Tell Me A Story: Storytelling to Create Impact Brands

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What is brand storytelling?

A prime example of ethical brand storytelling, the kind that resonates with a younger, more adventurous and increasingly environmentally conscious generation is Patagonia. Sporting the mission statement, 'Build the best product, cause no unnecessary harm, use business to inspire and implement solutions to the environmental crisis', the outdoors and adventure brand focuses on showcasing its efforts through its marketing savvy campaigns.

Through its 'Worn Wear' initiative, it hires 45 full-time repair technicians to fix Patagonia garments that are in need of a little TLC.

1. Marriott’s #AtTheMoxy

Alongside the work power, its video campaign 'The Stories We Wear' highlights the fact that people that wear the brand to show the endurance of the product they make as well as the attachment they have to these clothes. Not only is this smart and effective approach to storytelling incredibly relevant, but it can also be used to help steer your digital marketing campaigns in the right direction. As a leader, it's essential to ensure your team is engaged with everything the business is doing from new developments to possible charity partnerships. By researching key company facts and remaining informed yourself, you'll be able to provide insights and details that can offer transparency during campaigns.

Some of these exciting new developments and ethical improvements may even become the centerpiece. Experts suggest, over million virtual reality headsets will be sold by With augmented reality becoming an increasingly viable option for businesses to connect with their audience through the medium of VR, it's fast becoming an interesting tool for brands to convey their message and get people invested.

By taking an individual and immersing them in a sensory experience that forms the center of your brand's story, your business stands to forge a meaningful connection like never before. As this form of brand storytelling develops, a host of innovations are expected to come to the surface in and for digital marketing leadership, immersive storytelling medium that will not only assist in the creation of forward-thinking campaigns but give others the tools to push their skills to a whole new level.

Immersive storytelling is to an extent, is in its infancy. As a result, this brave new world of storytelling has a huge amount of scope with many new skills to master along the way. That said, as a leader you should foster a culture of learning , giving your team the time and resources to upskill themselves and gain new knowledge to make your brand's immersive storytelling as innovative, inventive and ahead of the pack. As this form of brand storytelling develops, a host of innovations are expected to come to the surface in Despite the somewhat ominous name, dark social media isn't as sinister as you might think.

In theory, if a person clicks a link to a site from an open social media site like Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn, an analytical platform will reveal precisely where that referral came from. But, with the rise in consumers sharing links through private messaging apps such as WhatsApp or Snapchat, as well as more traditional mediums including email or SMS, there is more to measuring referral sources, traction and success than relying on Facebook or Twitter engagement.

After all, the world of recruiting is no longer transactional, but creative. As various organisations come together to battle over the same skill sets, companies are being asked to rethink the ways that they can stand out from the crowd, and attract new talent. This emerging landscape places further pressure on HR teams who want to make their businesses seen through the noise and chaos of the talent market. Storytelling has emerged as a successful tool in recruitment, because it helps to make corporate values, culture, and traditions more tangible to outsiders.

Stories offer companies an original way to communicate information, and appeal to the target groups that are best suited to their industry.

Storytelling, Brands And Some Words Of Wisdom

Storytelling bridges the gap between prospective employees and brands in the same way that it simplifies the disconnect between brands and customers. Complicated issues are simplified, and candidates get an idea of what working for a company really means. Brand storytelling can bring life to a company, humanise a brand, electrify marketing, and engage the company culture. All companies need to do, is figure out how to tell their story in the right way. Today, almost any medium can be used to tell your story. From blogs that share information about your company and industry, to videos, print, social media channels, and even multi-media creations.

Each medium promotes a different reaction from a different audience, which means that you need to find not only the right way to tell your story, but the right platform to tell it from. At the same time, listen to your audience so that you can gain a better understanding of their concerns and desires. Emotion, inspiration, and authenticity is what great storytelling is all about. A personal story behind a brand truly helps any customers or potential clients feel a sense of dedication to what they do, backed by the emotions portrayed.

Conversations are a dying art. People are so engrossed in telling their story that listening seems like the hardest thing to do.

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Articles by category Branding Digital Marketing Naming. Recent projects Revonic naming —. View case study. Fabrik has created a new name and identity for a leading digital experience agency based in Dubai. Formerly Indivirtual, now Revonic. Revonic naming. Athora naming —. Fabrik created the name for this Bermuda-based insurance and reinsurance group, established to be the leading specialist solutions provider for the European insurance market.

