What the Best College Teachers Do

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It has been translated into twelve languages and was the subject of an award-winning television documentary series in Ken Bain. Teacher can raise questions that the learner will never invent on their own. Need to give learners the same kind of learning condition and environment that we expect as advanced learners. Bonni's introduction to business students are listening to the StartUp Podcast and making recommendations to the founders in the form of a business plan. Ask them to look at that article to compare their own thinking with that.

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What people are doing when they learn something is joining a community of knowledgeable peers. Kenneth Bruffee. The girl who saved the king of Sweeden , by Jonas Jonason Ken. In the 's and early 80's he was Professor of History at the University of Texas--Pan American, where he also served as director of that school's University Honors Program and as founding director of the History Teaching Center, a pioneering program sponsored by the National Endowment for the Humanities to promote greater collaboration between history teachers on the secondary level and university and college research historians.

From to , he served as director of the National History Teaching Center, which had a similar mission on the national level. Bonni Stachowiak is the producer and host of the Teaching in Higher Ed podcast, which has been airing weekly since June of Bonni and her husband, Dave, are parents to two curious kids, who regularly shape their perspectives on teaching and learning. Receive a free Educational Technology Essentials Guide, weekly teaching blog and podcast show notes.

The Review of Higher Education

Production Credit: [] Produced by Innovate Learning, maximizing human potential. Bonni: [] Welcome to this episode of Teaching in Higher Ed.


What the Best College Teachers Do

This is the space where we explore the art can science be more effective at facilitating learning. We also share ways to increase our personal productivity approaches so we can have more peace in our lives and be even more present for our students. He is internationally recognized for his insights into teaching and learning and for a 15 year study of what the best educators do.

Ken: [] Thank you very much.

I appreciate the opportunity. Tell us a little bit about what life is like for you today, Ken. Ken: [] Well for the last year and a half two years now I have worked full time with the Best Teachers Institute which is an educational and research institute exploring the activities and thinking and insights and so forth of people who are extraordinarily good at fostering very deep learning on the part of their students.

Ken: [] The Institute is an outgrowth of the book you just mentioned. But the book and the research just continues within the institutes. And a couple of cases setting up new teaching centers and so forth. Bonni: [] You were also the founding director of four major teaching and learning centers.

What has it been like for you to see this real shift on much more of a focus on teaching and learning at all different kinds of institutions? Bonni: [] And now I know that when we think about people that are going to be listening to this podcast I can say that with confidence that most of the people listening are going to be familiar with What the Best College Teachers do and have treasured it just as I have.

It reminds me of a question that I got. Maybe close to 10 years ago. But it sparked a lot of thought on my part. If I was in that elevator conversation again and it would be the same answer today as it would have been at that time or the next day when I actually thought of this answer is if I had one thing to say…. Ken: [] But at the same time they are questions that will lead people into areas that were not explored previously.

What the Best Colleges Teachers Do

Helping students to engage in real world practice. What has changed in the 10 plus years? Ken: [] When I first talked about that concept in the book I defined it in terms of I think four or five basic elements. Ken: [] Now I should explain to your listeners very quickly that what that concept attempts to do is to capture it to summarize the ingredients of a learning environment that is likely to foster a very deep approach to learning and a very deep achievement in learning.

Where were some of the more nuanced areas you were able to add more breath to? Ken: [] That environment begins with the notion that people are most likely to take a deeper approach to their learning and thereby achieve a deep result when they are trying to answer questions or solve problems that they the learners find intriguing and beautiful. Ken: [] That idea I think was always there in our thinking but perhaps what was not there was the recognition that I think the difficulty that arises in a formal educational environment — Is that the learner is often not in charge of the questions.

And move students to new areas and new considerations. Ken: [] But it still creates a gap between those conditions which the research and our own experience tell us are most likely to foster that deep approach to learning and the conditions that are most likely to spark that very deep approach to learning on the part of students. Ken: [] I would expect some substantive feedback so that I could take it back to my office or my laboratory or wherever to the library and rethink and rework it.

Ken: [] And perhaps produce something quite different from what I originally started with. I would expect an environment in which I could try, fail, receive feedback, try again.

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Instead we usually- the traditional formal educational environment is one in which we instruct, then test, record the results, instruct and test and record the results, add up all the results. Divide by some magic number of feed it into some formula and pronounce a grade. Bonni: [] And essentially it helps them fill in some of the gaps because they can figure out how much capital he needs to start his business because he records that going out and talking to venture capitalists etc.


And how are we going to make money at it? Bonni: [] It was so wonderful because it was the first time this is I think the fifth week in the semester something like that where every student in that class was completely engaged but in very different ways. I keep trying to reach him in different ways. He actually walked up to the front of the room while the podcast is playing and started asking me questions.

Table of Contents 1. Introduction: Defining the Best 2. How Do They Prepare to Teach? How Do They Conduct Class? Ken Bain has conducted years of careful research on a variety of campuses, and the result is an inspirational summary of what teachers do that truly makes a difference in students' lives, and what any teacher can do to improve. As a teacher myself, I found I couldn't put this book down.

Reading this book is a joy.

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    All professors included in the study offered extensive evidence to support that students were highly satisfied with their teaching and that the professor encouraged and assisted students to achieve deep learning. So, what do the best college teachers do? While Bain does not develop a simple, succinct answer to the question, he does identify and illustrate themes and patterns displayed by the best college professors. To illustrate the identified themes and patterns, Bain provides countless examples of superior teaching in multiple disciplines across a variety of campuses.

    For example, one theme is that the best college teachers believe students want to and can learn.

    What the Best College Teachers Do What the Best College Teachers Do
    What the Best College Teachers Do What the Best College Teachers Do
    What the Best College Teachers Do What the Best College Teachers Do
    What the Best College Teachers Do What the Best College Teachers Do
    What the Best College Teachers Do What the Best College Teachers Do
    What the Best College Teachers Do What the Best College Teachers Do
    What the Best College Teachers Do What the Best College Teachers Do
    What the Best College Teachers Do What the Best College Teachers Do
    What the Best College Teachers Do

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