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PSK is derived from the fungus Coriolus versicolor and has documented anticancer activity in vitro in experimental models [9] and in human clinical trials.

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Several randomized clinical trials have demonstrated that PSK has great potential in adjuvant cancer therapy, with positive results in the treatment of gastric, esophageal, colorectal, breast and lung cancers [10,11]. These studies have suggested the efficacy of PSK as an immunomodulator of biological response. Previous reports indicated that PSK might act in different ways: as antioxidant [5,12,13]; as inhibitor of metalloproteinases and other enzymes involved in metastatic processes [14] and as inhibitor of the action of various carcinogens in vulnerable cell lines.

However its most important and widely reported property is its immunomodulatory capacity. PSK may act to increase leukocyte activation and response via upregulation of key cytokines. Thus, natural killer NK and lymphocyte-activated killer LAK cell activation has been demonstrated in vivo and in vitro [15,16]. Our group demonstrated that PSK is capable of inhibiting metastatic colonization in vivo in some experimental fibrosarcomas, and that this effect is mediated by activation of NK cells [17,18].

Tokyo, Japan. It is prepared by extracting cultured mycelia of Coriolus versicolor with hot water. The precipitate is separated from the clear supernatant with saturated ammonium sulfate, then desalted and dried [23]. The PSK preparation was filter-sterilized and diluted in culture medium or water to the desired concentration. Our group previously showed that PSK is composed of two bands of very high molecular weight [22].

After digestion with neuraminidase, these bands are reduced to a single band of about 12 kd. These results indicate that PSK is probably composed of a single kd protein, and that this protein is highly glycosylated [22]. Two different extracts of PSK were also used: one rich in sugars and other rich in proteins.

Every 48 h, the culture medium was replaced and PSK was added. After 48—96 h, BrdU labelling reagent was added and cultured for a further 1—3 h. Assays were also performed by counting viable cells using Trypan Blue. Briefly, cancer cell lines were seeded into culture tissue-flask 1. After 4—6 days, cells were collected by centrifugation and a small sample of cell suspension was diluted in 0. Each cell sample was counted in this way at least three times and each assay was repeated at least three times. Controls were the culture medium, cells cultured only in medium and cells incubated with anti-BrdU in absence of BrdU.

All experiments were repeated at least three times. Then, cells were incubated with FITC-conjugated monoclonal rabbit anti-active human-caspase-3 antibody for 30 min. Cell proliferation was then measured by BrdU incorporation absorbance , which was significantly lower in PSK-treated versus untreated tumour cells Fig.

PSK-treated tumour cells showed morphological changes rounded and granulated morphology, increased vacuolisation, cell shrinkage and a large number of the cells detached from culture flasks. Figure 1. Effect of PSK on tumour cell line proliferation. Tumour cells 2. The proliferation of tumour cells was determined by BrdU incorporation and absorbance measurement. All cell lines analysed showed inhibition of proliferation. These assays were repeated in cell culture flasks 1. There was an excellent correlation between the results obtained with the two assays absorbance and cell count.

Table 1. Optical densities were very similar between treated and untreated PBLs data not shown. Figure 2. The proliferation was determined by BrdU incorporation and absorbance measurement. Neuraminidase treatment digests glicosylated proteins. Figure 3. In vitro activity of neuraminidase treated-PSK. Both agents produced a similar inhibition ofproliferation.

Both agents induced a similar increase of proliferation. Cell cycle phase distributions were: Similar results were found in Ando-2, A and B16 tumour cell lines Table 2. Results in B9 fibrosarcoma showed a slowing rather than an arrest of the cell cycle Fig. Similar results were found in Hela and Jurkat tumour cells Table 2. These results indicate that PSK produces arrest or slowing of the cell cycle according to the tumour cell histology.

Table 2. Effect of PSK on cell cycle distribution of tumor cell lines. Figure 4. Cell cycle analysis of cells treated with PSK. Tumour cell lines were treated with PSK for 96 h. Data indicate the percentage of cells in each phase of cell cycle. Results are representative of three independent experiments. Figure 5 depicts representative results for AGS and B9 tumour cells. PSK increased apoptosis from 4. PSK-treated cells, Table 3 depicts the results for other tumour cell lines, showing that PSK induces apoptosis in A, B16 and Ando-2 tumour cells.

Figure 5. Apoptosis analysis of cells treated with PSK. Cells were double-stained with annexin V and 7AAD and analyzed by flow cytometry. B9 tumour cell line was also cultured with PSK but apoptosis was not detected in this tumour cell line. All experiments were performed at least three times and gave similar results. Table 3. Apoptosis induction in cancer cell lines after treatment with PSK for 4 days. However, in tumour cell lines in which PSK did not produce apoptosis, e. Table 4 depicts the results obtained with the other tumour cell lines analysed.

Figure 6. Caspase-3 expression in tumour cell lines treatedwith PSK. Data indicate the percentage of cells positive for presence of active-caspase Results are representative of three experiments. Table 4. Expression of caspase-3 in cancer cell lines after treatment with PSK for 4 days. Discussion Several clinical assays have reported the anti-tumour properties of PSK and its synergestic effect in combined therapies [9,24,25]. Our group previously reported the immunomodulatory activity of PSK on NK cells, producing in vitro proliferation and activation of NKL cells [16,20,21].

In the present study, we have identified a new cytotoxic anti-tumour activity of PSK. PSK was previously reported to be effective in adjuvant immunotherapy for patients after curative resection of gastric cancer [25], and this effect was attributed to its immunomodulatory activity on NK cells [26]. The present results suggest that PSK may also exert a direct antitumour cytotoxic activity. Deglycosylation of PSK by neuraminidase treatment did not modify its cytotoxic effect on tumour cell lines.

The sugar-rich and protein-rich PSK variants showed identical results to those of PSK in their inhibition of proliferation of tumour cell lines in vitro. These results indicate that the cytotoxic properties are in a compound that is present in all three variants studied and does not vary among them. Interestingly, PSK had the opposite effect on lymphocytes. The cell cycle was arrested or slowed by PSK according to the histological origin of the tumour cells. PSK induced apoptosis in the AGS cell line but not in all tumour cell lines analysed and induced caspase-3 expression in some tumour cell lines but not all.

These results indicate that PSK may induce cytotoxic activity by different molecular mechanisms according to the histology of tumour. The present results indicate that the anti-tumour properties of PSK observed in clinical trials might be due to a dual biological activity: 1 a direct cytotoxic activity on tumour cells and 2 an immunomodulatory activity largely produced by NK cell activation.

PSK suppressed in vivo metastases in spontaneous metastasis assays of mouse fibrosarcoma, melanoma, rat hepatoma AH60C and mouse colon cancer 26 [17,30,31]via NK cell activation. Based on the present findings, it can be hypothesised that this anti-metastatic capacity may also derive from the cytotoxic component of PSK. Research into the biological mechanisms underlying the anti-tumour effect of PSK is ongoing. We can now add a direct cytotoxic effect on tumour cells to the previously described immunomodulatory effect of this polysaccharide. Greater knowledge of the molecular mechanisms implicated in PSK anti-tumour activity may improve cancer immunotherapy, leading to the application of new anti-tumour protocols.

