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I would like to be picked up from the airport. How much does a normal taxi cost vs something arranged by the hotel?

Pick-up and drop-off

Also, is the pickup service by the hotel a private cab? A little anxious about getting into a cab in a city I'm visiting for the first time. If the price difference isn't much, I'd rather prefer a private cab by the hotel.

However we do not even though I am a Turkish guy trust on their pricing. Sometimes they may try to cheat you. We can arrange one way transfer from airport, whenever you contac us with your flight details.

Picking someone up

If you take a taxi and it costs extremely high, please inform my colleagues at the reception before you pay the price. We did not use the airport pick up, but, we used the airport cab service. Surprisingly very friendly people.

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Considering we were all girls and we landed at around PM, we felt safe. Your name suggests you are from India, so,if you can deal with Indian cab drivers, Istanbul is no different:- Enjoy!!! Most definitely get a private transfer, do not get an ordinary cab from the airport.

Pick-Up and Drop-Off | To and from the airport | Abu Dhabi International Airport

It may cost a bit more, but the price quoted will be what you pay. Ordinary cab drivers are well known for ripping off tourists! I have been three times to Istanbul and I know well now that indeed taxis are sometimes not trustworthy and they can rip you off. I happened to me that they first told me a prices and then when I was already half way there and I didn't have a choice they told me another one.

The prices is closed and it cannot change once you book, and paying 35 euros or so divided by two or three my friends or coworkers sounds pretty good to me. We arranged for the hotel to pick us up, which costs more than a cab, but we were glad we did, as the airport is hectic and it was nice to see my name posted and be taken in charge.

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How does that sound? A: I think that would work out well, but what if the plane is late? B: I can call the airline, and they will tell me if the flight is delayed. A: I am going to carry my cell phone so I can call you. B: Yes, that would help us find each other at the airport.

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A: If you find that you have to make other plans, I can always book a Super Shuttle to pick me up. B: You don't have to take a Super Shuttle. I'll be there. B: It would be no problem to pick you up.

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When is your flight arriving?

Picked Up at the Airport Picked Up at the Airport
Picked Up at the Airport Picked Up at the Airport
Picked Up at the Airport Picked Up at the Airport
Picked Up at the Airport Picked Up at the Airport
Picked Up at the Airport Picked Up at the Airport
Picked Up at the Airport Picked Up at the Airport

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