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A few that stand out to me:. The Gospel is the royal announcement that Jesus Christ is Lord a gospel about all of creation. All 6 are necessary to see God and his unveiling story. That would point the affirmations you suggest more firmly towards something than away. You are describing what can be labeled as mainstream churches.

You are describing me, and the church I go to in downtown Seattle — Immanuel Lutheran. Faithful and accepting of questions. May you discover such a fellowship. You are not alone in your thinking. You are a Christian. Yes to all of this. Lots to think about now. Interesting piece. Granted, by definition, progressive Christianity seeks to avoid being defined.


That said, there are certain things that can be said about it. It is the post-modern influenced evolution of liberal Christianity and it is an heir of the Social Gospel movement. They are of different lineages and starting points however. Here are some helpful links that I encourage people to explore: 1.

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I do have a complicated relationship with scripture and that has been going on for 6 or 7 years now. I also finally feel like some of the anger I have about my past faith experiences and the brand of Christianity that I felt betrayed by is finally dissipating. I guess I finally feel like I am moving out of one stage of faith and into the next stage. Most progressive Christians I am in community with are not the attacking, my way or the highway, kind of people.

I think many of us become progressive precisely because that kind of unifying stance has repelled us. It can so easily lend to abuse. So we remain guarded against unified thinking, continually critiquing, as you say. I guess that is also what makes me a progressive Christian.

I find this tragically ironic. Your article ought to be read by everyone who considers themselves a progressive, or even a moderate Christian. Great post, great thoughts, thanks for sharing. I wish I had written this. Thank you! I enjoyed reading this greatly. The whole chapter is a reversal of Lot and Sodom. Still, I found your reflections apt. This is essentially where many Greco-Romans found themselves after Socrates.

Homer and Hesiod seemed to believe in Olympus; Virgil believed for a political reason and Ovid for the sake of beauty alone. Christianity is bigger than evangelicalism and mainline denominations such as Methodists and Episcopalians have already embraced much of what post-evangelicals seem to want: lively, compassionate church without rigid theology. But if I recall, those are shrinking in numbers in the United States. Our way is agnosticism if we follow the path.

Better to apply logic to others rather than ourselves, because we suspect the world has beauty, but not meaning. And that move to a world without divinity is terrifying. Judaism in the West has already traced this arc, but with a more unifying core of ethnicity and shared history. Answer: poorly. It is great to have a personal Christianity — one where you become your own god — worship without the restraints of truth — live without the shackles of the Word of God.

After all it is a man made book — pick and choose — do what you want. Live in a way that is right in your own eyes. I am not a fan of labels… It seems like they separate and push us apart. But I do agree with your statement about many of us liking to use scripture to prove opposing views. People have progressed from the beginning of time. Its natural. Press enter to begin your search. I somehow missed problem number 5.

God created humans as emotional beings, and to an extent, they do help us navigate life. They are indicators of desires and wants…and even needs, and they often help us to recognise things about ourselves that we may have been unaware of. As an aside, one of the best books I ever read on emotions and their place in our lives is Voice of the Heart. So maybe some some questions to think about together at this point would be…. I would want to be ready to contend for the proper place of emotions in our lives - a life that is neither devoid of them nor overwhelmed by them!

Thank you all for your suggestions. I will take some time to think and reflect on ways to find that common ground. Progressives would likely disagree. I believe Scripture supports this view of the importance of orthodoxy, but would be loathe so say that explicitly unless my feet were held to the fire, not because of disagreement, but because of the damage it could do to relationships. It would mean having to talk with those progressive Christians about what makes one a Christian at all and disagreeing on how that would be defined.

It seems to me we absolutely have to defend those Biblical teachings, but these conversations be difficult, painful, and intimidating for me, even if necessary. Hi Renee, thanks for your response. So, I think we are lacking some clarity here. Let me try and articulate my thoughts more precisely. First, with regard to someone who claims to be Christian, yet embraces a same-sex, monogamous, permanent relationship, I would not say that they are heretical, or non-Christian. I would say instead that they are accepting a lifestyle that is not sanctioned biblically, i.

