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In addition to many other attributes, she ex- cels in scholastic ability. We are sure that Joan will be a fine representative of W. A bubbling laugh, a carefree manner, combined with spark- ling Irish humor are salient traits of Norine. Popular and ever enthusiastic, she has contributed invalu- able aid to the class's many projects. Her warm friendliness will be her best friend. Eleanor is calm, cheerful and well-liked by all who know her.

She has a quiet manner that brings accomplishment with a minimum of strain. Intelligent and a math whiz, she is an avid movie-goer. Eleanor never hesitates to lend a helping hand where aid is needed. Dickinson Hall 1, 2, 3, 4; W. Wherever she may go, there will always be an abundance of laughter and gaiety. Peggy's Irish humor and wit have charmed us these past four years, and afforded memories un- forgetable.

There was never a more willing worker on our various class projects. Her friendliness and sincerity will be definite assets in her bright future. A friendly smile and a contagious laugh!

Laura, with her easy-going disposition, will win the hearts of all that come in contact with her. A quick smile and a willing hand typify Laura and assure her place in the world. Dickinson Hall 1, 2; Commuters' Club 3, 4; W. Our May Dav Queen! Charming, sophisticated, and serene speak for Elaine. She is known for her good taste and versatility in handling situations.

We will always cherish memories of "E.

The Perennial Freshman

These qualities, we are sure, wi guarantee success in her future. We persuade others by being in earnest ourselves. An inspiring leader to the class of '56 as well as the whole student body, "Bunky" excelled as Student Council president, as an extraordinary basketball player, and as a fine teacher. His manner is warm and friendly; his smile, perennial. We have all benefited from his philosophy and his enter- taining, distinctive "Collamore" stories.

Meet "Miss Ail-Around Personality! We marvel at that rare something she possesses which can make the sun shine on the darkest day. Carol has a charming personality — one of the most essen- tial qualities of a good teacher. Commuters' Club 1, 2; Dickinson Hall 3, 4; W. Who is one of the most active members of M. Who can put on the best pirogi suppers? Who has the bubbling personality that can make even the saddest person laugh? Who else but our own "Corky! Yes, he has a serious side, too; and the combination of both spells certain success in his future career. Commuters' Club 1, 2, 3, 4; M.

Roland is always willing to lend a helping hand to any of his classmates. As bookstore manager, Ronny has proved his ability to un- dertake big jobs successfully. His wife, Ruth, is also well-known for her delicious con- tributions to our class suppers. With his initiative, Roland has an eventful future to look forward to.

Deliberate, dependable and conscientious are words which clearly describe Carl. Always ready with a stimulating question for "Uncle," he has contributed much to our classes. Joining our class of '56 last year, Carl was a quiet and scholarly addition we welcomed. A quiet, sophisticated manner make us think of Doris.

A deep understanding and love for her own two children as well as for those in the classroom are constant qualities in her nature. Meticulous in dress, efficient in her work, Doris will be a great credit to the vocation. Commuters' Club 3, 4; W. Barb is the pretty half of our most popular class couple. Barb has a tremendous future in store for her, not only as a teacher, but also as a mother to little Patti Ann.

A meticulous appearance, a warm cheerful smile, and a wonderful disposition are her well-known trademarks. All her classmates will agree — a girl with charm, grace, poise, and sincerity is Mrs. Dickinson Hall 1, 2, 3; Commuters' Club 4; W. Here is the "daddy" of our duet. A member of the Hagan family is not an unfamiliar sight at W.

We feel that our class is fortunate to have one of the versatile, cooperative, and easy-going brothers with us. No one will ever tire of Walt's exciting accounts of "the last time I went 'coon hunting —. Ruth's personality is a personification of this axiom. We welcomed her in , when she left Michigan to join us. Dependability, efficiency and ability are characteristics which should secure for Ruth a fine teaching position. What would our class be like without Dick's tall tales and happy heart? He can build up anyone's morale in an exceed- ingly short time.

Dick has an innate ability to become comfortable and re- laxed no matter what the situation. When the hunting and fishing seasons arrive, Mr. We will miss his easy-going air and amusing chatter in years to come. Transferred from Holyoke Junior College in ; M. When Jack isn't telling of the latest escapades of his two little "tigers," Jimmy and Jeff, he is talking about his pretty wife, Mary, a graduate of W. When Jack joined our class back in our Freshman year, he brought with him all the merry mirth and "blarney" of a true son of Erin.

