Falling Waters (The Love of Lily and Jessa)

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After talking with Magnus, Emma and Julian decided to tell Robert Lightwood about their situation so that Emma could be exiled and the parabatai bond muted. Julian—by manipulating Robert through the mention of his own parabatai —managed to persuade him to give Emma an exile with special circumstances. However, Robert was later killed by the confused and hysterical Annabel at a Council meeting, along with Livvy, leaving Julian heartbroken and their plan in shambles.

Emma is passionate about fighting and training—and killing, when she's in the mood. She is a fierce warrior and is very skilled for someone her age, attaining her aptitude by striving hard towards a purpose. She is also quite sarcastic but is easily offended and has a temper.

She is incredibly driven and accounts for her status as the best Shadowhunter of her generation as being a result of her determined training. People who know her would say that she is careless and reckless about her life, because of her tendency to jump into danger willingly. Emma is often seen as beautiful and extremely attractive. She has brown eyes, long, pale blond hair, wide cheekbones, a pointed chin, and pale skin. As an effect of working extraordinarily hard at her training, her body is strong, tough, and scarred. She has a deep scar up her right arm, which she got when she was young for hugging her sword Cortana.

Emma and Julian were previously parabatai. They have spent almost their whole life together and grew intimately close. In , Emma realized that she had developed feelings for him, and that Julian has been harboring them for a long time. Their intense love was complicated by their parabatai bond, which bound them to an oath and Law that forbade them from being together. Though they tried to hide and fight it, the tension became undeniable and they had sex despite their reservations.

After Emma found out that the reason behind the rule against parabatai falling in love was deadly, she claimed to not love him to push him away to save him. Their love for one another eventually activated the curse. The curse itself, and their return from it due to the love of their friends and family, removed their bond, allowing them to finally be together. When Emma was young, she had a crush on Julian's brother, Mark—one she eventually grew out of. When he returned, they became good friends and companions.

After Emma called things off with Julian, she asked Mark to pretend to be in a relationship with her, to which he responded by asking if they really had to lie about it. While pretending to be in a relationship, they grew even closer as friends, with Mark often sleeping in Emma's room. Emma and Cristina quickly got along after they first met. They became very close, and Emma trusted Cristina enough to tell her about her mission to investigate her parents' deaths.

They train and go out on routine missions together, and Cristina understands the things Emma is dealing with. Both support each other, though Cristina did not immediately open up to Emma and kept some things from her past to herself. From the day Clary came to comfort Emma after her questioning, they became friends and confidants and have kept in touch since. Emma is left-handed. Emma hates video games. Emma does not like coffee, but she likes the feeling of holding a hot mug.

Emma has a trunk full of her parents' belongings, including the suit her father wore to his wedding.

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Emma's middle name, Cordelia, is shared with her own mother's and that of a distant Carstairs ancestor, Cordelia Carstairs. She was initially meant to have dark blue eyes before it was changed to brown. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. You can give our favorite places a try — yum! From sitting in the hair and makeup chair, tasting the cake and donuts, staying at the venues, etcetera. We can give you our personal and professional advice when it comes to your Dream Team of vendors!!!

Click here to be directed to our Contact Page!! You may be wondering if there really is such a thing as Engagement Season and we are here to tell you, yes there is!! The season kicks off at Thanksgiving and ends right after Valentines Day!! With the coming together of families, endless parties, champagne, a warm fireplace, maybe even a crisp snow fall, it truly is the BEST time to get engaged. What could be better than being surrounded by family and friends during the holidays, as your love gets down on one knee and opens that little box filled that perfect sparkle that signifies the beginning of your life together, well we think that is something so magical!!

This is our favorite season of all because we love that we get to help even more couples plan their special day. You may be wondering, well I have the ring, where do I start… well stayed tuned to find out what you should do next… let the planning begin!! Calling all our engaged lovelies who are tying the knot in !! We have some big news for you!!! The Pantone color of is here and lets just say we are ultra excited. We have moved away from the pastel colors and greenery and this year Pantone brought us back a fun pop of color!