But, being unbiblical is not yet being a non-Christian, since we all are failing to live up to some standard that the Bible holds us to, or failing to understand the Bible properly with regard to what the standards are. So, same-sex couples or advocates of same-sex relationships are not heretical, but their beliefs or their behavior is unbiblical. Two different things. That said, I reserve the term heretical for people who either fail to believe a necessary truth claim that makes the content of Christianity Christian e. Jesus Christ is God , or who outright reject a necessary truth claim that makes the content of Christianity, Christian e.

Failing to hold a necessary belief like these or rejecting a necessary belief like these would, I think, make someone something other than a historical, orthodox, Christian, even if they acted religiously or used the term Christian to describe themselves. By the way, there are many people like this. The Catholic philosopher Robert George has recently pointed out that he thinks many of the priests and bishops involved in the most recent abuse scandal in Pennsylvania, are openly atheist in their beliefs well, not that openly, but they are basically non-believers acting as priests.

Thus, a failure to accept or a rejection of the propositional beliefs outlined, for example, in the Nicean Creed, would make someone a non-Christian. With regard to those who embrace alternative sexual ethics, i. So, I think they are playing with fire, and they should, like anyone else who is going against biblical moral teachings, be encouraged to believe differently about the matter; admonished to stop sinning; and advised to seek counseling so that they can better resist temptation. Thanks so much, anthony. Your initial response was probably clear to most, but I am somewhat new at dialoguing through issues like these in this kind of setting.

You have clarified for me the terms you are using, which is very helpful, and with which I agree for the most part. I like the distinction you make between unbiblical and heretical. Your description of what constitutes heresy is very helpful and has given me a lot to think about. His work is interesting and insightful. I agree with your assessment of necessary beliefs and also with your characterization of which groups can reasonably lay claim to embracing them.

As you say, watching people we care about or have relationships with play with fire is frightening. I would certainly get badly burned in their situation! Mainly, because I think we should always try and take people at their word with regard to their beliefs. Another distinction I should make here, to avoid confusion, is that heretical beliefs can often be similar to orthodox, Christian beliefs, but where a similar term refers to a very different concept of a thing. So, that said, I would consider Mormons heretics, as harsh as that word may sound to modern ears, and in spite of how nice they usually are.

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An atheist, on the other hand, would not necessarily be a heretic, because the atheist simply disbelieves, full stop. Hello, Candy. Thank you for that question. I try, sometimes harder than other times, to follow the Bible as it is written along with the guidance of the Holy Spirit. I do the same with other Christians. The Lord is the One who knows their heart and their motives. Thank you for sharing your heart. I believe that your connection to Him is good and true. Lord bless your walk, Sister. This is a good conversation and one that I have been struggling with for many years.

Although the speed with which information moves in these days dwarfs the past few decades, it tends to also make everything seem to be current issues. From my perspective the details of this discussion began over fifty years ago. There are several questions that come to mind. I mention the time frame above mainly to emphasize the fact that the world can blind even the best of Christians, and none of us are immune its influence. How else could the church in the US have been so delusional as to read the Bible as an endorsement of wholesale human slavery as a legitimate economic enterprise and application of Biblical truth?

Was that event a result of unbelief or just comfortable belief? How did it become set so deep in the culture? The Islam elective teaches that one can expect to spend seven years in true relationship with any Muslim one might want to help lead to Christ. One of the reasons for that is the strong cultural sacrifice that is required for the Muslim.

That cultural bond of Islam is a strong affinity and offers the same comfort and acceptance that is preached in many churches today. So is the effect of the the cultural setting of Islam different from that of Christianity in the context of influence not content? If it is deemed appropriate to approach other belief systems through apologetics because we believe we have been gifted with the truth, why would we not use apologetics to reach out to those who claim a Christian faith but vary from that same truth?

