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And yes, it's difficult when you don't really know what you want. Difficult to know how to get there. Chill out, relax, enjoy the journey.


When you feel like you’re being left behind

This was a post I needed. All of a sudden I feel peace of mind. It's nice to see this side of the coin every now and again. I thank you for sharing this personal perspective? From the feedback I've had on this no matter where you're up to in life it's too tempting and easy to compare yourself with others and think you should have what they have. I'm glad it's given you peace of mind Denise :.

Hey Vicky - I sometimes have this. I'm 41 now, not married, no kids and even some of my childless, same-aged male friends are starting to have babies now! A lot of my Uni housemates have children about to start senior schoo!!

2. Pinpoint the problem

But for every time I look at them with a pang of jealousy, they look at me the same way, being able to travel and generally do more "stuff" without the responsibility of kids. So everybody is sat around the table dreaming that they could be in somebody else's shoes so I guess it's a case of just being you :. You're so right. And the feedback I've got from this post has definitely confirmed that. Last night two of my oldest friends from school got in touch, both with lovely partners and two children, and said they feel the same.

Wish we could all just stop comparing and enjoy what we have. I'm totally going to make a conscious effort to do this from now on. In our situations we need to celebrate our freedom! Sounds like the change from nomad to mortgage has kicked in! But here's a weird thing You've got security and freedom; you're not tied into a nine-to-five, you can do whatever you like, and yet you've still got your own bed to come home to every night and you can play house.

From over here, you're doing great. Easy to say, but don't worry about feeling somehow dissatisfied with your life. It's normal. I think even those homebugs who seem so cosy and perfect with their 2. I guess we need these periods of restlessness to either force a change, or appreciate what we've got. Don't stop blogging though. I read a few blogs and yours is one of my favourites. Ha, good intuition there Chadwick.

Cruise ship facts: Things you didn't know about life at sea.

We'll have to see what happens Yeah, I know I totally have a dream life. I have a dream life for me still too! Guess I just want a bit of security somewhere along the way. I definitely won't stop blogging, don't worry. No matter what happens I'll always do that.

I started reading this and got to the instagram post and just had to come down here to comment before I read the rest. Then the last couple of months I've had no data, and I'm living in a van so no wifi, and therefore I wasn't on instagram before bed and I've been SO much happier.

It's crazy how much some silly app can have an effect on us like that! Now, off to read the rest.. Yeah, I'm definitely a lot happier when I don't look at social media. I think it's too destructive to your mind and plays on any weaknesses you might have. Interesting to do these little tests from time to time to see if you can handle looking at the showreels of everyone's lives like that.

LOVE this post Vickster - and not just because you've mentioned me ; I know exactly how you're feeling atm. Been comparing myself WAY too much with other bloggers for one why did so-and-so get invited on that trip and not me? Would I get more followers if I was as pretty and such-and-such?

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Need to stop!! Just need to give up comparison altogether and embrace what I'm doing right now - because it's what's right for me : Great post! Definitely not healthy, and unless you're doing it in a constructive way, totally pointless too. You do you Emily Luxtonburger and don't think of anyone else. Getting to 30 can be difficult as it's one of those milestone ages you put loads of pressure on yourself for.

Live it, love it, have fun and drink rum :.

The Ascension Timeline SHIFT How to NOT get left behind

There are many times when I feel left behind.. I have chosen to follow a career in clinical psychology and it's been tough and a long process which really is only just beginning - this means no time for marriage, buying houses and children like many other my friends are now engaging in. I've spent years studying and working towards my goal and cant help but feel its been at the detriment of other goals I wanted to achieve. Guess life is a journey and its yours - we shouldn't really compare ourselves to others! Wifi-free Wednesdays will help with this!

Thanks for sharing! Ah that's awesome you've found your purpose in life though. It's good to have a focus like that to work towards, but yeah, when you start looking around at friends doing other things I guess it does start to make you question why and what you're doing it for. I presume the rewards and gratification you get from following that dream will be immense in the end though. Good luck with all of that. And I guess, really, even if we manage to achieve ONE of our dreams it's amazing. Just yes! Sometimes it's so easy to forget we all feel like this, and it's lovely when other people acknowledge they do.

I've been doing a version of 'wifi free Wednesday' for a while now, partly because I was conscious of how much time I was wasting - like Pavlov's Dog I'd reflexive pick up my phone during adverts, when my friend went the loo, when I could be doing anything else. And so I've turned all my notifications off and have a dedicated scrolling session : because I was feeling exactly like you - and Hannah above was.

Not sure how feasible that'll be when I go back to blogging though Yeah it's bad how it's like this little security toy we have isn't it? Whenever we're alone or got a few minutes to wait for something we pick it up. Turning it all off just really helps me to focus and to get things done.

We must beat the addiction together! I totally feel this way too at the moment. Like the saying goes 'Comparison is the thief of joy' It's just quite the skill to switch off and focus exactly on what you want and what your path is. Yeah, it's definitely a difficult skill, especially when you need social media for your job.

I find myself 'just' checking out a company's Twitter, or something, and then half an hour later I suddenly realise I've been distracted by outfit posts, or seeing what someone had for their dinner.

When you feel like you’re being left behind | Psychologies

You need to be very disciplined to not let yourself get distracted by it all. Tomorrow, I leave Paradise. Shanise was right. I turned away as the car disappeared up the slushy street. That was the last time I saw them alive. Alazhar, City of Paradise. It is not two other places, the place that they were there in, and the place that was there before they came.


I can't get used to this third place or to staying behind. This is the worst thing he could do to me. Now I know how it feels to be left behind. As I left him. Although the two siblings had involved me by choosing me as their confidant, it was still an experience that I could enter only as witness: on that path Lila would do great things by herself, I was excluded.

But above all, how, after our intense conversations about love and poetry, could she walk me to the door, as she was doing, far more absorbed in the atmosphere of excitement around a shoe? What did I care about shoes. I still had, in my mind's eye, the most secret stages of that affair of violated trust, passion, poetry that became a book, and it was as if she and I had read a novel together, as if we had seen, there in the back of the shop and not in the parish hall on Sunday, a dramatic film.

God is in us and in all that exists. Jenkins, Hidden. The people I've left behind.

If I Get Left Behind If I Get Left Behind
If I Get Left Behind If I Get Left Behind
If I Get Left Behind If I Get Left Behind
If I Get Left Behind If I Get Left Behind
If I Get Left Behind If I Get Left Behind
If I Get Left Behind If I Get Left Behind
If I Get Left Behind If I Get Left Behind
If I Get Left Behind If I Get Left Behind
If I Get Left Behind

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