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Both dark in its lyrics and lively in its energy, Keny's mixtape L'Esquisse 3 reveals again an artist just as we could dream in : clear-sighted, offensive, touching and inspired.

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Dear she's been missed! He started his solo adventure in and after a few moving years, he settled in southern France city Bayonne to write the maxi Yallah and the mixtape Stave , two highly praised records. Pierre himself willingly sees it as his first album. The perpetually dissatisfied but prolific composer delivers 11 smart, inspired and emancipated tracks.

Right from the start, there's a clear taste for the 90s with 'Quelque Chose a eu Lieu". Produced by Edge Of Town and licenced to Because Music, Un Mouvement Pour Le Vent weaves between romantic and cloudy noisy pop music, going from one to the other with a disconcerting agility. It was through a series of remixes that Lido catapulted into the sets of the most high-profile DJs around the globe, capturing the ears of numerous notable tastemakers.

Reworking acts like Disclosure and Bill Withers, the producer set the Internet ablaze with talk of his four-note piano tag and speculation as to who was underneath the moniker. While his playful, restless musicality saw him adopt an array of aliases — but he'll keep those under wraps for now. His tracks bounce from one idea to another voraciously, but always with that clear Lido stamp. You don't just get a drum and a bassline on a track of his; you're more likely to get an entire string or brass section that elevates his sound to cinematic heights.

Swedish quartet Little Dragon return with a new album Season High. With production from Little Dragon themselves alongside Simian Mobile Disco member James Ford, the album features the recent single High, as well as nine additional tracks. The album sizzles, electrifies, and throbs with a liquid aural energy.

Little Dragon's music always seems to come from another planet mostly because there's no one else like them. Inimitable and thrilling, get ready for a ride into the unknown. The Pop Life and Sweet take over your body immediately and burst with infectious dance beats and driving rhythms that Little Dragon consistently knock out of the park. Little Dragon deliver consistent energy and spice and this album is no exception. More on the soft repose side, High and Butterfly develop a slower beat with crooning laments.

High is sultry- suited for the background of a making-dinner-at-their-place third date, while Butterfly is a more sit-and-stare-out-the-bus-window song. Northern Transmission. Those remixes are made by the South African Mo Laudi. His work is considered to be in the vein of Jamie XX's music. Forget the thorns, because she has them, and without delay pick this Calypso Rose who, at 76 years old, looks fresher than ever. Calypso Rose was always a fighter and had to overcome hostility from her father, a Baptist preacher thoroughly opposed to her pursuing a musical career.

And she was sexually abused as a teenager, as she bravely confessed in Calypso Rose, Lioness of the Jungle, the documentary about her. A tireless worker, she composed almost songs, starting at age 13, and spent 17 years singing on cruise ships for the New York-based company Celebration At Sea, before playing on the legendary stages of the Apollo and Madison Square Garden with two of the greatest calypsonians, Lord Kitchener and Mighty Sparrow.

Calypso Rose is a fighter indeed: you don't survive cancer and two heart attacks without a solid dose of grinta. The two are always intertwined and fuel his inspiration. During his exhibition Sans Filet, Robert Combas made an essential encounter: the artist and video maker Lucas Mancione, also from the town of Sete, and decided to make the leap.

Together, at the start of the decade, they created the band Les Sans Pattes. Notre Renaissance is a dazzling discharge, a geyser of cold and searing emotions, a conscious search for a unique and extreme experience. The tension in each track is palpable, as constant as it is pregnant. This band is full of character. Sometimes electronic, often a bit punk, always particularly rock'n'roll. Raw and physical tracks, compact and heady. Les Sans Pattes always lean towards psychedelics and repetition.

First time ever re issue of the cult 12'' Jackson as a remixer was becoming very discreet, too discreet On his 5 minutes remix, he assimilates at the same time Genesis, Waters of Nazareth, D. Coevally devastated and structured, this song is the link between Jackson magnificent and messy environment and Justice Identity. This track became a must have. It's been almost 6 months Then he concentrated on his own productions to deliver 2 monsters.

When a Chameleon trusts you :)

Those tracks have already been tested by the whole Ed Rec crew. E', 'Stress' and 'Phantom', and its videos, allowed Justice to follow the 90's French Touch and its filtered disco loop. Since the release of their debut album in , Justice has been tirelessly touring the world by bus, road festival to festival and concerts all over throughout the planet. Since their first tour, the band developed a powerful stage design that they polished and magnified throughout the years and the gigs.

