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Search this site. He is kept alive in the land of the dead by his daughter — the character the movie is named for — Coco.

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Remember me Though I have to travel far Remember me Each time you hear a sad guitar. For a split second, the man that raised me would be back, my papi knew I was there for him, he remembered that he loved me and then he would be gone. My partner held me and I just cried.

Former academic current television, film, and comic critic. I have spent around 10 years of my life analyzing popular culture, writing on it, and creating a community around it.

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You can describe me as a gamer, podcaster, chicana, scholar, nerd, just don't call me quiet. Thank you for this heartfelt and emotional review. You have moved me greatly. My father died this year so I feel a deep connection to the character of Coco as well, as I see myself in her waiting for a Papa that just never comes home.

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This is such a wonderful movie with such deep emotion, sadness, and hope. Like this: Like Loading



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