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What, you thought an inside mole at a news station would leak something actually newsworthy? The mole's identity wasn't hidden for long.

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A day later, Fox News told Mediaite that it had unmasked the leaker and was consulting with lawyers about legal options against the rogue employee. The same day, Fox outed and ousted the mole, who later identified himself in a Gawker post as Joe Muto , an associate producer for The O'Reilly Factor.

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  7. Like the Craigslist killer before him, it was the digital trail that gave Joe away. But just because you don't see them openly doesn't mean they don't exist. They look like regular folks, they laugh at the same jokes you make about the senior management and they also stay back late in office with the rest of the team to show solidarity. The ability to stay below the radar helps them achieve another key function - operating in the stealth mode to make a mountain out of a hah, you guessed it mole-hill.

    Innocent grapevine that the team uses as a pressure release mechanism gets mentally recorded, spiced-up and delivered to an information-starved manager who might otherwise be socially cut off from his team for reasons ranging from bureaucracy to an inflated ego. For the mole, the significant erosion of personal goodwill is a small price to pay for the sense of control and security it seems to provide.

    TURBOMOLE: Program Package for ab initio Electronic Structure Calculations

    The animosity, the negative vibes and the wrath that moles incur from the rest of the team members get more than balanced out by the support they command from the powers that be. If at all there's a confrontation with a team member, it's clear where they'll get their backing from. If you've been on the receiving side, tough luck, my friend.

    There's also a scarier mutation of this species - the shameless mole. These are guys who started off like any other regular rookie moles, ignorant of their true potential. After years of fine-tuning their art and getting the trust of their mentors, they've come out of hiding and moved on to the next level.

    They now look at the camouflage part as an extra burden on their limited resources. Everyone knows who they are and what purpose they serve in the team.

    Mole Patrol

    So why bother putting on a holier-than-thou act? The flip side? People around them pull up their defences whenever they are within a few kilometers of striking distance. So how do they continue to eke out inside information that's so very critical for their survival. The answer - through other rookie moles who'd like to grow up and become shameless moles just like their idols. The basic modus operandi remains the same - Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee. The FBI states many things drive a person to betray the company where they work.

    The benefits of Moling

    Spotting Insider Threats What drives a mole? Your employees may be the first line of protection when combatting the insider threat. Potential Indicators: Drastic changes in behavior, demeanor, or work habits. Unexplained affluence. Financial hardship.


    Substance abuse. Attempts to circumvent security procedures. Long hours at the office without authorization. Taking home proprietary information.

    Silo Cleaning & Bin Cleaning

    Unnecessarily copying materials. Using an unauthorized USB drive.

    Unusual use of cell phone during business hours. Asking inappropriate questions. Suspicious relationships with competitors.

    We've detected unusual activity from your computer network

    Leaving traps to detect searches of their office. To gain access to a company in order to steal information, a mole will be socially adept with the ability to manipulate people to gain their trust. Individuals who are frequently wandering or talking in locations they do not need to be to complete their job. Someone who reflects a pattern will always have a reasonable excuse as to why they are not in the correct area or talking to specific employees. Employees who keep trying to re-open decisions already settled and question advisability of decisions.

    They act envious. Vulnerabilities — Getting Access Once inside, a mole has a lot of ways to access sensitive information.

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