With his initiative and gift of talk, he has an exciting fu- ture ahead of him. Asking so little and giving so much is significant of Larry. A family man as well as an all-around student, he has gained much respect and admiration from his fellow class- mates. With enthusiasm in his heart and perfection as his goal, Larry's reward will always be success.

Class President 1; Student Council 1; M. Spontaneous quips, casual manner, and many traveling ex- periences are significant traits of Fred's. Enthusiastic in everything he does, whether in a classroom or working on a class project, Fred is well-liked by his fellow W. Versatility and initiative will always be his stand-bys. Transferred from Temple Jr. With quiet dignity and poised charm, Fran will be long remembered by her classmates. A fine intellect is another of her many attributes which will assure her success. Mahar, although she joined us only two years ago, has had a tremendous interest in our class affairs.

Who can forget the many nights she allowed us to coat her kitchen with wax that was supposed to be used in our Christ- mas candles? In her quiet, serene, and charming manner, Mrs. Mahar has become a well-known and well-loved member of the class of Roy is noted for his capable handling of the Commuters' Club and, of course, this year's Christmas Ball. A capacious heart and friendliness to all are highlights of Roy's personality. Zeal, zest and enthusiasm — these are the keywords that will make Roy the successful teacher that we know he will be.

Bob shall always be remembered for his ideas and enthu- siasm when working on class projects. Sincere, efficient, and conscientious aptly describe Bob, who, whenever he tackles a job, does it well. A true and loyal member of the class of '56, he has shown us that success will be his in future years. Carol will long be remembered for her accomplishments in connection with the Commuters' Club, Student Council, and Tekoa. Not only does she excel in extra-curricular activities, but she is also tops scholastically.

Quiet and serious-minded, Ralph takes life in an easy-going stride. Although he is an enthusiastic basketball player, Ralph is always conscientious in his studies. A congenial and understanding manner, added to an ath- letic prowess, will secure for him a promising future in the teaching profession. A friendly fellow, with a scholarly air, this is the Bob we know. Soft spoken with a cautious, but self-confident attitude, Bob has a promising future as a teacher in store for him.

We have enjoyed and will always value his companionable ways. Her soft voice and easy manner make it a pleasure to know Marie. She is characterized by a wide, friendly smile and long curly hair. Marie is sure to win the hearts of all her students and be- come a credit to W. Here is another member of our class who received her "MRS" degree in our junior year.

Jean married a graduate of Westfield. Her piano playing has been the finishing touch to our ban- quet songs and also to assemblies. Jean's career as a teacher is enhanced by the sheer delight evident in her face when children are near. Joe is well known for his incessant interest in his school, and class work.

He is willing to co-operate in any activity that will benefit the college. An able class president in our Sophomore year, he also proved himself a serious, intelligent student, and an interest- ing, entertaining person. Play 2; Alter-Natus Club 1. Gary's daddy, Marge's husband, and everybody's friend — that's Al.

He adapts himself easily to any situation, and his com- panions are just as easily adapted to him. Al can enhance any conversation with his little anecdotes and enlightening stories of his personal experiences. We are sure Al will achieve success and happiness through- out his career. Filled to the brim with energy, spirit, and humor — that's Bobby. When there is any work to be done, no matter how much time or effort is involved, Bob is more than willing to do his share. Well-liked by all his fellows, he will long be remembered for his cheerful and casual nature. Commuters' Club 1, 2, 3, 4; MA.

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A smile serene, a voice soft, a manner pleasant — all these qualities combine to make up Noreen's very pleasing person- ality. We have all admired the poise and capability she has shown in various dramatic appearances. She can be assured of lasting success in her chosen profes- sion. Rhea is characterized by her calm, serene manner which will be of great value to her in teaching.

She possesses all the vital aspects of a good friend — from a good sense of humor to complete serenity. Afternoon naps serve her as refreshers and revitalizers. Bouncing blond hair and sparkling eyes characterize our "Folks" girl. Always ready with a bit of wit, she can be depended upon to add interest and liveliness to the dullest of conversations.

