Mudslide (The Heights)

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Tuesday, they noticed something was off about the yard. On Wednesday morning they awakened to the muddy mess, the students told NBC 7. Amador said the home itself is intact and the residents and neighbors were not injured in the incident. He said investigators were working to determine whether the mudslide was undermining home's foundation and just how "precarious" the situation might be. Amador said the bulk of the damage appears to be on private property but investigators are also looking to see if any part of the mudslide lies on city land.

Property records say it's a three-bedroom, two-bathroom, 1,square-foot residence. Structural engineers remained at the scene all day trying to determine if the house was inhabitable.

Landslide in Highland Heights may displace dozens of residents

Inspectors were also trying to determine if the mudslide posed potential danger to neighboring homes. With rain expected to trickle in over the next few days, Amador said crews will do everything they can to protect the area before rainfall and prevent more dirt from giving way. A city inspector put signs on properties near the mudslide. Yellow tags meant a house could be occupied while red signs meant no one was allowed in or out of the structure.

Recent Storms Cause Mudslides in Metro

A neighboring garage and studio on one side of the mudslide were tagged with yellow signs, while a shed directly behind the home was tagged with a red sign as a precaution. Today Interviews, stories and reviews intended to inform, entertain, inspire and set the day's agenda.

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Evacuations, Mudslides, Rain And Traffic This SoCal Afternoon

NBC 7's Rory Devine reports. Published Wednesday, April 6, Large Mudslide Damages Backyard. SB lanes closed at Grapevine Road. Avoid the area. Duration unknown. The National Weather Service reports that the rain and snow is expected to stop temporarily on Monday night, then pick back up Tuesday afternoon.

Here's a look at the total rainfall amounts that we're forecasting for the rest of today.

Traffic: Landslides, flooding stall Bay Area roadways

It looks like the rain and snow will stop overnight leaving Tuesday morning dry, before we gear up for another round Tuesday afternoon. Just before 8 a. County officials have told residents in and around Woolsey Fire burn zone to prepare for possible evacuation. In other Holy Fire areas, a voluntary evacuation notice has been issued, and sandbags have been put in place to keep water from flooding Trabuco Canyon Road.

Stuck with mudslide costs – San Gabriel Valley Tribune

Sandbags doing their job to keep excess water from crossing TrabucoCanyon Road, downstream from HolyFire burn area. Attention: a Flash Flood Watch -Evacuation Warning voluntary has been issued this afternoon Jan 14 for the Holy Fire burn areas and surrounding locations due to potential flooding and debris flows, with heaviest rainfall expected this afternoon through 7pm.

County officials also offer these tips for staying safe during the inclement weather if you're living in areas affected by the recent fires Before you head to the Southern California mountains, be sure you have chains. Meanwhile, we're already seeing news about the storms picked up by CNN ; a welcome change from that time when some national media weirdly sort of ignored the fires that ravaged our state. Latest expected rainfall totals thru late tonight 4 AM Tuesday morning.

SBA County 0.

Mudslide (The Heights) Mudslide (The Heights)
Mudslide (The Heights) Mudslide (The Heights)
Mudslide (The Heights) Mudslide (The Heights)
Mudslide (The Heights) Mudslide (The Heights)
Mudslide (The Heights) Mudslide (The Heights)
Mudslide (The Heights) Mudslide (The Heights)
Mudslide (The Heights) Mudslide (The Heights)
Mudslide (The Heights) Mudslide (The Heights)

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