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Name required. Full Day Supply. Double Strength mg. Designed for The New iPhone 5. Safe for Oven, Microwave, Refrigerator, and Dishwasher. Tray Size: Forum started on Tuesday, February 15, pm originally started on World Crossing on Wednesday, October 2, am. Go to page ', event. Lady Arabella on Fri Apr 05, pm. Lady Arabella on Sat Apr 06, pm. The following is an archive of material originally posted at the Harry Potter Lexicon Forum, hosted by World Crossing, which ceased operations on April 15th, Mike, Wiiiiiiii!

Cheers to ! I was doing a couple of other things when my attention was arrested by a very familiar voice. I looked up to see a much younger Tom Felton playing Louis Leonowens! His hair is darker, he has freckles and a rounder face than Draco Josephine, it has really been nice to have some kid-free days. However, I have had such a bad cough that I have not been sleeping well and really do not feel like doing much of anything. That is a disappointment, because there are many things I would enjoy doing, but I just don't feel like doing them.

LOL HH! What a cute cartoon! My internet and cable have been out for several days, and they finally came on this morning. Hopefully, they will stay up and it will not be just a teaser while they try to fix the issues. My brother and his girlfriend have a Wii, and we played Homerun Derby with the baseball game all Christmas Eve. Andy and I decided that we will buy a Wii either for our anniversary or for each other next Christmas.

Hopefully, they will be easier to find then! I am envious of all of you who got one this year! Okay, off to catch up on posts and then take down the tree. LOL Maria! So far we are being successful. Have a great year everyone. I still have not completely gotten over the pneumonia. Yikes, talk about price gouging. I slept through all the firecrackers at midnight, but my trusty HP calendar tells me it is indeed January 1st. Have a wonderful year and may all your choices be wise ones! One ping only, please. Who says this, and in what movie?

I love that movie! I could and do watch it over and over and over Plus it's the only recent submarine movie I could think of I too have discovered some wonderful recipes this way and appreciate the opportunity to bring a favorite to share when I am given ample time to plan, shop and prepare of course! I think your observations about learning and grades are also very wise counsel. For me, the higher my GPA is, the better scholarship monies I can apply for and the more I can minimize the impact of my schooling on my family.

While Dahubby and I are united in our belief that the degree I will obtain will vastly improve my ability to get a decent job and better support my family, my going to school full-time now and not working does impose a hardship on everyone in my family that I am very aware of and want to negate as much as possible. I have found that although I am very much a minority in my classes, my professors are usually very happy to see me there because they have found that older students such as myself are very self-motivated and in school because we choose to be.

We arrive prepared and budget our time to learn the material well. I wish there was a way to imbue some of the life-lessons and perspectives we bring to class to my younger peers. Truly, youth is wasted on the young sometimes! Holly, I am in awe of your once-a-month cooking endeavors! Someday I will be brave enough to try it. The concept makes total sense to me, but the task of planning, preparing and baking is so daunting that I have not yet attempted it.

I envy you your simplified dinners in the coming month! Mike, hearty congrats on the newest electronic member of your family! What a nice surprise to happen upon one in stock and be able to snag it up! I am off to play a board game with the rest of the family. I can tell you that it is always very refreshing to have the more mature students in my classes. They are, in general, much more motivated and have gotten to the point in their lives where they realize the value of education.

The same cannot be said of most of my high schoolers nor the younger college kids. There are exceptions, of course, but it is very unfortunate that they are the exception rather than the rule. As a teacher, it is frustrating, but also makes me work harder to try to instill that work ethic, responsibility, and love of learning in my high school students. It doesn't always work, but I do try! Then while I was making the other dishes I simmered the next batch of soup.

Chinese Nouns

I think I was in the kitchen for maybe hours straight, then rested and ate dinner while the last thing meatloaf was in the oven. So it wasn't that bad. But I haven't cooked in months. The family has been eating Sonic, Taco Bell, and canned soup. With the craziness of the upcoming months I decided we needed something better to eat!

When I was a teaching assistant I found the same thing as PatPat--generally people who are old enough to be paying their own tuition take their classes a little more seriously. PatPat, how are you feeling? Congrats on the Wii Mike! I painted the cabinets in the kids' bathroom today so now my hands are speckled with dark blue paint. I have to finish the baseboards tomorrow and then put up the towel racks and hopefully by tomorrow night they will be able to use their bathroom again. The sale doesn't start until the 19th, but we pick up our Girl Scout cookies on Saturday.

