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That makes me have better substance and motivation to implement them. The book also contains many other productivity tips not explicitly stated in Getting Things Done. All in all, they significantly enrich my productivity toolbox. Join over 10, subscribers and get tips on reaching your full potential. It's free. GTD is an excellent productivity framework that can be implemented based on your individual needs by making appropriate modification.

It has definitely helped me to do several additional projects, which I never had the motivation to do for a long time.

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I still recommend everyone to first read GTD before this book. Thanks for the well written review. Thanks for the review. I love the concepts in GTD and have drastically increased my productivity. I will definitely check out Ready For Anything soon. Your idea of implementing one chapter for one week is interesting.

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Marc and Angel, Anand, Avani, Glad you like the review. Great review. What a great way to put it! Thanks for the review!

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Good review, persuaded me to finally get the book. Annie, Yes, 32 is also one of my favorites. It clearly takes the focus back to the most important thing: getting things done. Spending time and energy on the system means less time and energy are available for the real work.

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That also surprises me. There are many articles on GTD implementation, but strangely not many of them mention Ready for Anything. It must be very interesting :. The books are useful, if only you do implement the method.

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Just do what fits your inner productivity system. For example, some people use paper and pencil, others run GTD on the web. But yes, we need to adapt the method to our condition. As a result certain […]. Your email address will not be published.

Most of the time, no one actually expects the S to HTF on that particular day.

Introduction This part outlines what the five parts of the book are about. Part I. If you're new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed.

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Thanks for visiting! But he did. But it happens. But it did. But they still found themselves homeless. Some disasters we can expect. We are usually aware if war is brewing. But most disasters are a complete surprise, either in their suddenness or an unexpected intensity.

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By combining adaptability with general preparation, we can be ready for whatever life throws our way. Maybe you live near a nuclear facility, so you worry about a disaster at the plant. Perhaps you live in an area prone to earthquakes. It could be your deepest concern is the economy, a potential catastrophic pole shift, or jihad on our shores. And you get ready with this disaster in mind. I thought about it for a moment, and then I realized….

At first, in light of that question, I thought, well, duh. I should have been specifically ready for this. But then I thought about it a little bit more. We were ready. Teaching someone to be ready for anything would take an entire book. You have to prioritize your most vital needs and prepare accordingly. Here are the most important ways to be ready for anything — everything you do on top of this is just extra protection for your family.

The Education and Training Inspectorate has highlighted building resilience in children as a key factor in educational progress. It is widely acknowledged that early intervention is the most effective way to deal with poor mental health and other associated issues which hold children back. Ready for Anything courses have been developed by the founder of Ready for Anything, Natalie Whelehan. She is also experienced in delivering training to groups of children and young people.

Ready for Anything courses have been developed using robust research into the most effective resilience models. Courses are delivered through a series of workshops as an after school activity in primary and post-primary schools, in nursery and youth and community settings. Holiday clubs are also available.

Ready for Anything Ready for Anything
Ready for Anything Ready for Anything
Ready for Anything Ready for Anything
Ready for Anything Ready for Anything
Ready for Anything Ready for Anything
Ready for Anything Ready for Anything
Ready for Anything Ready for Anything
Ready for Anything Ready for Anything
Ready for Anything

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