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May 07, Jolene Gilbert-Bruno rated it it was ok. The story was good and enlightening, but i think suffered from translation issues. Characters were introduced only to never be heard from again, and plot points advanced too little or too much. In the end, I felt like the book did the job of humanizing and helping me understand the underrepresented story of Palestinians, but did little to make me recommend to a friend.

Aug 09, Dave rated it it was ok. A political tract with stilted writing, flat characters, and a large serving of melodrama. This was a fast read, and I appreciated the chance to form some mental images of Haifa and Jerusalem, but this was just bad prose all the way through. Dec 10, Jodi rated it liked it. Wanted to read before the movie comes out. It was good, but something was lacking, perhaps lost in translation. Aug 03, Vickie Mansour-hasan rated it it was amazing. I loved this book. It shows the very human struggles of Palestinians under the inhumane Israeli apartheid.

Sep 18, Patrick rated it liked it. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. Miral is a semi-autobiographical book based on Rula Jebreal's life and her development from a Palestinian militant to someone who yearns for peace between Israel and Palestine. The two men in her life, Khaldun and Hani were moderate intellectuals who are good for the peace of Israel and were stupidly killed by Shin Bet, and PLO respectively for being seen as moderates.

Miral in the end leaves Israel for the peace of Europe to study and develop as a person. Despite the bad translation, I like the Miral is a semi-autobiographical book based on Rula Jebreal's life and her development from a Palestinian militant to someone who yearns for peace between Israel and Palestine.

Despite the bad translation, I like the story of peace from a Palestinian perspective. Miral also shows how a society at war destroys or forces smart capable leaders of that society away thereby destroying the society itself. No wonder all the successful Jews live in the US because the United States has a stable society whereas Israel does not. Hind Husseini shows that there are good people everywhere even in societies that we think of as bad. A per Hind example, women's rights really start with women's education on par with boys.

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What is notable in Hind creation of the orphanage is the role of American soldier who helped in its creation through finding funding for it. Hind Husseini is the only woman in Palestine who is well respected enough to stand up for women's rights in the middle east. America should stand behind people like her. For a conservative society, women's rights really starts in the school and what women teach other women. I think in the end, Hind is correct in that people who are smart should leave Israel the war zone only to come back when a solid government with two states are in place so they will not only live but they will also not be influence by the revenge killings so common in Israel.

I think Israeli's should get off their high horse concerning making peace with the Palestinian state. After all, the increase of Israeli territories in pre-'67 borders seems to be done via state-sponsored terrorism ideas with Begin as the largest terrorist. And the book that Palestinians terrorist use to explain their Intifada actually is Begin's book to justify Zionist expansionism.

Miral by Rula Jebreal

So, I do not sympathize with Israeli assertion that they cannot make peace because Palestinians are a terrorist state since the founding of Israel can be said to also have terrorist elements in it. Even in apolitical Haifa in which Arabs and Jews live side by side, Miral's cousin was tortured because he was dating the daughter of a Jewish general.

Like other secret police, Shin Bet preforms questionable methods to infiltrate the enemy which includes photographing girls in sexual positions while they are drugged in order to turn them into informants. Israeli soldiers also target kids in demonstrations. The most shocking revelation is that Israeli's capture minors, torture them, and keep them without any trial even though they are citizens.

As US subsidizing the existence of Israel as a country, we should expect more from the Israeli's at least in relation to minors. Also, the problem with a military state without any checks is because it can be abused. As Miral cousin found out by dating Lisa, a daughter of an Israeli general. For dating Lisa, Miral cousin was accused of "terrorist" activities and tortured. I wonder if the Patriot Act has given the US the right to detain anyone who is a citizen for "terrorist" activities; if so, it can be a dangerous step toward a totalitarian state.

I think Goldberg is right in saying being an occupying force really robs both the occupiers and the occupied theirs soul of moral righteousness. Lisa, on her part, has seen how Palestinians live in the occupied territories and was shocked that Israeli government can allow such squalor conditions to exist. It is really important counter-insurgency strategy to limit the amount of collateral damage during a military exercise not only to weaken the enemies support but also so the enemy cannot recruit.