I think I could go my whole life and never see another box of those and be perfectly happy. But no, Hermione is determined to up her total from last year, when she slipped to only something. Bonne Annee! May be a year of peace, happiness and fulfillment for all. I've been in bed with stomach flu for the last little while. Just thought I'd pop in to wish you all a Happy New Year. Hope you're well on the road to recovery now.

Fiddling around with my Photobucketdotcom an image hosting site account before means that some of my previous posts lost their holiday greetings. I loved that movie. It got flack, and I don't really know why. Speedy healing charms to you, PeskyPixie! I was impressed when dd got over boxes one year. GS cookie sales start the 11th here! I'm certainly not ready. Mr Journeymom goes back to work tomorrow. He took the last two weeks off from work. It's been wonderful having him around. I was expecting some guesses from you on my riddle on the games thread!

Hope you feel better soon. Holly, I am recovering from the pneumonia, slowly. It's been really hard to get over. I think I will probably be better just in time to go back to work! Thank you for asking. I loved that movie too, journeymom. But it's got Sean Connery so that's enough for me! Well, it's the end of New Year's day here in about 4 minutes!

Hope everyone had a great holiday. Stinks that I was sick for the whole holiday but it was still nice to have the time off. It's going to be tough going back, but the last half of the school year tends to go pretty quickly.

Floral Lace Granny Square Pattern # 535 Crochet Tutorial

Then it's all down hill until summer break. Boy, this year has flown! Anyway, one last Happy New Year to all the forumers! Happy and Joyous one. This is the beginning of our 6th year together! Not sure yet which it will be yet. I am leaning toward the Wii because at least there is physical movement. Pesky sounds like you may have gotten the bug that closed down schools around here, so sorry. Today I painted the upstairs bathroom and cooked meals for the next month or so. I cooked two pots of soup, a chicken pot pie, a shepherd's pie, two pans of chicken spaghetti, chicken and dumplings, and a whole bunch of meatballs.

I am tired. I have wanted to cook meals ahead but I can never organize it. Of course as part-time vegetarians we don't have that meat dish to base our meals around. We will be participating on the first Girl Scout cookie sale. I have three girls who will sell, oi! Edit: Arkansas? Ar-Kansas I have only heard so Southerns say. It just kinda hit me that the year I graduate is It's like reality hit me, it's kinda wierd.

We used to laugh about how far off was, but now it's like, where did time go!? It's a little freaky! I hope everyone had a safe happy new year, though I'm a bit late on the New Years thing, but it's still the first in some time zones It's supposed to get down to 25F tonight! Tomorrow is slated for 20F! AHH the highs will only be around 48F tomorrow!

I'm gonna freeze! I have a question for everyone. How do you prounouce Arkansas? Les Miles, the LSU head coach pronounced it Ar-Kansas and I was wondering if he was joking or if some people really do say it that way! We've had several discussions and we've decided we've never heard it pronounced that way! LOL Okay, I'm off to read. Sorry about Hawaii's loss, Kristina! I watched the whole game and it was really sad! I was cheering for Hawaii! Oh well, they still had a great season.

keke (florexil) on Pinterest

Tigers in less than a week! A very happy New year to you all again! That's what my Mom just told me on phone she's turning 66 today. Healing Charms to all needing some. Do enjoy the rest of the week if you're lucky enough to still be on holidays. Only 5 more days for me also before school starts again. I hope, everybody has recovered from the festivities by now. I recorded it, but haven't had the chance to watch it yet. I don't think I want to now! LOL- every five minutes or so the manager at my work would get over the loud speaker and announce the scores of the Sugar Bowl.

Needless to say, the entire store there were more employees than actual customers throughout the entire day would groan. I'm just looking at the bright side- at least we made it to the Sugar Bowl!! Off to bed. It must be nice to live in a place that has a civilized and compassionate public school system, where the winter break lasts 5 more days and school doesn't resume until Monday the 7th!

