Plant Protoplasts: A Biotechnological Tool for Plant Improvement (Outline Studies in Biology)

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Plant Physiol. Almagro L. Cyclodextrins increase phytosterol and tocopherol levels in suspension cultured cells obtained from mung beans and safflower. Yue W. Medicinal plant cell suspension cultures: Pharmaceutical applications and high-yielding strategies for the desired secondary metabolites. Saffron: An old medicinal plant and a potential novel functional food.

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Plant Cell Physiol. Are homeobox knotted-like genes and cytokinins the leaf architects? Overexpression of KNAT1 in lettuce shifts leaf determinate growth to a shoot-like indeterminate growth associated with an accumulation of isopentenyl-type cytokinins. Kakimoto T. Takei K. Identification of genes encoding adenylate isopentenyltransferase, a cytokinin biosynthesis enzyme, in Arabidopsis thaliana. Yanai O. Jasinski S.

KNOX action in Arabidopsis is mediated by coordinate regulation of cytokinin and gibberellin activities. Sakamoto T. Shani E. Cytokinin regulates compound leaf development in tomato. KNOX homeodomain protein directly suppresses the expression of a gibberellin biosynthetic gene in the tobacco shoot apical meristem. Genes Dev. Tanaka-Ueguchi M.

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Plant protoplasts : a biotechnological tool for plant improvement (Book, ) []

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In: Plant Tissue Culture Methods. Gamborg and L. Wetter eds. Chromosomal behavior in somatic hybrids of soybean-Nicotiana glauca. Fusion of plant protoplasts at the interface of a glucose and a sucrose-polyethylene glycol solution. A method for high-frequency intergeneric fusion of plant protoplasts. Nutritional requirements for growth of Vicia hajstana cells and protoplasts at a very low population density in liquid media. Plant regeneration from mesophyll protoplasts of alfalfa. Pflanzenphysiol — Fusion of plant protoplasts—techniques. Karesch, H. Arabidopsis thaliana : protocol for plant regeneration from protoplasts.

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Ofvers Vetensk Akad. Stockholm 9: — Klimaszewska, K.

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Recovery of somatic embryos and plantlets from protoplasts cultures of Larix x eurolepis. Regeneration of isolated barley microspores in conditioned media and trials to characterize the responsible factor. Enhancement of transformation rates in higher plants by low-dose irradiation: Are DNA repair systems involved in the incorporation of exogenous DNA into the plant genome.

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Marchesi, M. Effect of repeated DNA sequences on direct gene transfer in protoplasts of Nicotiana plumbaginifolia. Mascarenhas, D.

Protoplast isolation

Intron-mediated enhancement of heterologous gene expression in maize. Masson, J. Plant regeneration from protoplasts of diploid potato derived from crosses of Solanum tuberosum with wild Solanum species. Masuda, K. Callus formation and plant regeneration from rice protoplasts purified by density gradient centrifugation. Matthews, D. A protoplast to plant system in roses. Medgyesy, P. Selection and analysis of cytoplasmic hybrids. Interspecific chloroplast recombination in a Nicotiana somatic hybrids. Mehrle, W. Effects of microgravitation on electrofusion of plant cell protoplasts.

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Plant Protoplasts for Cell Fusion and Direct DNA Uptake: Culture and Regeneration Systems

Menczel, L. Isolation of somatic hybrids by cloning Nicotiana heterokaryons in nurse cultures. Planta 29— Streptomycin resistant and sensitive somatic hybrids of Nicotiana tabacum x Nicotiana knightiana : correlation of resistance to Nicotiana tabacum plastids. Meyer, Y. Auxin-induced regulation of protein synthesis in tobacco mesophyll protoplast cultivated in vitro , 1: Characteristics of auxin-sensitive proteins. Auxin-induced regulation of protein synthesis in tobacco mesophyll protoplast cultivated in vitro , 2: Time course and level of auxin control.