The authors declare that they have no other competing interest. IA and AC helped in some experiments. FG and AGL designed the study and drafted the manuscript. All authors have read and approved the final manuscript. Acknowledgements The authors thank I. Linares for technical assistance. Studies were partially supported by a grant from Kureha Chemical Industry Japan.

References 1. Appl Microbiol Biotechnol , Cui J, Chisti Y: Polysaccharopeptides of Coriolus versicolor: physiological activity, uses, and production. Biotechnol Adv , Wasser SP: Medicinal mushrooms as a source of antitumor and immunomodulating polysaccharides. Crit Rev Oncog , Curr Med Chem , Lancet , Oncol Rep , Br J Cancer , Cell Mol Immunol , Efficacy of adjuvant immunochemotherapy with polysaccharide K for patients with curatively resected colorectal cancer: a meta-analysis of centrally randomized controlled clinical trials.

Cancer Immunol Immunother , Jpn J Clin Oncol , Life Sci , Immunopharmacol Immunotoxicol , Anticancer Res , Immunol Lett , Int J Clin Lab Res , J Exp Clin Cancer Res , Exp Hematol , Cancer treatment reviews , Hepatogastroenterology , Oncol Rep , 15 4 Oncogene , Biomed Pharmacother , BMC Cancer , Cancer Epidemiol Biomarkers Prev , Invasion Metastasis , Singh RP, Agarwal R. Abstract Despite advances in the understanding of prostate cancer PCa growth and development, it is still the leading incidence of cases and the second leading cause of mortality due to cancer in men.

The problem of early diagnosis compounded with the emergence of androgen independence during commonly used anti-androgen therapy of PCa, have been discouraging for optimal therapeutic response. Recently, many chemopreventive agents, including silibinin, inositol hexaphosphate, decursin, apigenin, acacetin, grape seed extract, curcumin, and epigallocatechin-3 gallate have been identified in laboratory studies, which could be useful in the management of PCa. In vivo pre-clinical studies have indicated chemopreventive effect of many such agents in PCa xenograft and transgenic mouse models.

Furthermore, angiogenic and metastatic targets, including vascular endothelial growth factor, hypoxia-inducing factor-1alpha, matrix metalloproteinase, and urokinase-type plasminogen activator are also modulated by many chemopreventive agents to suppress the growth and invasive potential of PCa. This review focuses on novel PCa chemopreventive observations in laboratory studies, which could provide the rationale for the prospective use of chemopreventive agents in translational studies. Unfortunately, conventional therapies are only effective in targeting the more differentiated cancer cells and spare the CSCs.

Here, we report that PSP, an active component extracted from the mushroom Turkey tail also known as Coriolus versicolor , is effective in targeting prostate CSCs. Meanwhile, PSP treatment not only suppressed the ability of PC-3 cells to form prostaspheres under non-adherent culture conditions, but also inhibited their tumorigenicity in vivo, further proving that PSP can suppress prostate CSC properties.

Our results not only demonstrated the intriguing anti-CSC effect of PSP, but also revealed, for the first time, the surprising chemopreventive property of oral PSP consumption against prostate cancer. Top of Form. A panel in Figure 1 is missing. The correct legends are:. This is an open-access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original author and source are credited.

Funding: Vice Chancellor Research Fellowship. The funders had no role in study design, data collection and analysis, decision to publish, or preparation of the manuscript. Competing interests: The authors have declared that no competing interests exist. Introduction Top Prostate cancer PCa is the most common male malignancy in western countries and represents a major disease burden in the world. When diagnosed at an advanced stage where surgery is no longer feasible, the only frontline treatment available is hormone ablation therapy. Unfortunately, the majority of PCa patients eventually relapse and develop hormone refractory PCa HRPC , a fatal and terminal stage regarded as incurable [1]. Ebooks and Manuals

Chemoprevention is an ideal strategy for battling prostate cancer, and a number of chemotherapeutic agents or natural food supplements are currently being tested for their potential of inhibiting prostate cancer development. Similarly, dutasteride, an analog of finasteride, was also reported to significantly inhibit prostate cancer development [3]. Despite of the promising result, the side-effects associated with the finasteride treatment remains the major concern for it to be used widely for prostate chemoprevention.

Therefore, bioactive food compounds such as epigallocatechingallate or resveratrol [4], [5], [6] represents an attractive alternative for prostate cancer chemoprevention, mainly due to their relatively low toxicity. Unfortunately, most of the previous studies have produced inconclusive results regarding their chemopreventive potential.

Recent identification of prostate cancer stem cells CSCs [7] has provided a new insight into prostate carcinogenesis. The ability of these cancer stem cells to self-renew and differentiate into bulk cancer cells suggested that they may be the origin of prostate cancer [7]. Moreover, the highly resistant nature of these CSCs to different chemotherapies suggested that CSCs may also contribute to treatment failure and disease relapse [8].

Interestingly, a number of bioactive food compounds have recently been shown to have anti-CSC effect. For example, we recently reported that gamma-tocotrienol extracted from palm oil inhibits prostasphere formation ability and tumorigenicity of prostate cancer cells [9], suggesting that gamma-tocotrienol is effective in suppressing prostate CSC properties.

In addition, a triterpene extracted from fruits was also found to inhibit the self-renewal ability of liver CSCs and sensitize the liver tumor to cisplatin treatment [10]. These findings highlight the potential of bioactive food compounds as CSC targeting agent either for the prevention or for the treatment of prostate cancer.

Here, we demonstrated that the polysaccharopeptide PSP extracted from Turkey tail known as Coriolus versicolor or Yun-zhi targets prostate CSCs in vitro and suppresses tumor formation in vivo. More importantly, oral feeding of transgenic mice TgMAP that spontaneously develop prostate tumor with PSP was found to completely inhibit prostate tumor formation. Our findings support that PSP may be a potent chemopreventive agent against prostate cancer, possibly through targeting of the prostate CSC population.

As shown in Figure 1B, protein expression of CD was significantly down-regulated after PSP treatment in a time and dose-dependent manner. Note that PSP significantly down-regulates both stem cell markers in a dose- and time-dependent manner. Note that no significant difference in cell cycle distribution was observed. D Western blotting results for apoptotic markers left panel and stem cell maintenance proteins right panel in PC-3 cells after PSP treatment.

Meanwhile, PSP treatment also failed to induce cell cycle arrest or apoptosis, as evidenced by the lack of sub-G1 population in the result of flow cytometry analysis Figure 1D. This was further confirmed by examination of apoptosis-associated proteins i. PSP inhibits prostasphere formation of prostate cancer cells under non-adherent culture conditions The ability to form prostaspheres in non-adherent culture is one of the characteristics of prostate CSCs [14], [15], [16]. As shown in Figure 2A, culturing of both PC-3 and DU cells for 14 days under non-adherent conditions results formation of prostaspheres, further confirming the presence of a stem-like population within both cell lines.

Strikingly, addition of PSP into the medium drastically inhibited prostasphere formation in both cell lines. To further proved that PSP is effective in inhibiting prostasphere formation, primary prostaspheres with enriched CSC population were dissociated and re-seeded into non-adherent culture condition to allow for the formation of secondary prostaspheres. A Spheroid formation assay was performed with PC-3 and Du cells. Image of the prostaspheres was captured under microscope. B PSP inhibited the formation of secondary prostaspheres.

