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I woke up early to work out and I stayed up late to work out. I started this blog in August shortly after the birth of my second son. Now, I am a mom of FOUR little boys and I struggle with finding the time each day to commit to my fitness and health goals. I suffered a loss from a very late miscarriage. This loss resulted in depression, anxiety, weight gain, and a huge body image problem.

Nurse practitioner Robyn Nohling, R. Seriously, she eats cupcakes as often as she eats kale. Rachel Turner is obsessed with breakfast food especially toast and eggs. Her blog, Strong Chicks Rock, gives you an up-close-and-personal look at her always-evolving relationship with food and her body. I usually get home pretty late from work, so I tend to eat out for dinner.

My go-to is spicy tuna sushi with brown rice. I am a self-confessed chocoholic, so to satiate my cravings, I reach for Tofutti ice cream bars. My 1 Tip: Make sure you stick to a healthy diet, even when you're on the go! Instead of eating out, make your lunch as often as you can, and switch out heavier meats for lighter options like fish or chicken breast. For example, the style guru loves working out at a Pole Fitness class, especially since wearing cute heels are an added bonus.

And a cycling and hiking enthusiast, Kimmy is always on the lookout for chic gear. My Style: My style is multifaceted. My closet reflects this sentiment perfectly as a mix of clothing, accessories, bags, and shoes that enable me to channel my inner Holly Golightly uptown girl, sultry sex kitten, Sienna Miller-esque boho hippie, and even playing with current trends that leave me feeling like a fashion superhero. My Workout: I try to stay active by doing group exercises like spinning classes, Pilates, and ballet barre; the collective mentality in classes is uplifting and motivating.

Everything You Need to Know About the Keto Diet

I adore Bikram Yoga, which helps keep me sane and zen while I seriously sweat out my weekend sins. More than anything, I love biking and hiking. I'm all about exploring, so it doesn't even feel like a workout in the end. Someone should really tell designers to step it up and make some cute helmets and hiking gear.

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My Diet: Being a Texas gal, I do enjoy a nice steak from time to time, but even when I tried to become a vegetarian, I just couldn't give up chicken. On the healthy side, I love kale, hummus with carrots and celery, stuffed bell peppers with quinoa, firm tofu, and acai bowls. My 1 Tip: It's just like my fashion advice: Embrace your body shape and indulge in moderation. I'm curvy and bottom heavy, so I adapt my workouts to accommodate that.

10 Fitness Bloggers Dish Their Top Healthy Eating Hacks - The Warm Up

If I imbibed and let my inner fat girl have a little too much fun the night before, I hit the gym hard the next day and try to eat clean. Pinkhorrorshow's Frances is one fashion-forward foodie; although the always-polished blogger isn't a fan of the gym, she explores other creative ways to stay in shape in New York City. My Style: I'm not much of a trend girl. My style overall is very classic and I tend to keep my outfits simple.

I like to wear edgy accessories to make things interesting and give an extra pop. My Workout: I'm notorious for hating the gym. I find it extremely dull. I live in New York and that means no car; instead I have to utilize my legs. I have a Labrador that gives me more motivation to exercise by walking around the city.

I also bought a bike this year and after riding it for several weeks instead of taking cabs or the subway, it not only saved me money, but I saw more muscle definition in my legs. My Diet: Being committed to a strict healthy diet is difficult for me since I have so many cravings, especially for carbs like pasta.

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Usually if I'm cooking at home, I'll make the switch from white flour to whole-grain or whole-wheat pastas and use lighter meats like turkey in place of beef. I think it's just as delicious. Some healthy snacks I love are unsalted roasted almonds, celery with red pepper hummus, Skinny Cow ice cream sandwiches they don't taste like diet treats at all , and fruit smoothies sweetened with a touch of honey. My 1 Tip: I don't believe in restricting myself from what I really crave, but of course there has to be some sacrifices.

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For instance, I'll let myself eat a homemade chocolate cookie, but going out and gorging on fast food is something I never do. Janet, founder of Love Moderne and owner of Moderne , is always on the go, but the busy style, beauty, fitness, and health blogger still finds time to work out. My Style: I'm a chameleon of sorts, but overall my style is boho glam with a modern twist. My Workout: As the days get longer, I enjoy ending my work day with a long run definitely helps productivity to clear your head with a nice workout or a long hike.

For days that are too hot or too dark, I opt for the gym or some indoor class. My Diet: I'm a pescetarian so my daily diet consists of salads and fish or seafood. I am a sucker for pasta, so I actively need to practice self-control around Italian food. My 1 Tip: Stay hydrated! I definitely feel a difference between days filled with coffee and diet sodas, and days that I am hydrated. Dana of Possessionista curates her style blog and stays in shape with the same enthusiasm. The blogger admits she's been both a size 2 and size 12 in the past, but she's finally achieved a healthy balance by eating sensibly and working out regularly.

Check out Strong Chicks Rock. My morning beverage of choice is a tall glass of spring water. When I get to work I will have my apple cider vinegar water, and then some tea. Hydration plays a huge part in your weight loss. Josie Maurer started blogging to keep herself accountable during her weight-loss journey—but now she has a serious fan-base. Written with-sass and packed with humor, her story is absolute proof that you can have your cake and eat it, too at least sometimes. Check out Yum Yucky. It's National Cake Day! And just as the name The World According To Eggface indicates, you can count on her posts to be laugh-out-loud funny, a little self-deprecating, and always encouraging.

Happy Valentine's Day! If fashion is your jam, Emmie Ho , who just happens to have lost over pounds, has you covered. Authentically Emmie started as a weight-loss blog in but has since evolved into a blog about life, plus-size fashion, and fitness. Check out Authentically Emmie. If you are looking for a satisfying and delicious meat-free Bolognese sauce, you must add this Hearty Vegetable Bolognese sauce to your dinner menu this week! Add the shredded vegetables and allow them to cook down, as the water sweats out and they reduce in volume for about 5 minutes.

Add the wine, reduce the heat and allow to simmer longer approximately minutes , until almost all of the liquid is gone.

How diet bloggers stay thin

Simmer on medium-low heat for another 10 minutes, stirring occasionally. Her at-home workouts can fit into even the busiest of schedules, and her one-pan recipes make healthy cooking easy.

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    The Bloggers Diet The Bloggers Diet
    The Bloggers Diet The Bloggers Diet
    The Bloggers Diet The Bloggers Diet
    The Bloggers Diet The Bloggers Diet
    The Bloggers Diet The Bloggers Diet
    The Bloggers Diet The Bloggers Diet

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