Athora naming. Revonic branding —. A leading digital experience agency with headquarters in Dubai commissioned Fabrik, a leading branding specialist, to re-define its purpose and create a brand strategy, new name and visual identity. Revonic branding. ChartCo OneOcean —. ChartCo is a global leader in digital navigation services and voyage compliance.

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Fabrik created the name for its new e-navigation and compliance platform. ChartCo OneOcean. Bier Brothers identity —. A sophisticated logo mark and visual identity to represent a bold new venture bringing overseas retailers to the UK high street. Bier Brothers identity. Legal and General's ambitions for its new Homes division had literally gone through the roof, and naturally, was in need of a website to match. Fabrik delivered… right to their door. Lumeon branding —. Brand strategy and company naming lead to an illuminating visual identity for an exciting, young tech-company.

Lumeon branding. The RCoP —. Fabrik created a campaign to stimulate interest in psychiatry as a profession, delivered through an emotive, short film. The RCoP. City University —. Fabrik has created an engaging student campaign for City University that extends beyond the traditional welcome pack. City University.

Tips for Maximizing the Storytelling Impact of Visual Content

You need a story. What is brand storytelling? So how do you tell your own brand story? The questions that define your brand If you want other people to share the image you have of your company, then the first thing you need to do is clarify that image. Ask yourself: What matters to you? To begin, start by asking these questions: 1. Who is your audience? Who is your brand hero? Can your brand story be shared? To make your story more shareable, ask yourself: Are you using content that makes people feel, or think?

A memory creation tool Humans are naturally pre-disposed to remember stories. It's a device that has framed cultures and shaped societies. Stories provide context and meaning for life, work, relationships, and societal norms. That's because stories often have characters or plots that readers can relate to and see themselves in. Or, they identify desired traits and shared goals. And, since brands are trying to make connections with their target audiences, it makes sense that they would turn to storytelling. Yet, the use of storytelling is not necessarily a new tactic in marketing, either.

However, three years on from that research, storytelling has become more relevant due to the audience's desire for authenticity, meaning, and emotion from brands.

Identifying stories to tell

Here's why and how they might get better at it in when it counts more than ever. Understandable considering brands have been so ingrained in marketing language, sales pitches, and benefit bullet points that they don't know how to step back and just be real. I think the dominant reason for this pervasive failure is the outsourcing of branded storytelling that takes place to scale rather than bringing such activities in-house.

This ensures that all brand stories are told by storytellers marketers inside the brand. They embody the voice, culture, and DNA of the organization from which the stories emanate. When authenticity is put forward as the priority, the emotive stories will generate themselves as the organic byproduct of an authenticity-based focus to harvesting stories from inside the brand. Jeffrey Singman, VP Product, Kandy Business Solutions , believes that brands still struggle the art of storytelling with the science that has become so integral to today's marketing strategy. Brands are still adjusting to wave after wave of change in martech and adtech.

What Defines Great Brand Stories?

This includes programmatic approaches that promise them they will reach the right consumers, at the right time, without violating their privacy. In not getting what storytelling is about, the mistakes go well beyond the issue of authenticity. However, these are often neglected. Other storytelling errors include not optimizing for the mobile experience where the majority of the audience likes to read these stories.

Even worse is the fact that many brands don't realize that true success with audiences comes from prioritizing premium, branded storytelling as central to the entire marketing operation.

Storytelling Could Bring Your Brand to Life and Strengthen Your Marketing Impact

When that happens, a brand understands the importance of investing in the teams and technologies required to build and scale branded storytelling. Yet, many brands do not see why storytelling is a focal point of their entire marketing approach so they are not making these critical investments. Singman adds three critical errors with today's approach to storytelling.

Tell Me A Story: Storytelling to Create Impact Brands Tell Me A Story: Storytelling to Create Impact Brands
Tell Me A Story: Storytelling to Create Impact Brands Tell Me A Story: Storytelling to Create Impact Brands
Tell Me A Story: Storytelling to Create Impact Brands Tell Me A Story: Storytelling to Create Impact Brands
Tell Me A Story: Storytelling to Create Impact Brands Tell Me A Story: Storytelling to Create Impact Brands
Tell Me A Story: Storytelling to Create Impact Brands Tell Me A Story: Storytelling to Create Impact Brands
Tell Me A Story: Storytelling to Create Impact Brands Tell Me A Story: Storytelling to Create Impact Brands

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