Primary prostaspheres were dissociated and re-seeded into polyHEMA pre-coated plate. PSP was added 24 hr after the plating. As examined by bioluminescence imaging, all of the mice that were injected with vehicle-pre-treated PCluc cells formed tumors two weeks after the implantation Figure 3A.

The lack of tumors in the PSP-pre-treated group was further confirmed by examination of the mouse prostate glands at the end of the experiment Figure 3C. Taken together, our results suggested that PSP was effective in reducing the tumorigenic potential of prostate cancer cells, which is an essential characteristic of CSCs. PSP inhibits tumorigenicity of PC-3 cells in vivo. B Table summarizes the percentages of mice developing detectable tumors at week 2. C Selected ex vivo images of the prostate from both groups. Note that in PSP-treated mice with negative luciferase signal, no visible tumor were found in the prostate tissue.

To test this hypothesis, we have employed a transgenic mouse model that spontaneously develops adenocarcinoma of the prostate TgMAP [17], [18]. Four mice of the same age were fed with water only for the same period of time. All mice were sacrificed at 20 weeks old and prostatic tissues were collected and sectioned for histology. At low power magnification, tissue sections from both groups retained glandular structures, and at high power, PIN was detectable in both the control and PSP-treated mice.

We therefore tested if a higher dose and longer period of PSP consumption may affect prostate tumor formation using the same model. Four mice at the same age were again fed with water only for the same period of time. All mice were sacrificed at 28 weeks old when prostate tumors were formed, with prostatic tissues collected and sectioned for histology. As shown in Figure 5B, tumors were found in different sections of the prostate gland from all of the mice that were fed with water only.

Surprisingly, examination of all of the prostate section revealed that none of the mice that were fed with PSP bare any prostate tumors Figure 5C , suggesting that PSP treatment completely inhibited prostate tumor formation in the TgMAP mice. Furthermore, consistent with the low toxicity of PSP, long term consumption appears to have no side effect on the mice, as judged by the body weight changes and physical signs data not shown Figure 5E. These findings strongly suggest that oral intake of PSP may be a safe and effective chemopreventive agent against prostate cancer.

A Outline of the schedule for PSP treatment. Note that tumors were found in all of the mice that were treated with vehicle only but were absent in all the PSP-treated mice. E Average body weight of the mice during the PSP treatment. Here, we demonstrated for the first time that PSP has anti-CSC effects, as evidenced by the downregulation of CSC markers and the suppression of prostasphere and tumor formation.

Prostate CSCs were first identified by Collins et al. However, its effect were much less prominent in androgen independent prostate cancer cell lines such as PC This is indeed consistent with our finding, which showed that PSP can suppress CSC properties without inducing any detectable cell cycle arrest or apoptosis. This recently identified stem cell maintenance pathway was shown to play a key role in the regulation of prostate and mammary stem cell populations [16], [30].

Similarly, knockdown of Pten in prostate cancer cells was also found to enhance prostasphere formation ability and tumorigenicity of the cells [16]. One of the key properties of stem cells is their ability to form spheres in non-adherent, serum-free conditions [31]. Indeed, spheroid formation assays have recently been used to identify and to enrich putative CSCs [16], [32], [33], [34]. Consistent with previous studies, both prostate cancer cell lines PC-3 and DU were able to form prostaspheres in non-adherent culture [16], suggesting the presence of CSCs within these cell lines.

These primary prostaspheres, which are resistant to chemotherapeutic drugs [9], are highly sensitive to PSP treatment Figure 2A. In addition, the secondary prostaspheres were significantly inhibited in a dose-dependent manner Figure 2B , supporting that PSP is effective in eliminating prostate CSCs in vitro. Prostate CSCs is believed to be origin of prostate tumor, which have the ability to self-renew and differentiate into the bulk tumor [35].

We tested this hypothesis using a recently developed transgenic mouse model of prostate cancer TgMAP [17], [18]. The stepwise development of the prostate tumor from low grade PIN to gross tumor in the TgMAP mouse highly mimics the pathogenesis of human prostate cancer, although it may not totally reflect the complex nature of prostate carcinogenesis. Nonetheless, it allowed us to develop an optimal PSP treatment dosage and time frame.

Meanwhile, the suppression of PIN formation by PSP further suggested that the chemopreventive effect of PSP may due to suppression of the tumor initiation at early stage. The extremely low toxicity and the highly potent anti-CSC effect of PSP warrants further evaluation of its chemopreventive effect in human clinical trials. In summary, we have demonstrated, for the first time, that PSP treatment not only inhibits CSC properties, but also effectively suppresses prostate tumor formation.

Our results suggest that PSP may be an effective agent for prostate cancer chemoprevention. For cell culture study, PSP stock was sterilized with 0. In the animal study, PSP was fed directly to mice. Their accounts interweave the drama of recovery from cancer, return to civilian life, and indifference by state institutions. A compelling enquiry into a disorder known as the Balkan syndrome which has aroused little concern despite the deaths of young soldiers and the cases reported so far.

He has produced and directed the reportage Piani di fuga and Il paese del maiale , the film O Sistema and the documentary Cronache basche-Euskal kronikak with Angelo Miotto. Four soldiers called to duty. Adored by his people, feared by the U. Nato a Salerno, Luca Bellino ha diretto i documentari I fuochi e la montagna , Mate y moneda , oltre numerosi lavori di videoarte in Argentina e Cile. Luca Bellino b. Salerno has directed two documentaries I fuochi e la montagna and Mate y moneda , in addition to numerous video art projects in Argentina and Chile.

Via Cantalupo, 11, Torino, Italy Ph. Il film si sviluppa attraverso i racconti e le testimonianze dei protagonisti, ripresi in primo piano, mentre guardano in macchina. Inoltre tre attori, due italiani e un senegalese, interpretano il ruolo di un operaio ucciso in cantiere. Dying of Work enquires into the construction business in Italy, the workers, and the family members of the victims of work-related deaths.

The narration unfolds with the stories and testimonies of these people, filmed in close-up as they drive their cars. In addition, three actors, two Italian and one Senegalese, play the role of a worker who dies on a building site. Le sue opere sono spesso trasmesse dalle reti pubbliche, presentate alla Mostra del Cinema di Venezia e in vari festival. Ha ricevuto premi in festival nazionali e internazionali.

Daniele Segre b. In he founded the I Cammelli production company and in the I Cammelli Scuola video di documentazione sociale, launching dozens of young directors in social audiovisual filmmaking. His works, which are often seen on public TV networks and presented at the Venice Film Festival among others, have earned him numerous national and international awards.

He teaches directing Cinema and reality at the Scuola Nazionale di Cinema, Rome, and was codirector of the Bellaria Film Festival over the period to Special Economic Zone e la trasformazione sociale forzata, da un sistema agropastorale a uno industriale. Testi di Arundhati Roy. The opposition of Singur farmers Bengal, western India against the forced expropriation of their land by the local government acting in the interest of multinationals like Tata Motors and Fiat Auto.

The battle story is told by farmers, artists, writers, economists, union leaders, and the men and women directly involved in the contestation. This film shows the flip side of the Indian economic boom: the creation of special economic zones and the transformation of India from an agropastural to an industrialized society. Texts by Arundhati Roy. Danilo Licciardello b. Since he has conducted video workshops in schools in Rome and collaborated with NGOs on making spots and videos for projects in western Africa. The portrait of a country growing fatter as it devours itself in the uncertain prospect of future development.