But not the NYC Dept. Alas, earwax. I have some thoughts about grades in school, rubrics, etc. Have a great day, everyone! I have only heard it called Ar-Kansas if someone was being goofy on purpose. Our GS Cookie sales starts on Friday, we have everything but can't sell until then. Last year, the sales occurred right when we moved so Millicent didn't sell. Her troop doesn't do booth sales at all so we can't up her numbers there. I seriously doubt if we get enough snow to have any fun with though. I've never heard it pronounced any other way besides Are-Can-Saw.

I've never heard it called Ar-kan-saw before! I'm having a 'where has the time gone' day. Eight days til my exam? Twelve days until eight pages of work has to be in? Yes, we young'uns do not know how to manage our time properly. There's always something better to do Have fun back at school PAH! Healing charms to Pesky, plus a few extra ones for PatPat! Horrible gloomy day today. Better go sit next to the fire and do some work! Thought I'd stop back in again. Half my kids started school today; two more start tomorrow, and the college student doesn't have to go back until the end of next week. This morning dawned clear and chilly: -4 degrees F, with a windchill of The dog is bugging me to take her for a walk, but she's just gonna have to wait until the sun has been shining for a while.

I think I'll feel like getting some fresh air even if it's really cold, but come on! There are limits! I'm getting along on the second draft of my book. It's going faster than I expected; at this rate, I may be done with the rewrite in 3 months or so. Hope you all have a good New Year! I've always said Are-can-saw - emphasis on the "Are" and trailing off on the "can-saw".

Healing charms to Pesky and to all others who need them. Hope is a great year for everyone. I now have a lovely post-nasal drip cough that's keeping me up at night. My doctor said that I wouldn't get these sinus infections if we had a humidifier so on Friday I'm going to buy one. I hope it helps. We've had bitter cold temps lately, but it's supposed to be in 40'sF here this week and possibly up to 50F on Friday. I know Colorado weather all too well and this warm up just means a blizzard is on the way.

Some local school districts start tomorrow, but my girls go back next Monday. They get their report cards next week, too. Shayla is eager to see if she held onto her A in Math as it's her first-ever. That B in Math has haunted her for three years now. We had a very low key New Years. A friend and her boys came over and all the kids spent the night playing Heroscape while she and I were sick and coughing on the couch.

We made it to midnight, barely, and then she had to drag the boys home. Happy New Year, everyone!! Dh goes back to work tomorrow but the kids and I don't go back until the 7th. I, too, have only heard "Ar-can-saw" unless someone is being silly and says "Ar-kansas. I liked the first one better, though. If the exhibit comes to a museum near you I highly recommend it. Good luck with the writing RPS! Has someone cast a Busy Charm on you?

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Seriously, congratulations! I am in awe I am seeing a distinct difference in the way U. I've only ever heard it as "ARE-can-saw" unless, as Denise says, someone is being intentionally goofy and calls it "Ar-kansas. I once heard a radio announcer who was a friend of mine, and wasn't very sports-oriented who got drafted into reading sports scores, pronounce "Duquesne" as "Doo-kess-nee" rather than "Doo-cane" as is more usual. When I was a basketball manager at UVA and we played Duke and we had to keep the scorebook, we "remembered" how to spell their coach's name by referring to him as "Crazy-Zoo-Ski" instead of "Sha-shev-ski" Krzyzewski.

Why can't any of these things be simple? Well, on Sunday dh met his parents to pick up the venison from the deer his BIL shot for him at Thanksgiving, when dh opted to not go hunting as he had a sinus infection and it was sleeting, so BIL shot another deer and said it could be his. So while filling up the freezer with venison and BIL threw in a pound of ground elk, which is now in the taco soup I said "I need to cook some of this" and things kind of spiraled from there.

I should be able to answer your question. We pronounce it Ar-can-saw. Personally I never cared for it myself. FYI: Here's a bit of fun fact on Arkansas. It has the only public diamond mine, Crater of Diamonds State Park, in the world. Since diamonds were first discovered on the site in , over 75, diamonds have been unearthed. Girl Scout cookies? Can't wait to be able to buy them. They are so yummy! Saw Nat'l. Treasures: Book of Secrets. Loved it! Though it seemed to be a bit choppy to me, I still liked it. Wonders if they will make a 3rd? They sure gave that impression, but so far I haven't found any info on one.

