Forbidden Steps

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Just finished reading Forbidden Steps and loved every sentence of it! This was a fun novel to read that had my head spinning from the beginning right until the unexpected end.

Forbidden Steps - Short Film

The story is a quick and easy read full of romance, mystery, murder and sex. There are so many twists and turns, I found myself giving up on trying to guess the end and just went along for the crazy, intense ride! As a first time novelist, Mr. Rambeau captured my attention right from the start and held my attention until the very last word, at which point, I honestly wanted more.

One can only hope there will be a Forbidden Steps Part 2!!! I highly recommend Forbidden Steps and eagerly await Ed Rambeau's next novel. Queens, NY 5.

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What a page turner! The storyline is so fresh and so well-written that I never saw any of the 3 amazing twists coming, and they were not only unexpected, but all mind-blowers. Can't wait to see the movie.

Forbidden Steps

Many talented people have found a measure of fame and fortune through fields such as acting, singing or songwriting; some show talent and proficiency in more than one endeavor i. But not every artist is multitalented. Vocalists whose acting performances were panned by critics, or actors whose recordings made them laughingstocks rather than chartbusters, will attest to this.

There are, however, exceptions, and Ed Rambeau, best known for his achievements in pop music, is such an exception.

Iram Parveen Bilal

Actually, STEPS should more properly be designated as Exhibit H, for prior to its release Rambeau had already established a solid name for himself as a songwriter, singer, actor, producer, arranger, photographer, and artist. Dua leaves dancing, and Majeed is reminded of his days in Pakistan when his wife was still alive and faced problems with Babas staunch stands. At work, Majeed is an honest officer working for the law. Instead, he embarks on a private investigation almost to prove himself right, when it rudely points to the possibility of none other than Baba himself, being involved with the drugs!

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Forbidden steps is the story of a South Asian, Muslim household in America faced with conflict of creative expressionism with the orthodox views of right and wrong in a community weighted down by tradition and the fear of disturbing the status quo. Our Projects You can make Cinema.

Logline DUA pirouettes between her love for dance and her roots when her orthodox, estranged grandfather unexpectedly visits from Pakistan; forcing her to question her passion and forcing her father, MAJEED, a Muslim cop in Chicago, to question where his loyalties truly lie.

Forbidden Steps Forbidden Steps
Forbidden Steps Forbidden Steps
Forbidden Steps Forbidden Steps
Forbidden Steps Forbidden Steps
Forbidden Steps Forbidden Steps

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