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But one simple case of mistaken identity, and a reckless decision suddenly sees her life in turmoil. Journalists, if they are honest and capable, are among the strongest guardians of democracy. No tyranny can tolerate them, no democracy can function without them. For this reason they are among the most endangered people on our planet.

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In the tumultuous period of German history between the World Wars a brave journalist, had to oppose all forms of chauvinism, especially the rising tide of Nazism. Published: October 5, by Mirador Publishing. Hermann Winke, the brilliant inventor of the Magnobile is dead, and the manner of his death is shrouded in mystery.

In his will, he leaves his valuable papers to his only son, Ernst, who has just returned from years in the Amazon jungle. Published: July 2, by Mirador Publishing. As a man he follows a medical career, but he turns his back on his comfortable life and dons the garb of a Riding Officer to fulfil his vow.

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Hated in all communities, ostracised and friendless, he faces more than just his father's enemies. Words: 81, Published: June 27, by Mirador Publishing. The pretty seaside resort of Redcliffe in Cornwall is a lot more dangerous than you might think. Published: May 30, by Mirador Publishing. Against a background of growing civil decay and unrest, fifteen-year-old Jake Holdencroft becomes acquainted with Nathan Tasker and a friendship blossoms through their love of music.

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As they grow closer, Jake feels the stirrings of something deeper beginning to develop. However, the confusion and fear of being different frustrate the growing liaison. Published: May 14, by Mirador Publishing. German armies once more march across Europe and one small Welsh village is changed forever. Carrie has escaped the suffocating, unhealthy love of her brother. With her innate kindness and strength, she begins her new life in midwifery.


But, the shadows of war rise and she is sent first to Birmingham and then London during the Blitz. This is the compelling, continuing saga of the Llewellyn family. The last decades of the nineteenth century.

European powers are colonising the whole planet and seem unstoppable. In the British colony of Western Australia white settlers ignore the rights of the Aborigines, murder them or chase them from their land, or perhaps readmit them to work as unpaid labourers on newly created properties. This is their story Words: 60, Published: February 23, by Mirador Publishing. But Rory Trembath is not concerned; he knows that if he can seduce the mind first, then the body is sure to follow.

The middle-aged Trembath, and Arabella Findlay, meet by chance, soon learning that they share an affinity Published: January 19, by Mirador Publishing. How would you handle it when your faithful dog started to speak to you after a nasty blow to the head? You'd probably not want to take the event too seriously However, when that dog is joined by countless others, from hog people to bird warriors, all who claim you are the reincarnation of their greatest wizard, you might find life a little harder to handle Words: 85, Published: January 5, by Mirador Publishing.

It is the story of Carrie, a girl who must survive in a harsh world of Welsh winds, farms and scheming men. It takes place between the wars and though often traumatic, Carrie's journey simply makes her stronger, until she blazes with light and power.

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Published: December 13, by Mirador Publishing. King Aethelred entrusts his premier General Ealdoman Byrhtnoth with defending England's south eastern coastline, from a vast fleet of Viking longships led by Prince Olaf Tryggvasson.

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  • It is attacking the Kent coastal towns of Folkestone and Sandwich. Princess Catherine has developed a rapport with Eddie, her Romani mercenary bodyguard and their romance might hold the key to England's security. Words: 88, Bill Steadman and his friends may still be average teenagers, but now the grave responsibility of saving Planet Earth has landed squarely on their young shoulders. It tells how Bill and Sonia, together with their friends, Ben and Tim, involve themselves in the battle to save Mars from Zigismo, the evil dictator of Zeronera, who is intent on enslaving the inhabitants of the Red Planet.

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    Overview Cornelius Phipps is a man caught in a web of despair. Utkena is a demon seeking vengeance. Sanjukta is a woman striving for justice. The moment she is born during a terrible storm, which also sees the death of her mother, Sanjukta's destiny is sealed.

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    Half Native American Indian, she is given the gifts necessary to fight an evil created by the Nations but used by the White Man. Her life becomes a battlefield. Both in the Court House, where she fights for the rights of her people becoming a lawyer of renown, and in the spirit plane. Here, in this truly dangerous place, she must find the strength to survive heartbreak and evil. With cunning, bravery and the knowledge that true love must find a way to survive in a dark world, she faces her demons Sanjukta And The Box of Souls draws on the ancient Native American traditions while combining them with the glass and steel world of lawyers and money men.

    Can she save her people without turning her back on her life away from her homelands? Will she unite both sides so together humanity can save itself from the darkness? This is a journey of courage, heart, spirit and most of all friendship.

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    Whispers On The Wind. Would I Lie To You. The Forsaken And The Damned.

    Sanjukta And The Box Of Souls Sanjukta And The Box Of Souls
    Sanjukta And The Box Of Souls Sanjukta And The Box Of Souls
    Sanjukta And The Box Of Souls Sanjukta And The Box Of Souls
    Sanjukta And The Box Of Souls Sanjukta And The Box Of Souls
    Sanjukta And The Box Of Souls Sanjukta And The Box Of Souls
    Sanjukta And The Box Of Souls Sanjukta And The Box Of Souls
    Sanjukta And The Box Of Souls Sanjukta And The Box Of Souls
    Sanjukta And The Box Of Souls Sanjukta And The Box Of Souls
    Sanjukta And The Box Of Souls

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