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The tube's a different story—your mileage may vary on when American Horror Story fell off but I think we can all agree it was never "scary.

  • DC Universe.
  • 1. Eyes of the Cat (Episode 2)!
  • Liebe und Sex: Wie ist was? (German Edition).

From its pilot onward, Hill House maintains a dedication to ramping up that creepy atmosphere and then paying it off with real scares even the most jaded, seen-every-slasher-and-Stephen-King-adaptation among us would have to tip our hats too. On Halloweek, whether it's your first watch or a rewatch, Hill House's timing couldn't be better.

Here are the series top moments that either unsettled, or made us full-on rush to cut the lights on, ranked.


27 Scariest Scenes From Netflix's The Haunting Of Hill House, Ranked - GameSpot

Spoilers abound! World News. Social Justice. Donald Trump. Queer Voices.

  1. A Banner is Unfurled, Vol. 5: No Greater Love!
  2. 2. Ghoul Under the House (Episode 3)!
  3. 27 Scariest Scenes From Netflix's The Haunting Of Hill House, Ranked?
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  8. Black Voices. Latino Voices. Asian Voices.

    2. Knock Knock, Hugh's There

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    Top 10 Scariest Paranormal Documentary Shows

    Pride Impact: Project Zero. As Luke waited for Steve to pick him up, Luke starts to count to seven, as he and Nell would do when they were kids to keep themselves safe, and viewers see the ghost sliding closer and closer to him. Steven finally saw a ghost, and it sure was a scary one. When Episode 1 reaches its climactic end, Steven gets a call that Nell is dead, which is scary news to him considering she is standing in his kitchen in that moment.

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    The episode ends as Nell's face changes to a terrifying shade of blue. The dreams the Crane siblings have while trapped in the Red Room res all bone-chilling, but when Luke sees Joey again, the twist is scary and gross.

    1. Steven Sees A Ghost

    She recalls the rehab monologue she gave. Cute little Luke deserved better than to be stuck in that basement. After he finds himself trapped in the scary room, Luke shouts for help as his flashlight begins to flicker on and off. A truly astounding scene to end one of the best episodes of the series comes from the reveal that Nell is the Bent-Neck Lady. After she hangs herself in the house, her body drops on the noose into every scene where the Bent-Neck Lady had previously appeared. The sequence is definitely one of the ones that will keep you up at night. The scariest moment in the entire series comes as Shirley and Theo are having a tense argument in the car, which is very rudely interrupted by a screaming ghost Nell.

    No matter how many times you rewatch Episode 8, the scene will always catch you by surprise, as the conversation between the two sisters is designed to draw you in so that Nell scares you every time.

    9 Haunting Moments In Mafia History

    But hey, at least the sisters made amends after the terrifying moment. Register - Forgot Password. Photo: Netflix It's never fun to be surprised by what you find at your house, but Hill House sure made it dramatic. Photo: Netflix Episode 5 had a lot of terrifying moments, but we will not be able to unsee the look on Nell's face when she realized she was having a Sleep Paralysis moment.

    Haunting Moments Haunting Moments
    Haunting Moments Haunting Moments
    Haunting Moments Haunting Moments
    Haunting Moments Haunting Moments
    Haunting Moments Haunting Moments
    Haunting Moments Haunting Moments
    Haunting Moments Haunting Moments
    Haunting Moments Haunting Moments

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