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This phenomenon is currently obvious in Dutch service organisations that find themselves in transition towards more community care and at the same time under pressure from new administrative and funding managerial bureaucracy. As a result, the logic of management is becoming more dominant in direct support settings and risk to overshadow the logic of relationships between staff and clients.

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METHOD: The article presents a reflection on this phenomenon, starting from a description of service team characteristics as found in the literature. Next, findings about direct support staff DSS continuity are summarised from four Dutch studies. Following up these findings, the concept of 'microsystems' is explored as a possible answer to the organisational challenges demonstrated in the studies.

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  • Conflicts arise when the two principles compete for control of hospital administrations. Keywords: hospital administration. Send PDF Print. By: Georg Mathisen. Economists and physicians have different approaches in administering hospitals — the result is a cultural collision.


    Illustrative photo: Microstock. Elsa Solstad sees no easy solutions for hindering collisions between managerial systems. Country Norway. Translated by Glenn Ostling. Related content Giant hospitals neither cheaper nor better Helping to reduce hospital admissions for COPD patients Listening in on doctor-patient consultations Younger doctors are more depressed.

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    Managerial clashes disrupt hospitals

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