Life seen as clouds rolling by. Chiesa enlists the help of meteorologist Luca Mercalli and mathematicianmusician Iain McLarty in an unusual presentation that mixes animation and scientific enquiry to describe contemporary society in which job uncertainty, climate change, and energy crisis pose the greatest challenges.

Avevo letto una serie di dichiarazioni di vari artisti, poeti, scrittori che sono passati dalla Liguria. After years of rampant modernization and industrialization, efforts are under way to restore the landscape and to conserve its scenic beauty. Milan, Italy made his directorial debut with the short film Drimage , followed by the award-winning medium-length Paesaggio con figure and Giulia in ottobre I read impressions of various artists, poets, and writers who had passed through Liguria.

Images of Naples and its outlying neighbourhoods of Pianura, Taverna del Re and Monteruscello tell a stark tale of an area on the brink of environmental disaster: mountains of trash, contaminated farmlands, illegal dumping sites, infiltration of dioxin and other poisonous toxins. Ricky Farina earned a degree in philosophy before working as assistant director for Charlie Owens on Nikebe Con il piccolo budget di una produzione totalmente indipendente, siamo arrivati a Napoli, ci siamo lasciati guidare dal caso e dal nostro intuito.

Working on a tiny indie budget, we followed our instincts. Proprio mentre sta per finire la sua giornata e pensa di tornare a casa dove lo aspettano moglie e figlio per festeggiare, il telefono squilla. Autodidatta nelle tecniche di animazione, produce nel 49, il suo primo cortometraggio. La vicenda si sviluppa seguendo il leitmotiv dei missili, ma credo che queste contraddizioni possano riguardare la maggior parte della nostra esistenza. A man works at a missile base.

Suddenly the phone rings; not the office phone but the red one for secret communications. He taught himself animation while working as a product designer and computer graphics lecturer. Produced in , 49 is his first animation film. We also live in a complex society where happiness and anxiety are interwoven. The story is developed using missiles as the motif, but I believe that we can see this type of contradiction exists to a large degree in our own lives.

Gustavo is a farmer. To rid his fields of the caterpillars eating up his crops, he buys a special type of seeds from a slick salesman of an agricultural seed company. The new plants not only keep the bugs away but grow in different shapes and flavours and can only be harvested with the machines made by the company he bought the seeds from.

Dopo aver frequentato la Fine Arts Cinema and Audiovisual, ha collaborato con diverse aziende del settore in diversi ruoli: compositing, animazione, grafica e produzione. Christelle Soutif b. The picture and the stage setting adopt theatrical principles, and the narrative rises to a parabola. Ha tenuto, inoltre, numerosi corsi di disegno e animazione in Spagna e Germania.

It only takes a drop of water to quench the thirst of a lonely flower growing on a parched hillside and to restore it with life and hope. He has tought numerous courses in design and animation in Spain and Germany. I know it may be difficult Da dove vengo? Che cosa stiamo facendo alla terra? Un viaggio onirico e suggestivo accompagna lo spettatore dentro queste domande, lasciando aperte risposte e soluzioni. Con i suoi lavori tra i quali My Little Prince, The Dream of whale, Blackrainbow ha partecipato a numerosi festival internazionali di animazione.

Who are we? What are we doing to the earth? Without growth, the planet soon decays. So what is growth? How has truth been changed by pollution? How have noise pollution, soil and water contamination, and global warming changed our lives? A fantastic journey that explores these questions and leaves the answers and solutions open. Her works including My Little Prince, The Dream of Whale, Blackrainbow have been screened at numerous international animated film festivals. Penso che si possa riciclare qualsiasi cosa. A chi importa la differenza tra crescita e degrado?

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I think anything that is dropped in the world can be recycled. So, I wanted to make a film about the environment with the rubbish we create. Indeed, how many people are concerned about the truth between growth and decay? Insatiable human greed can always become the force that destroys the human heart and nature. And the methods of material civilization must not become a means of menacing nature, animals and human worth. Qui la giraffa vive emarginata, costretta a fare domanda di asilo, a mangiare cibo per cani.

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Illustrator, graphic designer, and webdesigner, she has also worked as animator on Papillon Mamillon, a Belgian TV show for children. A Giraffe in the Rain is her first film. The contrast between the character and his surroundings is heightened by the rainy atmosphere of the city where he seeks refuge.

Il resto del bosco ride. Man mano tutti gli alberi prendono fuoco, in tutta la regione, in tutto lo stato, in tutto il mondo. Rimane solo una piccola foglia dispersa nello spazio. Che ride. He who Laughs Last… is a sarcastic grotesque on the law of the fittest. Three trees try to put each other in the shade; the smallest gets the least sunlight, and so the other two laugh. They, in turn, are cut down by two lumberjacks, and so the smallest tree laughs. Then it falls the first victim of a forest fire, and so the rest of the forest laughs. But the forest fire spreads, killing the trees in the area, the country, the world.

Then the entire world goes up in flame, leaving a tiny leaf suspended in space. The leaf laughs. Si laurea in regia di spettacoli di marionette e dal realizza cortometraggi, video musicali e serie TV. Miroslav Jovic b. Since he has made short films, music videos, and TV serials. A un certo punto incontra un orso che lo aiuta nel suo lavoro.

Marina Rosset Three brothers live in the clearing of a distant forest. One day, the youngest is sent to gather firewood but is so afraid that he keeps his eyes shut. He then meets a bear who helps him. He meets the bear again but this time… This film is a fable about the man-animal relationship; simple in structure and technique, it carries a subtle yet bitter moral. Un giorno viene a sapere che i cacciatori stanno per organizzare una battuta contro i suoi amici animali. In the middle of a forest an old forest ranger lives in peace with the other forest animals.

One day a hunter arrives and the ranger stages a sham to trick him and save the animals with the help of the Animal Resque Squad. In he founded Animacijas Brigade, an indie company through which he produces animated films. When news arrives that hunters are going to have his friendsanimals hunted, the situation appears hopeless.

Gray, inhospitable, dehumanized, yet the world constitutes a unique resource entrusted to our hands: the processes of rampant modernization that have turned our cities into traffic nightmares can still be reversed. Papiroflexia explains how by drawing inspiration from poetic, dream-like images in a hymn to nature and simplicity. I due sono quindi completamente isolati. A man and his son live atop a pinnacle, once connected to the rest of the world but now destroyed.

Completely isolated from society, the father wants to protect his son against outside influence. The author gives us an exquisite metaphor on life. Le Pont, his second film, was made using a more traditional technique. It became clear early on that puppet animation was the best choice for making my second film. Besides the aesthetic element, many of its aspects were very interesting for the settings I was looking for. I wanted to present a world where man is made from humble, fragile and tangible materials. By representing the human world in its materialistic form, I strengthen its psychological dimension.

Riflessione sul difficile rapporto tra natura e uomo, realizzata dal giovane regista Mike Please, per la sua tesi di laurea, basandosi su un utilizzo innovativo della tecnica della stop motion. Mike Please The long climb to reach a mountain peak, made even more arduous by relentless snowfall. Once at the top, you realize the reward was worth the effort: a breathtaking view of the valley below. But not for long. Civilization will soon grab hold of the last remaining uncontaminated place. In this reflection on the difficult relationship between man and nature, Mike Please, a young director used an innovative stop motion technique for his final year film.