Intifada means rebelling to preserve one's dignity. The only way a Palestinians will have dignity is if they have their own democratic state. I am beginning to believe that religious conviction in the middle east is a curse use to cement political ambition of one tribe against the other. I like admire Jamal's insistence that all the different religions can coexist in Jerusalem. I like Jamal as a great father, a harbinger of peace, and a person who helps others discreetly. Khaldun, later, becomes an intellectual fighter who disagrees with Hamas and Islamic jihad using religion as an excuse to kill Israeli's and disagrees with obstinacy in wanting the whole Israel for themselves.

Blind ideology be it the orthodox Jewish settlers or Islamic fundamentalist Hamas are a significant barrier to peace. I like the tragic story of beautiful Nadia who wants to be independent woman because she was abused by her step-father early in life. Although this occurs in modern society as well, in a patrilineal society the fact that women have no rights exacerbates the problem of child abuse especially amoung young girls.

Nadia is a woman who constantly seeks to be a true individual not associated with any group or nationality. In Nadia's story one sees that abused women see long-term relationships as a prison that can further perpetuate the abuse. Like Nadia, Fatima feels the anger of being raped as a Palestinian people by the Israeli's.

Because of the constant humiliation that her people have felt under the Israeli's, she has decided to dedicate her life to the cause of Palestinian liberation movement by executing terrorist attacks. I do like Fatima's quote of "[military occupation] slowly extinguishes your dreams, your hopes, and even your future. And gradually it changes who you are. In Miral, one gets the feistiness of her mother to be independent self-determinant woman combined with Fatima's singular focus of having the goal of an independent Palestine. Miral is a natural born leader who is smart, well organized, warm-hearted, and passionate for her political cause.

Hani, a Christian Palestinian, recognizes these talents within Miral and wants her to work in the political arm of the PLO. Unlike the other Palestinians, Hani realizes that violence only begets violence and the only way for Palestinians to get what they want is through a political solution with two states living side by side.

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We as American's should support people within Palestine who are like Hani. In his mind, violence only strengthens the factions within the Palestinian and Israeli state who do not want to compromise and seek the status quo with the end goal as the destruction of the other side. Later on, Miral befriends an Israeli girl while visiting Haifa and because of their personal relationship grows into definite fondness and friendship. Thus, through friendship of enemies, peace is possible. Haifa itself shows that Arabs and Israeli's can live in peace with each other in peace if both people respects the other.

Miral and Khaldun are motivated with rage of their being occupied by Israeli. This rage gives them a sense of purpose when it is focused on Palestinian freedom fighting. Jun 09, John Warren rated it really liked it. Freedom is one of those things that you don't notice until you don't have it. Eight stars. Miral by Rula Jebreal is really an immersive reading experience. I've learned a lot about Jerusalem and the Israeli-Palestinian state as if I've walked through the four quarters of Jerusalem itself.

I would totally recommend this book for those people who wants to understand what really is happening in the Middle-East, specifically with the Israeli-Palestinian, Jews vs. Muslims conflict. It is an intell Freedom is one of those things that you don't notice until you don't have it. It is an intellectual read. As a literary novel, it has its strength in all of its emotion. There is no lack of emotional conflict in the characters, as if another war rages inside of them while they are putting up with another war that risks their land and lives.

Miral is a very strong character, but it took at least half of the book to get the story into her focus. Still, the storytelling is perfect and the writing is flawless. This is a book with international significance and thus, must be heard by the whole word. Aug 15, Mary Beth rated it liked it. Very sad, lots of tragedy. Dec 13, Jean Matthews rated it did not like it. Book was very disconnected, and was only tied together at the end. Aug 30, Amber Soper rated it liked it. Decent book. Started a bit slow but hang in there, it gets better as it goes. Feb 15, Meneesha Govender rated it liked it Shelves: favorites.