Barbara's good taste in clothes makes her stand out as a stylish dresser. The dignity and charm which Adell possesses make her a standout in any group. A mellow voice and careful enuncia- tion characterize her speech. Adell is a serious student and works hard and energetically at any task she undertakes. She loves to travel to all points West and South and espe- cially to Chicago. Dickinson Hall 1, 2, 3, 4; Dorm Council 1; W. Three words — affable, amiable, and sociable — present a well-rounded description of Eddie. Montana's good-will ambassador is a favorite throughout the halls of W.

No social gathering is complete without him — our "man with the banjo. Her talent often provided very stimulating motivation for her classes. With a lively smile and enthusiastic, versatile manner, her personality and intellect point to success in life. His quest — the everlasting search for truth, honesty and realism. Romeo's cautious, yet straight-forward attitude has earned admiration from his classmates. Since entering our class in , he has gained many friends with his calm dignity and easy smile.

In constant search for the best in life, Don delves into any problem, weighs it cautiously, then makes his decision. He and Marlene have recently joined the married ranks of the class. Tall in stature and tall in ideals, we are sure that Don will emerge as one of most promising teachers. Osborne Mrs. Redden Mrs. One of the most prominent of these changes occurred this year when three of our professors were advanced to the position of dean.

For your constant guidance and loyalty to the College as well as to our class, we dedicate this page to you: Frederick S. Welch Dean of Men Jean's pal. Joanne's friend JEAN A. LEO C. Westek's loyal typist. Joan's buddy. ROY R. JOAN J. Murph's buddy Sonny's confidante. SEMA V. Sam's daughter LEO P. River Falls gave the Royals their second straight setback in a game played at River Falls. Bo-linder and retention, with 18 and 12 points respectively, led the Bethel attack but were unable to overcome the home team's half time lead. Visiting Concordia, led by Schua-macher's 23 points, won a hard-fought victory over the Royals.

Bajuniemi and Peterman, with 20 and 13 points respectively, were unable to overtake Concor-dia's slim half time lead. The game's 6 point spread was determined on the foul line where Concordia outshot Bethel Edgar Peterman's 22 point aver-age and Jim Stanley's and Randy Johnson's fine rebounding have sparked the "B" team as they over-powered Northwestern "B" , upset River Falls "B" and edged Northwestern Chiropractor college Snelling Ave.

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MI Eastside — Payne Ave. Before Christmas vacation several interested play-year's ski trip, the athletic corn- ers formed a team and have since battled Alexander Ramsey high mittee and intramural department school's varsity in a scrimmage and the Minneapolis Park board All-are again sponsoring a two-day stars in a game last Saturday. Player-coach for the squad is veteran U of M player Dick Young.

Card Heroes Season 0 Episode 16 - The Jester's Court (Part 1)

Young, who is a junior in the seminary, captained the Minnesota team last year. He will be schedulig games primarily with park board teams this year. Gehrke, who is supervisor at Ramsey, has obtained the Ramsey ice for practice and games. Karl Smith is goalie.

504 races happen this month.

Larson and Todd each scored in the park board all-star game, but Bethel still took a loss. The next game will possibly be a Sno-Daze tilt with Northland's hockey team. Don't miss it; it is worth braving the weather alone to see Vince Bloom on ice skates. Counts Win Ping-Pong Title, Squires Beat Dukes Paul Wicklund and Al Brown the intramural records as he broke finished first and second, respec- Sid Duren's established mark of tively, to give the Counts the intra- 55 points in one game as well as mural ping pong championship.

Dick Lawrence and Paul Wede- Lowell Gause highlighted bas- king led the Peasants to an easy ketball action last week as he victory over the Knights paced the Jesters to a tri- with 20 points each. Bill Madsen umph over the Barons with the scored 22 for the losers. The first and only two points of Pages beat the Counts by for-his intramural basketball career. Gause's effort was aided by February 14 marks the beginning teammate Lyle Anderson's point of the paddle ball tournament. Anderson re-wrote terested contestants are requested to sign up on the intramural bulle- M a tm en Hos t Ham lin e Today, tin board.

Travel to River Falls Friday Bethel's wrestling team resumes Scheduled for Friday afternoon intercollegiate action today as they is a match with the River Falls B host Hamline university's varsity. The Royal matmen will try Coach Doug Culver optimistically to avenge last year's two losses to anticipates a good showing, if not the strong River Falls squad. The a victory for the young squad.