Ultra Violet is a deep purple with a blue base. Color has the ability to transform a space and add to the overall ambiance of your special day. Ultra Violet can be interpreted in a variety of ways, from mysterious and innovative, to bold and powerful, to glamorous and romantic to soft and botanical, the options are limitless. From:: Layer Cake. This all Purple bouquet is to die for. Ultra Violet mixed with lighter shades of purple is the perfect touch to your wedding.

From:: WeddMagz. Talk about a place setting!! From:: The Knot. These invitations are romantic, mysterious and innovative! If you want to make a bold statement this look is for you!! From:: Inside Weddings. This ceremony arch gives us that whimsical botanical feel while also incorporating the deep shade of Ultra Violet! From:: Famous Outfits. Calling all grooms…. Adding accents of Ultra Violet to the mens apparel is a perfect way to to tie the whole wedding together! From:: Pinterest.

Specialty drinks are always a fun touch to your wedding. These beautiful cocktails are making us feel royal incorporatingUltra Violet and topped with gold sugar… can we say yum!!!! Add to your table deco with these beautiful water color place cards! You can bring in a vintage, rustic flare for your guest to enjoy!! There are so many more ways to use this color to enhance your wedding!! Check out our Pinterest board Ultra Violet for more creative and innovative ways to use this color!!!! For a direct link to our Pinterest Board click here!

Happy Thanksgiving White Lace loves! We want to take a moment to thank these wonderful people, today and everyday; we are thankful for you!! You have been such a joy to work with and we are so thankful you have placed your trust in us to help you bring your vision to life. It is a magical feeling to be able to celebrate such beautiful moments with you throughout the planning process. We wish you all a lifetime of love and happiness! To our amazing vendors, w e are so thankful to have built long lasting relationships with all of you.

We love that we can walk into any wedding day with a smile on our face and know you are as ready as we are to celebrate an amazing couple!! So this Thanksgiving we are thankful for you and your hard work and dedication!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving loves. Take a moment to celebrate, relax and enjoy the festive season! Lights, camera, action! The runway was set as Bridal Fashion Week took over the big apple and our favorite designers showed off their new bridal collections!! Textured dresses have taken over the runway! The fabrics are intricate and lustrous and give each dress its own unique and dreamy look. We saw capes make an appearance in last years bridal shows, but now they are everywhere for Fall This time around we are going for full on royalty!

Stunning capes that drape the floor were seen in almost ever designers show. From sheer capes, to embellished capes, this dramatic look is perfect if you want to get that WOW look without the long train or veil. This look is sure to make you queen for the day. We have seen a huge increase of dresses with blush and light blue tones, but this year we were introduced to a series of nude colored dresses. This romantic take on your typical white dress is a fun alternative for the not so traditional bride.

For our elegant, sexy brides there are stunning off the shoulder dresses. With these dresses you get that extra skin showing with the strapless look, but you are a little more covered with the detached sleeves. There was such a variety of off the shoulder dresses that made our heart skip a beat! We are so thrilled to see this whimsical, chic wedding featured on The Knot. From an outdoor ceremony, to beautiful hanging lights and a nacho cheese fountain, this wedding was one for the books.

We were blessed with a dream team of vendors that helped create the most magical day for our lovely couple. Read more about this wedding on The Knot and check out our Instagram for more fun pictures from this wedding. The newlyweds are ready to pack their bags and head to paradise! Whether you want something more relaxing or more adventurous, there is somewhere special for you and your honey. Your honeymoon location will forever hold a special place in your heart so take a look at some of our favorite locations for your honeymoon. Bora Bora French Polynesian Islands. From luxury bungalows over the crystal waters to beautiful coral reefs, Bora Bora is one of the most stunning vacation spots for your honeymoon.

No matter what island you visit, the peaceful beaches will ensure you have a relaxing time. One of my all time favorite hotels is the Grand Wailea , it is so beautiful and peaceful and the best location for your relaxing honeymoon. With miles upon miles of rainforest and filled with endless adventures, St.