I'm quite anxious to know what Page 47 is all about. I am still in a deep dark depression over UVA's bowl game loss yesterday. Well, I say "loss" but actually it was more of a "gift" since we just handed it to them!!!! Most disappointing It made no sense then, either.

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Isn't it a native American name? RPS, good to see you! Marie, do you have a cough with that post-nasal drip? Try two teaspoons of buckwheat honey every few hours, especially before bed. There was a study done at Penn State that found buckwheat honey is more effective than over-the-counter diphenhydramine. Mr Journeymom just last week got over a hacking cough from a cold that turned into an infection.

I hunted down buckwheat honey and found it in a natural foods store. I need to get busy. Dd invited a handful of girls to watch a movie and they'll be here in an hour and a half. We watched Clueless last night, with Alicia Silverstone. I like that movie, but it is rated PG and generated some conversations. It turned out to be the Kate Beckinsale version, which is lovely but probably not as fun as the other version. LOL So the difference seems to be everyone across the pond. I guess Les Miles was just being funny!

It is, and my dad says that thats the correct way to say it, so that means Kansas should be pronounced "Can-saw". But I dunno, he might be full of it, I don't know where he gets that info! LOL I'll always say "Kan-sas". Prounciations are weird!

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LOL I don't know why! Yeah, Kristina, you might not want to watch. It was pretty bad. They whooped up on Brennan big time. Last time I check he'd been sacked 8 times and it wasn't even the 4th quarter yet. I didn't watch that game! USC won, so of course I'm mad about that. And Michigan won, I was happy about that, with their coach leaving and all. I'm also real;y tired about hearing about Tim Tebow. Well I'm off to bundle up and buy a new toaster. After months of it shooting toast 2 feet in the air, it finally decided not to even turn on.

Oh well, its old. Have a great day! However, I am with you on Caribbean, Tori. I have heard Ca-rib-e-in and Care-a-be-in almost interchangeably my whole life. In fact, I alternate back and forth. I need to ask my mom which is supposed to be correct! That's also a good question. If it is Are-can-saw, why isn't Kansas pronounced Can-saw? There's a comedian who does a routine on this sort of thing. I think it's George Carlin.

He says stuff like: if "sour" is pronounced sow-er, why isn't "your" pronounced yow-er? He goes on for about 15 minutes with stuff like that. It's hysterical. I'm also tired of hearing about Tim Tebow! I was just happy that my alma mater, Florida Atlantic University, won their bowl game! They became the youngest team ever to win a bowl game. This is only their seventh year with a football team.

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It was very cool. Makes me want to go back to college so I can join in the fun! Did you get off earlier than we did? Our last day was the 21st. Or maybe you get out earlier in the summer? It's a good thing I have until Monday because I need a few more days to recover from the pneumonia before going back and getting exposed to the kids' germs again! First day wasn't bad though! My kids were sleepy, but very cute. It was good to see them, in fact, and hear about what they did over the break. And guess what guys, quite a few of them got Wiis and are hooked!

And sore, too, just like you, PatPat! Keep resting up! My recorder stopped recording. It was really sad I think he flies back today. School doesn't start here until January 14th. I might not go into my placement until the 16th though- my brother is coming back from South Korea and is out-processing aka signing papers to get out of the military here at Hickam AFB. Works out perfectly, because I can see him! He'll be arriving on the 10th, and I'm not entirely sure when he'll be leaving I pronounce Arkansas 'Are-can-saw' too. I am now sweating over baking Olivia's birthday cake for the 12th January.

She has seen a picture in a book of one made into a trampoline, complete with trampolining sp! I hope you had a wonderful day. New Year was a quiet one for us. It doesn't bother me at all. We just stayed in with a bottle of wine. Wouldn't be able to get a babysitter for love nor money even if we did want to go out Congrats on getting a Wii Mike. Hubby loves the target practice game you get with Wii Play. His score is so far Thanks, journeymom! Sirius, I'll bite! What's a "part-time vegetarian"? I thought you either were or you weren't. I do go meatless as in no meat, no fish, no poultry a couple of days most weeks, but I could never be a true vegetarian, since I do eat dairy foods.