It is said in the RZIM program that the first job of the apologist is the apologist. Every Christian should be an apologist in that they should know what they believe and why they believe it. The modern day church has been accused of being lazy. Listening to someone else tell you what to believe is much easier than looking into the evidence or meditating on the scriptures.

Are they not looking for the easiest path or the least effort? Churches position themselves not for …. We discuss whether it was created …. Joel Osteen, wealthy pastor in Houston, drags his feet on serving others, but is there more to the story? Should he be given the benefit of the …. It's called the Nashville Statement.

Ray Harkins, host of Words or Less podcast, talks about being straightedge with Matt, Toby, and Joey, and its parallel with Christianity having in-group out-group dynamics. Fallen pastors seem to want to reclaim the stage as quickly as possible. Could it be that being a Mega Church Pastor is the primary catalyst for …. Influential blogger and writer, Jory Micah was fired from her college teaching job for as a result of her controversial feminist views. She is …. Christians withdrawing from "the world" of media and culture has partly caused a natural bias against Christians from having a lack of influence ….

The most successful people have coaches or mentors and recognize the great need for guidance. Not so with Douche Bag Dudes. Jordan Harbinger host …. Either way, Christians are going to be so pissed when they found out the truth. In other topics, McDonalds vs. Church, are people going to stop having kids, and ….

During an acoustic show at a Methodist Church, an atheist audience member prompted a strong reaction. Matt and Toby open the episode talking about news they just received of Linkin Park's Chester Bennington's suicide. Later Jonathan Merritt joins, the well-known journalist who wrote the article on Eugene Peterson. We've come a long way from "Something About Mary," but have we lost the ability to communicate clearly in an overly PC culture?

As society works hard …. Joey wonders how a non-conformist like Matt fit into …. Matt, Toby, and Joey discuss the Christian response to Eugene Peterson author of The Message coming out as gay affirming, only to find out after …. Can you be a progressive female, and also hold fast to complementarian views of headship and submission in the church and home? BC Club member Martha …. Given the numerous times mega-church Elevation Charlotte, NC has made headlines in recent years, this church and its gifted celebrity pastor, Steven Furtick, has often been a topic of conversation on this podcast.

Luke Welchel, co-founder of AudioFeed Festival joins to discuss the mixed lineup. Jordan Harbinger, host of The Art of Charm podcast, which has 3 million monthly listeners, joins to discuss the alt-right and how we should think …. Sex is either treated as overly-sacred or overly-vile. This influences how parents manage nudity in their household amongst family members and how …. Which may mean we don't believe what we think?

Matt …. Does Joey have too lofty of expectations with his marriage? I mean, how long can his wife survive that sad stuff? Toby cried himself to sleep a few times lately due to …. As a society, we have serious problems with being too serious. We disagree with people but we want to destroy them as well? Toby thinks worship music deals too often with pain and struggle, especially when the song-writer lives in a first world country, plays the music with expensive instruments and state of the art equipment.

I mean, how …. During this episode, you get a snapshot as to why BadChristian exists, how much money is made through this operation, where that money goes and why Matt, Toby and Joey spend a lot of time on things that make no money at …. On this episode we discuss a recent article from Christianity Today in which Anglican Priest, Tish Harrison Warren, claims that there is a "crisis of authority. Reva, an employee and friend of …. What do you do when bad stuff happens in your personal life? Joey describes his warped strategy which entails thinking of the absolute worst thing ….

Robbie and Matt from The Classic Crime sit down on the tour bus with Matt and Toby to discuss some controversy around their new album. Steven Furtick and Elevation Church is at it again, raising some eye brows with something fishy. Maybe it's nothing but just in general, why are …. And by the way, do we always need to attach "anointing" to pure, raw talent?

