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The Mast Years, The Forest of the Celestial Anaconda, Xilema, Zeitlupe

Stuttgart's Lord Mayor Dr. Klett opened a Memorial in the former workshop of Daimler. The 1st Daimler motor. Old Daimler when driving on the road. Bells in the Bell Tower. Heuss, accompanied by Mayor Kolb, goes through the exhibition. Pumps, tipper. Adenauer reporter DW interviewed Dr. Adenauer about his plans in the near future. The Bundeshaus in Bonn.

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Adenauer, to tell us something about the plans for the next time. Peter's square. Pius XII granted[…]. Louis Hotel ship which leaves St.

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Louis on the Elbe to the scrap yard. Bomb craters on the island. They lay flowers at crosses. Deep bomb[…].

Federal Minister Stork speaks to the professional emergency of youth. Interview: "we are sure that something must be done for the transitional period for the young people in the Federal[…]. On the grandstand Ulbricht and Pieck Grothe welfare, total. Vopos at the Brandenburg Gate.

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West Berlin: Demonstration on the square of the Republic before the ruins[…]. Actuality: "we call upon the world in our emergency and appeal to the conscience of every man:[…]. The German family who acquired it tried to sell it back. Teachers and parents might not have noticed, but students don't only use YouTube for fun. According to a new study, about half of them watch videos to learn things as well. How does this affect the educational program? More info OK. Wrong language?

Projekt Zeitlupe Inc. | Erna de Vries | I wanted to see the sun again

Change it here DW. COM has chosen English as your language setting.

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COM in 30 languages. Deutsche Welle. Audiotrainer Deutschtrainer Die Bienenretter. Both involve a camera and a projector. A projector refers to a classical film projector in a movie theater, but the same basic rules apply to a television screen and any other device that displays consecutive images at a constant frame rate.

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The second type of slow motion is achieved during post production. This is known as time-stretching or digital slow motion. This type of slow motion is achieved by inserting new frames in between frames that have actually been photographed.

Slow Motion mit Davinci Resolve 14 - Tutorial [Deutsch/German]

The effect is similar to overcranking as the actual motion occurs over a longer time. Since the necessary frames were never photographed, new frames must be fabricated. Sometimes the new frames are simply repeats of the preceding frames but more often they are created by interpolating between frames. Often this interpolation is, effectively, a short dissolve between still frames. Many complicated algorithms exist that can track motion between frames and generate intermediate frames within that scene.

It is similar to half-speed, and is not true slow-motion, but merely longer display of each frame. Slow motion is used widely in action films for dramatic effect, as well as the famous bullet-dodging effect , popularized by The Matrix. Formally, this effect is referred to as speed ramping and is a process whereby the capture frame rate of the camera changes over time.

For example, if in the course of 10 seconds of capture, the capture frame rate is adjusted from 60 frames per second to 24 frames per second, when played back at the standard film rate of 24 frames per second, a unique time-manipulation effect is achieved. For example, someone pushing a door open and walking out into the street would appear to start off in slow motion, but in a few seconds later within the same shot the person would appear to walk in "realtime" everyday speed.

Slow motion

The opposite speed-ramping is done in The Matrix when Neo re-enters the Matrix for the first time to see the Oracle. As he comes out of the warehouse "load-point", the camera zooms into Neo at normal speed but as it gets closer to Neo's face, time seems to slow down, perhaps visually accentuating Neo pausing and reflecting a moment, and perhaps alluding to future manipulation of time itself within the Matrix later on in the movie.

Slow-motion is widely used in sport broadcasting and its origins in this domain extend right back to the earliest days of television, one example being the European Heavyweight Title in where Max Schmeling knocked out Adolf Heuser in 71 seconds. In instant replays , slow motion reviews are now commonly used to show in detail some action photo finish , goal , Generally, they are made with video servers and special controllers. There were a few special high frame rate TV systems fps made to give higher quality slow-motion for TV.

zeitLUPE (German Edition) ZeitLUPE (German Edition)
zeitLUPE (German Edition) ZeitLUPE (German Edition)
zeitLUPE (German Edition) ZeitLUPE (German Edition)
zeitLUPE (German Edition) ZeitLUPE (German Edition)
zeitLUPE (German Edition) ZeitLUPE (German Edition)
zeitLUPE (German Edition) ZeitLUPE (German Edition)
zeitLUPE (German Edition) ZeitLUPE (German Edition)
zeitLUPE (German Edition) ZeitLUPE (German Edition)
ZeitLUPE (German Edition)

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