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Ask a Bear: Bear Canisters in Winter?

Bears trust their noses more than their eyes, just as humans trust their vision more than their sense of smell. He recalled an incident one spring where a large adult male was following a female in estrus. She, not being quite ready, was trying to stay ahead of him. This is called consorting, and eventually ends in mating when all parties are ready. The male typically puts his nose to the ground, and no matter what, follows her exact footsteps. On this day her journey took her on a route that doubled back, bringing her to within feet of the pursuing male.

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He glanced over at her, put his nose back to the ground and continued on her exact trail scent even though it took him several hundred yards out of his way. This is a good example of a bear trusting his sense of smell more than his vision. Bears have evolved to be concerned only with - and react to - stimuli within their personal space, which varies of course smaller for more dominate bears but is generally about to yards.

Teddy Bear Eyes

This fits with being a predator as opposed to a prey species, as well as being the biggest, baddest guy on the block. But these are rare exceptions.

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Hechtel said over time, our insights should get better as scientists address some of the unanswered questions regarding bear vision. The span of intense bear study has just been a few decades.

Wendy McMurdo's best photograph: two bears eye up a little girl

There are still a lot of cool things to understand about bears. Editor: Riley Woodford West 8th St.


Ask A Bear: Never Look a Bear in the Eyes? - Backpacker

Juneau, AK Alaska Department of Fish and Game. Hide Section Navigation. By Riley Woodford.

Futuristic Polar Bears & KEVU - Are Am Eye (Full Audio)

Studies indicate that bears probably see about as well as humans, but trust their sense of smell more. I said, 'are you lookin' at me?!

Do I look like a just a big, fluffy stuffed animal to you?! I could perceive this as a direct challenge or an aggressive signal from you trying to communicate your dominance, which could lead to an escalation of our encounter—like a charge or even an attack. While both black and brown bears are on record exhibiting adverse reactions to direct eye contact, this is especially dangerous if you find yourself in close quarters with a grizzly.

Should that grizz be protecting a kill or cubs, you could be in especially big trouble; I'm unlikely to back down until I feel the threat against my food source or youngsters is over. Loud, aggressive noises can be perceived the same way for grizzlies, but you should yell and shout at a black bear to scare it off. But if you make plenty of non-threatening human noises ahead of time, you probably won't surprise me in the first place, and we can avoid a nasty staring contest. Trust me: I almost always win those.

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Got a question for the bear? Our resident bruin expert answers all your questions in our 'Ask A Bear' column. Got a burning ursine question?

Eye of the Bear Eye of the Bear
Eye of the Bear Eye of the Bear
Eye of the Bear Eye of the Bear
Eye of the Bear Eye of the Bear
Eye of the Bear Eye of the Bear
Eye of the Bear Eye of the Bear
Eye of the Bear Eye of the Bear

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