For …. They talk about sound guys, tour managers, and getting kicked off shows for smoking. Did you know MxPx used to get …. He just wrote a book, "Getting Jesus Wrong," that reflects on how far off …. Iron sharpens iron?

You'll have to be the judge. Demon Hunter blasted the Metalcore scene in and in this episode discusses how years before, other bands paved the way for their success. Now he loves deeper, appreciates more and is currently persevering …. Matt, Toby and Joey have changed a lot on their perspective of male headship and women pastors, have you? Vice President …. The BadChristian trio get some constructive criticism about their podcast from a Pastor that readily admits he can only ingest the podcast in small doses.

Toby accepts the challenge to write a hit worship song. Is this out of line? John Mark McMillan talks his resistance to pigeon-holing himself in the CCM music scene, shares compromises that are useful and needed in this …. Matt pleads the 5th. LSD immediately made a positive impact on Ayelet, an author and mother of four. Hear her story. Death really makes you think deeply about life and draws out …. Then, Toby and Matt get on their simulation theory kick. But seriously, …. Jason Romano, ESPN employee of 17 years, explains his transition out of the sports network behemoth to focus on ministry and tells of a hilarious encounter with Snoop Dogg.

Joey shares a story he had originally decided …. He, along side the BC crew, …. Why the hell is Perry Noble preaching again? Why does Steven Furtick get to call the shot on this one? We love Pastor Perry Noble, a Pastor who was …. Matt Willingham from the non-profit Preemptive Love joins us live from Iraq! We discuss the refugee immigration crisis, the effect on America and Muslims, and how we can help refugees from war-torn countries. Also, …. Author Barnabas Piper navigates and processes the benefits and potential harm of different transparency levels of conversations concerning his recent divorce.

Is institutional church wrapping up in a few? Toby and …. In the right context, are all subjects fair game to joke around about? The death of a spouse or child? Propaganda stops by and ….

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Does the church have a good outlook on divorce? Gracious enough? Resolute enough? Matt also proposes the need for interchurch small groups and …. I mean, you have to hear the text messages these three sent to one another during the game. A would-be groom is paralyzed during his …. No, not Christmas. Toby's kids are already complaining about gifts they got for Christmas.

Matt and Joey share about some spiritual experiences they have had. In the process, Toby is reminded of his vision of an angel with a battle axe! We dig in with Katie and Candice from the Free Sex Podcast about sex and marriage and it gets heated! How much sex is enough? What should men be …. Also, a quick news story from Toby about creepy ass glitches in The Matrix. Sponsors and Links: ….

Tales …. This week in The Damn News Is this all just a computer simulation? Is all reality just something Toby created? Is Movember just a pissing contest …. Is this type …. This week on The Damn News…tax exemptions for Churches, sexless marriages, virtual reality, sex with robots…and mops…and watermelons. Also, are you p-phubbing too much? Sponsors and …. We talk about being adopted, her …. Toby talks about the creative freedom and mental energy he now has in his post church career.

Joey rambles on about something or another and the guys wonder why it feels so good for fluids to leave your body. We're joined this week by hip-hop artist Derek Minor. We chat about different facets of systematic racism and bias as well as dealing with haters. We're joined by "the beer can professor", Paul Roof, who was fired from his job at Charleston Southern University for one of the dumbest reasons …. Toby is upset about his fathers inability to show love.

Matt is dealing with demotion issues related to second child fatherhood and situations where …. The extended BadChristian family comes together for a bonus episode to get their reactions of this year's second presidential debate. Our old pal Aaron Gillespie Underoath, The Almost, Paramore returns to talk about his divorce, where he is at in regard to "Christian music," the …. Joey's relatives don't understand why Matt is slandering him in e-mails.

Matt's family thinks he's blaming them for the deaths of relatives. People are questioning Toby's sexuality because of his funny videos. Nobody …. Matt's last living grandparent has passed away and he's making plans now that he's in charge of the family. Joey has a plan to jump out of an …. Toby observes that church seems to be engineered towards women as consumers, but he wishes they were the leaders. Matt gives the full scoop on how …. Toby is covered in a full body rash. Matt fell off a stool at the last Emery acoustic show and feels bad for Joey after reading his book.