Lucia is the perfect location for our couples who love exploration. From hiking in the Pitons, to sailing the coastlines, you will never be bored!! There are so many amazing cities throughout Italy to travel to! Traveling through Italy is really easy by train and you can visit Rome, Florence, Venice, Tuscany, and even end your trip at the Amalfi Coast relaxing on the famous beaches. Italy has so much to offer and it awaiting your endless adventures!! Venice, Italy! Photo taken by our own lovely, J. Paris and romance go together like champagne and strawberries.

So take your amore and explore the city of love. Paris, France!! Photo taken by our own lovely, J!! Montego Bay, Jamaica. There are so many amazing all inclusive resorts in Montego Bay, that will have you and your love never wanting to leave!! James will give you that quieter vibe, with an adults only resort with multiple pools, bars and restaurants. Hey there Loves, White Lace is here to give you some fun advice on how to de-stress and relax during your wedding planning process.

We totally get it, the process of planning your wedding can be time consuming and at times overwhelming. It will alleviate the stress and you will get some fun ideas and create fun memories throughout the planning. Loving these life sized popsicle pop art from the Ice Cream Museum! Our lovely J got the chance to go to the Ice Cream Museum last month and take a dive in a pool full of sprinkles, now this is a sugar high!!

Spa Kingston, located in San Diego! Cheers to your weekend getaway!! Calling all brides, there are some new colors trends that we are oh so excited to talk about! Picking the color scheme for your wedding can be challenging, especially because there are so many amazing colors to choose from. Some of our new found favorites are, the neutrals and metallics, greens and blues and blushes. Whether you are going for elegant and classic, rustic, modern or boho, these colors can be molded into your dream wedding. You may be wondering; how can I incorporate these colors into my wedding without overdoing it?

My best advice is to start with four basic elements; attire, stationery, florals and cake. By adding your color scheme to these aspects of your special day, you will be able to see the subtle touches of color and stay romantic and timeless. For those who want to show off even more color and go for a bold look, add the colors to the linens, the chairs and continue to pop them throughout.

These details may be in your place setting, drinks, jewelry, linens, favors, etc. Whether you are a fan of gold or silver, you are in luck, because the shimmering touches of mixed metallics are becoming more popular than ever. If you really want the metallics to sparkle on your big day, pair it with a very neutral palette of tan, white, cream and even a light pink.

A personal favorite is touches of gray and white marble with an accent of rose gold, truly modern and stunning. A little extra sparkle never hurt anything! The Pantone colors of were rose quartz and serenity and they most definitely have not gone out of style. Besides pastel blue, navy has been trending as well. Pairing navy or pastel blue with blush tones or even a pop of coral, is breathtaking and can be used in so many ways at your wedding. Use navy as the anchor to your color palette or opt for it as an accent color against a simple and clean white and neutral shades.

The pantone color of is greenery!!!! There are so many fun and creative ways to add pops of green to your wedding. Green is a bold color that can really make a statement, so the best way to start incorporating this color is in the four basic aspects I mentioned above. You can use green to accent a rustic theme on a wood table or use it against a white palette for that clean, modern vibe. Make your bouquet stand out with extra greenery or even succulents, add some green details to your invitations and menus, have a long piece of lush greenery as a table runner intermixed with beautiful white and light pink flowers, the options are endless.

To get inspired by these beautiful color schemes take a look at these color inspiration boards put together by The Black Tux!! They have amazing suit and tuxedo rentals that can take your color scheme and wedding vision and bring it to life with the perfect suit! Make sure you check them out to make sure your man is looking as handsome as can be while you say I Do!!! The event was at the Inn at Rancho Santa Fe with four beautiful green lawns that encompassed each time of day for the progressive party.

It started with a fun daytime vibe filled with white and marble balloons and a bright pop of yellow, lawn games, cocktails and so much more. As the night went on the party moved to the sunset area with a vibrant array of oranges, reds, pinks and yellows and fun cabanas! The night ended in a dazzling celestial inspired area with a live band and carne asada fries to name a few. Last but not least one of our favorite areas the Silent Dance Party, where we participated and watched vendors literally feel the music through the headphones, kick off their shoes and dance the night away in the silence!!!!

