The Journaling for the Self of It!™ Manifesto

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So easy. So fast. So Target. See a Problem?

Embrace the freedom to be who you really are. Stir the soul… Awaken your within… Sounds exciting, yet challenging, right? I guarantee, the magic solution is all within your reach! Get ready to set free what awaits within! Is your inner critic stopping you from seeing your unique strengths, assets, and future possibilities?

The Quest Workshop for Black and Minority Ethnic Gay and Bisexual Men (London)

You deserve to achieve your personal and professional dreams, and live joyfully. My Taster is the Spiritual flow of our Sacred body to the connection of healing, sensuous, purification and mysteries of the element of water. Stop procrastinating and attract what you want in 4 simple steps. In each video an expert coach, healer and spiritual teacher Lira Kay gives you practical tools to gain clarity of your purpose, dramatically increase your self worth, heal and express of your authentic self.

You soul is waiting! Feeling stuck or overwhelmed with your writing or creative project? Why not take 18 minutes and engage with just one of these inspiring activities? We are all capable of far more than we think we are! Quit being controlled by your fears, doubts, and history! Are you ready to be all that you can be? Illuminate Your Best Life Now!

Assess your wellness balance, strengthen your ability to live from the soul, and experience greater joy and abundance. Claim your free gift and step into the life you yearn for!

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Imagine what you can achieve when you are filling your own emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual tank! Mornings will become your favorite part of your day! You are the most important being in your life! Start today and plan for tomorrow! You deserve this! True information and fast track tips found in the ebook and listen to the MP3 to take a lovely relaxing breathe. Fear stops us from so many things. It keeps us in our comfy little box unable to explore and experience true joy, love and abundance. Did you ever imagine there were only 6 steps to breaking through the smallest to largest fears you are selling yourself?

Are you tired of feeling unfulfilled? Discover the tools to equip and empower you to finally move into inspired action creating and living the life of your dreams! Want to learn how to discover your unique brilliance, lead with more confidence and live a life you love? Learn what simple steps you can take today to have more confidence and live your life authentically. Mix and match the Nurturing Wellness Affirmations and find the perfect mantras for your personal growth and healing journey.

Then take thirty minutes and enjoy the meditative, balancing, healing experience of Harmony Mind-Body Energetic Balance. In this FREE Report I share a few simple steps that you can start taking to turn your passion into a business and get paid for who you came here to be! I truly believe that each person was put on this earth for a unique purpose, and it is as unique as a fingerprint. Are you ready to shift from feeling limited and controlled by your highly sensitive and empathic traits, to freaking ROCKING it, owning your sensitivity like the badass superpower that it is?

33 Self-Awareness Activities for Adults and Students

Are you ready to be the change you want to see in the world? Are you in? Grab your free ebook today! Do you dream of making fabulous money? In this 7 day course with Dr. Minette Riordan, discover simple, creative steps for staying open to manifesting money in the present moment using guided visualization, a Sacred Money Quiz, affirmations and a mandala coloring book. Is your child struggling with anxiety, ADD, allergies or seizures? Discover 5 simple dietary and holistic lifestyle choices that can help. As a busy we understand you need something that is simple and actually works!

This is a gift of spaciousness… a gift of slowing down so you can listen to and make choices that are in alignment with your heart and soul. The emotional chaos of life and other people overwhelm compassionate souls like yourself. Learn how to refill, recharge and feel more energized with these 8 simple steps.

Release this type of extraneous noise from your life now and begin to express your authentically beautiful self.

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  • Give yourself the gift of a minute guided meditation to improve your health, relieve stress and give you the calmness you need all year round. Aging is meant to be a joyful experience for every woman. The key to having a fulfilling journey is to find happiness in everything, and embrace it. Learn to align with your essence, bring your true gifts to the world, and manifest your creations with more grace and ease. Are you currently experiencing a major life change? Career change? Health challenge? Would you like some tips and a tool to help you navigate life transitions more easily and with less stress?

    Download my Top 25 Amazon Marketing Bestselling book today and get on the road to attracting your first or next ideal client. My gift to you! Create your inner sanctuary of radiant self-love leadership with my Happy Wholesome Life Bundle. It is your doorway to living a happy, wholesome relationship with yourself, your life and others. It will support you in creating from a place of personal power, inspiration, passion, joy, and love.

    Are you limited or limitless? You have the ability to design your divine life of unlimited happiness and harmony when you create alignment with your individual power, purpose and prosperity.

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    Claim my gift to you and discover the principles that unlock true and lasting wellness. What If I told you cultivating joy could be as easy as tuning into your personal awareness? The world is literally at your fingertips. I suggest when writing creatively to not hold back or to be practical.

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    • The sky is the limit with your imagination. The Universe recognizes what part of your story resonates with you on the soul level by what brings you the most joy. Joy resonates on an incredibly high frequency. If it brings you great joy to write about being able to fly, by all means put that in your story. Instead, expect for your spirit to soar to new and exciting heights.

      Runners talk about entering a zone where they no longer feel connected to their bodies. Well, writers hit the same high when they connect deeply to what they are writing. Once you enter the world where your imagination takes over, you are transported to your happy place. Suddenly, with little to no effort, a world shoots out of your fingers and comes to life on paper or a computer screen. Regardless, you just have to have patience, belief in the process, and trust in the wisdom of the Universe. I have had some good things happen, I won a trip to Mexico, after about two years that I had written down who I would win it from.

      I was going to write a short book about it, I lost my notes, so I got discoraged. Maybe I will try without the notes. That is fascinating! I know I would love to read it! Your email address will not be published.

      Self-Awareness Activities - Written Exercises

      Skip to content. Writing the Story of Your Life Thoughts are things. That tool is writing.

      The Journaling for the Self of It!™ Manifesto The Journaling for the Self of It!™ Manifesto
      The Journaling for the Self of It!™ Manifesto The Journaling for the Self of It!™ Manifesto
      The Journaling for the Self of It!™ Manifesto The Journaling for the Self of It!™ Manifesto
      The Journaling for the Self of It!™ Manifesto The Journaling for the Self of It!™ Manifesto
      The Journaling for the Self of It!™ Manifesto The Journaling for the Self of It!™ Manifesto

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