I've always pronounced it ARE-kin-saw The middle syllable is the schwa? Journeymom, the Kate Beckinsale version of Emma probably isn't as good as it could be, although there are elements of it that I like better than the GP version. Kate actually looks more like the image of Emma I get when reading the book as I am currently doing. I think Ray Coulthard is a respectable Frank Churchill, too. Alas, Mark Strong's Mr. Knightley is much too crabby! LOL I'll be interested to hear your comparisons.

A few weeks ago, someone mentioned Buckeye cough syrup, and yesterday I found some at Save-Mart! Funny, I've never noticed it before. I almost bought some, but I need to ask my doc first. Well, I had to write on a check today. Boy, did it make me feel old! I haven't seen the Paltrow version in awhile, but I think I liked the Mr.

Knightley from that one better. Mike, I told the girls that you found a Wii and now they want to fly out there just to play it. Sirius, Azi, Choices and anyone I've unintentionally missed, thanks for the wishes and Healing Charms. They seem to have worked as I feel much better today although I'm still taking it easy; the diet was a bit hard today as my appetite has started to return, but lounging around in my PJs while others shovelled snow in record-setting cold temperatures wasn't too bad I'm a tad guilty about this, but I'm still justifying myself to myself as I couldn't help out today and everyone commanded me to stay indoors and keep warm My family has saved New Year's Eve dinner for me, so for my first real meal in a while I'm getting a Chinese lunch tomorrow.

Everyone, keep your fingers crossed that it sits well! Oh, regarding weight loss due to illness, I've lost ten pounds in six days! Knightlys, and I think I like the Beckinsale version a little bit better overall. The age difference seemed more obvious to me in that version than in the Gwyneth Paltrow version, even though I think the two Mr. Knightlys and the two Emmas are just about the same age thus the same age difference. I don't remember Mark Strong as "crabby. I've been in lurker mood, just because time has been a particularly precious, but I have enjoyed "catching up" with everybody.

Snuffles: I have to ask: A trampoline cake? I have a penchant for making foods that look like other things, but I have to admit that sounds particularly daunting. How about them 'eers? Vegans don't eat dairy. We have snow! Not much settling though. I've been chuckling about the news making a big thing of 'snowdrifts' of 4cm.

Oh, and the A1 being closed up north due to no snow at all it's on the news now and it's less than an inch, I'm sure. It is 10 F out there and I still had to force them to wear coats! Gee Wiz! Healing charms to all that need them! Denise got one of the boys a new coat, which I was not happy with because it was at least 2 sizes large, not something he is going to grow into over the season. The boy is doing exactly what I suspected he would do with it.

He will not wear it to school, despite the fact he has to walk a mile in 17F weather because "are you kidding? I am not wearing THAT to school, it is too big! So he went off today in a plain little sweatshirt hoodie He would rather look "cool" than be warm. P does it we have some interesting combinations.

His Christmas Eve outfit was a glow-in-the-dark short-sleeved t-shirt from Luray Caverns, black with bats and things on it. I was busy cooking so Mr. P got dressing duty. But today is supposed to be the last cold day, and the next few are supposed to gradually go up until we reach almost 60 in a couple days! LOL azi on the 4 cm. What "ship" happens in 5 days? I don't want to put Christmas stuff away I've just skipped over many posts. We got through the holidays and sent the in-laws back to the mid west. We have since been working on painting what was the nursery to become a pirate haven for my son.

Toddler has moved into the bottom bunk and is adjusting to sharing with her sister. Things should be smoother once we get all of their brother's stuff out of that room and the changing table out of my hallway. It was 2. The wind chill was about I'm skipping the grocery shopping thing to wait for a warmer day to bring out the little one, but still need to drag them all out this afternoon for dance class.

My young helper is in Hawaii this week, or else I'd have her come here to stay with the kids instead of coming to class with me. Someone mentioned a hubby who loves the target practice game for the Wii. May I suggest a Wii Zapper? It comes with a cool game, and is about half the cost of many of the other games. Son got one from Santa, and Mr. Puck loves it.

Diva got the High school Musical Wii game, and is living up to her name. Off to sort through some stuff. Must remove changing table from hall so we can carry Son's new furniture in tonight. It arrived yesterday and was placed in the garage until we could finish painting. It's one piece -which came in many pieces- which functions as bed, desk, and dresser.

