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How to choose a strain

What are the top medical marijuana strains today? Click ahead to find out! According to Danko, White Berry can make a great nighttime smoke, claiming its soothing qualities can induce a peaceful, easy feeling just perfect for sitting on the couch. He also recommends White Berry for relieving muscle spasms and restless-leg syndrome. Danko claims this strain enhances appetite and lowers ocular pressure, which is particularly important for glaucoma sufferers.

Named in honor of noted cannabis researcher and author Dr. Lester Grinspoon, a Harvard Medical School professor and advocate of marijuana for over 40 years. Danko says this strain can be used for the treatment of depression and nausea. He offers this strain may be a remedy for chronic stomach or back pain. He says this strain may assist bronchial dilation, helping to alleviate symptoms of asthma-related conditions.

Finding the Right Medical Marijuana Strain for You

The foliage of the plant has also been recognized by marijuana enthusiasts, featuring orange veins and dark-purple leaves. The strain provides a relaxing high, says Danko, with a taste of plum and pomegranate, and is best recommended use at a time of low activity.

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Users claim its relaxing qualities have been useful for treatment of insomnia. It is a prizewinner that is a combination of genes from Ukrainian Hash and Blueberry strains and is noted for its complexity. The strain also includes scents of lemon and pine, delivering a high that may foster creativity. Possibly recommended for medical patients treating depression, seasonal affective disorder, PTSD and some forms of anxiety.

Danko suggests to prepare mentally to anticipate the rising high and then sit back and enjoy the ride. Users claim to feel strong sedating properties, possible recommended for patients who need muscle relaxation or are looking for help falling asleep at night.

BUYING 8 OF THE SAME WEED STRAIN - (Why Strain Names Don't Really Matter)

This almost pure indica strain has its origins in the Pacific Northwest, but according to Danko has become increasingly popular and available worldwide. Users note these grape-flavored, violet-colored nuggets can help patients appreciate the deep body stone, which may be helpful in treating chronic pain and depression.

According to Danko, Romulan buds are prized by medical patients for their pain-relieving properties and devastatingly powerful couch-lock high. Users can enjoy the piney odor and peppery flavor.

A quick guide to finding the best cannabis strains for you.

Users report enjoying its sandalwood scent. Users report this strain can help with appetite for those suffering from nausea or otherwise unable to eat. Patients suffering from anxiety disorders and fibromyalgia report relief from using Jack Herer. Email Address. Confirm Email Address. Confirm Password. I have a Valid Colorado ID. I have a Valid Colorado Medical Card. Note: All Medical Card Discounts will be applied at the store. Your information entered into this account MUST match your official identification card or we will not be able to serve you. Securely store my purchase history for faster re-ordering.

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      Marijuana Strains – Descriptions of strains of cannabis

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      Medical Marijuana Strain Guide Medical Marijuana Strain Guide
      Medical Marijuana Strain Guide Medical Marijuana Strain Guide
      Medical Marijuana Strain Guide Medical Marijuana Strain Guide
      Medical Marijuana Strain Guide Medical Marijuana Strain Guide
      Medical Marijuana Strain Guide Medical Marijuana Strain Guide

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