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Well, she had a "totally insurmountable disgust for the process", an opinion which she sternly maintained right throughout her life.

Even when her own daughters grew up, Victoria was appalled at the practice, saying "It makes my hair stand on end that my daughters have turned into cows. Victoria and Albert were one of history's greatest love stories.

Victoria’s Secret’s porny fashion show won’t help the failing brand’s image

Few royals and celebrities before or since were so obviously devoted to each other, and their whole relationship could be described as one permanent "honeymoon period". If anything, Victoria was TOO in love with Albert, to the point of regarding her children as distractions. Indeed, her attitude towards some of her kids often crossed the line from aloof to outright hostile. Even Albert himself was concerned, telling his wife in a letter that "it is a pity you find no consolation in the company of your children. The trouble lies in the mistaken notion the function of a mother is to be always correcting, scolding and ordering them about.

Victoria's alleged reply: "Once you've had nine, mother, you don't notice any more.

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In , the concept of the bejeweled, ultra-expensive Fantasy Bra was introduced; it was worn by supermodel Claudia Schiffer. In , they landed a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Longtime Angel Adriana Lima told The Telegraph in that she only consumes liquids for the nine days ahead of the show. The annual Fantasy Bra debut is always made into an event, with the debut of the bra taking place a few days before the show tapes. During that in-between, buzz continues to build. However, as the event has grown, so have the controversies.

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In , Karlie Kloss walked the runway in a Native American-inspired headdress. Diversity concerns have been voiced in the past, though last year, half of the models walking in the show were women of color.

This model responded to Victoria's Secret's anti-trans comments with a ten megaton sex bomb. | GOOD

But the most persistent of these criticisms has been the fact that although ethnic diversity has grown, body diversity has not. As Razek himself admitted, plus-size women have not been a part of that brand in the past. Jasmine Tookes wears the Fantasy Bra in And the fashion show still serves as a something of a boon for the brand: The favorability sees an uptick every year, right around the time of the show.

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Victoria’s Secret Model Won’t Sell Sex

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