He currently works for Picasso Pictures, an animation film production company. Pisani,12 Milano, Italy Ph. Gianturco, 4 Roma, Italy Ph. Ha esordito alla regia con il reportage per la tv Tapage dans la basse cour Two years in production, shooting locations in 16 countries, different animal species filmed: the bare statistics of Animals in Love, the first documentary film about seduction animal style: techniques, courtship rituals, curiosities from the animal kingdom.

From lions in the savannah, to flamingos, to kangaroos, to bugs. A documentary sui generis that offers an unusual peek into how the birds and the bees really do it. His directorial debut was the TV reportage Tapage dans la basse cour Animals in Love is his first feature film.

Gli ingegneri non procreano, costruiscono! : Federico Bellucci :

This movie brings back man to Nature. A nature to which he belongs along other species. Con Sarah Robertson, sua moglie, ha fondato la Arctic Bear Productions che, dal , si occupa di documentare la vita tra i ghiacci polari, collaborando con importanti emittenti televisive quali National Geographic TV e PBS. Arctic Tale rappresenta il loro esordio sul grande schermo. Arctic Tale is his first feature documentary. Degradation and decline in Campania as told by local residents unable to stop an imminent environmental and economic disaster.

Behind the scenes is the camorra, which has shifted its network of business interests to waste management. Roccadaspide, Salerno directed two short films Ecce Nanni and Pesci Combattenti ; he collaborated on the collective film Checosamanca Though it may seem surreal, the truth is that only six degrees separate our planet from catastrophic climate changes.

Proof comes from the Jakobshavn glacier, one of the largest in Greenland: every day it retreats 40 meters, melting at a rate twice that of just a decade ago. DIRECTOR With the help of spectacular footage shot around the world and detailed digital reconstructions that can reproduce the risks lying ahead, Bowman accurately portrays one of the worst threats facing us today: global warming. His solitude ends when he meets Avoria, the elephant queen, who has recently given birth to two calves with braided tails.

Mysteriously widowed, Avoria is courted by dapper Zanco. By a series of misfortunes she is separated from her young. Leo steps in to take care of them: thus begins his search for legendary Milk Lake, during which he experiences all sorts of incredible adventures. This fable with a happy ending handles the themes of diversity and racism with engaging originality. Different races, inner solitude, social marginalization, thirst for power, and a pair of hungry baby elephants to feed may not seem like topics fit for children […] but the film is actually about the search for a legendary place Milk Lake and the search for love that precludes all prejudices […].

I miei nonni mi lasciavano vagabondare per i boschi, dove un giorno incontrai una volpe. Mi avvicinai e mi misi a osservarla […]. A chance meeting in the pristine forests of Ain, a quick exchange of glances, a kindling of mutual interest that will go far beyond simple curiosity — thus begins the friendship between a little girl and a fox. In turn, the fox helps the girl find her way out of the forest by night. Their friendship ends when the girl brings the fox into her world, where the fox cannot live confined by civilization and so flees back to the forest.

Bourg-en-Bresse, France earned a degree in Ethology at the University of Lyons before working as cameraman on the documentary Der Kongress der Pinguine , filmed in the Antarctic, then as director on Une plage et trop de manchots His more recent works include Des manchots et des hommes , Sous le signe du serpent , and La marcia dei pinguini , which won the Oscar for Best Documentary. My grandparents let me roam the woods, where one day I saw a fox. I got closer to watch it […]. When it noticed me, it looked me straight in the eye for seconds and then ran away. School kids are increasingly interested in videos as a means of expressing and exploring various realities so the project also includes tutoring at the high schools of Provincia di Torino consisting of theory and practice in the development and production of audiovisuals.

A total of 47 videos were entered at the three editions, involving over students who studied issues such as pollution, waste management, improving local land, large-scale works, climate change, etc. The Valle di Susa, the portal of the Olympic adventure, has to deal with the risks of dioxin and PCB pointed out by environmentalists and citizen committees. Ma cosa sono le diossine?

The Lakes of Avigliana have been severely polluted over the years. Today, thanks to the work of the local government and the Park, things have changed immensely. But the major risk remains: human behavior. The Sacra di San Michele [St. A journey through the history of the Abbey and its relationship to Nature. I In Rivoli a mechanical lift is being built to connect the city center to the Castle in the high town. E le speranze per il futuro di tutti noi. Bakari, a CFI student in Bamako Mali , describes the macroscopic environmental problems of his city…and the hopes for the future of us all.

Dunque i cambiamenti climatici esistono davvero? Che cosa possiamo fare per limitarli? The winter of was the warmest of the past years. So does climate change really exist? And what can we do to curtail it? Una vera e propria strage silenziosa. In Italia ogni anno muoiono circa lavoratori e almeno rimangono invalidi. Taken together, these factors appear to have made the workplace less safe, and paradoxically so because advanced technologies and specific laws ensuring higher safety standards are in place. There is gathering consensus that preventive interventions and safety measures need to be supported by safety campaigns targeting not only management and workers but society at large.

This section examines the working world, work-related accidents and the close links between work, human rights and the environment in Italy and abroad. Immigrants are twice as often the victim of unsafe conditions as Italians. It appears that on the night of the fire the extinguishers were empty and the alarm telephone was out of order.

Soon after that, five others lost their lives in an accident in Molfetta while cleaning out a sulfur transport tank truck, and six laborers died from accidentally inhaling toxic gases in a tank in Mineo, near Catania. Yet, despite the Turin accident, which shook public opinion and garnered promises to improve work safety, little has been done. On average, three work-related deaths occur every day in Italy. Many factories are also laying people off, as told in the German documentary Losers and Winners.

In fact, the ThyssenKrupp plant in Turin was being phased out when the accident occurred. The first move by management is to cut wages and start sending out dismissal letters. Then, workers rights are suspended or curtailed. Working conditions decay, production declines, and incoming supplies of raw materials dwindle. Il restante tempo lo trascorrono in camerate affollatissime dove mangiano e dormono. Non esistono norme sulla salute o sulla sicurezza e tanto meno diritti sindacali e le paghe sono circa di un dollaro al giorno. Off work, they eat and sleep in crowded dormitories. They have no laws to protect their health or safety and no labor unions to defend their rights.

In return for their labor, they receive about a dollar a day. Chan Ka Wai is describing China, but his description applies to similar situations throughout the developing countries where the poor, including children, continue to die for the privileged classes and wealthier countries. Ha diretto, oltre a numerosi spot e video sperimentali, i cortometraggi Workinprogress , Sangue del mio sangue e Ci sono The film is a photograph of a complex, variegated reality little known outside Puglia. Eyewitness testimonies describe a local situation similar to many, many others around Italy.

He worked as art director in web advertising and print media until , when he moved into filmmaking. Besides making commercials and experimental videos, he directed the shorts Workinprogress , Sangue del mio sangue and Ci sono Collecting evidence from various sources, we were able to reconstruct the real portent of the circumstances.

Oltre a numerosi spot pubblicitari, ha diretto cortometraggi molto apprezzati dalla critica quali Little Fish e Cade la pioggia ; mentre ha esordito nel lungometraggio con The House is Burning A visual essay on man and work.

