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You might be thinking a tour of your municipality's sewer system, or watching the international weather channel, but Sammy Wegent is not like you. Wegent, a senior game writer at Zynga in San Francisco, was sitting in a meeting watching a PowerPoint presentation one of the estimated 1. And then there is the screen. I thought, This is so ripe for satire. Satire, as George S.

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Kaufman famously observed, is what closes on Saturday night. What Wegent—who, when he's not writing new FarmVille plots at his day job, also works as a comedian, actor and teacher—wanted was something that would play on Monday morning.

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He wanted to bring the comedy to the office. Speechless, the PowerPoint improv show that grew out of that brainstorm, was originally just an evening of audience participation comedy in which the tech-heavy crowd could join in the merriment by suggesting absurd products and brand names for a quartet of presenters comedians and volunteers to pitch.

People's ability to think on their feet was challenged when they would click the pointer and get a picture of a mushroom cloud or Tyler Perry's Madea character. It was a good way to blow off steam for a bunch of people who had seen one too many PowerPoint presentations, probably that day, and the show was an immediate hit. Call it nerd karaoke.

Think like a coder.

But Wegent who developed Speechless with co-producers Scott Lifton and Anthony Veneziale thought improv comedy had lessons for the working world. We are sitting in a white conference room in the Zynga offices because the lunch area, designed to resemble an old-fashioned penny arcade with literal bells and whistles, was too damn noisy. We all have something to say, we all have great stories, we're all pretty funny in some capacity, even if it's just with one person.

How do we harness that?

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Students will have the opportunity to practice a cooling Yin practice and receive tips for how to develop a home practice in just 10 minutes per day Students will receive Yinsa skincare samples that are appropriate for their dosha during Pitta season Students who purchase an early bird ticket will receive an extra sample of a Yinsa body scrub. Read more Read less. Map and Directions View Map.

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Share this event. This had me scratching my chin for a while haha Read what they want you to do again. How did the variable answer get set to a number before the if statement in line 2.

And where does answer 3 come in? So far the course has not covered the def function, unless I missed it somehow. Hi delspy. Here is how it works, for you too understand properly. End of explanation. Thanks Peter That was a great help. Thanks again. Derek delspy.

I Aint The One I Aint The One
I Aint The One I Aint The One
I Aint The One I Aint The One
I Aint The One I Aint The One
I Aint The One I Aint The One

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