Thank God for the Pain

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Bitter to Sweet Dreams

Because when my mind is filled with Truth, I am able to focus on Who God is — good and faithful. For a tearless day. For energy to accomplish one task. For driving to the store alone.

How to Find the Hidden Gift in Your Pain

Later the praises changed to ones about moving back overseas. Staying alone overnight. Living alone again. Publicly sharing my story. Each step along the way God has met me and carried me and walked with me, and I continue to praise Him for all of the blessings He has brought into my life, even when the path was dark and unclear.

Yes, even in those darkest of moments because He was there then, protecting me and guiding me. Praising God through my recovery helps me see how far God has brought me. Let alone living by myself overseas.

Thank God for Pain

Having the emotional and mental strength to share in churches again, to adjust to a new culture again, to live a normal life again — all seemed impossible. When life in Ireland became stressful and discouraging, I thanked God for the amazing view out my apartment window.

When students talked and misbehaved in class in Portugal, I thanked God for Friday evening Starbucks and shopping adventures with my roommate. When flights were delayed or luggage was lost, I thanked God for a well-packed carry-on and places to plug in my phone. When speaking in yet another church felt draining, I thanked God for good friends to stay with before I spoke. And now when the emotions of reentry crash over me, I thank God for family and friends who listen and care about my well-being. Laura, thank you for the ways you share your heart and your journey! You inspire me and challenge me.

But I appreciated how you gave examples of hard and frustrating things and still finding ways to thank God and praise Him.

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Thank you for sharing this post! I will be praying for you as you walk through these current struggles. Laura, I thank God for how He has brought you through each step of your recovery, and for your encouraging praise, knowing that there is still a long way to go. We were in the same country and under the same overseas agency, and I prayed for you all those years ago.

I have continued to pray for you, and was thrilled to read of your marriage. I read your updated blog entries, and learned from them. I will be more able to counsel and encourage those who confide in me in the future. Thank you for your transparency. We have been back in the States for four years now, and I am still struggling with finding a new normal and how to adjust after 25 years in RSA.

May the Lord continue to bless you and use you for His glory, and bring the comfort and encouragement only He can give. Anita, thank you so much for your years of faithful prayers! Praying for you as well as you continue to adjust back to life in the US. She saw the cross necklace that was dangling from my neck and picked it up gently with her hand.

At that moment, I invited her to church with me.

Drake - God's Plan

Even in such a devastating circumstance, I thanked God for his wisdom because he leads even the most broken-down and lost sinners to his grace. Paul and Silas faced similar circumstances when they were thrown into prison during their missionary journey in Philippi. Although they were torn up and bleeding after having been flogged, Paul and Silas still found it fitting to pray and sing hymns to God. In their suffering, they saw the goodness of God and the beauty of his grace.

How Your Pain Can Turn to Praise

How can this be? Just like the woman mentioned before, we look to the cross for the answer. God does not leave us alone to suffer for our sins and the sins of others. Instead, he gives us the strength to bear with all the burdens of this world through Jesus Christ, his only Son.

12 Things to Thank God for in the Midst of Affliction

He saw the world as it was, sinful and needing a Savior. God sent his Son to die for the sins of the world, even the sins of today. We are forgiven in Christ because he took away all of our sins. In our world of suffering, God does more for us than reassure us in our pain, he takes it all away. They did not fret over the struggles of this world because they knew God loved them.

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The same can be said for us. No matter what pain we experience in this life, we know that God has forgiven us and has given us the promise of eternal life in Jesus. So whether we suffer from marital troubles, health problems, imprisonment, or day-to-day struggles, we can turn our pain to praise.

I Know, But Dream Again

We thank God in all circumstances because of what he did for us. He gave us life in Christ. We are forgiven.

Thank God for the Pain Thank God for the Pain
Thank God for the Pain Thank God for the Pain
Thank God for the Pain Thank God for the Pain
Thank God for the Pain Thank God for the Pain
Thank God for the Pain Thank God for the Pain
Thank God for the Pain Thank God for the Pain
Thank God for the Pain Thank God for the Pain
Thank God for the Pain Thank God for the Pain

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