Empire of the Necromancers: Frankenstein and the Vampire Countess (French Horror Book 3)

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Two hundred years ago, a young woman staying in a chalet in Switzerland, after an Two hundred years ago, a young woman staying in a chalet in Switzerland, after an evening of ghost stories shared with friends and lovers, had a frightening dream. That dream became the seed that inspired Mary Shelley to write Frankenstein; View Product.

Thanks to the technique discovered by Victor Frankenstein, it is now possible to resurrect Thanks to the technique discovered by Victor Frankenstein, it is now possible to resurrect the dead. Scotland Yard Superintendent Gregory Temple, on the trail of criminal mastermind John Devil, who plans to use such technology to reshape the world, Dorothy Louise's remarkable new adaptation of Mary Shelley's classic story rescues it from simplistic notions Dorothy Louise's remarkable new adaptation of Mary Shelley's classic story rescues it from simplistic notions of horror and fear.

She remains faithful to Shelley's intention to show how the Creature of Victor Frankenstein gradually grows into malignity because of the Emerging from the shadow of popular reproductions, Frankenstein's importance in debates about gender, culture and Emerging from the shadow of popular reproductions, Frankenstein's importance in debates about gender, culture and politics has been dramatically affected by recent developments in criticism and theory.

This volume collects the most significant contemporary work on the novel from Marxist, Many competing factions now plans to use such technology to reshape the world. Scotland Yard Superintendent Gregory Temple is forced to team up Frankenstein Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley.

Frankenstein; or, The Modern Prometheus is a novel written by English author Mary Shelley that tells the story of Victor Frankenstein, a young scientist who creates a grotesque but sapient creature in an unorthodox scientific experiment. Shelley started writing the James Whale's Frankenstein spawned a phenomenon that has been rooted in world culture for James Whale's Frankenstein spawned a phenomenon that has been rooted in world culture for decades. This cinematic Prometheus has generated countless sequels, remakes, rip-offs, and parodies in every media, and this granddaddy of cult movies constantly renews its followers Lord Ruthven the Vampyre.

In the early s, young British aristocrat Aubrey travels through Italy and Greece in the In the early s, young British aristocrat Aubrey travels through Italy and Greece in the company of the mercurial and fantastic Lord Ruthven. Later, he believes his friend to have been mysteriously slain. But when Ruthven returns from the dead Black Coat Press. The problem is that everything was interpreted in the blackest of terms, and no one ever considered that he might be just an innocent bystander. This is the account of the events which took place when Dr. Victor Frankenstein created new life out of an assemblage of corpses, told from the monster's point of view.

He was an innocent victim of the evil and egomaniacal scientist, and Mary Shelley's version contained a number of errors which slandered the creature. Sherlock Holmes investigates a series of killings which lead him to the inescapable conclusion that Dracula is still active and searching for victims in London itself. But before the game is over, the erstwhile villain has joined forces with Holmes and Watson. The vampiric count, now grown comparatively benevolent, falls ill and must be protected from his enemies by the family he has befriended through several generations.

Morgan Le Fay, immortal sorceress, is living in Twentieth Century Chicago, and a number of people may be doomed by her magic if they cannot find a champion. But there is another creature of legend in Chicago, Count Dracula, and contrary to Bram Stoker's portrayal, Dracula is appalled at the evil she represents. A kinder, gentler vampire is enlisted in a battle against a time traveling nosferatu when a detective looks into the disappearances of several people in a remote canyon area. Dracula and Sherlock Holmes are both involved when a vampire raises a young girl from the dead in order to trick her parents into revealing a centuries old secret.

A blend of mystery and mild horror. Dracula kidnaps a young couple who are members of a family he has sworn to protect after their ancestor did him a service. The villain is Dracula's brother, Radu, willing to do anything to shame his sibling. Dan Post and his family move into a new home, and immediately begin suffering from distressful dreams and hallucinations.

Eventually they learn that aliens from another world who have long been active on the Earth lie concealed beneath their home, where they use human beings as samples in their ongoing research. A rationalized haunted house story. A man possessing the power of ancient magic lives in the modern world, possessing the power to bring the dead back to life. As it happens, even sorcerers have enemies, and his are more than usually persistent. Fairly loyal to the original novel with some filling in of Dracula's background and an unnecessary alteration of the ending. An alien being prowls the world, projecting the illusion of sexiness when she wishes to mate, relaxing into horrid inhumanity when there is no need to maintain the facade of normality, and destroying those who get in her way.