We're [messing] with "go" and "do"! Let's go! The theaters I service are running "holiday hours" while school's out, starting shows as early as AM. That means I have to get up even earlier to get any work done--not fun for a lifelong night-owl like myself Condolences on the odd hours We run into that word thing all the time while practicing reading. Little P will see some word like "sour" and pronounce it "your" and is all confused when I tell him the real pronunciation. I always tell him that I agree with him -- the language is weird sometimes.

Hoodies are just so much "cooler" you know! Most mornings it isn't really cold enough for a real winter coat anyway so that isn't really the problem. The 14 year old just absolutely hates to wear anything with long sleeves, period! He would go to school everyday in a short sleeve t-shirt and jeans if I let him. Then the 10 year old really doesn't fuss about wearing the coat but you have to remind her to grab it.

Then 9 times out of 10 she ends up forgetting to bring it home from school! A Wii zapper huh? Our snow has melted. It lasted all of a few hours! I've heard on the news that about 30 miles away from where we live, they have found an unexploded WWII bomb! Apparantly there will be a controlled explosion tomorrow! Olivia has started to be slightly picky about her clothes.

Though luckily, not to the point where she refuses to wear anything! Our cold weather is a giggle next to those of you who really live in a cold climate, but I wish we had a winter dress code enforced from mid-November through mid-March. Girls show up in little short-sleeved T shirts and shorts not even a sweater or hoodie for some in December and January Or they wear a similar outfit with UGG boots dumb-looking, if you ask me and a light-weight hoodie and think they are dressed for winter. We may be in Central California, but a high temp of 40 degrees is still a bit chilly for such get-ups, except at PE, when the kids are really moving around.

My last school banned shorts between Thanksgiving and Valentine's Day or an early March Easter , and I think it was a wise choice. Marie, I don't dislike Mark Strong as Knightley; he certainly brings a well-bred, gentlemanly "air" to the character. I just think he seems to be a bit less grim in the book Knightley was often rather grumpy when it came to discussing F. Have you seen the old BBC miniseries ca. I own and have watched it several times, and I can't make up my mind how I feel about it. I don't think the acting is terrible, but none of the actors truly seem to fit their characters Most of the other actors seemed way too old for their roles, and I didn't see anything about Ania Marson's Jane that could have captivated F.

Jan 3, pm Mike, you are correct. I don't normally like Gallagher. I don't find smashing fruit remotely funny. But that routine had me in stitches. All of you in cold climates will probably laugh, but it is unusually cold here in Florida today. They said, with the wind chill, it felt like the 20's last night. Nothing compared to up north, but rather cold for us thin-skinned Floridians!! Soli, there are many different types of vegetarians. Pescatarians, for example, will eat fish but no other animal flesh.

Lacto-ovo vegetarians will eat dairy and eggs. Lacto vegetarians will eat dairy but no eggs and ovo vegetarians will eat eggs but no dairy! Vegans are one of the most strict. They will not eat dairy, eggs, animal products, or any processed foods containing ingredients derived from animals. I'm thinking a "part-time" vegetarian is actually a flexitarian, a fairly new term used to describe a person who is mostly vegetarian but will occasionally eat meat!

Not looking forward to fetching kiddies and heading to dance class. Hmmm, I should go see if my van even plans to start in this weather. Bad luck. What is that supposed to be??? Pretty funny-looking, if you ask me. But then again, the fashionistas of New York have very rarely consulted me on what this year's "look" should include.

I am currently wearing jeans and an Eeyore fleece top over a turtleneck, which I am pretty sure is not "in" anywhere on the planet! But it is a hoody, so maybe that counts for some cool points??? Bundle up, Puck! How many feet of snow are you guys still struggling through? I think I read the other day that your area had something like 45 inches of snow in December maybe?

Stay warm, everyone!

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All that talk about kids not wanting to put their parkas on makes my skin crawl. It is our big fight in the playground at break times in winter: trying to have them keep their coats on, and I'm NOT in a hurry to start that fight again BTW, have other teachers noticed that the most 'tiresome' to remain 'nice' kids are almost never ill? They must scare viruses away! Thanks for the explanation about the pronounciation of Arkansas! It had never crossed my mind before that it could not be pronounced like Kansas.

