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The mere act of putting a smile on your face influences your feelings, studies suggest. Jim Whittaker endured hurricane-force winds and swirling snow to become, in , the first American to summit Mount Everest. Hike the Grand Canyon, LeMole recommends. Dive in Belize. Big doses of Big Nature feed my soul with the basic elements of life on planet Earth: more oxygen, the green of chlorophyll, the microbes in rich soil, the long-view perspectives and panoramas that put us in our size and place, and then the gratitude that comes from experiencing such natural joy.

Even five minutes in nature helps boost mental health and mood, a British study found, so go walk, garden, cycle or the like. I answer the fear from this place. I often dialogue back and forth between the voices until I feel peace of mind. This technique helps bring me from a place of anxious disconnection to feeling safe, centered and clear about my greatest potential. She measured the intensity of light indoors and outdoors in Seattle for a year—with surprising findings.

Indoors, light intensity was a mood-killing to lux. Even in the cloudy outdoors, however, there was as much mood-lifting light intensity 10, lux as offered by a light therapy box used by some people to combat seasonal affective disorder. The true soul-nurturing to me is in the pauses, which I know sounds strange.

Research backs up the happy punch this will bring you: When students were told to perform five acts of kindness a week over six weeks, their well-being increased compared to a control group, according to a study overseen by University of California, Riverside psychology professor Sonja Lyubomirsky, author of The How of Happiness. In that study, the biggest increase was seen by those who performed the five acts in one day instead of spread over time. A study elsewhere found that empathy toward strangers triggers a release of oxytocin and subsequent generosity. Visit a local museum or online collections at MoMA.

Or write one. Clutter can be a reminder of things that need to be done, spurring a feeling of failure, says Elaine Aron, Ph. Cheer yourself quickly by straightening a few surfaces. Ideally from a plant, but straight from a bottle of essential oil will do.

Dab essential oil—citrus, eucalyptus, peppermint, lavender or whatever scent you fancy—on a handkerchief and keep it in your wallet or purse for easy access in a flash. Pick a flavor that describes you and write two sentences that explain why, advises work-life wellness expert Samantha Ettus, who views the pie as the best way to think about a balanced life. Next steps: 1.

5 Stages of Soul Evolution

Every ingredient has nourishing restorative medicinal properties, says LeMole, now a consultant to herbal businesses. Directions: Prep, chop ingredients. Put all ingredients into a small saucepan and simmer covered for minutes. It will still be good. Also: Spices may be reboiled a few times with new milk and a smaller amount of fresh spices added. Reference: Susan S. Click HERE to email me. Are you experiencing overwhelm, exhaustion, or a lack of joy in your service? Are you disillusioned that your service is not having the result you wish it would have?

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Do you see your service as a way to give but not to receive? Are you searching for a spiritual approach to your service? Do you view serving others as a way to find meaning and purpose in your life?

The framework of the Ten Universal Tributes is a way to learn how to unify personal healing and service. When you know that a reservoir of creativity and psychological and spiritual strength lies hidden within you, you can safely commit to improving the quality of your inner state and thus the quality of your service. You can experience service as a joyful presence in your life. The Born to Serve course consists of twelve weeks of study. You will work with one lesson per week. The course allows time to work with the material and integrate its teaching at a gradual pace.

What Soul Age Are You?

As part of making your decision to enroll, carefully read course requirements and time commitments listed below. Fee Policy: Course must be paid in full at time of registration. Full refund is awarded if student withdraws within three days; the course fee is nonrefundable after three days. Text: You will need to purchase your own copy of Born to Serve. Purchasing a Universal Tribute Card Set is optional.

Disclaimer: The Institute for the Advancement of Service does not provide medical or mental health care. As such, our courses are not intended to be psychotherapy, medical therapy, or a substitute for either one. Participants are required to assume self-responsibility for their wellbeing by seeking, when appropriate, psychological and medical professional care. Humans are complex. We have many interacting layers and component parts. In addition to our personalities, we have a soul.

33 Ways to Feed Your Soul

Our soul and personality are in communication to varying degrees as we move about in our daily life. Over time, our personality moves towards integration and our soul evolves to full expression. The journey of soul development requires that we dissolve our obstacles to personal growth as we engage with the world. As we understand our motivations and personality tendencies, obstacles are exposed. In the later stages of soul development, people are willing to learn how to work with the obstacles, thereby using life as a classroom with unlimited opportunities to heal and be healed.

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This process is referred to as inner work. This desire to be like God and to grow in heartfulness gives us the drive to develop spiritually forever in infinite states and ways. Simultaneously we are developing all aspects of our true spiritual selves in different forms and aspects and learning in human form is just one of those. Expansion is the direction that everyone and everything in the material world, other dimensions as well as the spiritual realm are continually moving. We are the same energy as God and we are each just aspects of this energy. We have been given our own consciousness as individual souls but also as a group of souls.

This group soul consciousness includes all energy that exists. All is consciousness as all is God, or in other words, consciousness is God. We are individuals in our experience, but we are also ultimately the creation of Source.

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We are innately part of Source and thus are always part of the heartful expansion of all that exists no matter how much ego energy we choose to exhibit in any particular aspect existence. Looking at our individual lives as a beautiful works of art that only we can create with our unique selves, is a path to spiritual freedom at this Earthly level for the particular aspect of us that is here in human form. It is just a small part aspect of how we are learning at the soul level. In each manifested action here on the planet, we decide with free will, what and who we are and what our lives will express in every moment.

If these actions are heartful, they are connected to positive expansion and creativity. If our actions are self-serving and filled with ego, they are contracting, not original and not inspired. Generally, our soul aspects that we decide, with guidance from Source, would benefit from a human existence, want to stay in this aspect and live many lives until we have mastered the ego in human form, but not always. Because at our basic soul level and in all aspects, we want to be one or close to God. This is our natural state of being. We long to be more heartful, closer to God in all aspects of ourselves.

We often come back to Earth with these chosen aspects of our souls, for this reason.

We choose much of our life circumstances with the help of our guides and Source. We are never forced into any life that we do not want. Source does not punish us for lives lived with ego dominance. Source helps us into lives that will be desirable for growth from where we are at a skill level and we also have say in how that life will generally go.

Way of Soul Development Way of Soul Development
Way of Soul Development Way of Soul Development
Way of Soul Development Way of Soul Development
Way of Soul Development Way of Soul Development
Way of Soul Development Way of Soul Development
Way of Soul Development Way of Soul Development
Way of Soul Development Way of Soul Development
Way of Soul Development Way of Soul Development
Way of Soul Development Way of Soul Development

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