A portrait of one of her ancestors inspires a young girl to track down the history of her family, spurred on by a supernatural force. A descendant of Edgar Allen Poe solves a series of murders influenced by the spirit of the perpetrator of a similar killing spree generations in the past. When a young man discovers that he is descended from Jonathan Harker, one of Dracula's victims, he wonders if his strange aversion to sunlight is the legacy of vampire blood. To resolve the issue, he revives Lucy Westenra, only to learn that he has been duped into assisting in the return of Dracula himself.

Witchcraft and zombies abound as a down on his luck musician becomes involved with two mysterious women who seek vengeance for a wrong committed in their past.

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Grogo the Goblin is a retarded sideshow freak whose distorted body hides an underlying personality, an incarnation of a Hindu demon which erupts into consciousness when its host is threatened. A misdirected lynch mob threatens to bring the monster to full awareness. An aging werewolf who wants to be put out of his misery discovers that a band of rightwingers wants to use his supernatural power to create an invincible army. An unusual and interesting juxtaposition of evils. The discovery of a number of ancient Egyptian coffins and their transportation to a small town causes trouble when a mysterious cult attempts to animate the mummies and use them to seize power.

An Irish immigrant and his wife are pursued to the new world by a supernatural curse. For the most part, the stories are adventures, although other traces of the occult appear from time to time. They are listed below in order of appearance. Casca 1. Casca is the Roman soldier who denies Christ and is therefore made immortal and fated to walk the world as a soldier in one age after another.

Casca 2. Casca visits the Vikings and ends up among the Aztecs. Casca 3. Casca visits imperial China. Casca 4. Casca fights for the Germans during the second world war until he becomes disillusioned with the leadership. Casca 5.

Global Frankenstein

Casca deserts the Roman army and heads into what is now Germany. Casca 6. Casca becomes a respected member of the court of Persia until an enemy engineers his downfall. Casca 7. Casca confronts Attila the Hun. Casca 8. Casca battles the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia. Casca 9. Casca gets involved in a war in ancient North Africa.

Casca Casca accompanies Cortez to the New World. Casca battles with the French against the Vietnamese. Casca leads a group of mercenaries in the overthrow of an African dictator. Casca is forcibly recruited into an ancient order of assassins. Casca: The Phoenix Charter,, The Viet Cong try to kill the immortal soldier. Casca sails with Bluebeard the pirate. Casca leads a band of mercenaries in a dangerous mission in Algeria. Casca is shipwrecked in the South Pacific among savage tribes.

Casca serves as a British soldier in colonial China. Casca teams up with a Samurai warrior in feudal Japan. Casca among terrorists in the contemporary Mideast. A construction worker falls to his death, but is miraculously brought back to life and finds he has been given with the power to perform miracles of his own.

Is this the second coming of God? The Church, the public, and the government struggle to make sense out of his strange abilities, which hide a darker purpose. An accident renders the protagonist invisible. Dante Valentine 2. A bounty hunter who specializes in the supernatural investigates the murders of several psychics. Devil's Right Hand, The. Dante Valentine 3. A supernatural creature begins killing prostitutes. A woman specializes in battles against supernatural evil.

Dante Valentine 4. Dante Valentine 5. A necromancer gets revenge on the devil. Dante Valentine 1. A necromancer is hired by the devil to destroy a rogue demon. Collection of unrelated stories. Also writes Fantasy. Dru Anderson 2. A girl with a werewolf as a friend becomes the target of a killer. Dru Anderson 1. Young adult supernatural adventure about a teenager who hunts supernatural creatures. The protagonist is threatened by a Satanic cult with magical powers.

Werewolf romance. A woman investigating the apparent death of her cousin gets involved with a family curse. A shapeshifter struggles against a poison that may turn him evil. Ghosts, reincarnation, and other supernatural events complicate a young love affair.

Murder of an authentic medium. Howard Hunt, whom see. Later reprinted under the name E. Howard Hunt. Washington murder and intrigue, with the resolution coming after a tough investigator uses the occult powers of a medium to identify the guilty party. Satanism 2. Peter Ward investigates a cult of influential people who have enlisted the powers of witchcraft and voodoo in order to improve their position, and whose ultimate aim is to secretly control the government. Satanism 1.

An everyday story of blackmail, stolen secrets, and international intrigue becomes very strange when occult forces are thrown into the mix. A girl visiting her aunt catches glimpses of another teenager, one whom no one will else will admit seeing. Unbeknownst to her, the heroine once had a sister who accidentally drowned in the area. A series of quietly fascinating events lead her and her new friends to investigate what they believe to be a ghost. A professor and his students have to protect some magical artifacts from an ancient supernatural force that wants them. Collection of unrelated stories, not all of which are horror.

