The Planet Killers

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    Planet Killers

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      In One of Our Asteroids is Missing, independent miner John Storm discovers an impossible asteroid rich with fabulously valuable metals and minerals, only to find his claim stolen, along with all computer records indicating that he had ever existed! Never before reprinted since their original appearances and with a new introduction by the author, these three novels of science fiction adventure blaze back onto the scene, revealing early masterworks of one of the genre's most gifted and celebrated storytellers!

      Genre: Science Fiction. Flatlander Larry Niven.

      The Planet Killers The Planet Killers
      The Planet Killers The Planet Killers
      The Planet Killers The Planet Killers
      The Planet Killers The Planet Killers
      The Planet Killers The Planet Killers
      The Planet Killers The Planet Killers
      The Planet Killers The Planet Killers

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