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Gaming sessions. Small Print. This solution has 38 positive votes and 5 negative votes. Please log in to vote. To get the minifun, you must break open one of the crates that falls from the sky on a parachute. You'll see crates already on the ground because they'll have a flashing red light with them, and will occasionally be showing red flare-like smoke.

Been a while? We need to change that. When you add humor to your everyday life, you will inevitably find joy in the simplest of things -- things that can otherwise become drudgery and boring. It can also open your eyes to the beauty in the undervalued and commonplace.

Take time to appreciate the world and your role in it. Exploration is infinite, folks. Nature is awesome. Meet new people. Laughter will play a key role. We've all heard alcohol referred to as a social lubricant. Laughter is a social adhesive. It brings us all together.

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So go out and laugh your ass off. Tell a joke. Smile; it's infectious. Enjoy being alive. Just make sure someone in the group is CPR-certified. I don't want to grow up. So I don't. Yeah, I'm years-old, but my mind and body doesn't know that. They have no earthly idea and that's the way I want to keep it.

Be young at heart. Be a kid. Do some pull-ups at the local jungle gym. Skip down the sidewalk -- make your neighbors nervous. I'm pretty sure all my neighbors think I'm crazy. Challenge your kids to a race.

Too Much Fun Too Much Fun
Too Much Fun Too Much Fun
Too Much Fun Too Much Fun
Too Much Fun Too Much Fun
Too Much Fun Too Much Fun
Too Much Fun Too Much Fun

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