The wall of vintage Marshall amps front of the stage, an imposing cross, impressive light shows, and the sound of Justice totally revisited for the live shows. CD inside is the original album bonus are exclusive to vinyl. Klyne first caught everybody's attention with their critically acclaimed debut Paralyzed EP for Aesop, as well as their maiden remix, a rework of Disclosure's Omen feat. Sam Smith. More shows will be announced shortly. Expect four generous pieces and a "handmade" clip that will be released a few days before Valentine's Day. Having released 5 studio albums, 4 OSTs, a multitude of EPs and directed 6 movies over the past 20 years, the 'Godfather' is back with a new album.

And this time, he is not alone as the tracklist features an impressive selection of quality guests: Peaches, Boys Noize, Skrillex and Charli XCX among others. This new release will be a new occasion to further explore the mind of one of the most fantastically uncommon artist today. The band released its second album "Audio, Video, Disco" in Original release from "Reissues of a legendary artist, pioneer of the French electronic music.

Space Art also toured with him in China in the early '80s. Following the release of the album 'Still Waters' earlier this year, Breakbot, which has now turned into a duo, has let other artists take control of his flagship single '2good4me' and the track 'My Toy'. Alongside Jean-Michel Jarre and Cerrone they are one of the most influential bands that pioneered electro music.

Reissues of a legendary artist, pioneer of the French electronic music. Original release from " Reissues of a legendary artist, pioneer of the French electronic music. The CD included in this vinyl edition features the 14 tracks in the same order Short info: Cerrone is one of the main architects of disco music. His influence is well known around the world and a new release will soon be added to the monument that his discography represents. Get ready to dance, the king of the night is ready to claim back his throne. With the help of Canadian poet-singer Beaver Sheppard who played an prominent role the composition, BBF explore what the band-members describe as 'post-religious' themes, such as struggling to find joy in times of uncertainty and instability.

This makes it without any doubt BBF's 'Nietzsche album'. Following on from their latest album 'Miami' BBF keeps moving away from the dark mood of their early releases and the image of a 'classical new music ensemble' to resemble more closely an 'experimental rock band'. With much more grit and growl than before, they draw upon genres and styles that are not conventionally associated with joy: krautrock, punk, drum'n'bass, indie rock, new wave, and pretty much every other '-wave' from the 80s.

Instead, they build on euphoria to expand and enrich electronic music's emotional range with new textures. More than an album, it is an emotional journey. Peter Hook. The collaboration has resulted in two unique remixes. That's how we met. When we worked with Peter Hook, the idea of a maxi with one or two remixes made sense. So we did this record with the original edit of Garden Of Love and two remix edits by Andrew Weatherall. Released in late , it paved the way for her second album 'Reason' more than , copies worldwide since its release in March A throwback to the exciting times when everybody was impatient to hear Selah's new creations after her best-selling debut album.

Since when his album came out and he started his world tour, Thibaut Berlan aka BREAKBOT has played in the world's best festivals and venues and has comfortably gathered Facebook fans, 45 Twitter followers and a total of over 15 million views of his main videos, thus creating a funky, good-humored, happy community across the planet. These remixes go from modern house to retro-futuristic disco and will keep you smiling and grooving in these sometimes troubled times.

Ibi' for Ibiza and fornia' for California, or the perfect cocktail between the fervor of the Spanish Island's dancefloors and the incredible freshness of the Californian mentality. Pharell Williams is present on the album, as well as a totally transformed Cat Power. The great Mike D Beastie Boys , and the over-playful guitarist Matthieu Chedid, are also some of the prestigious names we can mention. The singles Ibifornia", Go Up", Action' and The Missing' are already available as well as the EP of remixes Action", that have given us many good reasons to wait for the upcoming opus.

Once you'll have had the time to adopt those songs as your new summer anthems, Cassius will give you a taste of what your Indian summer can sound like - so rendez-vous the 26th August! Some would associate the sounds of the waves to heat and relaxation and rest assured, we're part of them. That being so, some others visualize the sea as a wide playground from which they can pick up the echos to turn them into a deep sound. That is precisely the case of Molecule who decided to record the wild voices of the Atlantic Ocean aboard a 90 metres long fishing boat.

The result is made of powerful and danceable techno beats "8 ZL 40 , tracks that will take you directly to the Atlantic's depths "Abysses" , and harmonious moments of time off "Le Jardin' or Soleil Bleu". The whole of the tracks is captivating and flows naturally as we listen to it. If you never had the chance to jump onto a 90 metres fishing boat, take your chance, Molecule is inviting you to get on his The CD included in the LP version features the 10 tracks of the album.