An allegorical story of a group of men who end up adrift in a boat, with one of their number a supernatural being, perhaps death himself. When two couples move into a small town, they run into a very strange reception. The entire community is in the thrall of a man who has arranged for his servants to remain young forever, if they will cooperate with him in sacrificing newcomers. Collection of unrelated stories, based on supposedly real events. A man and his wife journey to Dracula's castle on a lark, not suspecting that they will find that the Count is real and at home and as hungry as ever.

Some nice touches but basically a rehash of old movie devices. A ghost story. A meticulously researched historical novel of witchcraft and satanism as practiced during the reign of Louis XIV, based on actual documents of the period. Although the author indicates in her afterword that the supernatural element might well have been an illusion, the historical characters believed in it fervently and the novel itself leaves the matter undecided.

Witchcraft brings unusual strains to a marriage in this deceptively lightly written novel. Well developed background and some interesting characters in a routinely contrived plot. A mischievous spirit makes life difficult for a family. Supernatural romance about geologists who uncover an ancient evil but find true love while enlisting the aid of a friendly ghost in battling the menace. About a Vampire Avon, Vampire romance.


Accidental Vampire, The? A vampire romance. An Argenau novel. Argeneau 2. A coroner becomes a vampire when attacked by what appears to be a corpse. Argeneau 4. Love between vampire and mortal leads to complications. Runaway Vampire Avon, Argeneau 1. Mild vampire romance. Argeneau 3. Love triangle involving vampires. Twice Bitten Avon, An Argeneau novel. An underground cavern filled with vicious beasts that are let loose on the world is the device for this gory but rarely suspenseful thriller.

A shapechanging creature pursues fresh victims. A creature with the ability to change shape stalks various victims. Novelization of the movie, taken from the play "The Man in Half Moon Street" by Barre Lyndon, who is given credit as collaborator on the novel. The central figure is able to stave off death by periodic operations to replace his faltering organs, but eventually he runs into a doctor who refuses to become involved further and the game is up. A woman who possesses the ability to communicate with an ancient but powerful god seeks revenge against an enemy, and knows that the only way to gain the god's favor is to perform a sacrifice in its name.

Although initially resistant, she gives in to her hatred. A creature who might be a vampire, or possibly a succubus, or possibly something entirely different hovers outside our world, waiting for opportunities to strike through the barrier and claim living victims. One teenager may hold the key to destroying her influence forever.

A professor conducting investigations in the desert of New Mexico acquires the knowledge that she holds within herself the secret of an uncanny supernatural power. Collection of unrelated stories for younger readers. An enigmatic figure within the Soviet Union holds a power which may destroy both that nation and the West. The two power blocs ultimately set aside their differences in order to jointly confront a greater evil, one which can only be defeated through the power of an ancient ritual. A kind of superhero battles various supernatural entities.

An insidious plague of vampirism creeps into San Francisco, striking down victims mysteriously, as a long undead creature seeks to find a mate of sufficient intelligence and worth to accompany him on his journey through the ages. A superior atmospheric piece about a young woman who finds herself almost willingly in thrall to a more powerful personality, and the strange dolls which seem impossibly lifelike. The heroine is perplexed by the enigmatic nature of two people she meets, but doesn't comprehend the true horror of the situation until she realizes that they are not human beings at all.

If you thought fairy folk couldn't be scary, think again. The novel with three unrelated short stories. A nightmarish glimpse into a bizarre hunt with human prey in an alternate reality that might have existed if the Nazis had won their war and come to dominate the Earth, with all of the "inferior" races scheduled to be eradicated. Technically science fiction, but written as a horror story.

Omnibus of the two stories. Collection of sometimes loosely related stories. The evil child isn't human. An orphaned boy seems to have undergone a traumatic shock, displays no emotion, no indication that anything impinges on his internal reality. But there seems to be something for which he is looking, or perhaps something looking for him, another entity with the ability to make the boy complete. A strange group of people dwell in a haunted forest, people with Faerie blood who use the trees themselves as weapons.

The only hope for those who stray into their clutches is equally the use of equally strong opposing magic, and there are few who wield such power. More supernatural events surround Halloween festivities. Expansion of Orangefield. Strange rites in a small town point to a supernatural influence. A powerful female entity from another universe controls several people, using them to create a gateway through which she can enter our world. But at least two of her puppets have ideas of their own, fortunately for the rest of us.

