Tears of Poignancy

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Tears of joy are like the summer rain drops pierced by sunbeams. Perhaps all of these terms are pointing towards the same thing. Perhaps they are describing related yet different flavors.

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Perhaps it is like mixing paint. A color theorist might be appalled to hear someone that is not trained in the nuances of colors say that something is pink when they see it as salmon. Perhaps it is like this with emotions. Having new words allows us to better articulate experiences and also to enhance our awareness of our subjective experience. The deeper we get into the nuances of emotions, it is like having a richer color set to work with when painting. Whatever the terms, whatever the chemical composition of the tears, and however varied the experiences that elicit such teary-eyed emotions, we all know the subjective experience in our hearts of being so moved that it comes sparkling out our eyes.

May you have many such beautiful moments in your life. What word or phrase do you think best conveys this unique flavor of tears? I'd love to hear in the comments below!

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    As a mum myself I can only begin to imagine the stress and emotional turmoil these families have been through. Even at an event they could never have anticipated in their worst nightmares, they thought about other babies and left a lasting legacy in Georgia's memory. Many of our oncology patients and their families also work tirelessly to raise funds to support the care we provide to women who are diagnosed with cancer. Cancer is a cruel disease and affects many people. At Liverpool Women's we have dedicated teams who do a fantastic job supporting women diagnosed with cancer.

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    Patients past and present also support each other in various groups. We hear so much bad news these days that can make us think we live in a harsh and unfeeling world. But you only have to read about the warm hearts of all these people, supporters, patients, parents, families and friends, to realise how much unselfishness there is out there and the abundance of good will and desire of people to give back something in recognition of the help they received when they needed it most.

    Tears of Poignancy Tears of Poignancy
    Tears of Poignancy Tears of Poignancy
    Tears of Poignancy Tears of Poignancy
    Tears of Poignancy Tears of Poignancy
    Tears of Poignancy Tears of Poignancy
    Tears of Poignancy Tears of Poignancy
    Tears of Poignancy Tears of Poignancy

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