Rise, Seun Anikulapo Kuti picks up the mantle as undisputed champion and true prince of the Afrobeat movement. Initially released in , this fi rst album was a collector edition limited to units and thereafter released only once for RSD It's a very deluxe and unique edition. Between the epic opening track 'Revolution' and a whispered acoustic coda 'A Star is Born', dedicated to John's son, April Uprising is an album that combines the personal, the political and the musically memorable with skill and passion.

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The new album is full of timeless grooves and the meticulously understated production that he is known for, but it also adds new dimensions to the 'classic Cale sound'. Just drop the needle on the new record and all of a sudden there's JJ Cale jazz-scatting for the first time on disc opener 'Who Knew' and later he's loping along behind a restrained jazz piano on 'Former Me'. The title track is a previously unreleased collaboration with Eric Clapton and further evidence of the pair's incredibly fruitful, simpatico creative partnership; sealed picture sleeve.

Damon Albarn. The Rawkers EP The hit 'Toop Toop", sampled by Madonna or David Guetta, among others, and the intense 'La Notte' illustrate perfectly this state of mind of the youth. Pharrell Williams is present on the song 'Eye Water", a beautiful ode to our planet and its natural resources, and Cassius has got further exciting surprises for you. We're releasing their third album once again for this summer, a real shot of freshness to relieve you from the heat!

Some artists such as Daft Punk and Air have already contributed to globally popularise what the English called the "French Touch", a new term that refers to a large musical French movement. The first album of Cassius is one of the key pieces of this growing genre, and demonstrates once again the variety of the trend. Indeed, after have cooperated for a long time with MC Solaar, one of France's 90's best rappers, the hip-hop influence of both Cassius members had to have an impact on their personal concept, and it did seduce a lot of listeners hungry for new musical flavours: more than units sold worldwide and numerous unconditional fans Before the release of their new album Ibifornia coming out this summer, we're taking you back to basics with a new release of Cassius' first album, for the ones who didn't have the opportunity to hear it, or for those who only have the CD, and would like to get themselves the vinyl edition!

Since the release of the album Catapulte' in , media have been used to describing Chevalrex' music as miniature symphonies". I finally let my teen life behind, and from now on, offer me some peaks' he sings in Aussi Loin". With this new release, there is reason to wager that Chevalrex will be one of the future pearls that will be used as a reference for those who will venture out on the roads of French Pop. Ibifornia, the new album of Cassius, will be released the 24th June.

Take a piece of Ibiza "Ibi" and another one of California "fornia" , and you'll get all what you need to dance and dream beneath the sun of Ibifornia. For this new record, the 2 acolytes have once again managed to surround themselves with talented artists such as their old partner in crime, Pharell Williams, a totally transformed Cat Power, the great Mike D Beastie Boys , and the over-playful guitarist Matthieu Chedid, among other names.

Action", the first single that features Pharell Williams and Cat Power will be out in EP vinyl as a first teasing support, one month before the release of the album. It features as an exclusiveness the long version of the song Action", and 2 remixes that have already taken us elsewhere, as we're getting ready for the next sound jetlag In this record, feelings are expressed through a sublime and moving haze, but there are still turbulences beneath the surface, seduction behind sadness A fantastic team for a promising band.

For this occasion, Breakbot and Irfane followed a well-oiled formula. They each cook-up outlines of rhythms and melodies that the two boys then modify, complete and prolong to reach a final draft. For Still Waters, which also contains 13 tracks, Breakbot have nonetheless tried out a few new moves: unlike the previous album, this one is more of a matrix with intricate workmanship, carved out with the help of old analogue machines rather than softwares.

Some of these tracks were also happy accidents from improvisation sessions, ricochets of voices and chords born of old-school jamming sessions. Thirteen bouncy acts with Stevie Wonder and the Motown crowd in the background, spouts of funk and disco on a well-trodden dancefloor. Crafty ideas whipped-up in a vintage outfit with techno vibes and futuristic accelerations creating a perfectly current soundtrack.

Tomorrow's retro. With Still Waters, Breakbot introduces its new head along with a new uniform. With the help of art director Philippe Jarrigeon, the guy wearing short shorts and knee-high socks has become a character in a cocktail coloured costume, like a Florida prince. Image on music.

And for his first album that will be released on May 20th, he chose to bring his whole music equipment aboard of a ship on which he stayed for 34 days. For the Record Store Day, he is coming up with an insight of his work's result, and even some songs of those that he has already experimented in live - a powerful and deep sound that could only be created with such an experience, in the middle of the sea. Recordstore Day Release - Limited to numbered units. Special remarks: 2LP in gatefold sleeve with printed inner-sleeves and CD included The CD included features the 16 tracks of the album.