Meyer, P. A genomic DNA segment from Petunia hybrida leads to increased transformation frequencies and simple integration patterns. Michel, W. Mieth, H. Phytoalexin production by isolated soybean protoplasts. Mitchell, J. Plant regeneration from haploid suspension and protoplast cultures from isolated microspores of maize. Mock, H. Cell wall synthesis in carrot cells: compari- son of suspension-cultured cells and regenerating protoplasts. An improved system for the obtention of fertile regenerants via maize protoplasts isolated from a highly embryogenic suspension culture.

Moyne, A. Callus and embryoid formation from protoplasts of Helianthus annuus. Response to chilling of tomato mesophyll protoplasts. Mussel, H. Ethylene synthesis during protoplast formation from leaves of Avena sativa. Myers, J. Genotype-dependent whole plant regeneration from protoplasts of red clover Trifolium pratense L. Nagata, T. A novel cell-fusion method of protoplasts by polyvinyl alcohol.

Naturwissenschaften — Surface charge of protoplasts and their significance in cell-cell interaction. Plating of isolated tobacco mesophyll protoplasts on agar medium. Planta 12— Naton, B. Improved electrofusion of protoplasts of varied fusibility by selective pairing: application of asymmetric breakdown of plasma membranes. Negrutiu, I. Hybrid genes in the analysis of transformation conditions. Setting up a simple method for direct gene transfer to protoplasts. Hybrid genes in the analysis of transformation conditions: II. Transient expression vs stable transformation - analysis of parameters influencing gene expression levels and transformation efficiency.

Niedz, R. Multifactor analysis of environmental preconditioning of tomato seedlings on protoplasts culture and development. Niizeki, M. Somatic hybridization in rice x soybean. Nyman, M. Plant regeneration from strawberry Fragaria x Ananassa mesophyll protoplasts. Regeneration of somatic hybrid plants formed between Lycopersicon esculentum and L. Oard, J. Chimeric gene expression using maize intron in cultured cells of breadwheat.

Ochatt, S.

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Plant regeneration from root callus protoplasts of sour cherry Prunus cerasus L. Shoot regeneration from leaf mesophyll protoplasts of wild pear Pyrus Communis var. Electroporationmediated improvement of plant regeneration of colt cherry Prunus avium x pseudocerasus protoplasts. Bartlett pear Pyrus communis L. Long-term effect of electroporation on enhancement of growth and plant regeneration of colt cherry Prunus avium x pseudocerasus protoplasts.

Ohyama, K. Uptake of exogenous DNA by plant protoplasts. Okamura, M. Inhibiting effect of ammonium ion in protoplast culture of some Asteraceae plants. Plant and Cell Physiol. Oliviera, M. Plant regeneration from protoplasts of long-term callus. Hayword kiwifruit. Omirulleh, S. Activity of a chimeric promoter with doubled CaMV 35S enhancer element in protoplast-derived cells and transgenic plants in maize. Paszkowski, J. Direct gene transfer to plants. EMBO J. Gene targeting in plants. Plant gene vectors and genetic transformation: DNA-mediated direct gene transfer to plants.

Vasil and J. Schell eds. Patat-Ochatt, E. Plant regeneration from protoplasts of apple rootstocks and scion varieties Malus x domestica Borkh. Patnaik, G. Importance of enzyme purification for increased plating efficiency and plant regeneration from single protoplasts of Petunia parodii. Pental, D. Somatic hybridization of Nicotiana tabacum and Petunia hybrida.

Recovery of plants with P. A selection method for the synthesis of triploid hybrids by fusion of microspore protoplasts n with somatic cell protoplasts 2n. Perl, A. Ethylene and in vitro culture of potato: suppression of ethylene generation vastly improves protoplast yield, plating efficiency and transient expression of an alien gene. Protoplast-fusion-derived Solanum cybrids: Application and phylogenetic limitations.

Phillips, R. A simple technique for single-cell cloning of crown gall tumor tissue: Petunia protoplast regeneration without exogenous hormones. Piastuch, W. Chromosomal analysis of Nicotiana asymmetric somatic hybrids by dot blotting and in situ hybridization.