The …. Joey gets himself in trouble for being a key fob cheapskate. We re-live some old tour stories and find out about the current status of …. We talk about the ramifications to his personal life, marriage and music career. Also, Matt shares an …. We talk about his experiences in the military, including what questions to not ask vets and the best …. Matt tells a story …. We let Joey do this one all on his own and we think he killed it. Check out our Facebook live streamed episode from July 13th where we talk about blacklivesmatter, the firing of pastor Perry Noble and more!

Enjoy this live performance as a BC Clubber introduces the podcast that Matt, Toby and Joey perform live in front of hundreds of Christian festival …. Matt gets together with Chad Gardner of Kings Kaleidoscope. We are honored to have Chris on the show and we explore later the idea of influence and if music can really ….

Toby has an incident involving fish and chips. We introduce you to an awesome new diet …. Matt actually had a good time on his Disneyland vacation and might have experienced love for the …. Our guest is Keith Repult who has a crazy and amazing testimony of how he went from a pornography kingpin to becoming the owner of a yogurt shop. His …. We finally get to the bottom of just how …. In this jam packed episode, Matt doubts the science behind resurrections and questions food morals. We talk to Greg about his becoming a YouTube phenomenon, the transgender bathroom debate and his unique communication style.

Despite his likability, we challenge his approach in calling unbelievers out for their sin, …. Also, is there such thing as a …. Jason Soto Cookbook of the critically acclaimed hip-hop outfit, L. Symphony joins the podcast to talk hip-hop, the deconstruction of his former evangelical faith, the ensuing treatment he received from the church, …. Jay Newman from AudioFeed Festival joins us to chat about the upcoming festivities this summer June July 3 and the vision of this newer …. Is atheism a cause? Is it wrong to alter one's natural flow of artistic creation in an attempt to not ruffle feathers?

Matt and Toby are fresh off their Emery acoustic show in Seattle and Joey is feeling and sounding like a new man back from sabbatical. The three discuss the pointlessness of thank you cards, what gender of massage ….

Toby got a speeding ticket, Joey is mesmerized by worship leaders' dance moves at big conferences and Matt has a baby announcement. Also celebrity death over-sharing, pet shops and prostitutes, …. Church infrastructure is failing pastors. Why are they given the benefit of the doubt when it comes to extra-marital affairs? Pastor and author Perry Noble comes on to talk about numbers, transparency, twitter, pastor's salaries, and Mark Driscoll.

Also, Toby is filling in …. How long can you look at a breast and not lust? Well, lots of variables are involved in that one my friend. Time to dissect this with some laughs. Also discussed his approach to women leadership and how he became friends with the Five Iron Frenzy guys, who are …. Toby gives the secret to making Matt cry, Joey needs words of affirmation and Matt …. Is physically cheating on your wife with another woman worse than looking at porn? When should a Pastor lose his job and what sort of benefits should …. And, oh yeah, no girls allowed at his birthday party.

Also, why are Christians so dogmatic in their stances on art and entertainment? And Matt goes off on the education system …. We check back in with author, teacher and speaker Preston Sprinkle. What can we do to claim victory over our …. In the news - what's the deal with leap year birthdays? Listen up as Joey and our guest Dumpy thrill you with stories from their glory days in college.

You know, the ones about bad breakups and joining …. He tells us about touring with Rage Against The Machine back …. We are joined this episode by pastor and former band manager Nick Bogardus as we dig further into the shelf life of sermons. Also, is there a tiny …. Joey believes in giants! Toby is taking angry notes during his workouts. Matt is trying to be less attractive to keep his marriage happy.