Hind Husseini is a woman on a mission. In she comes across 50 orphans in the streets of Jerusalem. They have fled a massacre in their village — Deir Yassin — and are terrified and haunted. Hind decides to give them sanctuary first at her home and later at the Dal El-Tifel school and orphanage. This story is the ba Hind Husseini is a woman on a mission. This story is the basis of the novel, Miral. She is not an orphan, but after her mother commits suicide her father sends Miral and her younger sister to Hind — to provide them with a good education and the chance at a better life.

Suddenly Miral is thrown into a world of wretchedness and violence she cannot comprehend. It is a world perpetuated by her fellow countrymen. Miral starts sneaking out of school to attend the youth demonstrations of the first intifada. It is at a demonstration that she meets Hani a fellow activist with whom she falls in love.

But Hani is known to security police and soon Miral is arrested and brutally interrogated in an attempt to get more information about Hani and her fellow activists. It is tragic and at the same time full of hope and promise. Aug 04, Amanda rated it really liked it. I thought this book was haunting, heartfelt and worlds better than the movie though that often goes without saying.

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Like others have stated the general progression of the story and language used stylistically wasn't always fluid which I honestly think can be attributed more so to the work of the translator, than the actual author's words , but all in all I was really moved by Miral and reading about a conflict that sadly continues to rage on. The only element of the story that was left enti I thought this book was haunting, heartfelt and worlds better than the movie though that often goes without saying. The only element of the story that was left entirely unexplored that I wish Jebreal had at least touched on, was what became of Miral's older half-sibling.

In spite of the occasional linguistic snags, there were still lines and passages that I found to be truly breathtaking and poignant.

To avoid getting political, I'll refrain from saying anything more about the story and instead let the book speak for itself: "She was still very alluring, maybe even more so than before, but hers had become the beauty of melancholy, like a lovely city built in a soulless place. A regular army against children with rocks?

Now our destinies are intertwined. We both have our reasons, and we're both victims. They've suffered the Holocaust, and we suffer because the world felt guilty and used us as a bargaining chip. Miral and her sister are raised in an orphanage by a Hind, an Arab woman who works hard to provide all the lost children of Jerusalem a safe place to grow up. To keep the orphanage safe and funded she walks a very careful and neutral political line. So when young Miral begins to participate in demonstrations and get involved with militant student organizations she threatens the safety of the orphanage that took her in.

While the story here is an important one that needs to be told, I had a very hard time relating to and understanding Miral. I understood her motivations and anger, but somehow just never connected with her personality. I found myself wondering if I wouldn't have appreciated the story more if it had been true rather than fictional. I did enjoy the parts written from the perspective of Hind, the woman running the orphanage more and was sorry the story wasn't hers instead of Miral's.

I loved that though she was firmly working for peace she wasn't above manipulating various government officials to get the supplies she needed and was also quite good at it! Still the insight about what it is like to grow up in Jerusalem on one side of such a violent and fundamental conflict was valuable. I listened to this book on audio, read by Sneha Mathan. She did a fabulous job and her beautiful, smooth voice was a pleasure to listen to. This is one book that was enhanced by the reading for me. Jan 06, Carrie rated it liked it Shelves: read-in Sorry, but it seems like something went wrong in submitting this.

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Friendly people, Unique room. Not easy to arrive through car.

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I read that it can get quite noisy which I can imagine. One detail: the shampoo was terrible. My hair seemed more greasy after using it than before. This riad is an amazing place and thus was a great experience for us. In the morning, the toilet became smelly, as no window normally in the bathroom, so the smell was not easy go away. I live several raid in Morrocco, I feel they got the same problem, I think maybe the kind of building has the common issue.

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Miral (Italian Edition) Miral (Italian Edition)
Miral (Italian Edition) Miral (Italian Edition)
Miral (Italian Edition) Miral (Italian Edition)
Miral (Italian Edition) Miral (Italian Edition)
Miral (Italian Edition) Miral (Italian Edition)
Miral (Italian Edition) Miral (Italian Edition)

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