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It's a conversation no parent wants to have , but one genius twist can not only soften the blow, but also remind kids what the holiday season's really about.

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One anonymous parent, whose idea went viral through an admiring Facebook post, came up with the brilliant idea: Tell children that, while they don't receive presents from Santa, they're now enough to become Santa. She explains:. In our family, we have a special way of transitioning the kids from receiving from Santa to becoming a Santa. This way, the Santa construct is not a lie that gets discovered, but an unfolding series of good deeds and Christmas spirit.

When they are 6 or 7, whenever you see that dawning suspicion that Santa may not be a material being, that means the child is ready. Some say that kindergarten may be a little too young to hear the truth, but you'll know when your child is mature enough to hear the truth — if you know how to break it to them softly.

So, how did the writer get the kids to make the big switch? Her method belongs in the parenting Hall of Fame: She takes the little one out for "coffee" and tells them, "You sure have grown an awful lot this year.

The REAL reason that Santa has a fat belly

Holiday stampedes for the flavor-of-the-year electronics became vogue. Camp-out in long lines; rush the entrance, dash for deals. Be the first to buy the hottest gadgets! Competitive consumerism is rampant.

Why Is Santa So Fat? | Mental Floss

The top Christmas toys list is announced every year. Promotional codes, coupons and sales suck buyers into the sea of competition for the popular toys. The stores shelves are emptied long before Christmas day. Major toy store owners smile all the way to the depository. Manufacturers laugh all the way to their stockpiles of gold coins.

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Frenzied parents engage in bidding wars on eBay for prized products. Then discard items when they go out of style. Drop off boxes of stuff to thrift stores so you can reduce the consumerism guilt which allows us to buy more stuff the following Christmas. I must have it. I cannot live without it. I cannot be the only one without it. Have you noticed how much earlier malls and stores decorate and promote sales?

Venice, Invaded by Tourists, Risks Becoming ‘Disneyland on the Sea’

Play Christmas music? Bombard you with bargains? Are you feeling green over spending too much green? Then halt impulse-buying. And cease rushing madly to the malls on Christmas Eve. Stop the reckless spending—lock up your wallet. Make moderation your mantra. Put the Santa Claus spending craze back into the box.

Close the lid. Step away. Melissa Martin, Ph. She lives in Ohio. Biggest chore is coupling Santa's bent-over torso to his fat steel legs. The head, with its six-foot sweep of a beard, and the legs and the great boots each boot top will be level with the roof of the building will be hauled from Bridges' studio at East Illinois to the motor company on trucks. The torso will be put on wheels and towed. Much of the papier-mache work had to be done outdoors, in the studio's yard.

Santa was too big; so too the problems. Said Bridges, "One of the little ones is getting the expression just right around Santa's mouth and eyes so the kids will love him. And so the pieces had to be hauled separately: The torso was put on wheels and trucked across town, while the other pieces were loaded into vehicles for the long haul to the dealership located across the street from the Dr Pepper plant. At which point he was finally assembled.

On December 9, a Wednesday, his head was put on -- the final piece at last in place.

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Santa Claus had come to town, a Chevy perched in his lap. On Thursday, news and TV photographers came to get a picture of -- and with -- Bridges's latest giant; he was big news. Joining them in the Porter parking lot was Roy Davis, a year-old who lived near the intersection of Park Lane and Greenville Avenue, not far from Porter. Davis, who'd suffered from an unspecified "heart ailment" for many years, worked as a superintendent for the F.

Davis was released from the hospital but a week before Santa's installation. His bosses at F. Oldt, who'd overseen the building of Santa, demanded he "take it easy" following his release. But according to a story in The News on December 11, when he asked to borrow a crane to take a picture with Santa for his Christmas card, they said: Fine, OK. And so, a mere one day after Santa was finished, Davis took a crane to Porter Chevrolet. And he got his picture.

Too Big For Santa Too Big For Santa
Too Big For Santa Too Big For Santa
Too Big For Santa Too Big For Santa
Too Big For Santa Too Big For Santa
Too Big For Santa Too Big For Santa
Too Big For Santa Too Big For Santa
Too Big For Santa Too Big For Santa

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