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For the girls - There were LOTS of female hockey fans in the audience - but regardless if you like hockey or not, this is a fabulous character story that will have you rooting for Theo despite his many flaws. For the occasional audience - Foul language, some uncomfortable story elements and a two act monologue may make you wary. You shouldn't be.

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This is great theatre that will may you laugh and cry and tell you a great story. For the theatre junkie - This show is a fourple threat I just made that word up. The writing, the acting, the directing and the set will rival some parts of the best theatre you've seen. Gold coloured squares represent days with performances. Click on the date to see show times for that date. Your Account.

The Saint Plays With Fire

Special Event. Synopsis Artists Photos Videos Extras Reviews Based on his bestselling autobiography, this remarkable story of Saskatchewan-born hockey great Theo Fleury will have you wanting to stand and cheer. A military escalation at this stage would only serve to increase the isolation of Iran and further drive down its battered economy. Why would they risk all of this by carrying out reckless attacks on oil tankers and ramping up tensions in the Gulf?

At this stage, the Iranian regime has no interest in carrying out this type of aggression.

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But there are others who do. It is no secret that for years, the regimes in Saudi Arabia and Israel have been calling for attacks on Iran, which they consider to be an existential threat.

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By destroying the Iraqi state and army, the US invasion of Iraq destroyed the balance of forces throughout the Middle East. In Syria as well, the influence of Iran and its allies has only increased, while Western and Saudi-backed forces such as al-Qaeda affiliate Hayat Tahrir al-Sham, and the Islamic State have been defeated - and the Americans only have themselves to blame.

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In fact, in regards to the Islamic State IS - a spawn of the CIA and Gulf monarchies - the US was forced to do a u-turn after the group became a threat to the stability of the whole region. In doing this it had to lean on Iranian and Kurdish forces, bringing it into conflict with its traditional Saudi and Turkish allies. The Saudis were in turn demanding the US intervene directly, with troops on the ground. But the disastrous wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, costing trillions of dollars, as well as huge political capital, only to end up in defeat, had blocked that path.

Obama could not even pass the bombing of Syria through Congress. The American people are not interested in wars and any adventure would lead to massive anti-war movements, which would destabilise the whole political system in the US.

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Trump himself recognised this fact, making a retreat from the Middle East a key campaign promise. The regimes in Saudi Arabia and Israel have been calling for attacks on Iran, which they consider to be an existential threat. The rise of Iran represents an existential threat to Saudi Arabia, not only to its imperialist ambitions in the region, but also militarily and internally as a potential patron of a rising Shia movement in the oil-rich eastern regions of the Kingdom. To up the ante, the Saudis responded by starting a war in Yemen, but while they are not advancing much against Houthi forces, the Houthis are increasingly successful in striking targets inside the Kingdom.

On 12 June, Houthi missiles hit Abha airport in southwestern Saudi Arabia, and yesterday missiles hit important targets in the Jizan province. Their ongoing, successful defence against Saudi aggression is a huge source of instability in the Kingdom, which is undergoing the deepest crisis in its history.

For the Israeli regime as well, the rise of Iran represents a critical threat. The predatory imperialist regime has used its military superiority to constantly expand and grab new areas throughout its history. But with Iranian influence rising in Lebanon and Syria, those conditions are under threat.

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Furthermore, a potentially nuclear-armed Iran would be a critical threat to the Israelis who have become accustomed to having a monopoly on nuclear arms in the Middle East. In these conditions, the de facto detente between Iran and the US during the Obama administration, which was then formalised through the Iran nuclear deal, became the source of deep tensions between Saudi Arabia, Israel and the US.

In an unprecedented move, Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu went as far as to campaign openly for the Republicans in the elections. Meanwhile, the Obama administration supported the Israeli opposition in Israel. For Donald Trump, foreign policy, like most other things, revolves around himself.

His interests mainly focus on the effects of foreign policy in the US, and on him personally. He has formed a close alliance with the crown prince of Saudi Arabia, as well as Benjamin Netanyahu, both of whom support him politically and with funding.

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All three men have, in fact, taken on different forms of pariah status within the ruling classes of their respective countries and are relying on each other's support. Trump heavily intervened in the Israeli elections behind Netanyahu, going as far as to recognise the Golan Heights as part of Israel, even after having already taken the provocative step of recognising Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

In return, Bin Salman has been pouring money into Trump and his projects. Furthermore, Trump is forced to lean on the caucus of warmongering hawks in the Republican party, whose endorsement he needs in the upcoming presidential elections, as well as to carry out his policies. Among these are his National Security Advisor, John Bolton: a proven warmongering madman, who has been arguing for strikes on Iran for years. He recently ordered the Pentagon to draw up a plan for sending up to , troops into the Middle East to fight Iran.

Meanwhile, other top Trump officials, in particular coming from the Pentagon, have been warning of the consequences of a war on Iran. The Iranian military is not like that of Iraq. It is a powerful force with hundreds of thousands of troops, many of whom have experienced combat recently in Syria and Iraq. Additionally, it has the capacity to mobilise hundreds of thousands, if not millions, more. For this reason, along with the natural defences of the country, an invasion of Iran is ruled out. Any US attempt at sending ground troops to Iran would make the defeats in Iraq and Afghanistan look like victories.

That leaves aerial attacks, which would solve nothing in the long run, and which could easily escalate and draw the US into a ground operation.

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  4. US troops stationed throughout the region, in particular in Iraq, would also be in danger from the hundreds of thousands of highly motivated local militiamen, who are loyal to Iran, from Iraq through Syria and Lebanon. Trump does not want to go down this path. Even yesterday, after the Iranians shot down the US drone, he was playing down the episode, saying "I think probably Iran made a mistake - I would imagine it was a general or somebody that made a mistake in shooting that drone down It could have been somebody who was loose and stupid.

    It is clear that Trump is not interested in a costly and potentially ruinous military adventure in Iran, such as the one his allies are pushing him towards. As a partial concession to Bolton and co. Now these same people are pushing him to go further. Seeing his desire to be seen as the strong man and bully, never to back down, they are trying to shame him into starting what could be a domino line of events, which could lead to a military confrontation.

    In Syria, he bombed empty airfields on two occasions, after which he entered into negotiations with Russia. While US imperialism is still the most powerful force on the planet, it is not omnipotent, and it is not able to intervene militarily in Iran. It is the same problem faced by the Obama administration, which Trump saw as weak. Unlike Obama, Trump thinks that he can keep sanctions on Iran, bleeding the country dry, indefinitely. But, along with the constant threats made by Israel, Saudi Arabia and the hawks in Washington, Iran might realise that a nuclear bomb would not be a bad idea after all.

    Seeing how a small poor country like North Korea has forced Trump to sit and negotiate on equal terms with mighty US imperialism, the mullahs might see that as a safer path than their present attempts to come to terms with the West.

    Plays With Fire Plays With Fire
    Plays With Fire Plays With Fire
    Plays With Fire Plays With Fire
    Plays With Fire Plays With Fire
    Plays With Fire Plays With Fire
    Plays With Fire Plays With Fire
    Plays With Fire Plays With Fire
    Plays With Fire Plays With Fire
    Plays With Fire Plays With Fire

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