Songs for a Head Start - One Person Is All We Need

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Your voice may crack and it all sounds wrong. Now taste those tears. It seems your luck has all been shot. No use asking why. But sooner or later we all have to try. All You Ever. Everything you ever tried to be was just a fantasy. All you ever needed was someone to tell you you were right. And all you ever wanted was to put off some of your own light. There you are, singing Desperado in the car at night. There you are, with everybody looking up at you. Me Oh My. I had a baby but the good lord took her.

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She was an angel but her wings were crooked. I guess he figured he could love her better than me. Some girls marry and some girls wait. Some do better without that ball and chain…singing… Oh me, Oh my tell me it gets easier with time. With the way you drink and the brows you raise. You can bet they wonder how the bills get paid, when you dance all night and you sleep all day. Girl when you gonna settle down, and make your mama proud? Oh no, not now. They say the good times go too fast. Edge of the Frame. And you make a scene, you get your picture in a magazine. Why you make a beggar out of your best friend.

Oh heaven knows, you love to dress me up in ribbons and bows. I go to get myself a coffee and everybody stares at me. They know you treat me awful mean. When the mailman brings the letters he tries to talk some sense to me.

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I tell myself over and over I should be getting out of here. So listen Honey and believe me, cause this is all I got to say… Anyone would have to be a fool to love you like I do. Hearts of Men. He was forty-six with the wife and the kids and the job with the suit and the tie. Oh but I, I wanna be your child again. I wanna remember when everything was new.

And damn this pride that lives inside the hearts of men. I wanna be whole again. Oh and I. I passed a truck filled with old street signs, it seemed like one of them was mine, a long long time ago, before I knew you Caroline. Now the bus is leaving, wish I could stay. Oh Carolina, oh Carolina. You know I love you in my way. We sat out on the front steps and shared a cigarette. We watched the neighbors go to bed. They fed the dog and shut the lights, and we were on our own again.

But as the sun began to rise. We were running out of shadows to hide ourselves behind. Would you love me one more time, before we raise the blinds and make the bed? My little train wreck. Your eyes are smiling but your cheeks are wet. We fell asleep just like we used to, legs all tangled in the sheets.

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I know you dreamed that bus to Houston, heard you talking in your sleep. I would have held you all day long. But when I opened up my eyes you were already gone. Little Bird. The time has come to bring it home. Little bird with a broken wing. So what do you say? I watch the dust dance across the floor. It used to be so easy to ignore the sun has set, but the sun will rise. What can I do? Rather, diveristy or multicultural education is , a continuous approach to working with children, parents, families and colleagues every day Wardle, a.

Preoperational children learn through concrete experiences Piaget, Thus, our children need to learn about themselves through being exposed to people, having role models in the center, and visiting people in the community who are like them. By the same token, to learn about and be comfortable with people who are different, young children also need direct, concrete experiences with people who are different from them: children in their program, teachers, and people in the community. This is needed for all children, not just white, middle-class children.

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For children to develop a sense of belonging they must see themselves, their families, and their communities represented throughout the center or school in books, posters, artwork, family sets, dolls, cooking utensils, environmental print in their languages, photographs, workbook illustrations, etc. Wardle, These images must be available throughout the center or school, not just in the classroom, and should also be in parent handbooks, annual school reports, parent training materials, etc. When my oldest daughter, Maia, was 4, we read a Christmas story about Jamie, an African American boy.

Preoperational children are primitive thinkers who have difficulty holding more than one piece of information at a time in their minds Wardle, b.

As Developmentally Appropriate Practice so accurately points out, development progresses from simple and primitive to complex, organized, and internalized Bredekamp and Copple, Because young children think in simple terms they tend to think in stereotypes. For example, young children believe that women wear long hair and dresses and work in traditional female occupations, while men wear short hair, wear pants, and engage in traditional male occupations Aboud, Group Belonging.

All people are comfortable around people who are like them. This notion has lead to the self-segregation of students in many of our middle and high schools Tatum, While our children need to feel comfortable and to be around people who are like them, they also must enjoy investigating and exploring differences, newness, and what is unfamiliar. One way to encourage this behavior is to expose our children to the new and diverse; another is for teachers and administrators to model a joy and enthusiasm in discovery, exploration, and uncertainly.

Further, approaches that teach children that all prejudice, bias, and hatred emanate from white people avoid addressing harassment and intolerance of minority children toward children from other minority groups, and harassment of multiethnic and multiracial children from all sides Cruz-Janzen, Clearly we have an obligation to teach all children in our programs that any kind of harassment and intolerance toward any child or person is totally unacceptable. Finally, a basic concept of diveristy is the idea that almost everything humans do can be done in a variety of equally acceptable ways: grow crops, build shelters, create families, educate children, and make beautiful art.

We must continually help children realize this multifaceted approach to life and help them discover a variety of ways to address issues, especially ways different from the ways that are familiar to them.

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  6. We need to help children see a variety of perspectives on issues and problems. We can do this by asking children if they can come up with alternative approaches, by reading books about innovative methods, by using a variety of possibilities when modeling behaviors to children, and by encouraging children to think creatively and divergently.

    There are a variety of ways to do this, and I will discuss some here. Going into the Community. In traditional villages children were exposed to a diveristy of adults, not just caregivers, teachers and heroes. But programs must make every effort to take their children out into the community on a regular basis. Here are some ideas. On these walks children might collect natural objects representing the season of the year; observe environmental print of all kinds — traffic signs, advertisements, names of buildings, numbers on houses, etc.

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    Vukelich, Christie and Enz, ; make rubbings of interesting textures, signs and artwork; find the number on a house; discover the smallest yard, etc. On these walks I suggest a camera be used to record the things students observe. With young children the teacher should take the pictures, but at the direction of the children as a record of their point of view ; older children can take their own pictures.

    Following the walk, the pictures can be developed or downloaded into the computer depending on the camera used and used to create wall newspapers, journals, class books, parent newsletters, etc. Every community has its own unique community resources. In Denver where I live, we have the Black Cowboy History Museum, many wildlife refuges, living historic farms, the Museum of the Americas, and a variety of charming parks.

    One very popular approach to structuring a curriculum is by theme Wortham, Each of these themes lends itself to all sorts of rich community visits. Part of the idea of diversity is the idea of community.

    Songs for a Head Start - One Person Is All We Need Sheet Music by Rita Gold

    A central notion of community is the sense of collective responsibility. Children — especially five years old and older — can become responsible for caring for part of a community — a park, the street in front of the center or school, etc. Pairing an early childhood program or class with a senior center provides wonderful benefits both for the seniors and the children.

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    Songs for a Head Start - One Person Is All We Need Songs for a Head Start - One Person Is All We Need
    Songs for a Head Start - One Person Is All We Need Songs for a Head Start - One Person Is All We Need
    Songs for a Head Start - One Person Is All We Need Songs for a Head Start - One Person Is All We Need
    Songs for a Head Start - One Person Is All We Need Songs for a Head Start - One Person Is All We Need
    Songs for a Head Start - One Person Is All We Need Songs for a Head Start - One Person Is All We Need
    Songs for a Head Start - One Person Is All We Need Songs for a Head Start - One Person Is All We Need
    Songs for a Head Start - One Person Is All We Need Songs for a Head Start - One Person Is All We Need

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