We are so thankful to work in an industry filled with such passionate and lovely people. Getting to design an event with a blank canvas makes our planner hearts skip a beat. We love to let our creativity shine and let our crazy ideas loose once in a while — the best part is that we, ourselves get to let loose a little and enjoy the celebrations with our industry friend-ors as well. An extra big shout out to Hillary from The Knot for putting her trust in us for another amazing event! Take a look at our amazing dream team of vendors below and many photos of the event!!

Classic Party Rentals- :: www. Sensational Treats — Dessert www. Backup Backdrops — backdrops www. K spotted E from across the room as she was dressed in professional attire carrying her blackberry and truly looked like she could rule the world. From that moment K knew she had to meet this girl, whether she would love her or well, not love her as much as she was dreaming she would. E was such a presence in this event class, she was so knowledgeable even correcting the professor sometimes and busy with her various events she deserved a gold star.

E was working at Qualcomm and stayed very busy and their paths never crossed during the class. A position opened up for a new wedding coordinator at the hotel and K eagerly awaited who it would be. As K was walking through the lobby one day she spotted E with her boss. She knew immediately she recognized her and was almost certain it was the girl from her events class. K never had a chance to meet E since their class in , but in the universe brought these two lovely people together. E was focused on learning her new position and K was juggling tons of weddings. E felt terrible and even now, they laugh about their first true interaction.

Maggie Rogers - Fallingwater

From that moment on, they worked together in one very small office and there was no getting rid of each other — friendship was the only way. When E approached K about the possibility of being business partners, she was immediately shut down by K who said she did not want a business partner. Together their creative, genius minds complemented each other perfectly and everyone around them were waiting for them to branch off and have their own company.

This idea of being business partners came with many risks and a lot of uncertainty, but one thing they knew for certain was that their love for wedding planning and their love for each other was enough to keep them going. And now the story continues …. I am so excited to be part of the wedding planning company and journey of White Lace Events and Design. Just you wait, I have a special love story of my own with these lovely ladies ….

Social Media. Full stop. We love and hate it at the same time, and it keeps everyone connected from celebrity gossip to everyday connections from past, present and even connects friends for the future. It is truly amazing that over the years social media has become an extension of how we all celebrate, share, and stay connected. How much is too much? The most important thing is that this is your big day, so it is up to you to decide how much is too much. This can include:.

It is amazing how all the social media sites can help create a wonderful wedding experience for you and your guests from the start of the planning to the conclusion of your wedding day! You can use social media to look back on all the special moments so that you can stay away from your phone and enjoy being surrounded by love. White Lace is so excited that one of their own lovely ladies is studying abroad!

It is no secret that she is a tremendous part of our day-of team. We miss her greatly and it has been so exciting to continue following her Instagram from afar as she continues to blossom into the passionate and savvy woman she has become. We asked Jessa to write us a blog of her travels so far and how she has become invigorated with all the history and true wonder around her.

Get cozy with a coffee or take a sip of some rose wine and enjoy! Being in place so far from San Diego has opened my eyes to a world full of new trends and endless ideas. As an aspiring wedding planner, everything I look at sparks my creativity and desire to want to create magical new designs. The small, but beautiful details on every building in this city mesmerize me.

Twitter Trolls Outed My Porn Star Past. So I Embraced It.

As I have learned throughout my time at White Lace, it is all in the details and those small details is what sets a wedding above and beyond and is what will stick with you forever. These picture perfect moments are what makes my passion for wedding planning grow each and every day. Although I miss my days of being a bridal assistant, having the ability to travel the world and experience the art, design and culture of so many amazing countries and cities is amazing.

Each country and each city is filled with new culture, colors, people and food that have helped expand my knowledge and ability to adapt to different environments. Looking at the dull pastel buildings in Florence one day and the bright colorful buildings in Burano and then the gold, white and modern vibe that fills the Galleria in Milan have taught me that although all these cities are all in Italy, each contributes something new to the country.