Piccirilli, M. Lotus tenuis Wald. Pilet, P. Comparison between maize root cells and their respective regenerating protoplasts: Wall polysaccharides. Pillai, V. Plant regeneration from mesophyll protoplasts of Centaurea cyanus , Senecio x hybridus and Callistephus chinensis. Poste, G. Membrane fusion. Acta — Potrykus, I. Gene transfer to plants: Assessment of published approaches and results. Poulsen, G.

Regeneration of plants from hypocotyl protoplasts of rapeseed Brassica napus L. Preiszner, J. Characterization of morphological variation and cold resistance in interspecific somatic hybrids between potato Solanum tuberosum L. Euphytica 37— Prioli, L. Plant regeneration and recovery of fertile plants from protoplasts of maize Zea mays L. Prives, J. Increased membrane fluidity precedes fusion of muscle cells. Pua, E. Somatic embryogenesis and plant regeneration from hypocotyl protoplasts of Brassica juncea L. Punja, Z.

Isolation, culture and plantlet regeneration from cotyledon and mesophyll protoplasts of two pickling cucumber Cucumis sativus L. Pupilli, F. Plant regeneration from callus and protoplast cultures of Lotus pedunculatus Cay. Rasheed, J. Root hair protoplasts of Lotus corniculatus L. Renaudin, J. Sequential hormone requirement for growth and organogenesis of Petunia hybrida protoplasts-derived calli. Rethmeier, N. Improvement of regeneration of Lycopersicon pennellii protoplasts by decreasing ethylene production.

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Russell, J. Recovery of plants from leaf protoplasts of hybrid-poplar and aspen clones. Ryan, C. Oligosaccharide signals in plants: A current assessment. Sakai, T. Intergeneric transfer of cytoplasmic male sterility between Raphanus sativus cros line and Brassica napus through cytoplast-protoplast fusion. Sala, C. Saleem, M. Stabilizing corn leaf protoplasts with n-Propyl Gallate.

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Genetic transfer in plants through interspecific protoplast fusion. Shillito, R. Agarose plating and a bead type culture technique enable and stimulate development of protoplast-derived colonies in a number of plant species. High frequency direct gene transfer to plants. Biotechnology 3: — Regeneration of fertile plants from protoplasts of elite inbred maize. Shimamoto, K. Fertile transgenic rice plants regenerated from transformed protoplasts. Shneyour, Y. A simple Feeder-Layer technique for the plating of plant cells and protoplasts at low density.

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Plant Protoplasts: A Biotechnological Tool for Plant Improvement (Outline Studies in Biology) Plant Protoplasts: A Biotechnological Tool for Plant Improvement (Outline Studies in Biology)
Plant Protoplasts: A Biotechnological Tool for Plant Improvement (Outline Studies in Biology) Plant Protoplasts: A Biotechnological Tool for Plant Improvement (Outline Studies in Biology)
Plant Protoplasts: A Biotechnological Tool for Plant Improvement (Outline Studies in Biology) Plant Protoplasts: A Biotechnological Tool for Plant Improvement (Outline Studies in Biology)
Plant Protoplasts: A Biotechnological Tool for Plant Improvement (Outline Studies in Biology) Plant Protoplasts: A Biotechnological Tool for Plant Improvement (Outline Studies in Biology)
Plant Protoplasts: A Biotechnological Tool for Plant Improvement (Outline Studies in Biology) Plant Protoplasts: A Biotechnological Tool for Plant Improvement (Outline Studies in Biology)
Plant Protoplasts: A Biotechnological Tool for Plant Improvement (Outline Studies in Biology) Plant Protoplasts: A Biotechnological Tool for Plant Improvement (Outline Studies in Biology)
Plant Protoplasts: A Biotechnological Tool for Plant Improvement (Outline Studies in Biology) Plant Protoplasts: A Biotechnological Tool for Plant Improvement (Outline Studies in Biology)

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