the Zulu state, Dingaan's murder of Chaka and accession to the throne, and Panda's overthrow of Dingaan with the help of a Boer army, which heralds the coming dominance of the white man and the disintegration of Zulu society.

The chapters in which Umslopogaas and his friend Galazi live and hunt with a pack of wolves were acknowledged by Kipling as important in the genesis of The Jungle Books. Montezuma's Daughter. Historical romance of the voyage type, about an Englishman who fights with the Aztecs against Cortez. The People of the Mist. Lost-race fantasy. In central Africa a party of adventurers reach a forbidden land inhabited by "the degenerate inheritors of some ancient and forgotten civilization" who worship "divinities of Light and Darkness, or Death and Life, each springing from the other, engaged in an eternal struggle" — which provides roles for two of the adventurers: a dwarfish Black servant and protector of the white hero and the heroine, who thus becomes Haggard's first white goddess.

Heart of the World. Fantasy: a lost Mayan city in modern Mexico. The Wizard. Noble-savage romance with a white missionary as the catalyst.

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Borderline SF with a purpose: the weakening of the vaccination laws results in a plague that sweeps England. A lavishly illustrated journal of the changing seasons, the joys of rural life, and the problems of the farmer. See 1. Swallow: A Tale of the Great Trek. Colonial romance, with the narrator an ancient vrouw recalling the youth of her daughter, known to the natives as Swallow.

Beginning with all the Boer prejudices and retaining some to the end, the vrouw gradually learns that some savages can be noble. Elissa; or The Doom of Zimbabwe.

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Pseudohistorical romance suggested by the ruins of Zimbabwe, which is imagined to have been the Golden Ophir of the Bible and to have fallen because of the wickedness of its religion and native policy. Noble-savage romance: the black heart is that of a white man, and vice versa.

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Lysbeth: A Tale of the Dutch. Romance of the 16th century; no fantasy; along with 30 Haggard's most ambitious attempt at the historical novel. In this journey Haggard gathered materials for 30 and 32, as in an earlier journey to Iceland and Mexico for 15, 17, and 20, and as in earlier and later journeys to Egypt for many books.

Haggard spent much time and effort in support of reforming English agriculture along distributist lines. Romance of the first century CE; see comment on Fantasy and SF combining spiritualism and technology: the invention of the aerophone, a kind of two-way radio. With 36 and 54, this is one of three books with a prefixed warning to readers that it is "in no way a romance of the character they may perhaps expect from him"; i.

Ayesha: The Return of She. Spiritualist and lost-race fantasy a Greek colony planted by Alexander isolated in central Asia , with new variations on the themes of 5, this time ending in the deaths of all three members of the triangle Ayesha and her rival also died in 5 and the obvious necessity for another reincarnation.

See comment on 29 and The Way of the Spirit. Almost entirely mundane melodrama centering on sexuality and its renunciation, but with a voyage both spatial and spiritual and an isolated community in Egypt that approximates a lost race. See Colonial romance and fantasy with spiritualist and lost-race themes. Fair Margaret [also pbd as Margaret ]. Romance of the 15th century. In the last six chapters, fantasy set in a marvelous world of gigantic trees, with the dwarfed inhabitants worshiping the most gigantic; in the first 18, colonial and noble-savage romance related to 16 in the slight historical but well developed mythical basis that supports the white-goddess theme.

Fantasy with a lost race of mixed Semitic and Negro ancestry ruled by a line of priestesses determined to keep their whiteness pure, a motive prominent in many another lost-race romance. The subtitle is ironic, the yellow god being worshiped more fervidly elsewhere.

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The Lady of Blossholme. Romance of 16th-century England. Morning Star. Historical fantasy of the spiritualist universe set in the Egypt of the post-Hyksos period. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Error rating book. Refresh and try again. Allan Quatermain Allan Quatermain 2 by H. The Brethren Paperback by H. She and Allan Allan Quatermain 11 by H. Allan and the Holy Flower Paperback by H. Eric Brighteyes Paperback by H. Cleopatra by H.

Queen Sheba's Ring Paperback by H. Meeson's Will Paperback by H. Allan's Wife Paperback by H.


Child of Storm Paperback by H. Finished Paperback by H. Heart of the World Paperback by H. The Mahatma and the Hare Paperback by H. Moon of Israel Paperback by H.

H. Rider Haggards Greatest Works H. Rider Haggards Greatest Works
H. Rider Haggards Greatest Works H. Rider Haggards Greatest Works
H. Rider Haggards Greatest Works H. Rider Haggards Greatest Works
H. Rider Haggards Greatest Works H. Rider Haggards Greatest Works
H. Rider Haggards Greatest Works H. Rider Haggards Greatest Works

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