A blend of SF and horror. Unusual meteorite activity heralds the arrival of werewolfish denizens of the moon intent upon conquering the Earth. A homage to "B" movie horror films, with a surfeit of violence as the surviving humans attempt to resist their conversion to the growing ranks of shapechangers. An evil creature which dwells within human bodies, using them as masks, inhabits a small town. An elderly, senile woman struggles to remember a dark secret from the past that may provide the means of destroying the interloper.

Leisure, , as Hallow's Eve. Expanded as Horrorween. An evil spirit manipulates the residents of a small town on Halloween. A bizarre phenomenon causes all the skeletons on Earth to rise from their graves and resume their former identities and careers. Lenin and his followers instigate a bloodbath in the former Soviet Union and so on.

An interesting but not entirely successful variation of the "Night of the Living Dead" theme. A magical carnival springs up overnight on an abandoned piece of property, but most of the nearby residents seem disinclined to make much of the situation. One thirteen year old boy sees the carnival for what it really is, a monstrous illusion masking death and despair.

The monstrous worms of the title escape from their age-old prison to attack living human beings, infesting their bodies and causing a transformation. Plenty of gruesome deaths, a fast moving plot, and an exciting climax. Strange deaths occur when an odd man comes to town. Young adult. A teenager stumbles into a town which didn't exist moments earlier, and finds herself compelled to solve a mystery out of time, and then escape before she is trapped away from her own world.

Blackstone 3. A dragon shaped cigarette lighter awakens violent reactions in people. Blackstone 6. The last of a series of magical objects arrives to disrupt the conversion of a local asylum. Black Creek Crossing? Two teenagers find a book of spells and get revenge on their enemies. A serial killer returns from the grave to continue his campaign of slaughter, and an investigative reporter is the only one who believes the truth.

Omnibus of the entire Blackstone series. A vengeful spirit from the past takes advantage of an opportunity to seize possession of a boy momentarily dead, then revived by a team of doctors. Now he is ready to strike out, venting the fury which has dwelt unappeased for a full century.

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The personality of the boy who died looks on helplessly as his own body commits a series of horrible crimes. This basic plot recurs constantly in Saul's novels. The ghost of a young girl who died as the result of a senseless accident a century earlier returns, and poses as the friend of another girl who has recently moved to the area.

A young boy unleashes terrifying powers when he moves to a new town and decides to remake it into the home he wishes for, using paranormal powers. Saul's usual theme of childish cruelty and terror predominate. More suspense and less of the supernatural in this story of a town which has long had a distaste for strangers, who frequently end up mysteriously murdered.

Is the entire town in league against outsiders, or is a single supernatural force that looks upon the town as its own property? Filmed for television. An unusually close mouthed community in Florida is the setting where a family returns to its homestead only to discover that a cult exists there, one which seeks power by draining the lifeforce from the newly born. Blackstone 5. An antique stereoscope provides visions of long forgotten terrors in a small town. A private school deals with satanic intervention.

Blackstone 1. A doll exerts influence over a young child and arranges the death of her mother. Corgi, , as All Fall Down. A woman investigating the death of her child uncovers a sinister plot involving medical experimentation. Yet another variation of the troubled child with supernatural powers who wreaks vengeance on the adult world. An old mill has been closed for many years, following a tragic fire that killed a number of people, including children.

The family that owns it considers reopening the building, and an angry force is set loose, determined that the mill shall forever remain closed, and that the family responsible for those deaths shall pay for their misdeeds. A serial killer fascinated with insects meets his doom when supernaturally inspired bees begin to invade the bodies of local teens and turn them into monsters.

Extremely silly, illogical, and annoyingly clumsy story. An artist is affected by the evil influences resident in the house where she works. Teenagers discover a secret room filled with odd artifacts and fall under the influence of a lingering evil presence. Blackstone 4.

A mysterious, initialled handkerchief is the key to long forgotten secrets and current dangers. A family moves into an exclusive apartment building filled with elderly people, some of whom want to steal the youth from the new children to prolong their own lives. A lonely boy finds a new friend in the person of a vengeful ghost who wants to make use of the living boy to seek vengeance for his own death.

A scientist finds unusual skeletons in the Hawaiian islands, and under the ocean a strange substance begins to appear. In the background, a secret society convenes. One of Saul's better efforts. A man and his son are possessed by the spirits of evil dead children. A young girl's imaginary friend turns out to be a lingering and protective ghost when her half sister comes to live with them. The newcomer secretly murdered her own family and hopes to displace her sister. The Academy is a semi-secret research base for children with unusual mental powers. But some of the experiments performed there are of a darker variety.