Dischinger, Nelson and Hag-f eldt are recent additions to the team. Skiers Travel To Wisconsin Ski enthusiasts as well as poten-tial skiers are urged to make this bargain weekend a must. Gene Glader and Miss Marilyn Starr announced that overnight accommodations and meals will be provided at the Bayfield inn in Bayfield, two miles from the ski facilities of Mount Ashwa-bay.

Departure time for the trip is 2 p.

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  8. Sunday, Jan. Besides the two days of skiing, evening get-togethers are being planned by the committee. An informal worship service on Sunday evening will begin the two days' activities, and a dinner, ski films, singing and light entertain-ment will highlight Monday night's social. This trip is an ideal opportun-ity for the non-skier to become initiated to the sport. The low cost, absence of weekend crowds, free instruction and companion-ship of fellow novices offer an excellent chance to begin skiing, as well as a relaxing and fun-filled vacation.

    Indications from last year's trip, Bethel's first such venture, promise an even better time this year. Al-though there were 35 students and faculty who went last year, Glader anticipates a group of 50 to 60 for the current trip. Besides the River Falls and Ham-line contests, Bethel has at least one other home match with Con-cordia, and possibly one with Augustana's B team. Return meets with Macalester and Hamline will be away. Click tabs to swap between content that is broken into logical sections. Photo by Starr ; Cool Yule and Frantic First typifies the church of as satirized in " Church Militant " one of the two one-act plays presented last weekend by the drama department.

    Recruiter Larry Hansen. Photo by Starr ; Alas , poor Nikita! A fellow of infinite jest! Maybe some day th ' jawbone'll come in handy. Photo by Ostrum ; Complete objectivity in grading has finally been achieved by Dr. Dalton , chairman of the history department.

    Created to enable professors to easily meet the flood of papers and tests at the end of each semester , this fatalistic procedure has completely eliminated the personality factor prevalent in other methods.

    Clarion 1963-01-15 Vol 39 No 13

    Dalton remarked , " What's more , with sufficient practice , the grades average out to form a standard curve. Photo by Starr ; Hard skating Doug Todd moves the puck up the ice in spite of the efforts of an unidentified opponent as Jim Spiceland looks on. Bethel students lost to the Minneapolis Park board all-stars last Saturday , with goals by Todd and Willie Larson.

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    Hamline - University Buildings. Northwestern - Examiner. Northwestern - Histories. Northwestern - Inkstone. Northwestern - Permanent Art Collection. Northwestern - Photograph Collection. Northwestern - Theater Collection. Northwestern - The Pilot. Northwestern - William Bell Riley Collection. Catherine - Ade Bethune Drawings. Catherine - Ade Bethune Writings.

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    Meanwhile, Purdue was facing off against the University of Illinois Springfield , in what turned out to be the most closely-contested match of the day. Springfield won in the heart of the lineup, leading 4 matches to 3 with the top two yet to play. The Boilermakers rallied to take both matches, though, and win the overall team match The late afternoon matches kicked off with the much-anticipated rematch of Swarthmore and UI-Champaign.

    By the time of their match, both UI-C and Swarthmore had both played Purdue with the exact same results victories , so their match looked to be a close one yet again. This gave Swarthmore a tournament record of 3 and 1, and a second-place finish overall. On the other set of courts, Notre Dame and UI-S were both desperate to get their first win of the tournament. Notre Dame would likewise snag its first win of the season, going against UI-S. The Purdue — ND match proved to be everything that both teams hoped for in terms of competitiveness and drama.

    After see-sawing back and forth with the end of each individual match, it all came down to the 4 match.

    The Perennial Freshman (The Jesters court Book 1) The Perennial Freshman (The Jesters court Book 1)
    The Perennial Freshman (The Jesters court Book 1) The Perennial Freshman (The Jesters court Book 1)
    The Perennial Freshman (The Jesters court Book 1) The Perennial Freshman (The Jesters court Book 1)
    The Perennial Freshman (The Jesters court Book 1) The Perennial Freshman (The Jesters court Book 1)
    The Perennial Freshman (The Jesters court Book 1) The Perennial Freshman (The Jesters court Book 1)
    The Perennial Freshman (The Jesters court Book 1) The Perennial Freshman (The Jesters court Book 1)

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