Short info: For the first time, the mythic live of Catherine Ringer at the 'Cigale' that was recorded in is available! Here, we can recognize the legendary punch of the singer that performs some of The Rita Mitsouko's classics, among others. Numbered edition limited to units. Consider it as an 8 singles anthology before the new Cassius album release on June 24th.

A masterpiece for every French Touch fan's enjoyment. The electrifying French band comes up with a units limited and numbered edition. It features a poster with a beautiful picture of Catherine Ringer and Fred Chichin. Indeed, their first album has been acclaimed by critics and sold more than units worldwide. After their international tour and a fantastic 2nd album released last year, we are glad to be able to hear them again through a bunch of clever remixes, in which you'll have the chance to hear Tim Burgess' The Charlatans brilliant contribution to this limited edition EP.

Limited to RSD Release! For the Record Store Day, he his providing us with a limited edition Maxi of 3 mind-blowing and enchanting tracks that he knows how to compose. Deu' is taken from the upcoming album Luneworks", a night-time gateaway where brutality and delicacy come to complete each other wonderfully. On B-side Mmoths delivers two exclusive tracks Santo' and Yago. Luneworks was created during a period of personal upheaval for Colleran, who headed out to a friend's tiny spare room in L. A with just a laptop and a few changes of clothes. What ensued was an intense month of twelve hour night-time writing and recording sessions, where Jack sought to isolate himself in order to keep the songs as pure as possible.

The quietness of the city at night was a real inspiration, and the constraints of an alien environment proved something of a liberation. The ancestral, ethereal spirit of Ireland is also present throughout Luneworks. Kevin Shields My Bloody Valentine , one of Dublin's most famous sonic outliers, is a noted influence - another musician who has wrung sweet emotion out of chaotic noise.

The result is Luneworks, a fully immersive head-trip, a record that is at times brutal and at others unbearably beautiful, sometimes in the overlap of a single track. Luneworks is a mirror to the soul - a gorgeous, wordless expression of unedited, unfiltered emotion, heralding the arrival of one of the most important electronic artists of our generation. After a first EP released in at Because Music, Andrea has gained ground and comes back 26th February with Idealist", a first album that gathers the electronic aspect of Todd Terje, as well as the disco of West-African inspiration of William Onyeabor, or even Liquid Liquid's kind of rythms.

He already has his media supporters. Idealist was in part inspired by a chance discovery of some music on a hard drive given to Andrea by Salvatore Principato, singer with seminal New York post-punks Liquid Liquid, after their paths had crossed in when Principato produced an EP for Andrea's previous band did. I was looking for something to inspire me,' he remembers. So I plugged it in and suddenly there were all these amazing sounds. Even if Don Cavalli revealed himself to a larger audience only with Cryland , and Temperamental , he already had a long career behind him.

Uncontested star of the international rocakabilly scene at the time, Don Cavalli was trying to reinvent himself with a non-artificial, home-recorded album. He has chosen to perform this album, alone on stage, with his guitar and his voice, and that is precisely what enabled him to open concerts for artists such as Ben Harper, The Black Keys, Moriarty, or more recently, Robert Plant.

Don Cavalli is even more impressive in his simplicity that seems to be a part of him. The media will support this collector reprint as if it was a new album. From dreamy vocoder poetry to broken dance moves, this EP is complete. Legendary French producer Mr. The new EP largely follows in the steps of Mr.

Oizo's acclaimed LP The Church. Oizo's pop production chops, mixing a compelling vocal performance from British pop-smash songwriter Charli XCX, complete with an incredibly catchy hook, with a punk-inspired composition that transitions more towards trap by the end of the song. On Being Flat,' Mr. Oizo pares back the melody to only an ethereal bridge, otherwise pushing forward the fast-beating pulse and glitched-out pace that continues throughout. A Rekurd' puts a tongue-in-cheek vocal sample over sirens, saw-like bass, and an eclectic drum kit, repeating the title over as tracks underneath tremor and quake.

Oizo rounds out the EP with an instrumental mix of Hand in the Fire. After living in Barcelona, where he founded his Bel Canto Orquestra in , he releases his first 12 inches album in called " Fluence ". This first work was definitely inspired from electronic music influences, especially by Richard Pinhas's band, Heldon.

Comelade likes making links between arts, mixing music with graphic designs and literature. It is indeed one of the first concerns of the composer not to stay locked in patterns and codes specific to a style. Painter Robert Combas created the original artwork of the album. For this reissue, Combas's second painting, which was on the inside of the CD booklet, was replaced at the back of the main jacket. For this reissue, LP limited vinyl is numbered to copies worldwide. Comelade kept songs he judges the best from the original album.