Fukushima: A Nuclear Story - OFFICIAL ITALIAN VERSION

From South African mines to Polish shipyards to Moroccan dye-works, glimpses of people at work in a kaleidoscope of faces, hands, and movement. No dialogue; simply images and music; an effective use of rallenty: an engaging reportage and tribute to man and work. Besides numerous commercials he has directed critically acclaimed short films, including Little Fish and Rain is Falling ; The House is Burning was his first feature film.

Orange, New Jersey, the s. The tragic story of a group of young women poisoned by the radium they painted on clock dials at the factory where they worked. Lawrence touchingly retells the grim tale of Grace Fryer, one of the young women who suffered medical injury and legal insult from exposure to the lethal industrial poison. Her case was taken up by the newspapers but later settled out of court. After earning a degree in graphic design and a masters in illustration and animation at Kingston University, London, Jo Lawrence made her directorial debut with the short animated film Red Thread , followed by and Zeuxis My central aim with Glow was to communicate that same feeling.

Angelo, 23, Roma, Italy Ph. The work was presented at the Ambra Jovinelli Theatre of Rome and it was a stirring and original portrayal of contemporary work conditions, a social reality that as disappeared from our collective consciousness in our current day society of intangible work. Da dieci anni lavora come regista a RaiSat. Luca Nannini was born in Perugia in He has been working as a director at RaiSat for the past 10 years. Among his works are Claudio Abbado, note di un viaggio, an interview-portrait of the conductor and his youth orchestras; Aldo Moro il volto la voce le parole, an investigative documentary made 30 years after the death of the statesman, Le interviste impossibili and Lezioni di storia at the Auditorium Parco della Musica in Rome.

Dal lavora come autrice, regista e produttrice, sia in ambito cinematografico che televisivo. Michael Loeken, nato a Neviges, ha studiato teatro, cinema e tv a Colonia. Nel esordisce con il documentario Ich hatte schon begonnen, die Freiheit zu vergessen. Dal al lavora come sound mixer in produzioni destinate al piccolo e grande schermo, mentre dal scrive, dirige e produce i propri film.

The film documents the confrontation between two different work cultures: the self-assumed superiority of the Germans, left to an uncertain future, and the total abnegation and hopes of the Chinese workers. Dortmund, Germany studied theater, film and TV, literature, and art history. Since she has worked as film and TV writer, director, and producer.

She teaches documentary filmmaking at the International Film School, Cologne. Michael Loeken b. His first film was Ich hatte schon begonnen, die Freiheit zu vergessen Between and he worked as sound mixer on TV and film productions; since he has written, directed and produced his own films.

E ancora, la tragica situazione del villaggio di Bakary Fofana, al confine tra Mali e Mauritania, dove la desertificazione continua a avanzare. Attualmente vive in Zambia. The lessons of immigration explained in three stories of hope deluded: illegal seasonal farmworkers hired under miserable living and working conditions for the tomato harvest in Almeria, Spain; Adam, who left the Ivory Coast and crossed the deserts of Mauritania and Morocco, heading toward the border with Spain where, like thousands of others, he tries to escape the attempts of the Moroccan police to repatriate him; the tragic situation of Bakary Fofana, a village on the border between Mali and Mauritania, where desertification is steadily advancing.

She currently lives in Zambia. When trying to find a way to make a film about that, I found an article about Spanish tomatoes, and the people who harvest them. Reading the article started a journey to see the people who harvest the tomatoes […]. We ended up in a small village in Mali […]. And we met people who left their homes and all their loved ones to find a better life - and to make life better for those who were left behind. China Ph. Bearing the consequences is its rural population whose traditional structure is ill suited to absorb the shock of rapid transformation.

Du Haibin tells five different stories of farmers trying to cope with the impact of globalization and of how it is threatening to erase the vestiges of rural life and its centuries-long traditions. Ha lavorato come cameraman, montatore, direttore della fotografia e videomaker per il cinema, la televisione Rai, Mediaset e La7 e per Medici Senza Frontiere, per cui sta attualmente curando la post-produzione di due reportage realizzati in Sierra Leone e a Lampedusa. A report about seasonal immigrant farmworkers and the working conditions they endure during the tomato crop harvest: poorly housed out in the sun-burnt fields, without sufficient hygienic facilities, underpaid and exploited by slave-driver employers.

With this film I tried to portray a part of this reality, without polemics or sensationalism. The topic of accident-related death rendered in sung narrative: with Stasera torno prima, singersongwriter Mariella Nava denounces the absurdity of accident-related death deaths in alone due to inadequate safety precautions and negligent attitudes toward safety regulations, accompanied by images from the video clip Libero De Rienzo directed for the National Association of Work Accident Victims ANMIL , with the patronage of the president of the Republic and the patronage of the RAI social secretariat.

Ha esordito alla regia con Sangue - La morte non esiste Libero Di Rienzo b. His directorial debut film was Sangue - La morte non esiste ThyssenKrupp Blues racconta una storia di solitudine e di abbandono che ci riguarda. He had moved here from southern Italy to become a theater actor and ended up working at this Turin steel mill, sadly known by many due to recent coverage in the news. The workers there were constantly in fear of cutbacks, layoffs.

They were always coping with deplorable substandard work conditions, unbearable shifts and a total lack of safety. Pietro Balla and Monica Repetto tell the bitter story of the unsafe work conditions and the anger and frustration of the leading character. The story ends up being one of the most horrible work-related tragedies of the past several years.

It is the story of solitude and neglect that involves all of us. Da questa indagine emerge un quadro ricco di ombre, in cui segregazione e sfruttamento rappresentano i maggiori problemi per molte donne che, giunte nel nostro paese in cerca di una vita migliore, si vedono negare ogni diritto, proprio in una terra con una lunga storia di emigrazione alle spalle. Immigration issues in Salento as discussed in Naemi, a Lecce-based forum of local and immigrant women for the promotion of intercultural exchange and social integration. Emerging from this enquiry is a variegated picture of the segregation and exploitation many women experience after their arrival in Italy in search of a better life but find their rights denied in an area of the country that itself has a long history of emigration.

I diritti umani vengono calpestati da governi, imprese economiche e gruppi armati in molti paesi. These words open the preamble of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, by which by the international community acknowledged the need for a multilateral system of global values based on equality, justice and the rule of law on 10 December Sixty years later the ideals and principles of justice and equality declared in the Declaration and the fundamental liberties endorsed by it are not yet a reality for everyone.

Human rights are trodden upon by governments, economic enterprises and armed groups in many countries. We cannot deny that progress has been made in the development of standards, systems and institutions for human rights internationally as well as regionally and nationally that has improved the situation in many parts of the world. However, all too often governments lack the political determination needed to implement these international laws which they themselves have accepted on a voluntary basis.

Injustices, inequalities and impunities are still prevalent occurrences in our contemporary world. If we look at the Articles of the Declaration and assess their actual enforcement, we see a desolating picture: torture, discrimination against the more vulnerable communities, violence against women and children, the death penalty, the repression of civil liberties, the denial of the right to health, food, water and adequate housing are a demonstration that governments are not respecting human rights.

This year China, in the spotlight of the Olympics in Beijing, not only failed to honor the promise it made to the International Olympics Committee to improve human rights, but during the lead-up to the Games the situation clearly deteriorated. The same applies to the Autonomous Region of Tibet, where for years the Chinese government has seriously limited the freedoms of religion, expression and association of Tibetans. Demonstrators there were dramatically repressed during the few months right before the Olympics.