Disembodied brains and psi powers in this fast paced potboiler. A remote town reels from the mysterious suicide of one of its teenagers, while economic conditions deteriorate and a large corporation begins to flex its muscles. In fact, the company is using the town's teenagers as the test group for a powerful mind control drug. Suffer the Children , Dell, A child who died a century earlier returns in ghostly form to influence children of the present, compelling them to commit bloody murder.

If you read a lot of Saul's novels, you'll have a feeling of deja vu after a while. Predictable vignette about a cursed locket that causes its owner to perform horrible acts. A decaying family's internal tensions break forth in a series of murders. Supernatural overtones abound in what is otherwise a novel of madness and hatred. When her mother dies in a sudden accident, Cassie moves to Cape Cod to live with the father she has hardly known. But there is something else waiting for her as well, a dark power that seizes control of her will, turning her into an unwilling instrument of destruction.

Yet another of John Saul's novels of dead children seeking revenge in the present. This time the malevolent spirit seems even more perverse than usual, and her targets are children as well as adults. An apartment building is the scene of a series of violent suicides. Despite the skepticism of the authorities, a psychologist grows increasingly certain that unseen supernatural forces are affecting the residents, driving them to these desperate deeds.

The police must enlist a Satanist on their side to combat an evil man who uses a host of followers to abduct victims for his horrible sacrificial rites. Entertaining detective story interlaced with the occult. A middle class gentleman of stodgy demeanor finds his wife's inevitable successes a bit mysterious, until he learns that she is a practicing witch, and that he has been under her spell for years.

Soft horror. An ancient artifact opens a mystical gate to the interior of the Earth. Two unrelated stories published as a chapbook. Demons and angels battle in London. An evil spirit inhabits the body of a dead hit man and embarks on a reign of terror. Silver Variance, A supernatural plague. Two long supernatural stories. A variant version of the Dracula story, novelized it appears from the screenplay for the BBC version starring Louis Jourdan.

An African witch cult moves to England, where it employs human sacrifice among other horrible acts to ensure its power and further its ends. Thomas Martin. A Guardians novel. The Rathlaw family is under an ancient curse, and one of the two surviving brothers is willing to sacrifice the other in order to receive supernatural powers. The Guardians are a society dedicated to combating evil occultists, and they may be the only chance that Sir Alistair has to survive.

Wilfred McNeilly and W. Howard Baker. Followers of the cult of Kali are on the verge of achieving a renewal of their ancient power on the Earth. The next step is the appropriate sacrifice, and Desmond Wood is facing the battle of his life when his wife is chosen for that role. An organization dedicated to combating evil magic runs across a secret society of devil worshippers who operate out of a secret headquarters located beneath a modern city.

Disorientated Man, The. See Scream and Scream Again. Haunting of Alan Mais, The? One member of the Guardians, a society opposed to black magic, is supernaturally corrupted during their investigation of a supposedly haunted house, turning against her former companions with the full fury of her awakened paranormal powers. Killing Bone, The? A representative of a society of good magicians travels to Australia to deal with a witch doctor who has mastered more of the black arts than any other individual in modern history.

Wilfred McNeilly. A woman is unjustly executed, burned alive as a witch. Her son escapes to the Orient, where he studies the magical arts until he has achieved a level of enlightenment that allows him to supernaturally return to his home village and exact revenge on the people who murdered his mother. Mayflower, as The Disorientated Man. Stephen Frances and W.

A mixture of satanism and super science as a series of mutilation murders leads people to suspect that something more than human may be responsible. A secret scientific research project is also involved, creating amoral robot creatures with which they plan to seize power. Made into a movie. The Guardians combat a supernatural menace which is active both in the present and in ancient history, using their own occult abilities to combat it in both time frames.

A film crew comes to an abandoned castle, unaware of the fact that it is home to an undead creature which rises when the occasion warrants to prey on those who unwisely stumbled into its domain. A slightly different take on the vampire story. The minions of an undead vampire seeking fresh blood lure two American tourists in Rumania to a crumbling castle that serves as their lair. Of course, the Americans don't believe that such things as vampires could possibly exist, until it is too late to do them any good.

An obscure French village has been overrun by vampires who dwell in the sea, under the leadership of a powerful supernatural being. The Guardians, a society dedicated to the opposition of sorcerous evil, faces one of the greatest challenges in its history. When her mother dies, Cassandra is devastated by the loss, but her mourning is cut short because of a strange transition.

Her mother's spirit has imbued her with unusual abilities, and she uses these to make absolutely certain that her father is not unfaithful to her mother, even after death. Vampires invade a post apocalyptic future. A small group of people retreat to an ancient Druid island to lead a life of meditation. When one of them appears to have died, the charismatic leader orders her body burned, even though some of his followers later believe that the girl was simply in a trance.