Also an interview with a BC Clubber. Some exciting new projects in the BC universe. Is that opening refrain of Amazing Grace there to bring in the Holy Spirt or just to butter you up? Is Devin Shelton more of a ladies man than we …. New York Times best-selling author John Burke joins us to talk about his new book "Imagine Heaven" which is about near-death experiences. Did Matt just admit "sometimes I do ….

Matt tries to once again re-define virginity and Joey questions Toby about "Holy Spirit ninja moves. Science segments about low carb diets! News segments about Obama! Firefighters with diabetes! He also discusses his recent divorce and how people have reacted to the news. Jake even offers up ….

Does the current model of the Church need to be scrapped? Should we kill the sermon or is it already dead? Is my small group just a way for me to ….

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Schwab joins today and walks us through some the ups and downs of Project 86 and a look into what it was like going from indie to mainstream with a …. Toby is losing weight, Matt is gaining weight, and there is a possibility that all three guys may soon all meet at just over pounds. Todays …. Compelling interview from Seth and David Taylor, twin brothers and authors who have written about what it mean to actually use faith as opposed to employing "practical strategies" like Everyman's Battle to end porn ….

Matt asks how to discipline a 2 year old and Toby claims that modern day sermons seems to keep people down and focused on their suffering. Also, Andy …. Matt's marriage insurance idea was finally claimed and instituted , the R word, and why that pastor on Joey's show wanted to disguise his voice, plus Logan Cael calls in.

Toby improvises two Christmas songs plus Billy Power of the Urban Achiever Podcast,who has been editing this show recently, joins for a bit to talk. This conversation was a blast. Toby or course says some incredibly obnoxious things and has Dave …. They join us on the second ….

Matt leads worship, and the guys discuss Perry Noble's and Steven Furtick's salary and why the deserve more money. Aaron Weiss is the enigmatic vocalist of mewithoutYou. We finally tracked him down and went over some of the urban legends surrounding him and the band and an update on his "faith journey".

Toby said the F word 15 times on stage at a Christian venue in an epic rant about Jesus, and Matt wishes that great Christian thinkers and …. Chad Hennings is a three time Super Bowl winning offensive lineman with the Dallas Cowboys in the '90s and flew the A in the Airforce. He has a new book called Forces of Character. Justin Wren is an MMA fighter. Joey is in a particularly goofball mood after what he describes as a really dark Sunday.

He opens up about about specific thoughts and feelings …. He blogs at Theology in the Raw and co authored Erasing Hell with …. Joey has another whopper of a story involving his penis. Matt is speechless and Toby can't get a hold of himself. Matt further explains that he is …. Mattie is the the singer for the band ForToday. Second, Montgomery …. Happy Halloween!! Zachary King began practicing magic at 10 years old, joined a satanic coven at 13years old.

From his teen years to adulthood he …. Matt, Toby and Joey hang out and talk about church discipline and gender roles and male headship. Playboy recently announced that they would no longer have nude women in their print magazine. Craig Gross joins to share his thoughts.

Progressive Christianity - What is It? (Part Two) (Moments That Matter Book 28) Progressive Christianity - What is It? (Part Two) (Moments That Matter Book 28)
Progressive Christianity - What is It? (Part Two) (Moments That Matter Book 28) Progressive Christianity - What is It? (Part Two) (Moments That Matter Book 28)
Progressive Christianity - What is It? (Part Two) (Moments That Matter Book 28) Progressive Christianity - What is It? (Part Two) (Moments That Matter Book 28)
Progressive Christianity - What is It? (Part Two) (Moments That Matter Book 28) Progressive Christianity - What is It? (Part Two) (Moments That Matter Book 28)
Progressive Christianity - What is It? (Part Two) (Moments That Matter Book 28) Progressive Christianity - What is It? (Part Two) (Moments That Matter Book 28)
Progressive Christianity - What is It? (Part Two) (Moments That Matter Book 28) Progressive Christianity - What is It? (Part Two) (Moments That Matter Book 28)

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