Just like a wedding, every couple is different, every venue is different and you have to be able to adapt to the changes as if you are a world traveler. The experiences I have made so far here in Italy has made me even more excited to be back in San Diego with White Lace making wedding magic happen. As she travels abroad, we continue to get the most amazing emails from her telling us about her travels, her new inspirations and overall celebration for everything that our incredible industry has to offer.

Weddings are everywhere and with so many different traditions, formalities and styles, it is amazing to see that they all have something in common — a ceremony with two people in love and ready to spend the rest of their lives together. We have some fun things setup for her when she is back in sunny Cali, but for now, Ciao! Processed with VSCO with f2 preset. Weddings are a time of joy, happiness, excitement and more. At the same time weddings can be stressful, emotional, crazy and downright a pain in the butt! My name is Amber and I recently got married to the love of my life, Sean.

When I first got engaged, I was so happy and over the moon with excitement. After the initial excitement dissipated, then reality set in and quickly I was overwhelmed with this sense of impending doom as I knew I had so much to plan and so much to do! We kicked things off with a gorgeous engagement party in December, and then followed by an amazing Chanel themed bridal shower in July and an incredibly silly and fun bachelorette party in August. It was all so fun and amazing to experience. However, after planning basically three different parties, I was exhausted to say the least.

I realized quickly that for the wedding I was going to need reinforcements. I started looking online for wedding planners and then asked Julie at the Omni La Costa , if she knew of anyone they recommended. She gave me several names, one of which was the White Lace Events. I reached out to several companies, and the first to get back to me was the White Lace Events girls. From the moment these girls reached out to me to the very last goodbye they were on top of their game. Krissie was the first to contact me and everything she said was exactly what I was looking for.

At this point in the wedding process, I was exhausted to say the least and I needed people who knew what to do and where to go. The White Lace Event gals knew exactly that. When you are about one month out from your wedding is when the real crunch time occurs and everyone starts asking you a million questions! You get pulled in all sorts of directions and you just want to pass the work off on someone else because you become too tired to even answer and that is when these ladies can step in.

The day of my actual wedding everything was such a blur. I think I was so overwhelmed by everything, that it all just became surreal. Almost, like I was watching someone else get married. Krissie and Liz, helped me from the beginning to the end. From the time I put on my gorgeous Monique Lhuillier dress, to seeing my bouquet for the first time, these ladies were there.

Right before I walked outside to proceed down the stairs for my ceremony, I did finally have a moment where all my emotions hit me like a ton of bricks. After that, our entire wedding went off without a hitch. We enjoyed dancing, eating and just having a great time with friends and family. The ladies were even there when my dress kept getting snagged on the dance floor to help pin it up some more.

Thank you again girls for all your help and continued support throughout an exciting, emotional overly stressful and yet super fun process!! Plunging V necks, off the shoulder dresses, capes, a pop of color and an abundance of floral details describes just some of the magnificent dresses seen at the Spring Bridal Fashion Week. Sexy is the new black, with plunging V necks in almost every collection accompanied by a soft elegance to create some of the most unique and flawless dresses the wedding world has ever seen.

For brides who love to stray from traditional, Spring is your year!!! The pastels are in and you can see these colors mixed within the dresses for an extra dramatic flare.

Falling Waters (The Love of Lily and Jessa) Falling Waters (The Love of Lily and Jessa)
Falling Waters (The Love of Lily and Jessa) Falling Waters (The Love of Lily and Jessa)
Falling Waters (The Love of Lily and Jessa) Falling Waters (The Love of Lily and Jessa)
Falling Waters (The Love of Lily and Jessa) Falling Waters (The Love of Lily and Jessa)
Falling Waters (The Love of Lily and Jessa) Falling Waters (The Love of Lily and Jessa)
Falling Waters (The Love of Lily and Jessa) Falling Waters (The Love of Lily and Jessa)
Falling Waters (The Love of Lily and Jessa) Falling Waters (The Love of Lily and Jessa)
Falling Waters (The Love of Lily and Jessa) Falling Waters (The Love of Lily and Jessa)

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