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Because more than one fleet may reside within a star system, it may be necessary to select the fleet from which the ships will be drawn. To add ships to the out-going fleet, just enter a number into the field next to each ship you want sent. Or you can use the slider bar underneath to enter the number desired.

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Recon Fleets — A reconnaissance mission that identifies any fleets and ship types within that solar system. While any ship type can perform a reconnaissance, Recon ships have the best chance of escaping detection. The recon fleet will return to it's original starting position upon completion of the mission.

Recon Planets — A reconnaissance mission that will scout out a solar system's planetary infrastructure and defenses.

Galactic Ops

Expedition — A fleet will arrive at star system, and merge with an existing fleet, then engage in fleet versus fleet combat with any hostile forces. Should the fleet receive damage beyond it's commitment level, it will retreat to it's original starting position. Commitment only applies to fleets in motion. All stationary fleets, which are considered defenders, are automatically set to Total Commitment.

Future enhancements may include a retreat option for defending fleets.

Total — The attacking fleet will continue the assault until either the defending or the attacking fleets are destroyed. If the attacking fleet survives, it will then remain on-station. These two check boxes allow for specialized configuration of a fleet. By designating a fleet as a Detached Command, upon arrival the fleet will not merge with other fleets at the same location. As long as the fleet is not assigned another mission, the fleet will remain separate from all other fleets.

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However, once the fleet is sent on a new mission, it will default into a mergeable fleet, unless the Detached Command is checked each time. By designating a fleet as a Task Group, the fleet's arrival time can be extended and future enhancement other federation member fleets can be joined to the lead fleet for a combined attack. On this page, select the Extend Time button. Future Enhancement If a commander has a fleet s that can join a Task Group, the fleet s will be listed on this page as well.

All fleets joined to the lead fleet in the Task Group will follow the commitment level of the lead fleet. The mission results will be dispatched to the entire federation.

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  8. Once you have chosen the destination star, the mission type, the commitment level and which ships are to be sent, select the Execute Operation button to execute the mission. There is a ten minute window in which the fleet can be recalled. Canceling a fleet operation can be done on the Fleet Orders page. However, once a fleet is in transit, all communications are lost until the fleet arrives at it's destination.

    The target jump gate is only used with the Traverse Gate mission. The only gates available for selection will be ones owned by the commander or the federation. The target planet can be selected one of two ways. Selection is by either clicking on a planet graphic within the star system map or by pulling down the list of target planets.

    Selecting which ship types are to execute the mission is similar to the method used in out system operations.

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    Load — The identified amount of cargo will be loaded onto any available space in the fleet. The teams were killed in an explosion that wiped out both the colony and the system's relay. The Alliance spent weeks piecing together scattered radio transmissions, learning that the marines felt they had no choice but to send an asteroid into the relay to prevent invasion by the Reapers.

    While it bought the Alliance some time, the men and women lost on the mission were a severe blow to the rd Marine Corps. Biotic students from the Grissom Academy have joined the rd Marine Division as a support unit. The students focus their biotics into barriers that shield the marines and help control the flow of the battlefield.

    Commander Shepard's interview with Diana Allers about the attempted takeover of the Citadel noted Cerberus's tactical missteps, which improved the morale of Alliance ground forces. The 63rd suffered the fewest losses of any Alliance flotilla during the Battle of the Citadel , while providing crucial support for the Fifth Fleet's carriers and dreadnoughts.

    The Alliance promoted Mikhailovich from Rear Admiral to Admiral after the battle, and tasked him with rebuilding and upgrading his ships. His combat experience with the Reapers has been invaluable in devising strategies against them. In order to stay with his vessel and crew, its captain refused promotion after the Blitz.

    Thanks to Aria's hacker, the Cerberus files located in General Petrovsky's Afterlife headquarters were retrieved mostly intact. The encryption ciphers are complex, but Aria has her top technicians scraping the data for anything that may be of use to the Alliance.

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    Key intel on Cerberus activities in Alliance theaters has already been found, providing the forces fighting in those areas a tactical edge. In more heavily encrypted files, valuable threads are emerging that could uncover top-secret Cerberus operations. The Leipzig's captain was so pleased with the results, she gave her unconditional recommendation that the Alliance begin mass-producing the cannon as soon as possible.

    This fleet lost a third of its vessels protecting the Council during the Battle of the Citadel two years ago. Unfortunately, the Alliance did not have time to rebuild the fleet to its previous strength before the Reapers invaded. The SSV Nairobi is a top-of-the-line cruiser, with the showroom finish of a ship just off the factory line. As it has never seen warfare, the Nairobi's officers have been running mock battles in preparation for real enemy contact. The Trafalgar was in the middle of an engine overhaul when a Cerberus flotilla engaged it in a firefight.

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    Barely escaping on auxiliary power, its crew later finished upgrading the ship in record time after meeting Alliance forces. Blaming humanity for the destruction of one of the batarian worlds, a batarian military officer has waged a campaign of sabotage against the Alliance. He hacked into Alliance ship systems, causing them to crash or lose oxygen in flight.

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    Human forces fighting Cerberus took losses, due in part to a shortage of engineers in the Alliance Third Fleet. Requires: Promoting a multiplayer class. Military Strength: 75 for each promotion. Note: This asset is retained for all playthroughs for the associated EA account provided that the servers are still active. With enough promotions, this asset can grow so large that it becomes impossible to achieve any of the low-EMS endings to the game. On PC, it can be removed temporarily by running the game in offline mode. Requires: Only available if left behind on the Citadel. Some of Grissom Academy's more technically minded students were saved from Cerberus by Commander Shepard.

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    Galactic Ops : The Colony Galactic Ops : The Colony
    Galactic Ops : The Colony Galactic Ops : The Colony
    Galactic Ops : The Colony Galactic Ops : The Colony
    Galactic Ops : The Colony Galactic Ops : The Colony
    Galactic Ops : The Colony Galactic Ops : The Colony
    Galactic Ops : The Colony Galactic Ops : The Colony
    Galactic Ops : The Colony Galactic Ops : The Colony
    Galactic Ops : The Colony Galactic Ops : The Colony

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