Then something else appears on the island, something which can reach into their very minds. Martins, A house in India is the focal point for an upsurge of primitive magic, as an ancient god seeks a fresh foothold in the world and affairs of humanity. A banker transferred to Ranpur and his family are menaced by magic as well as a secret society led by a living demon. A teenager is puzzled when her parents take in an elderly woman as a boarder, then frightened as she begins to demonstrate powers previously beyond her ability. The change is physical as well. A blend of witchcraft and werewolf themes.

An angry spirit aren't they all? A series of disappearances involving children is linked to the supposedly kindly librarian who possesses a collection of dolls, many of which bear a remarkable resemblance to those who are missing.

Ginny has the power of psychokinesis, that is, she can move objects from a distance with the power of her mind. The more use she makes of this power, the more it grows in strength, until people whose actions disturb her can be made to do what she wants, sometimes with horrible consequences after her unconscious minds flexes its metaphorical muscles. A police detective becomes embroiled with psychic powers and Oriental mysticism while investigating a murder.

His own children may be the focus for a tangle of prescient knowledge and poltergeist activity. What better place for a vampire to show up than where the nights are six months long? A bored young lady travels to Gold Rush country and falls into the company of a Russian gentleman who is revealed to be a vampire.

A killer kidnaps young women in order to use portions of their body in a black magic ritual designed to bring back the dead. Author's name listed as "Scram" on title page. A werewolf mates with a beautiful woman, and the result is a vampire. Vampire 2. Gay vampire novel set in modern Rome. Vampire 3. A vampire decides to break the rules of his kind and stay with his lover. Vampire 1. A gay historical vampire novel. The story of Frankenstein's monster, updated to the 20 th Century.

A scientist discovers Frankenstein's notes and creates a new monster, with the same results. The story of Dracula transplanted into the 20 th Century. He's prowling around Atlanta until a Van Helsing shows up to end his current campaign of terror. Scientist try to find a cure. They die. A man who lost his family to satanists suspects that the same group is behind a new series of killings several years later.

He decides to track them down, and discovers in the process that they have authentic supernatural abilities. A dissolute man acquires a magical artifact that gives him the power to avenge himself on everyone whom he believes has conspired to keep him from having a satisfying life. The survivors of an air crash are plagued by ghosts.

A murderer is transported back through time and into the body of his victim in order to feel all her pain and terror. Voodoo is the setup, but the main action is straight suspense. An evil force corrupts the minds and bodies of several innocent people, turning them into vicious killers whose hands are transformed into animalistic claws. Two onlookers seek to discover the nature and location of the demon responsible, so that it can be sent back to hell forever. An archaeological expedition in the American southwest descends into a previously unexplored cavern, only to discover that they have actually entered the living body of a gigantic lifeform.

Smaller monsters which live within emerge into the daylight world to hunt down human prey. A new beauty treatment reshapes the body according to the dreams of the patient. Nice if your dreams are rosy and beautiful, not so nice if your subconscious is a roiling mass of horrible fears and hatreds. A group of weekend partygoers discover a book which seems to be a fictionalized account of their own lives, and their deaths through supernatural means during the visit to that very island. Subsequently, the prophecies begin to come true. They are all doomed unless they can discover the identity of the sinister mastermind who is playing with their lives.

A soldier makes a deal with a demon by which he is to survive the war in Vietnam. It's not the kind of survival he expects however, and he disappears from the world for many years. His widow begins to suspect that he is still alive, not realizing that he has in fact become the agent of a supernatural force.

One man in a coastal community is not what he seems, but actually the descendant of an alien species stranded on this world in prehistory. He is capable of transforming his body into that of a gigantic monster, and uses this form to kill and devour human beings, which he considers an inferior lifeform.

The physical problems of such a transformation are never explained. An alien creature from another world is essentially a gigantic biological computer, lying hidden beneath a major city, using its abilities to invade the thoughts of human beings, turning them into slaves, killing them in various horrible ways as it seeks to create a bridgehead for an eventual full scale invasion. Two people journey to the town where one of them lost her brother. His mutilated body has been found, but there is no clue to the identity of the murderer. They have not been there long before more deaths occur, at the hands of a race of inhuman creatures living concealed in a series of caverns.

DJSturbia Subterranean, A group of people sharing dreams find that their unconscious is affecting the outside world. Vampire Kiss 5. Teen vampire romance. Vampire Kiss 8. Vampire Kiss 4. Vampire Kiss 9. Vampire Kiss 2. Vampire Kiss 7. Vampire Kiss 6. Vampire Kiss 1. A serial killer is reincarnated.

