The Dream War: The Royal Seal

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A few years earlier, he had been given a few Christian pamphlets by a missionary. After this fourth failure, he went back to the pamphlets and re-examined them. It was at this point that he decided that the celestial family he had been part of in his dream had been that of the Christian God. He became convinced that Jesus Christ was quite literally his older brother and that he, Hong Xiuquan, was therefore the Son of God. While converts to this new religion did not initially flock to it en-masse, within a few years Hong had amassed enough followers to give his movement a name: he called it the God Worshipping Society.

The principles Hong was preaching quickly started to become more militaristic and openly rebellious against the ruling Qing Dynasty. It is important, at this point, to note that huge numbers of disaffected Chinese peasants were in a position that would have made them receptive to the kind of insurrectionary teachings that the God Worshipping Society was spreading. During the first half of the 19th-century, China — especially southern China, where Hong was based — had been hit by a crushing series of natural disasters: floods, droughts, and famine.

Corruption among government officials was rife, and the Qing Dynasty was seen as aloof and uncaring about the problems faced by the peasants. Furthermore, the nation was in the grip of an opium epidemic and had recently suffered a humiliating defeat at the hands of the British in the First Opium War — There were also ethnic tensions Hong was able to exploit.

He was part of the Hakka minority, who, along with the Han population, had long resented the Manchu rulers of the Qing Dynasty. Such teachings held great appeal to landless peasants. He told his followers that the demons God had instructed him to slay were the members of the Qing Dynasty. He began organizing his followers into a military hierarchy as well as stockpiling weapons and gunpowder. Alarmed at what was happening in the south-west of China, the ruling Qing Dynasty demanded that Hong disband his cult. Predictably, he refused, so the Qing authorities sent an army to crush him.

In February , the Taiping army routed and wiped out a force of 10, Qing men. The Taiping Rebellion had officially begun. They also possessed better weapons and far more money. On the 25th of September , the town of Yongan fell to the Taiping forces.

On the continent of Dregnal, a new evil arises...and a new book series is born!

Learn how to enable JavaScript on your browser. NOOK Book. In the early ages, the world of Oniro was plagued by a frightening evil. Grotesque creatures roamed the land, wyverns filled the skies, and demonic, misshapen men plotted destruction and control.

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The strongest armies in existence stood no chance. In its current state, Oniro was lost. But the appearance of seven legendary heroes, along with the nearly defeated warriors of the Holy Order, saved mankind. From that day forward, the world remained relatively peaceful for five hundred years. However, on the continent of Dregnal, a new evil arises. The country of Entervia has been invaded by the North. With the North and the South bearing down, Entervia has only one option. See All Customer Reviews.

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The jury of five Marines and two sailors, including a SEAL, was comprised mostly of combat veterans who served in Iraq. Several lost friends in war. He said he tried to lead by example but didn't always succeed. Gallagher also got credit for days of pretrial confinement.

The Dream War: The Royal Seal

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The Dream War: The Royal Seal The Dream War: The Royal Seal
The Dream War: The Royal Seal The Dream War: The Royal Seal
The Dream War: The Royal Seal The Dream War: The Royal Seal
The Dream War: The Royal Seal The Dream War: The Royal Seal
The Dream War: The Royal Seal The Dream War: The Royal Seal
The Dream War: The Royal Seal The Dream War: The Royal Seal

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