I should know better about names of places however: not far from here is the lovely town of La Clayette which is, curious as it seems, pronounced "la clette". This is my new English "word of the day". Warmth is all that counts in my book in winter. Maybe we should start a trend? Strengthening and Cheering Charms to all going back to work already and Weather Charms to all needing some.

Elanor YES!! I have noticed this. The kids that are the most challenging in my classes are the ones that are hardly ever absent. I would not wish illness on any of my students, of course, but it would be nice to have a break from these students once in a while! I do avoid eating eggs though. No morals or ethics behind it, I just can't stand the taste. I also avoid gelatine, but alas, so many products are made with it today it's difficult to avoid.

In Yorkshire, we have many odd pronounciations where letters are missed out. For instance, the village of 'Slaithwaite' is pronounced 'Slawit'. Being Yorkshire, the T is shortened as well, to a gutteral sort of sound. I feel like I was the only child in school who avoided at all costs going outside in the cold weather at playtime. I'm not wild about the watermelon smashing, but the man does have some hilarious routines.

He came to Mobile for a show several years ago and my daughter and I went to see him, plus we have two or three of his tapes. Healing charms to all those who are coughing, sputtering, hurling, sniffling, aching, etc. Please, get well soon! I'm all for a good freeze to last most of the winter, however, we have a heat pump. This is the electric power companies idea, efficient in cooling durning the summer is their claim but not so much efficient for heating in the winter. Our particular HVAC heating, ventilation, and air conditioning unit doesn't do either very well.

Seems it is constantly running and yet we are still too warm in the summer and too cold in the winter. But the one that bothers me more, is when people change the "i" at the end of a word to an "a". In Florida, Miami is pronounced "My-am-ee". Why then is Miami, Oklahoma pronounced "My-am-uh"? And why do some people pronounce Missourri "Missourr-uh"? An "i" can make an "e" sound, but it's not supposed to sound like "a" or "uh". But what do I know? If they're not cold even if it seems insane to us why can't they go without their coats? If anything, it might reduce the piles and piles of coats and sweaters left out on the playground.

They remain unclaimed, even when properly labeled with their names. It's absolutely baffling that kids can so easily discard a jacket and not go looking for it. And I can't understand why parents don't come check out the rack. The PTA set up two nice portable coat racks for the steady stream of clothes. When I was a kid I can't believe I'm uttering that phrase the yard duty aids would look for a name on an abandoned jacket and return it directly to the kid.

Oh, listen to me. I'm ranting like a grumpy old lady. I know what you mean about the "lost-n-found" box. Little Pince lost a glove the Monday before Christmas break, and I was directed to the cafeteria to check out the lost-n-found box. I was expecting a box like the size that copier paper comes in, with maybe some orphan gloves and a scarf or two. Instead, there were two huge boxes, each roughly the size of a dishwasher!

They were chock-full of major items -- big heavy winter coats, hats, Thinsulate-insulated gloves, nice dressy sweaters, thick expensive name-brand sweatshirts, etc. I was amazed that parents hadn't "missed" these items and come looking for them -- I mean, the big winter coat? Wouldn't you miss that if it was gone? Anyway, after aimlessly stirring the enormous mass of clothing around for a minute, it became apparent that looking for one little glove that's 2 pair for a dollar seemed kind of pointless.

Losing things is something I'm having to learn to adjust to. As an only child, a packrat, and also someone who lived alone for a long time, I am just not used to misplacing things. If I put it somewhere, it stayed there until I retrieved it -- I might've had to dig through if a pile began growing, but I knew the general area where it was and would be able to find it eventually. Not so anymore, alas earwax! It's the opposite -- nothing is where I put it.

Plus, I keep having to "hide" things or put them up in high places, and then I forget where they are. I have yet to find the dog's Christmas cookies and the squeaky toy I bought her. As for pronouncing the "s" in Arkansas, that grates on me almost as much as someone pronouncing Illinois ill-i-noy as "ill-i-noise". And Elanor would probably have said it "ill-i-nwah" Don't get me started on Des Moines I had been there almost 10 years before I found out that La-fay-et Rd and Laaf-ee-yet Rd were the same road!

Lafayette Rd In the south, it is 3 syllables, not 1.



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