A Supernatural novel. The widower husband of a woman who saw visions of her own death deciphers her notes and sets out to prevent another victim from dying. Archive 1. A young girl explores the archive of the dead. Our Dark Duet Harper, Monsters 2. A woman fights a secret war against monsters. This Savage Song Harper,? Monsters 1. A young woman discovers that monsters are real. Unbound, The Hyperion, Short story in chapbook form.

Jake Hatcher 1. A soldier fights the supernatural in New York City. Jake Hatcher 2. Someone is trying to open a gateway to Hell. Collection of Lovecraftian stories. An archaeological expedition digs up an unexpected find, a long dormant superhuman being from the time of the Norse sagas, one with a thirst for human lives and a drive for power over. Ice King, The. See Burial Rites. Marked, The Hyperion, Delcroix Academy 1. Delcroix Academy 2. Mirror Image Tor, An antique mirror is a living gateway to an alternate reality.

Werewolf 1. As vampires have been redeemed in recent novels, so too does the werewolf undergo a reconditioning. A love story, but more maturely handled than most such. Werewolf 3. A romance novel somewhat resembling "Beauty and the Beast". This time a much older werewolf appears in Louisiana, threatening to disturb the peaceful atmosphere in which Sylvie and her shapechanging lover have found happiness.

Werewolf 2. A young man struggling with the fact that his family has a hereditary tendency to change into the shape of wolves finds the true love of his life and is forced to come to terms with his true nature. See also Nick Sharman. Hamlyn, , as by Nick Sharman. Children all over England begin to indulge in outrageous acts of violence, escalating and spreading as more and more join the roving bands prowling the streets in search of adult victims. Ultimately, the authorities are faced with the necessity of exterminating an entire generation, possessed by a single insane desire for murder.

Sphere, as Project Dracula. A top secret experiment into a new strain of anthrax is unleashed on the world when a research station accidentally blows up, releasing a horde of experimental bats who quickly carry the disease to the closest human population center. Project Dracula. See The Anthrax Mutation. Randalls Round? As the result of a dangerous experiment, a man is able to sense the presence of ghostly spirits.

flesh and bone rise of the necromancers Manual

He uses his new talent to thwart a foreign spy. The protagonist is a man who remembers his former life as a dog. A satirical and occasionally quite funny novel of reincarnation. A seven hundred year old vampire is still around in the future when starships visit the Earth, and she becomes fascinated with an alien species which can change their own shape and appearance. Broad satire, and some interesting juxtapositions.

Not seen. Gemini Game? The keepers of ancient magical artifacts from British history are being murdered by a would be magician who seeks to reunite them all and precipitate an occult event that will give him power over the entire human race. A series of brutal murders are connected to a mystical mirror. Two teenagers join a gymnastic troupe only to discover that their companions have very peculiar habits, like sleeping all day, and disappearing mysteriously at times during the evening.

Then they realize the reason they have been admitted to the troupe is that their vampiric fellows require a fresh source of blood. From Dust to Lust. The title tells it all. Collection of related stories. A variety of frightening and paranormal events occur in a small town. A strange plant spreads its influence throughout a neighborhood. An unusual moon heralds the onset of a plague of mysterious incidents in a small town, disappearances, the discovery of a network of tunnels, and strangers who seem to have appeared out of thin air.

Ravaging shark film included because there is some kind of supernatural connection between the shark and one particular family. A man shot in the head begins to experience ambiguous visions. The spirit of a dead child looks after her family. A young boy who survived a tragic fire is mentally linked to a girl from the 17 th Century. Romantic suspense with a genuine psychic. Two unrelated long stories. A newspaper reporter stumbles into a mountain community which is dominated by a master vampire, who has come to an agreement with the local community through which he is careful about his feeding and provides protection in return for their assistance and loyalty.

A teenager is compelled to draw pictures of people she has met, each in the process of dying. At first it seems a morbid but harmless pursuit, but then there are indications that she may somehow be portraying the near future. Or even causing it. Small monsters pester a family. A group of children with paranormal powers exists following the invasion of a small town and the impregnation of its women by visitors from outer space.

Now a plot is being hatched to destroy the last survivors of these strange children. The original novel of the son of Satan, born on Earth in the Twentieth Century, from which the first of a series of horror films was subsequently made. Slowly the people closest to him realize that young Damien is the most evil creature they have ever encountered, but not soon enough for them to move effectively. Made into a film.