Decine di risoluzioni del Consiglio di sicurezza vengono sistematicamente ignorate dai paesi destinatari, altrettante risoluzioni vengono bloccate dagli Stati con diritto di veto. The monk portrays the controversial issue of the Olympics taking place in China. During the Winter Games of in Turin he held a prolonged hunger strike to attract the attention of the public about the situation of human rights in Tibet and the inappropriateness of awarding the Games to China before they had given any visible signs of improvement.

There is a singular connection between China and Darfur: in the past four years China was the major supplier of weapons to Sudan, besieged by civil wars for decades. Just when the year war against Southern Sudan was starting to cease, a new terrible war flared up in the western provinces of Darfur in The US government declared in that genocide had been committed in Darfur and that the Sudanese government and the Janjawid were to blame.

But the massacre continued and today the number of victims has reached hundreds of thousands and there are over two million refugees. Dozens of resolutions made by the Security Council are systematically ignored by the countries cited and just as many resolutions are blocked by the countries having the right to veto. The documentary Darfur Now attempts to shed light on this situation by showing the work of people who are bringing aid to this anguished area in various ways.

As regards anniversaries, the International Criminal Court, established to guarantee justice, truth and reparation for the worst violations of human rights genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes , is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year: the Rome Statute, which founds the International Criminal Court, was adopted in And then there is another documentary about Sudan: War Child, whose leading character Emmanuel Jal was formerly a child soldier and is now a famous hiphop singer.

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His story is about the multi-decade civil war in southern Sudan which saw , children drafted by both sides of the fight. This phenomenon also occurs in many other African countries and elsewhere, countries where the right to childhood is denied. Il documentario fornisce anche un interessante quadro di insieme e ricostruisce i collegamenti tra le tecniche di tortura praticate dagli Stati Uniti fin dalla fine della seconda guerra mondiale e trasferite alle dittature del Sud America che ne hanno fatto ampio uso nei decenni scorsi.

Nonostante il quadro di negazione dei diritti che viene denunciato dai documentari presentati in questa sezione, non si vuole rinunciare allo spazio per la speranza. From Belgium, the short animated film with the ironic title Do-it-yourself proposes an original approach to make us aware of the risk of that recourse to torture can start to be taken for granted.

The danger is that the emotion of fear created by terrorist acts justifies the use of torture as inevitable to fight against terrorism. A more in-depth analysis on the issue of torture is dealt with in Under the Hood. A Voyage into the World of Torture. The documentary also gives an interesting overview and reconstructs the connections between the torture techniques practiced by the US since the end of World War II and transferred to the dictatorships of South America which used them widely in the past decades.

Though we expose the denial of human rights in the documentaries presented in this section, we also want to give space to hope. Two emblematic images are presented: the former children soldiers shown in War Child founded the Association of Artists of South Sudan with the goal to contribute to a return to normalcy through art and beauty; the words of Attorney General Luis Moreno Ocampo, who has already succeeded in bringing to trial the Argentinean military men of his own country, guilty of thousands of disappearances…and he is convinced that sooner or later international justice will be delivered.

This helps us build our own conviction that the international community of citizens is making its voice heard and governments will start to listen to pleas for the release of political prisoners, abolition of the death penalty and torture. In Egitto, nei primi sei mesi, donne sono state assassinate dal marito o da altro familiare; ogni ora sono stati commessi, in media, due stupri.

Sono state eseguite almeno condanne a morte in 24 paesi. Amnesty International ha documentato casi di tortura o altri trattamenti crudeli, inumani e degradanti in almeno 81 paesi. Amnesty International ha evidenziato legislazioni discriminatorie contro le donne in almeno 23 paesi, contro i migranti in almeno 15 paesi e contro le minoranze in almeno 14 paesi. Amnesty International ha riscontrato procedimenti giudiziari iniqui in 54 paesi. Amnesty The promises of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and how they were kept in the year Fra questi, Luis Moreno Ocampo, Procuratore capo del Tribunale penale internazionale, incaricato delle indagini sul genocidio in Darfur.

Altrettanto significativi sono gli sforzi delle star di Hollywood per convincere i politici mondiali a far pressione sul governo sudanese. The Darfur region in eastern Sudan is one of the hottest spots in the world today. Darfur Now follows the fates of six people brought together by the fight to end the crisis in the region, among them Luis Moreno Ocampo, Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court, who has been charged with investigating the genocide in Darfur. No less eloquent are the efforts of Hollywood stars to persuade world politicians to put pressure on the Sudanese government.

An AV manual suitable for family viewing that will teach you how to become an expert torturer, maximizing your skills in mercilessly and effectively squeezing information out of a victim. Eric Ledune b. Given the methodical cynicism of the original, my screenplay adaptation brings out some of its shamelessness. Successivamente, dopo aver girato numerosi cortometraggi a carattere documentaristico, ha collaborato come assistente al montaggio in lungometraggi come Going Under e LOVE Riguarda la nostra condizione di esseri umani.

Arrested by the Chinese army in , Buddhist monk Palden Gyasto spent the next 30 years in prison, suffering all sorts of torture, privation, and humiliation because he demonstrated peacefully in Tibet under Chinese rule and because he refused to denounce his master as an Indian spy. After his daring escape across the eternal Himalayan snows to safety in Dharamsala, India, Gyatso now travels the world to promote the cause of independence for Tibet. Fire Under the Snow uses rare archive footage and the testimony of experts such as the Dalai Lama to recount the tragic events of an oppressed people.

She then made several short documentaries and collaborated as editing assistant on two features Going Under and LOVE He accommodated suffering but did not capitulate to it; this is not only his triumph, it is a story that needs re-telling in every generation. In a world where the Western countries have assumed the role of guardian of democracy and hold it an exportable good, it appears striking that the U.

But this is not new: U. The film takes a long, hard look into the use of torture by dominant countries, like the U. Between and he made numerous TV reportage. Of course, torture happens in small African countries and elsewhere, but it does not have the same impact as in the U. Da rifugiato a stella del rap, oggi ventenne, usa la musica per svegliare le coscienze sulla crisi umanitaria che si abbatte sul Sudan, e sulla situazione dei bambini soldato in tutto il mondo.

Karim Chrobog ha studiato Scienze politiche internazionali alla Georgetown University. War Child rappresenta il suo esordio alla regia. From child soldier to promising international hip hop celebrity: the compelling story of Emmanuel Jal. In the early , at the age of seven, Jal was swept into Sudan civil war, becoming one of the After almost five years in the South Sudan Liberation Army, he and his friends deserted, embarking on a harrowing journey that few survived.

From refugee to rap star, now in his 20s, he is using his music to raise awareness about the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Sudan and the plight of child soldiers throughout the world. He then worked for TimeWarner and in he founded Tangier Pictures, an indie production company for which he is making the documentary Kidnapped.

War Child is his directorial debut film. Karim Chrobog C. Mischiando immagini e suono, colori e effetti, Nele Kornrupf e Silke Springe tratteggiano in modo visivamente coinvolgente un ritratto dinamico dello scorrere spiraliforme del tempo, in cui passato e presente, evoluzione e decadenza, si ripropongono ciclicamente.

We found that cruising around certain areas of Berlin, and Brandenburg especially, gives one a feeling of not being entirely stuck but somehow or other hanging in the air. Pollenzo , Cuneo , Italy Ph. Un modo per conoscere un territorio, la gente, la sua cultura.

