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In Japan, people change their wardrobes twice a year to prepare for the upcoming seasons. This is called Koromogae. There are no particular dates for koromogae at home, but school uniforms all change into winter uniforms on October 1 the change into summer uniforms is June 1. This practice is especially important for traditional Japanese clothing, meaning that the seasons that kimono can be worn depends on their design and tailoring. Kimono often have seasonal patterns and it is stylish to wear the patterns slightly in advance of the depicted season.

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Momijigari is one the most popular fall leisure activities in Japan. It refers to the tradition of enjoying the beauty of trees in gardens and mountains that have turned vibrant colors such as red, yellow and orange. It was considered a refined activity of aristocrats during the Middle Ages, but spread to the general public after the Edo Period — Make sure to check when the best time to see the foliage is, as it differs from place to place. In October, when the weather is good, field days and athletic festivals are held throughout the country by schools, businesses, and local communities.

They are usually full-day events during which teams compete in various athletic games. Programs include a wide variety of activities, ranging from track and field competitions like foot races, hurdles and relays, to fun games where small or large balls are thrown into baskets or rolled down a course, as well as dance exhibits.

During the fall, many universities, high schools and junior high schools hold school festivals or cultural festivals that are organized primarily by the students. At most festivals, groups consisting of students from the same class, extracurricular team or volunteer group perform music, dance, plays or present their research.

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The festivals at universities tend to be the largest and are, in most cases, open to the public. Although Halloween October 31 is an event that originates from Europe, it has recently become popular in Japan.

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It is especially popular with the younger generation, who enjoy it in a uniquely Japanese way, void of any religious connotations. It is common for people to hold costume parties among friends or attend Halloween parties held in their towns. In Tokyo, many people in costume gather at Shibuya and Harajuku.

In Osaka, many go to Ebisubashi and Amerikamura. There are also numerous costume parades throughout the country, such as the Harajuku Omotesando Halloween Parade. There are many interesting traditions in Japan that take place during the fall. Please use this extra knowledge on Japanese culture to further enjoy your trip in Japan! Unique Customs, Breathtaking Venues, and More!

Read This Before Your Trip! Smoking Rules and Etiquette in Japan. Easy to Drink and Delicious! Beach Camping in Japan!

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Download the Official App! Otsukimi Moon-Viewing. Akimatsuri Fall Festival.

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Momijigari Fall Foliage Touring. Adrian Arrivillaga. Shane Harrison.

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    What to do tonight (Japanese Edition) What to do tonight (Japanese Edition)
    What to do tonight (Japanese Edition) What to do tonight (Japanese Edition)
    What to do tonight (Japanese Edition) What to do tonight (Japanese Edition)
    What to do tonight (Japanese Edition) What to do tonight (Japanese Edition)
    What to do tonight (Japanese Edition) What to do tonight (Japanese Edition)
    What to do tonight (Japanese Edition) What to do tonight (Japanese Edition)
    What to do tonight (Japanese Edition) What to do tonight (Japanese Edition)
    What to do tonight (Japanese Edition) What to do tonight (Japanese Edition)
    What to do tonight (Japanese Edition)

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