Pollution of the water causes the wildlife in a rural area to begin to mutate, the most dangerous of which is a deformed bear of unprecedented size, power, and fury. A group of people struggle to survive when they find themselves being hunted by the creature. This is a screenplay rather than a novel, the one used to film the remake of the classic tale of the giant ape, not the original. An expedition to the sunken luxury liner runs into big trouble when they discover that the hulk is haunted by those who died in it.

Two teenagers are searching for the ghosts supposed to haunt a theater. Instead they find themselves on their way to a meeting with the devil himself. A werewolf story. A young woman's mind is possessed by the spirit of another who has been dead for over two centuries. A lusty young woman finds herself torn between two different lovers, the man she should love, and the one who seems to possess an almost supernatural command of her affection. As it happens, the command is indeed supernatural, and he is not an ordinary human being at all. An erotic and untraditional ghost story. A supernatural romance rather than a horror novel.

A pair of lovers discover that their romance is one which has existed in a previous life, and they are put into contact with their earlier selves through a combination of mysticism and magic. Young adult ghost story. The protagonist finds his mind more and more preoccupied with the strange African statue which stands in one corner of his shop.

The evil influence grows until finally he is catapulted into a world of witchcraft and ritual sacrifice. More humor than horror, for younger readers. A vampire story for young adults. A modern day sorcerer becomes obsessed with increasing his mastery of the occult, and to do so, he is willing to take a few innocent lives. Quite a few, as a matter of fact. In order to banish an evil spirit from their ancestral home, the Stricklands resort to hiring a practicing witch who assures them she can handle the situation.

She lies. A beautiful woman acquires the power to command a race of inhuman creatures who lurk concealed within the forests of England. But is she really in control, or just a figurehead they have set up for their own reasons. Darren Shan 8. A young vampire figures out how to attend school. Demonata 4. Demons ravage the countryside. Darren Shan 1.

In order to save a friend's life, a boy makes a deal with a vampire, becomes one himself, and sets off to be his assistant in a traveling freak show. The battle against evil forces continues.

Summary Bibliography: Brian Stableford

After an apocalypse, a psychic battles an army of demons. Demons threaten to end the world. Demonata 2. A door opens into the demon world. Darren Shan 7. A vampire seeks the lord of all vampires. Killers of the Dawn? Darren Shan 9. Darren and his vampire allies are in big trouble this time, as all of their enemies gather. Darren Shan Demonata 1. A rebellious teenager runs into real demons. The vampire protagonist attempts to go home, but his enemies have other plans. Horror in a mysterious near future city. Demonata 3. The special effects in a horror movie turn real when demons invade the movie set.

Darren Shan 3. A good vampire and his assistant battle an evil bloodsucker. Darren Shan 4. Darren and his master travel to the heart of vampire land. Darren Shan 5. Declared a traitor, Darren is hunted by his former vampire friends. Darren Shan 2. A young, newly transformed vampire struggles to resist the urge to feed on living blood.

An army of werewolves menaces the world. Zom-B Little Brown, Zom-B Angels Little Brown, Zom-B Baby Little Brown, Zom-B Bride Little Brown, Zom-B City Little Brown, Zom-B Gladiator Little Brown, Zom-B Underground Little Brown, A woman struggles with the family curse which has decreed that all of the female members will be torn apart by wolves.

Empire of the Necromancers: Frankenstein and the Vampire Countess (French Horror Book 3) Empire of the Necromancers: Frankenstein and the Vampire Countess (French Horror Book 3)
Empire of the Necromancers: Frankenstein and the Vampire Countess (French Horror Book 3) Empire of the Necromancers: Frankenstein and the Vampire Countess (French Horror Book 3)
Empire of the Necromancers: Frankenstein and the Vampire Countess (French Horror Book 3) Empire of the Necromancers: Frankenstein and the Vampire Countess (French Horror Book 3)
Empire of the Necromancers: Frankenstein and the Vampire Countess (French Horror Book 3) Empire of the Necromancers: Frankenstein and the Vampire Countess (French Horror Book 3)
Empire of the Necromancers: Frankenstein and the Vampire Countess (French Horror Book 3) Empire of the Necromancers: Frankenstein and the Vampire Countess (French Horror Book 3)
Empire of the Necromancers: Frankenstein and the Vampire Countess (French Horror Book 3) Empire of the Necromancers: Frankenstein and the Vampire Countess (French Horror Book 3)
Empire of the Necromancers: Frankenstein and the Vampire Countess (French Horror Book 3) Empire of the Necromancers: Frankenstein and the Vampire Countess (French Horror Book 3)
Empire of the Necromancers: Frankenstein and the Vampire Countess (French Horror Book 3) Empire of the Necromancers: Frankenstein and the Vampire Countess (French Horror Book 3)

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