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First in this toolkit is one 1 10 ml bottle of Ultimate Empath Perfume. I worked with six essential oils to create this powerful blend: Cape Snowbush, sandalwood, bergamot, basil, Melissa, and spruce. Sandalwood is grounding and cleansing and eases you into a meditative state.

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Bergamot essential oil is uplifting to the mind and spirit. Basil lifts fatigue and brings ease to the mind and body. Spruce helps to release emotional blockages while Melissa calms and balances the emotions. This oil is purifying, uplifts the mood, and is helpful in releasing feelings of anger and fear. One 1 purple jade. Purple jade is a stone of spiritual purification that draws angelic beings to it. It emanates pure energy of the highest ethereal spectrum and provides spiritual nourishment to anyone who works with it.

It attunes to Kwan Yin, the Goddess of Compassion, and encourages loving and charitable actions in the world. One 1 charoite with tinaksite. I just brought this charoite with tinaksite home from the Tucson Gem Show and these pieces help you to remain invisible to negativity.

The deeper magic of my Ultimate Empath Support Toolkit

Charoite powerfully emanates the Purple Ray and helps you to release low vibrations and fear. It purifies your etheric body and heals patterns of imbalance. Tinaksite encourages positive thinking and inspiration and encourages you to discover your true spiritual path.

One 1 natural purpurite. This natural purpurite is also from the Tucson Gem Show and will elevate your spiritual clarity.

Forestry Communication Toolkit

Purpurite helps you create conscious contact with your spirit guides so that you can hear their messages more clearly. If you do any oracle work, such as Tarot or I Ching, this stone helps you to clearly decipher the messages being delivered. Have your natural purpurite wire-wrapped to wear as sacred adornment. One 1 azurite. Azurite opens your Third Eye Chakra wide and connects you to your deepest intuition and inner wisdom. It enhances dreams and develops psychic powers and abilities.

Working with azurite can strengthen your astral and etheric bodies leaving you less susceptible to psychic attacks or attachments. Additionally, it seals any holes in your aura.

Enhancing sounds with modern reverb treatments – Toolkit

One 1 aegirine. Aegirine is an aura-protecting crystal that effectively seals your aura off from energetic intruders. It resonates with all of the chakras and is wonderful for clearing any blocked or negative energies from the physical and etheric bodies. One 1 tumbled shungite. The great purifier, shungite removes unwanted energies and impurities from people, places and spaces.

It also grounds and heals the chakras, with emphasis on the lower chakras. Additionally, shungite helps you release any deep-seated feelings of guilt, fear, and shame. One 1 black kyanite. Black kyanite helps to clear blocked energies in the chakras. A powerful tool for shamanic journey work, black kyanite helps you to see the soul-based issues in need of healing. One 1 quartz point. Clear quartz has three major properties: Amplification, programmability, and memory. It heightens your spiritual awareness and can be used to amplify the energies of other stones.

One 1 copper wand. Copper gathers and transmutes energy.

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It channels the flow of positive energy throughout space, and especially through your body. This is especially true if the pendulum has not been cleared properly. Shop at Crystal Dreams. Mortar and Pestle is that traditional tool used for grinding up medicinal and culinary herbs, incense, etc. Shop for Mortar and Pestles at Amazon. The Reiki practitioner can program this special timer to chime at preset intervals.


Chimes can serve as a reminder to switch Reiki hand-placements during a healing session. The timer's quiet sounding signal be used by any type of therapist or healer to help regulate their sessions without having to watchful of a clock. Shop at Creatime Gong Timers.

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  • Tuning forks are not just for science or music. The resonant tones of these simple instruments can be used for healing. Sacred sounds. These musical bowls create different tones depending on the level of water placed inside the bowl. Certain tones invoke certain energy centers chakras for healing, balancing, and meditation. Buy Crystal Singing Bowls at Amazon. Feathers are used in moving incense or smuged smoke during healing ceremonies or rituals. The fans or whisks can also be used in clearing away stagnant or negative energies before and after healing treatments.

    To promote the sustainable supply and use of energy for the greatest benefit of all people

    Feather Fans by Nicholas Breeze Wood. Stronglite portable massage tables are very durable and reasonably easy to carry from place to place. I special ordered The Classic model for extra width and additional padding. It serves my needs perfectly in my Reiki business.

    This is why I created your own Personal Energy Repair Kit

    Buy Stronglite Massage Table at Amazon. An aromatherapy diffuser is used to disperse essential oils into the healer's work space. This model is appropriate to quickly diffuse essential oils for aromatherapy applications. Buy Acupuncture Model at Amazon. Ear Candling also called Ear Coning is an ancient healing method originating in Egypt still in use today at alternative medicine clinics and holistic centers.

    Ear candles can be purchased at metaphysical stores, holistic health markets and online shops. Shop at Kansas Candles. Wallet-size card showing the associations and basic information of reflex points and corresponding organs on your hands. Buy Hand Reflexology Chart at Amazon. Reflexology chart featuring the associations and basic information of reflex points and corresponding organs on your feet. Buy at Amazon. Crystal points can be utilized in healing for cutting through the energy field during psychic surgery.

    The Energetic Toolkit The Energetic Toolkit
    The Energetic Toolkit The Energetic Toolkit
    The Energetic Toolkit The Energetic Toolkit
    The Energetic Toolkit The Energetic Toolkit
    The Energetic Toolkit The Energetic Toolkit
    The Energetic Toolkit The Energetic Toolkit
    The Energetic Toolkit The Energetic Toolkit
    The Energetic Toolkit The Energetic Toolkit
    The Energetic Toolkit

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