He also completed a few of them, and replaced some tracks by other alternative versions and unpublished pieces he composed in the same time. Moreover, we will rediscover the animation clip of "The Skatalan Logicofobism" in the CD extra included in the gatefold. Get Lost - B. Breakbot finally comes back with a new EP which announces the forthcoming album Still Waters' to be released on 5th February A-side of this limited 10'' ep reveals the new exclusive single Get Lost", a very catchy song as always with Breakbot accompanied by IRFANE on vocals and also production.

The same duet signs the b-side's song Back for More' which was the first single released on the web few weeks ago bringing fans more excited than ever. Special Remarks: 10'' vinyl in a cardboard sleeve with 3mm spine. CD included. Nowadays they spend their time between the French capital and Berlin. They are also the creators of the hybrid electronic music project, dOP, signed on Circus Company, the label who released the first album of Nicolas Jaar.

A French-English Dictionary For Chemists

Les Fils du Calvaire is hybrid, transversal between elegant French Pop, decadent club music and outgoing cabaret. They compose for people who are singing in the shower, those who drive by night, for the charming ones while dancing upside down. Especially for those who understood that present may be our last freedom. And all this without any nostalgia. They also know how to pick their cast: they called Ash Workman for his production skills Metronomy, Christine and the Queens Rester avec Toi' is a perfect flavour extract from the forthcoming album ' Fils de ,. Love will remember Pharaon de Winter", it says at the very end of this record.

Pharaon de Winter was a relatively unsuccessful painter from Northern France. Today it's the name of a band, but also the name of the song that changed its author's life. Then, he decided to cut his ties loose: I was starting to get bored of indie rock and wanted something different", he explains. I wanted to sing in French. I wanted to use more beautiful chords. For several months, I searched for a new shape and colour to give to these new songs.

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And one day, I had a kind of revelation. It was called Pharaon de Winter. From that day on, all the music I loved came together in a particular weave". The songs travel from French - mainly - to English - a few. Love will remember Pharaon de Winter", it says.

Love isn't the only one. Written, composed, recorded in an emergency, with short and intense sessions, the debut album by 51 BLACK SUPER is made in the image of its creators: spontaneous and eager to get things out there. Sounds like the Strokes with less cocaine and more facial hair", said a Californian rock critic after listening the two first few tracks.

A big compliment", he added, for good measure. This is an absolutely amazing recording, done in one non stop only time in Simone Signoret 's own parisian flat. Horton Aaron D. Annual edition Abbeville Press Inc. Saguy Abigail L. A Acres U. Inc Acres U. ActarD Inc. Adam J. Aeon Games Aeon Publishing Inc. Aerial Media Company B. AFC Trident, Inc. Acock Alan C. Green Alan H. Becker Alan K. Paul Alba House,U. Smith Albert G. Sunstein Albert R. Baswell Albert R. Albuquerque : University of New Mexico Press, c Elgar, Schneiderman Aldren A. WarleighLack Alex J.

Kay Alex J. Knopf Alfred A. Knopf 1 edition Alfred A. Knopf annotated edition edition Alfred A. Knopf Books for Young Readers 10th Anniversary ed. Alfred Publishing Co. Uk Ltd Alfred Publishing Co. Guelzo Allen C. Eiffel Alojzy Z. American Psychiatric Press Inc. Cesti A. Cousins A. Cowper A. Coldiron A. Housman A. Morris A. Maran A. Macdonell A. Cronin A.

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Un Caméléon appelé Ahmadou (A Chameleon called Ahmadou) (French Edition) Un Caméléon appelé Ahmadou (A Chameleon called Ahmadou) (French Edition)
Un Caméléon appelé Ahmadou (A Chameleon called Ahmadou) (French Edition) Un Caméléon appelé Ahmadou (A Chameleon called Ahmadou) (French Edition)
Un Caméléon appelé Ahmadou (A Chameleon called Ahmadou) (French Edition) Un Caméléon appelé Ahmadou (A Chameleon called Ahmadou) (French Edition)
Un Caméléon appelé Ahmadou (A Chameleon called Ahmadou) (French Edition) Un Caméléon appelé Ahmadou (A Chameleon called Ahmadou) (French Edition)
Un Caméléon appelé Ahmadou (A Chameleon called Ahmadou) (French Edition) Un Caméléon appelé Ahmadou (A Chameleon called Ahmadou) (French Edition)
Un Caméléon appelé Ahmadou (A Chameleon called Ahmadou) (French Edition) Un Caméléon appelé Ahmadou (A Chameleon called Ahmadou) (French Edition)

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