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To dream that you are chasing someone or something else represents your attempt to get a hold on something. A goal that is eluding you or a difficult problem that you trying your hardest to get control over. To dream of something vague chasing you may reflect anxiety about issues that are not yet clear to you that you are avoiding. To dream of being chased by something big or enormous may reflect your avoidance of issues you feel are too powerful or overwhelming to confront.

To dream of being chased by something hairy may represent your avoidance of something unpopular, unsavory, or not to your personal tastes.

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Avoiding something that is excessive in some manner or not considerate of your preferences. Example: A young man dreamed of being chased by a man with an alligator head. In waking life he was losing his hair due to an illness and was avoiding telling anyone at all costs because he feared they would laugh at him. Example 2: A woman dreamed of being chased by someone. In waking life she felt that she was avoiding her ex. She had promised to meet with him again giving him the impression that they might be able to date again when she had no interest in him anymore.

She felt the need to avoid him with his constant calls. Example 3: A woman dreamed of being chased by monsters. In waking life she felt unable to escape unemployment after deciding to leave her old company due to hating her boss. Dream Themes Menu. You have to look inside your inner thoughts to find the hidden truths in your dream.

These interpretations are for entertainment purposes only. Stephen's interpretations should be considered an opinion, not professional advice. In the dream I saw a boy of my age being chased by a ghost of a little girl carrying an axe to kill. At first scene I felt like an observer and saw people getting stabbed by axe on their backs and front. And suddenly that boy who too could have been killed, so that it does not happen I helped him in knowing about the ghost.

It was I who clarified what it was chasing him. And he was obediently believing and listening to me. So we both were planning how to act since I could know every movement of the ghost. I started liking the boy too.

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The next scene was we were hiding quietly with no presence on the tall building round stairs. It was very dark. The ghost was searching for us probably on the road ground. At that time I whispered to the boy to not to stare the ghost even if you hiding in the dark otherwise she will know where we are. Then I woke up!! I wish I could see more!

So what does this dream mean? Please tell me. So time passed in the day and I was watching subconscious videos on YouTube and turned over and decided to sleep.. In my dream I was somehow outside of my school and headed to a movie theater across the street. There were dudes walking in to attack the place and I think I walked in to help. As I realized what was happening I calmly walked the other direction but seen that one of them had noticed.

I attempted to get help from a couple in their car but as I looked behind me there was not one but two dudes running after me and the one on the sidewalk was coming really really fast so I ran again. I looked back and seen on dude kill the people in the car.. I ran through stores and soon cars in the lot trying to get away from them and it turned out to be four. As I was hiding behind cars I was caught and they had guns pointed to me but they were talking.

So I pulled out a gun with a very stiff trigger and tried to shoot I shot one in the head. It turned out I only had one bullet and I grabbed the clip out of one of their gun and shot two down and after I grabbed the other clip I walked over to the one with broken legs and shot him as he was crawling away. Any help on what this might mean? I was doing this outside party type a thing and this guy that I go to school with was there he was my best friend and then he started to really like me and I never did that way, after that we stopped talking.

Later I was looking for him to talk to him but he had left. What is the story beyond this dream. Why him? Why did he come back randomly. After ever 3 years, it seems another piece of the dream is added on to it. The first dream, in , I was being chased by some unknown person in a black hood and I keep running and running until I eventually hit a brick wall. The second dream, in It started at a party and I had this feeling as if someone was watching me. I felt so scared that I decided to take a walk. So I did. Then it connects to the first dream. The third dream, in Starts out with me setting up with the party and I notice my reflection and I can tell the person in the reflection is me.

An old friend who, for the sake of animosity will call, Jake. So I see Jake and I smile and say hello and the chat is going great and then I walk away. This is where dream two connects to dream three. Next year I should get another piece. I had a dream last night that I was at a workplace which is i am not working right now and all the staff was boys. They kept looking at me at as if they like me until all of thre boys who saw me keeps on chasing me and i was running and they keep on chasing. What does it mean? Once I heard her I kept walking faster and faster almost running and I boarded the bus.

Once I was inside and i saw my colleagues and we started talking happily. What does that dream means?

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And then a group of people will come after me from the institution and I have to run and hide in different places. I am never alone, I always have one or two people I care about with me. And I am always caught but not harmed. I have a reoccurring dream that I am on the run from some sort of bad institution that I have escaped most recently it was an army squad that was taken over by a dictator but it is always a group of people who are being told to come after me from someone more important than them, and not because of their own personal vendetta.

It always goes on for a long time and I make several stop in places that I think are safe along the way and I am always found in one of these places, not caught while I am physically running. Also I am never alone, I always have one or two friends or family with me. My dream started with me standing in the field full of white flowers. It made me feel surprised and happy. Clear sky and sunny. And as I was going through the field to the edge, suddenly got darker, and I was standing on the hill in the night looking at one car passing by.

Chase Dreams – Interpretations and Meanings

However small the change happens, be grateful. So, let the past be gone but cling to the good memories, and when things are rocky look at the past and smile. Let the bad be a learning experience, let learning produce growth, and let growth bring you closer to your goal.

I procrastinated the first three months I moved to Botswana. I wasted time and money on vacation, clothes, etc. Time wasted cannot be recovered. Treat it like a temple. When I hit rock bottom I walked two miles or more every day, and by the time I got back home I was refreshed. From that friendship, I was able to join the club, find a place to live, and teach swimming lessons. If that means changing the course of your plan, please do so; change will not mean losing your dream. They will judge you by how you look, what you eat, and how you live.

When people judge, it has more to do with their own fears and insecurities than you. Your thoughts will hold you hostage from making progress and your mind will be filled with doubt.

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Releasing your negative feelings will leave you at peace and you will be able to focus on the positive even in tough times. Comparison leads to jealousy and envy. It can kill friendships if not tamed. Only seek help from those who support your mission and encourage you, because they will cheer you on along the way.

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In fact, you may be accepting your situation as fate and settling for defeat. Was I scared? Did I care? I envisioned a successful life, being my own boss, and living the dream. Sometimes moving is the best therapy for a new beginning.

Chasing a Dream I Chasing a Dream I
Chasing a Dream I Chasing a Dream I
Chasing a Dream I Chasing a Dream I
Chasing a Dream I Chasing a Dream I
Chasing a Dream I Chasing a Dream I

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