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All these star ratings for this. Promising premise, but the failure to deliver is damn near criminal. First off, we have yet another "Hershey skinned" beauty that blushes. You want me to ignore that? Alright, fine. I mean multiple times per chapter,and I'm not exaggerating. I'm supposed to be swayed from my irritation by one mention of her pr Y'all, just stop. I'm supposed to be swayed from my irritation by one mention of her pressing it?

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Nah, didn't work. Its the focal point of the damn story, I shit you not. This is a love triangle; girl, boy and HAIR. Oh, and this chocolate beauty has hazel eyes, bordering on green. Even if I wanted to forgive those blatantly overdone,tired ass marks against this, then I would have to overlook the fact that every single thing thats done or said is so trite its as if it came from a Romance class.

Childhood meeting then reunited? Eyes meeting across a crowded room in this case an intersection? True love solidified in the first kiss? And if you like all that, then I defy you to not be irritated by the trite conversations where male mob tied friends are talking like a bunch of women all to convey the heroes depth of emotion for this chick. Maybe how this chick is just plain unlikeable and you are kept from liking her because shes always thinking about how others are jealous of her.

The writing was simple in that way that doesn't put you in the setting or paint a real picture. I have read reviews indicating this is the author's first novel and please bear in mind, I am not afraid to give a one star review. I gave this 2 because its not the most horrific thing ever, and I can see where, over time, there is potential to develop.

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But y'all we have to start expecting more. View all 5 comments. Add that she's is a ruthless and methodical hitman's daughter, what else would you expect! What took me so long to read this one, I can't recall but I'm glad I did. Hero, Nathan and crazy heroine, Carter were essentially meant to be together in this fantastic topsy-turvy mafia story. I enjoyed how the two met as very young children and their lustful reconnection some Don't get it twisted because this Carter Steele is a beauty alright, but a deadly, dangerous beauty with 'M-A-J-O-R' anger issues!

I enjoyed how the two met as very young children and their lustful reconnection some 19 years later. The author, Michelle Hardin writes well and her characters- primary or secondary were all memorable making you want to keep turning the pages! Did I say that the heroine was crazy? Well she was and I liked that about how she went about everything as if it was a plan. Her killing left me numb, then I had to read it over and over. Nathan's friends and employees where so loyal to him and very funny men.

And I can't forget about Carter's bff, Jenna I hate you! At first glance, Carter Steele looks like a normal person, stunningly beautiful, but a normal twenty-two year old woman, a model perhaps. But did she look like someone capable of killing two men, and torturing one to death? Not really. No she did not just say what I think she said. That is just how sadistic and twisted I am. I thought it was the two years I spent living on the streets of St.

Lesson one, watch your mouth because shit that you say can get you royally fucked up. Lesson two, never threaten to kill someone like me, unless you are certain that you can actually get the fucking job done. Hush your mouth!

View all 3 comments. Well will have to keep an eye on Kyle though! Nathan is the Underboss and Enforcer for the Salerno family and will take over from his father as Mob Boss when he steps down. Carter is the daughter of the pre My Review of Dangerous Beauty by Michelle Hardin This is my first book by this new author and it will not be my last!

Nathan and Carter meet as young children and an unbreakable connection is formed between the two of them. They do not see each other for many years and are brought back together through fate and the re-connection is instant and explosive! This story is riveting, engrossing and a volatile page turner. The story is full of action, it is fast paced. The author does not waste a single word or page, the style is free flowing and easy to read.

It has love, hate, murder, mystery, betrayal and intrigue. What put this Mafia story a cut above the rest, for me is that finally, I have found an author willing to make the leading lady as bad-ass as her man. Carter is all in with her man and is not afraid to jump into the fray and get her hands dirty with Nathan and his crew. She is mafia, she tried to push it down and pretend it was not there but when she reconnects with Nathan it comes back full force! I absolutely love that about this story!!!

This is my kind of love story where the emotions are raw and true! I love, love, love this book and I cannot wait for book two. This is one of best stories I have read in a while. If there were 10 stars to give I would give it that! I have not felt this excited about a book since Monster and that saying something!!! I would highly recommend this book! Money well spent! The saga continues. Another black heroine with long, silky straight hair.

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View 1 comment. I really enjoyed Nathan and Carter's story. I like the idea of a alpha female who can hold her own. Nathan and Carter met when they were both very young and grew very attached to each other. Fast forward 19 years later, when they meet again. They have this undeniable attraction to each other that they just can't ignore. This story was a fast paced story that I couldn't put down.

I can't wait for part 2. Oct 12, Zandra rated it really liked it Shelves: thriller-action , book-boyfriends , serial-series , crime-and-killers , mental-health , society-and-class-issues , lgbt , strong-heroine , southern-women , romance-and-erotica. Fun read. I'm not usually one for this genre, but this girl was a great anti-hero.

