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Outsider by Comeback Kid. The Winnipeg hardcore stalwarts are back with their sixth studio album, promising both intensity and melody. Explore music. Caskets LP by Old Ghosts. Purchasable with gift card. Invocation Plus, also get your choice of shirt, both CDs, digital download of the new album, handwritten lyrics for all songs on All the Old Ghosts plus the cover song you choose, Unreleased Demos that aren't on any of our CDs, and stickers.

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Tweet Share Email. GoCasual is in the studio with All the Old Ghosts. Follow along! Share this project. GoCasual is a punk rock band with a unique style of guitar-powered, melodic, high-energy music Our band formed in Maine and is influenced by the punk and rock sound from the early s - upbeat and guitar-driven music with heartfelt lyrics.


Fiction: "Old Ghosts"

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Fiction: "Old Ghosts"

Trees Shirt. The world is littered with dead children and pain. Bad news amuses while the ad men slip in a jingle. The world has gone mad with cruelty and nobody seems to have noticed. He turns a dial and foreign voices cackle urgently in the ether. Talking violence in tongues, telling of the rapes of children, no doubt.

The media loves abusing the innocent with their excited updates and urgently breaking stories. It was different back then. It seemed quieter and children could play on the streets. Jim smiles and finds Mozart and the morning is saved by Cherubino. Then he dresses and walks, cane and cloth cap, to the front door and checks the windows and the bolts and all's secure. When the nighttime house creaks with its own age, Jim thinks of burglars and imagined violations and trembles in case they invade him.

Jim swings open the front door and sees Ellen Kelly stands there, smiling like sunlight. No longer astonished, Jim smiles back and sighs because Ellen isn't really there. Ellen Kelly, fourteen last week. He's been seeing Ellen a lot lately. She walked behind him all the way to the hushed library yesterday and when he sat to rest in Carolyn Park she was standing under a tree, waiting in its shade. The sun slides down the street and settles on Jim's house and Ellen fades like a startled shadow.

Jim avoids the supermarket. It's too complicated. Grim checkout people urgent to get home. Kids breathing asthma. Babes bawling immediate needs. Bald headed young men pushing forward, rings in their ears, rape in their shiftless eyes. Never stare back. Girls demanding more.

Car parks cluttered with stress earned money. Housewives hurrying, car exhausts, liberated women with little freedom. The exhaustion of super markets and too much choice. Too big, too modern.

Old Ghosts - A FLASH COLLECTION (Tattoo Flash Book)

Too lonely for Jim. He goes to smaller stores, chats with familiar people and gets milk and eggs and a small loaf of fresh bread. Further along, outside the charity shop, Mrs Barret from number twenty-nine nods an inquisitive greeting. Jim walks home through the heating streets towards sanctuary at seventy six. In his armchair in the parlour looking out on the road. Hearing the parlour's ten time chime and the long day stretching ahead like a dreadful eternity. The terror of ten a. Nothing to do and outside bright girls hurry through the morning, sun on their heads, time on their hands.

Feet clattering, black tights, skirts just short of sin. Making promises. Jim despises this time of day. Already too hot for the garden and nothing to fill the mind until making something at lunchtime. Light sustenance for the long afternoon lengthening drearily ahead like an empty road going nowhere. Jim tries to read but even in glasses the words are a blur.

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Jim plays with her. His eyes close. He becomes delirious with dreaming and hears distantly the brass handle under the Brassoed letterbox clattering once. Jim shuffles down the hall and when he cautiously opens the wide door Ellen is there, fifteen and lovely, framed in the sun like a miracle. Ellen Kelly, budding with womanhood and childfresh happiness. From behind, a different ghost in the dark hallway, Jim's mother, smiling. If that's all right?

Mother agrees, loving neighbour Ellen like the daughter her grey age longs for. Jim and Ellen walking down the path with mama at the door, waving like a mother, waiting until they are beyond the gate, forever worrying about crossing roads and unsuspected illnesses. Tuberculosis, Pneumonia. You name it.

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Young people often died young back then. Jim and Ellen, heads tilted, magnetic affection drawing them closer, talking, laughing, a pair apart from others. In love. Ellen's raven hair curling around her tiny, elfin ears. Ellen, quiet and reliable as the moon. On the way back they short cut thorough the August woods. A long short cut.

Old Ghosts

Still talking, their words tumbling like thistledown on the hot butterflied silence. In the deep green they settle in shade and kiss among fernleafs, innocently. They kissed like that for years. Life, a summer holiday until seventeen. Jim goes to Cork with his father.

Old Ghosts Old Ghosts
Old Ghosts Old Ghosts
Old Ghosts Old Ghosts
Old Ghosts Old Ghosts
Old Ghosts Old Ghosts

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