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In fact, by there could be a need for at least a million more nurses to fill the staffing voids in healthcare facilities. The U. Nursing recruitment and retention are two of the most important issues keeping healthcare leaders and physicians up at night. Dothan is not immune to the alarming shortage. SAMC currently has more than nursing vacancies. Other local hospitals, clinics and nursing homes also have vacancies.

Nursing Home Care

There simply are not enough registered nurses to meet existing needs and the ever growing demand. The demand from students wanting to enter nursing school programs is high.

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Schools are being inundated with nursing applicants; there are just not enough open slots to handle the demand. One barrier is that additional clinical educators are desperately needed to teach and train future nurses. In , nursing schools were not able to accept 56, qualified applicants into undergraduate nursing programs. In the past decade, nursing schools have been unable to accept about , applicants who met admissions requirement due to a lack of open spots, according to the American Association of Colleges of Nursing.

How I Made Over $70, My First Year as a Nurse (how I learned to game the system)

Three million nurses currently make up the largest segment of the healthcare workforce in the U. Other benefits of nursing include schedule flexibility and the ability to choose what part of the country you want to work in. Nurses have opportunities to work a variety of schedules, some of which offer long shifts in return for multiple days off.

Nursing retention has been and will remain a top priority. We are committed to becoming the employer of choice for nurses and have taken proactive steps to address nursing turnover rates and the nursing shortage. We have engaged our nursing team and with their input we developed a recruitment and retention plan that addresses key areas, including:. In addition to these efforts, SAMC has committed to decreasing nurse-to-patient ratios.

This means that each nurse on a general medical surgical unit will be asked to care for fewer patients. Once fully implemented, we believe this change will significantly impact nurse satisfaction, but more importantly, patient satisfaction, safety and quality.

Nursing and midwifery

Each day I am grateful for the nurses who dedicate their lives to caring for others at SAMC and the greater community. Here are how the differentials worked out at my hospital:. During my entire first year I only worked nights. For the most part during the entire first year I worked 2 weekend nights a month. Like most hospitals, my hospital has a retention program for all nurses as well as a clinical ladder.

By simply staying at my job I continue to make more money. Doing this lead to preceptor opportunities.

It is not uncommon for you to hear nurses complain about overtime in movies and TV shows. It is a VERY common issue within hospitals for them to have a hard time finding qualified nursing staff. Once you have your foot in the door and simply do your job, show up on time, and basically know your crap, there is opportunity to work as many hours as you want.

With very little exception. I found that by clumping a few extra shifts together I could pound out the long weeks and then have time off as well. I think I did like two months of bonus shifts out of the 12 months in the year. I am actually in the middle of an 18 day off stent from work!

When you only have to work 3 days per week you can manipulate you schedule to work the first three days of one week and the last 3 days of the next week.

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If you take just three days off you can have over two week off. With very simple planning you can workout to have VERY long vacations! First of all. I KNOW. But check this out.

What do nurses make per year?

I am guaranteed 3 raises this coming year too. Not a ton, but there are SO many ways that nurses can make more education, position change, certification, career ladder. I am not worried about being able to make more.

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I disagree with the notion that nursing is a LOW paying job. Is it a HARD job.

How to Make a Million in Nursing How to Make a Million in Nursing
How to Make a Million in Nursing How to Make a Million in Nursing
How to Make a Million in Nursing How to Make a Million in Nursing
How to Make a Million in Nursing How to Make a Million in Nursing
How to Make a Million in Nursing How to Make a Million in Nursing
How to Make a Million in Nursing How to Make a Million in Nursing
How to Make a Million in Nursing How to Make a Million in Nursing
How to Make a Million in Nursing How to Make a Million in Nursing

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