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They are invisible, passing through us seemingly, but we never learn about them; only after their deaths, a dead body becoming newsworthy. Of course my words will be taken as an emotional outburst and will lose their impact and just become empty words. This was the world of Rizwan. In my childhood the brief moment I shared with him is a precious memory for me.

From the Dream of Death Into Eternal Life

I want you to join me in my journey to the painful past where I share little glimpses with the balloon seller. I sat in the corner and was sharing details of my daily activities when all of a sudden I heard the voice of a balloon seller, my first encounter with him.

Colourless lives in a foreign land

I rushed outside and saw a number of balloons, all of beautiful colours. I then went back inside to get money from my mom and went out again just as he was passing our door.

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I then came inside, but for some reason felt uncomfortable. My mom asked me to eat lunch but I refused to eat and went upstairs and started playing. From that day on I could not stop thinking about him. The next day I went to school but could not concentrate. As the bell rang I ran towards home and started to wait. I then heard the voice and ran towards the door and asked him to give me a balloon.

Colourful walls, Colourless lives

He asked about the colour and I told him that I liked yellow. I asked his name and he told me it was Rizwan. He was barely fifteen years old. I told him my name and asked about his family members, telling me that he was the only child. We then talked about my family and soon became quite close to each other. I asked about his leg and he said that it was a hit and run accident. Oh yes And a lot more colourless. Yun Khud ko andhero me gumaya na karo, Kisi ki galati ke badale khud ko rulaya na karo, Parwah kia karo apni kisi ko badi ass hai tumse, Mana ki udas hai zindagi lekin use berang banaya na kro!!!

are we walking into a colourless future?

Are you feeling low? Maybe Are you feeling depressed? Maybe not Are your feelings hurt? Definitely not Are you tired? Maybe Are you colourless? Maybe not Are you sick?

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Definitely not Everything feels gloomy, and sleeplessness persists. Ek din humse puch liya kisi ne, ki ye berang si zindagi jite ho kis liye.. Humne bhi keh he diya. Yun to hum bhi ranging zindagi jiya karte the. I showed him laughing in his trademark way. Painters of the old times cite Rooban Arts in Panthadi as a place that specialized in portraits. Rangachari, a famed artist of those times. But none of those skilled painters or their good-old studios exists today.

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Now, hardly 10 or 15 remain. Earlier during elections, we used to paint all day. It fetches us between Rs. For instance if we have to paint Gods and Goddesses, then the rate is more as the work is intricate. Apart from reproducing an image to perfection, the artists also exhibit their creativity in the colours and fonts used. Several additions and modification are done as the painting progresses.

The street artists are adept in drawing on all kinds of walls --rough and smooth, sometimes even on the cement blocks of pavements.

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  • Ours Isn’t a Colourless World.
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