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I knew the wolf would be back and my paint was my only comfort. This column is a follow up on last weeks when I wrote that there were some folks that wanted to reintroduce wolves back into Colorado. At the turn of the century there were quite a few wolves in the area west of Steamboat Springs.

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I have a big book with lots of photos of ranchers and trappers and their trophies of wolves and lions they had harvested. As a matter of fact there is a band of wild horses west of Meeker, Colo. My son spotted them while antelope hunting one year. It appears that there is just adoration for anything wild unless it is taking money out of your pockets.

Feds love wolves, hate wild horses

You will hear how wolves and wild horses are good for our eco system. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Wolves reduced a herd of over 9, elk down to 4, in short order. Wolves are killers.

Wolves and wild horses | devyzuzyvoby.tk

They are terrorists that kill, kill and almost never consume all that they kill unless it is a lone victim. There were sheep killed as they were run over a bluff by wolves and how many did they consume? A herd of bull elk, 89 to be exact, were wiped out by a pack of wolves. If you are a rancher a 2 percent death loss is acceptable under most circumstances.

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  • Four percent starts to make you a little nervous. How does 10, 20 or 40 percent strike you.

    Experiences with wild horses, wolves and other wildlife

    It strikes you hard and some ranchers have just had to throw in the towel. They were paid until the wolves got to be so numerous that they were delisted and could be hunted or trapped and then the payments stopped.

    Horses - Wolves

    If wolves are reintroduced into Colorado there will be no hunting or trapping or harassing of these killers. About horses that wandered from the Fort Apache Indian Reservation live in the area. As we drove back to the trailer we came across a group of wild horses grazing in a meadow off the side of the road.

    Richard Conniff

    Apparently the forest is home to about horses that have wandered off the Fort Apache Indian Reservation FAIR and now live amongst the elk, deer and big horn sheep that call the forest home. They were so beautiful and majestic- I just sat and watched from a distance while they were in the area. Nighttime in the Apache is magical- the moon was waxing gibbous that week so each night, the forest was bathed in pale yellow moonlight, silhouetting the old aspens against the midnight skies that were adorned with millions of stars. The forest came alive at night and I imagined the revelries of its inhabitants as I stood with my telemetry equipment in hand, afraid to turn it on, lest it somehow disturb them.

    American Wild Horse Campaign

    In those moments, I had an abiding awareness of my intrusion into this secret, enchanted world of the forest but did my best to minimize my incursion………… to be continued. Wolf paw print. Beautiful moon shines over the landscape. June World of Wolves - Eight red wolf pups!

    Wild Horses, Wild Wolves Wild Horses, Wild Wolves
    Wild Horses, Wild Wolves Wild Horses, Wild Wolves
    Wild Horses, Wild Wolves Wild Horses, Wild Wolves
    Wild Horses, Wild Wolves Wild Horses, Wild Wolves
    Wild Horses, Wild Wolves Wild Horses, Wild Wolves
    Wild Horses, Wild Wolves Wild Horses, Wild Wolves
    Wild Horses, Wild Wolves Wild Horses, Wild Wolves
    Wild Horses, Wild Wolves Wild Horses, Wild Wolves

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