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Problems with MicroSD card, highlighted buttons, shutting down, and more

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I think, that if they sort their books by Recent, then the Collections will appear, but they will not be in alphabetical order - the sort has to be set to Collections. Thank you for your reply - I understood and agreed with your first statement but then you said about going to menu - please could you tell me where to find the menu - I know this might sound a bit strange but I am not totally computer literate and have looked all over my Fire to find the word MENU and cannot find it - please help - thank you.

Sorry it isn't labeled menu, it's the icon Amazon use. When you're viewing your library you see three bars at top left next to the word BOOKS, tap that and you see Collections. There is another similar icon at top right, the bars are staggered, where you see the sort options for your books. Just to let you know I went on to the Kindle Collections User Guide and as I read it Amazon have not done a good job re sorting out the collections side and to sort it in able to do things with it you need to download an app Calibre which I haven't a clue about so I think I will just bite the bullet and leave it as it is.

Thank you for trying to help and sort my query out. You do not need to use Calibre. That is for use on a PC anyway. Collections on a Fire should automatically sort alphabetically. If your Kindle was frozen due to low battery then this will solve your problem.

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Press Alt, Shift, R keys at the same time to do a soft reset. Your kindle screen would go blank and come back to life after some time.

You can do a hard reset as follows:. Insert a paper clip in the hole and press gently for about 10 seconds. If it doesn't happen immediately, give it a few seconds. If your Kindle is still frozen after doing everything mentioned above, you need to contact Amazon Kindle support team. Log into your Amazon account, locate "Manage my Kindle" link and contact the support team by clicking on the support link at top right hand corner of the screen.

Thanks to you I got my Kindle restarted - had no idea it could be reset - had finally got directed to your page after countless searches to see what could have been wrong - have hundreds of books on mine and would have a hard time getting a lot of them back so would have been lost forever but not now! My wife let her Kindle Paper White's battery get so low that the screen froze.

Last night she put it on charge and this morning it still had a frozen screen and it hadn't charged. Here's what you need to do if it happens to you. Fasten it to your computer. Your computer will not recognize it. Hard-boot the Kindle by holding the power button down for 20 seconds or more. Nothing appears to happen. Leave things as they are for an hour or so and it will then tell you that it is charging with a never-seen-before screen.

Again, your computer still won't recognize the fact that it's fastened to it. Leave things alone! Eventually, the Kindle will shut down properly, it will reboot, your computer will recognize it and it will start to charge normally.

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You don't need to "eject" it from your computer, just leave it alone and it will charge fully and then you can use it. When the battery gets SO low, it's a game of patience and I suspect the same is true of other stubborn frozen screen situations. Amazing it worked and halfway through the computer recognized the kindle and all the books were on view.

Sept None of the Reset manipulations worked.

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  • Then, I connected my Kindle to the computer and after few minutes My screen was frozen and no power lights turned on; I tried everything posted here, including calling Amazon, who said it looked like my screen was done for after we tried everything again for good measure. I opened the back and messed around a little, taking the battery out and putting it back in, and just pushing on connections to make sure they were snug. Now I just plugged it in again and the amber charging light is on! I never found the reset button, though.

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    I think I have a first generation kindle keyboard. I bought it secondhand on Amazon. I have a Kindle 1 and I always turn it off when I am finished using it.

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    Well I have not used it for a while and now I need it for classes and when I went to turn it on I saw that it had a Critical Battery error on the screen. My Kindle only has a Quick Start guide which is practically useless so I did not know how to reset the machine.

    How do I set up my wireless connection on my Kindle?

    I did some research online and through trial and error I now have an amber light! My screen is still showing the error, but I am going to let it charge for a couple hours before I reset or operate again. Removed the back cover and unscrewed the battery and left it out of the Kindle for 10 minutes to kill any residual battery connection. This simply does not work. There are tantalising links to other pages but, hey, this being the modern age when nobody does anything that is useful, constructive or businesslike, the links all lead back to the original advice - turn it on and off again.

    Utterly useless. Save the money and get people in that can actually do some proper work - just a suggestion. Certainly not happy.

    My First Alphabet Kindle My First Alphabet Kindle
    My First Alphabet Kindle My First Alphabet Kindle
    My First Alphabet Kindle My First Alphabet Kindle
    My First Alphabet Kindle My First Alphabet Kindle
    My First Alphabet Kindle My First Alphabet Kindle
    My First Alphabet Kindle My First Alphabet Kindle
    My First Alphabet Kindle My First Alphabet Kindle

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