Un itinerario allegro e intenso, che prende spunto dalla trasmissione RAI Viaggio lungo la valle del Po di Mario Soldati, durante il quale gli studenti raccolgono le testimonianze di artisti e intellettuali legati al grande fiume Ermanno Olmi, Gian Maria Testa, Antonio Albanese, Paolo Hendel, Ligabue, Michele Serra e tanti altri. Students from the University of Gastronomic Science on a field trip: students bicycle to the source of the Po.

An excellent way to discover the area and its culture. He was production director and general manager of his short film and a documentary by Francesco Amato. He is currently responsible for video production at the University of Gastronomic Science, Pollenzo. This is a simple documentary, an attempt by the students to delve more deeply into the subject of a river, its history, the many features of its course and the vital fragrance it has kept. Massimo Duroni, an ecodesigner sui generis, shows us what precisely it is an ecodesigner does: after taking apart some chairs, he examines the composition and materials, evaluating whether or not the design is ecologically sound: use of recyclable materials to reduce the environmental impact.

After working as freelance journalist and consultant for various agencies, in she began working for the National Museum of Science and Technology, Milan, and became head of AV production and programming of exhibition design in But this was not by chance. The elements of nature seen as a means of expression in a non-narrative series devoid of any representational intent.

FOGLIE I colori delle foglie nelle diverse stagioni, mille sfumature che possono dar vita a forme impensate, fantasiose e divertenti. Con un divertente e interessante utilizzo dello stopmotion questo cortometraggio ci mostra le infinite sfumature del terreno. The ean, cutting down trees, gives death to them; in this short the director imagines to bring back to life trunks, branches, bundles which move along on a field, spreading around freely.

In a field the straw is ripen, as soon as they cut it, it starts playing around: shreaves chase each others, settling and undoing themselves to create unusual shapes and acts. In a mountain torrent big and small stones move along and chase each others creating towers, dams and watersports. How many shapes and colors could the soil have?

In a world where everything appears to take place in an urban dimension, where technology and science represent a basic component in our lives, more and more people are seeking refuge in still uncontaminated areas of the globe, far from everything and everyone. Prima di iniziare questo mio quinto film, ho lavorato con la sabbia, dipinto dime sul vetro e disegnato a mano. I have worked with sand, paint on glass, cut-outs and hand-drawn mediums leading up to this, my 5th film.

I am currently exploring how drawn images can imaginatively compliment documented reality. Animated documentaries are unique in that though they remain rooted in real people and situations, they transcend the literal representation of live action filmmaking. Cortometraggio sperimentale caratterizzato da un uso nuovo di un antico zootropio, macchina precinematografica basata sulla riproduzione quasi illusionistica di immagini in movimento, insieme a tecniche di animazione 2D e 3D.

Ora insegna animazione alla University of Maryland Baltimore County, continuando a dirigere cortometraggi. Copenhagen with its steady whir of bicycles as seen through the eyes of film author Eric Dyer. A vortex of spinning color images of a group of cyclists, recreating the atmosphere of a city where cars have been displaced by bikes.

An experimental short film that makes novel use of the zoetrope, a device that creates an illusion of movement within a series of drawings, combined with 2D and 3D animation techniques. In New York he directed music video clips and worked as an animator. He currently teaches at his alma mater and directs short films. Ha ricevuto negli anni diversi premi al Costa Rican Film Festival.

Tra i suoi film: Balloons , Rediscovering Guayabo A stark metaphor with poetic images that offer a glimmer of hope. He then went free lance, diversifying his activities screenwriting, project development, director, photographer, film and sound editor before specializing in postproduction as graphic, animation and DVD designer. I wanted to make a conceptual and abstract film that still would be able to convey enough as to give a brighter twist of hope and transcendence for the leaf towards the end of the short. At the same time I wanted to prove how far could I go with a project that I would write and direct, while also doing all the technical aspects of animation, lighting, compositing and rendering La prima ricostruisce le diverse fasi che hanno caratterizzato la produzione della storica industria farmaceutica.

Memories and hopes are interwoven in a portrait of an enterprise that shifted production from processes with a high environmental impact and risk of occupational exposure due to the use of inorganic substances to fully eco-compatible processes employing innovative technologies based on biological procedures. Il 16 dicembre il Colonnello Griffith J. On December 16, , Colonel Griffith J. It is also hemmed in by thousands of acres of urban sprawl and is so deeply entangled in its urban environment that few park-goers can escape the hold of the city.

Once progress is seen, it all slips away in a heartbeat, emphasizing the fact that global warming will not solve itself. Andrew David Watson, who currently lives in Philadelphia, is a filmmaker who mostly works on documentaries, creative short form projects and music videos that have been screened on MTV and at film festivals around the world.

Although he is currently covering the US presidential elections for the Independent Film Channel, he still finds time to make films about the environment and cycling. Una bambina che costruisce palazzi di sabbia. From the perspective of a little girl, and with an ironic touch, Recchia documents the demolition of the cement behemoth.

She perfected her art in workshops conducted by filmmakers of international renown such as Manoel de Oliveira, Vittorio Storaro and Abbas Kiarostami, with whom she made the short film La trappola This gave me the idea for the film. A little girl builds sand castles. A city builds cement monstrosities. The winter of a city that hides its sea and the innocence of a girl who looks at the buildings. The springtime of a city that restores its environment and the joy of a girl as she jumps on the sand castles.

I boscaioli non sembrano fare troppo caso a questo strano personaggio. Dal collabora al progetto The Other Finland, sorta di documentario collettivo, occupandosi della produzione. Mi ricordo il rumore del trattore a rompere il silenzio. Il peso della legna. Il senso di potere vedendo un albero enorme che cade.

S TAG Man against nature. Against a stupendous northern landscape, and with a touch of irony, the tale retells the eternal conflict between man and nature. Since he has collaborated on The Other Finland project. I remember how the sound of a tractor shatters the silence of the forest. How heavy wood is. The feeling of power when a huge tree falls.

Successivamente dirige Garibaldi Blues , Russian Roulette , Nove secondi e mezzo , Dobrodolska Hora , Fight Da Faida , che ottiene riconoscimenti internazionali. Socio fondatore della casa di produzione Lanterna Magica, con cui collabora in veste di sceneggiatore, animatore, intercalatore e compositore delle colonne sonore, dal insegna presso la Scuola Nazionale di Cinema di Chieri.

Production has been mainly experimental, alternating the use of classic methods with digital formats created with last-generation software. This past year, we wanted to show our mettle not only with the technology of the medium but with the communication of a concept through narration.

Gli ingegneri non procreano, costruiscono! (Italian Edition) Gli ingegneri non procreano, costruiscono! (Italian Edition)
Gli ingegneri non procreano, costruiscono! (Italian Edition) Gli ingegneri non procreano, costruiscono! (Italian Edition)
Gli ingegneri non procreano, costruiscono! (Italian Edition) Gli ingegneri non procreano, costruiscono! (Italian Edition)
Gli ingegneri non procreano, costruiscono! (Italian Edition) Gli ingegneri non procreano, costruiscono! (Italian Edition)
Gli ingegneri non procreano, costruiscono! (Italian Edition) Gli ingegneri non procreano, costruiscono! (Italian Edition)

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