And yes, the grammar issues are there, but the humor, plot twists, and great pacing are all present. More than anything, I walked away wanting more and wondering how in the heck major publishers managed to keep missing such great writers. Jul 16, Kelly rated it it was amazing.

A badass dude AND a bad-ass chick?! You have a beautiful love story alongside mafia lifestyle I cannot wait until part 2!! This book was outstanding,I couldn't put it down and can't wait for the sequel. Nov 22, Elle rated it really liked it Shelves: insane-interracial-awesome-dange , mafia-interracial-amazing.

I wasn't giving up on it because the issue I had was simple and eventually I knew it will all click into place Now what was the issue you ask? I kinda love The relationship between the boys and carter made me giddy.. I just love love love it! I do apologize for not providing a review like I "normally do" but I kinda just wanted to get what was on my brain out and move on to the next book Signing off View 2 comments.

This is my first read by Michelle Hardin and it certainly will not be my last. This story pulled me in from page one and I could not put it down. I loved the first meeting between Carter and Nathan but the second meeting blew me away and I loved the insta love and there was no games being played. Carter wanted Nathan and she took him.

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Carter was a good heroine, she was strong, feisty and sassy, she was easy to fall in love w WOW!!!!! Carter was a good heroine, she was strong, feisty and sassy, she was easy to fall in love with and I liked the fact that she was tough but still maintained her sexiness. OMG what a sweetheart and a hottie!!!! I loved his character and how he was with his "brothers" and his parents. He was well written and you just cannot help but fall for him. He was also not intimidated by Carter and her toughness which is very sexy.

His love for Carter was one for the history books, it was almost like they where soul mates, he had me hooked, I loved seeing his vicious side and his soft side. The brothers I hope some time down the line we get more books in this series as I would love to read about how these hotties fall for there leading ladies. If you are looking for a good solid romance book that is well written with a good story and a good plot, pick this one up.

It will keep you up wanting to finish,it is soo addictive. Be aware there is a cliff hanger but thankfully book 2 is out and so far it is continuing to impress me. This was an amazing read. The story,all the characters, where absolutely amazing and interesting. This book is a keeper. Based on the buzz around this book, "Dangerous Beauty" has everything I would want in a story: kick-ass female lead who is neither a shrinking violet nor wishy-washy; a male lead who is tough and tender but majorly flawed; a supporting cast who causes all sorts of mayhem; and violence, lots of violence.

Sounds pretty awesome, plus it's written in 3rd person! I had such high hopes Sometimes books have Based on the buzz around this book, "Dangerous Beauty" has everything I would want in a story: kick-ass female lead who is neither a shrinking violet nor wishy-washy; a male lead who is tough and tender but majorly flawed; a supporting cast who causes all sorts of mayhem; and violence, lots of violence.

Sometimes books have tremendous potential, but a series of little missteps derail the entire thing. That is my experience with "Dangerous Beauty. I suppose most readers pick up this book for the romance, and there's plenty of it. Well there's plenty of sex. It isn't graphic or anything. It's actually quite tame in comparison to the language in the book. The supporting cast is fun. I understand this is the author's first book, so I have hope her future works will be more pulled together.

This may be Ms. Hardin's first book but she knocked it out the park. Carter is bad ass and her man and his crew are not to be messed with. This story has romance, mystery, suspense, gore and humor all rolled into one awesome tale. The only thing I hate about a series is waiting for the next installment. Please don't make us wait too long, Ms Hardin.

Not much to say about this one. I feel like Carter h ruined the story for me. She went from being this cool bad ass chick to being completely fucking crazy. Her own man was kinda scared of her and he's a killer himself!!!! I couldn't keep going I love this book. It is hard for me to fall on love with the main female in any romance book but Carter is definitely a character you will love.

She is definitely bad ass!! I can't wait for part two! Great Read!! Truly a dangerous beauty. This is a great start to the series. The relationship between Carter and Nathan is intense and deep. I loved the connection and acceptance that was shared.

Eagerly anticipating book 2. Looking forward to the next installment! Michelle Hardin has written a Mafia love story that spans 19 years. In part 1 the story starts with with a gorgeous, blue eyed blond 5 year old boy extending his hand out to a scared little 3 year old girl who's skin is like milk chocolate and beautiful long dark hair, taking her out to his mothers beautiful rose garden. Destiny Beauty Centre has celebrated 20 years Anniversary and we are very thankful to our loyal customers for all the support. She is enthusiastic as ever about her work.

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The Destiny of Beauty The Destiny of Beauty
The Destiny of Beauty The Destiny of Beauty
The Destiny of Beauty The Destiny of Beauty
The Destiny of Beauty The Destiny of Beauty
The Destiny of Beauty The Destiny of Beauty

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